FMEA Chapter 92 Part 3

Chapter 92 Transfering the funds 

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Feng Tingye squinted at Xia Yuqing’s face, which was swelled up with anger. Even her lips were unconsciously pouted out. He really couldn’t figure out how there were so many women in this world, but why is it that only this person could make him feel so differently. Just looking at each of her expressions, even if it was an eccentric look, it could make his mood surprisingly pleasant. 

“The child is small, maybe it isn’t able to distinguish between good word and bad words. This is a lesson.” Feng Tingye pinched Xia Yuqing’s small face and smiled lightly. 

How dare you laugh at me! Xia Yuqing angrily gave him a look, then pulled on the quilt and turned away from him.

It was hard for him to see her sulking look, but also quite novel. Not urging her, he just sat on the bed and watched her back quietly. 

On patience, no one has ever been able to compare with Feng Tingye. Practicing the calculations of an emperor since childhood, the first thing he had to learn was to wait patiently, put a trap and wait for the prey to go into the trap, then capture it.

Therefore, lacking suspense, Xia Yuqing was the first to give up and turned around. When she did, Feng Tingye didn’t have enough time to take back his warm gaze. They were the same eyes he had when he was holding her stomach the other time. 

Xia Yuqing’s heart trembled, trying to suppress the strange feeling that was spreading in her heart. “Your Majesty, is there something important you came to see Chen Qie for?” 

Feng Tingye broke into laughter: “So if Zhen has nothing important, Zhen can’t come to see Ai Fei?” 

Xia Yuqing hearing the ridicule in his words from hitting the nail on the head, twisted her neck away. 

Upon seeing this, Feng Tingye helplessly shook his head and finally revealed his true intentions. “The rumours outside, Ai Fei must have heard of them. I know that Ai Fei is related to this matter, but I will not blame Ai Fei. It’s just that when these people were arrested, Zhen heard that when Ai Fei handed these things to them, Ai Fei has earned quite a bit. Then these funds…” 

“!!!” This beast was coming to attack her funds today! Xia Yuqing hugged her belly and turned around. She shrank into the bed. “You, you, you… don’t come over. That money is all my hard work and I earned it. It is legal income, personal property. If you try to steal it, you’ll just be a robber, a bandit!”

Feng Tingye was amused by Xia Yuqing’s razzled form: “Personal property? This entire country belongs to Zhen. The palace you live in is Zhen’s. The bed under your covers is also Zhen’s. Even you and the child in your stomach belongs to Zhen. All your things, no matter how big or small, are all Zhen’s!” 

Xia Yuqing was smashed by Feng Tingye’s arrogant domineering side. Only after a while did she recover. Her eyes were full of tears: “Your Majesty, the golden treasury is yours. Please be generous and let go of Chen Qie’s small business.” 

Feng Tingye laughed harmlessly: “No matter how big the treasury is, there will always be a day where it will be spent. If Zhen doesn’t find something to fill it up, Zhen is afraid that Ai Fei will have to starve with Zhen.” 

“……” Fill up the national treasury? Go look for your civil and military officials for that, why are you coveting my funds?!”

“In fact, the reason why Ai Fei’s funds were rolling in was all because of the support and blessings of Zhen and the Da Ren’s reputation. No matter what, Ai Fei should….?”

“…” Ultra Seme Lord, aren’t you a person from the past? Even if this is a fake world, it is still in the ancient period! How can you know things like mental damage and reputation damages, that doesn’t make sense!! 

“Your Majesty…..” Xia Yuqing pulled out her last trick, selling her cuteness and acting pitiful. 

“It’s useless to pretend to be pitiful. This time, Zhen will not spoil you.” 

“…..” Waahhh, the Ultra Seme Lord has a heart of stone. This little girl can’t stop him! 

Xia Yuqing put away her tears and became a deflated ball. “Your Majesty, Chen Qie can hand over the funds to his Majesty, but…” 


Xia Yuqing looked up, her bright eyes staring at Feng Tingye: “But can you use those funds to offset some of the debts on the small book?” 

Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows. This Ya Tou actually learned how to bargain: “Of course… that’s possible.”

After bringing it up, Xia Yuqing’s heart settled down. But before she let out a sigh, she heard someone twist his words: “But this time since Ai Fei has caused such a big event causing Zhen to have a fall out with the three Da Ren’s, Zhen is intending to put this in the account. But seeing how Ai Fei is willing to admit Ai Fei’s faults and has a good attitude plus willing to contribute her funds, Zhen can agree to Ai Fei’s request. Zhen can wipe the slate off this debt. What does Ai Fei think?”

“……” Boohoo, I was wrong. I should not have believed in this wicked capitalist. The most advanced exploiter, how could I ever have thought he would be willing to be generous?! Waahhh, I’ve been tricked! My funds!!!!!

“Well?” There was a hint of threat in his words. 

Xia Yuqing bitterly carried an aggrieved face and reluctantly replied: “Yes, as His Majesty decrees, Chen Qie has no opinion at all… ”

“Good.” Feng Tingye couldn’t help but pinch the small face of Xia Yuqing’s again, his eyes holding a trace of unclear light. 

In the Ci Ning Palace, Zhang Sunshi was flipping through a book in her hand. Her lips were slightly raised. She shook her head helplessly from time to time. Some moments, she didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry, she flipped through the entire book before putting it aside. 

When Meixi brought in the tea, he saw that Zhang Sunshi had just placed the book down. Smiling,  he handed the tea to the Empress Dowager and whispered: “Empress Dowager, this book…..” 

“Will you take it out and burn it,? If those kids see it, they’ll be angry again.” 

Meixi nodded and took the book. Seeing Zhang Sunshi take a sip from her tea, he whispered: “Empress Dowager, this book was written by Consort Qing. That day those several Da Ren’s came rushing over to are rushing to Fragrant palace hall, if Empress Dowager wasn’t there, then perhaps Consort Qing would have…..”

Hearing those words, Zhang Sunshi looked at Meixi and smiled: “You and I have been master and servant for decades. If you have something to say, you can say it.”

“Doesn’t Empress Dowager think Consort Qing is a little weird? Nu Bi isn’t saying Consort Qing isn’t good. It’s just that Nu Bi has heard of Consort Qing before, now seeing her in person, they’re… a little different.” Meixi said slowly. 

Yet Zhang Sunshi was not flabbergasted. She only put her tea down and wiped her mouth. She smiled: “Even Ting Er has noticed it, how could Ai Jia who has been in this palace for many years not notice it?” 

“Then Empress Dowager…..” 

“Not even mentioning that she is now pregnant with Ting Er’s own flesh and blood, Ai Jia’s royal grandson; Ting Er also cares for her, just that makes Ai Jia treat her differently. Furthermore who she is, is not important. The important thing is that Ai Jia can see that she won’t mistreat Ting Er. She is also a bit smart, this harem does not need a fool. A bit smart is harmless. Compared to those who are extremely smart but aren’t on the right track, Ai Jia prefers her like this. Meixi, that Ya Tou is just a child and children needs to be treasured. As long as Ai Jia and Ting Er treasure her, the rest is not so important.”

Hearing all this, Meixi had a trace of realization, then nodded: “Nu Bi understands.”

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