FMEA Chapter 97 Part 2

Chapter 97 Bringing a child along when being a mistress?! 

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Looking at Wu Jun’s expression, Xia Yuqing raised an eyebrow: “Well… it’s not like there’s no way.”

As the words came out, Wu Jun’s eyes lit up suddenly: “What method?”

“As the saying goes, with the right attitude one’s wish will come true. We must do everything with sincerity. Since Brother Wu thought about stewing chicken to help supplement Second Master’s body, have you ever thought of cooking it yourself to show sincerity?”

“Cook… cook yourself?” Wu Jun stared at Xia Yuqing in surprise. “Cooking… isn’t that done by women?”

Xia Yuqing looked at Wu Jun with an unreasonable look: “Brother Wu is wrong. Why would there be a separation of cooking for men and women? In fact, as Brother Wu said, it is not easy for men to cook. However, it is because it is not easy that there is some difficulty that would cause Second Master to feel your sincerity, right? “

Wu Jun nodded, seeming like he understood. Xia Yuqing pursed her lips and smiled: “Then shouldn’t Brother Wu go prepare, it’s getting late.”

Wu Jun nodded stupidly and turned away.

After duping Wu Jun, Xia Yuqing was in a good mood. Sure enough, watching people have something going on between them in the morning really builds character!

“Hm, why are you still here?” Xia Yuqing was startled at Yun Xi behind her who was staring at her with a complex look.

“This is a mountain thief’s den. Where can I go except here?” Yun Xi drew her lips together and glanced at the group who drifted away like a ghost. Thinking thoughtfully, “Food made by a man… can it be eaten ?”

Xia Yuqing glanced at her sympathetically and stretched out her hand like an elder, then touched her head: “As soon as I heard this, I can tell that you have been raised in your bedroom and don’t understand anything. Xiao Xi, listen. In this world, only men who can work in the kitchen is a good man, someone who knows how to treasure people. In the future, you must marry a man who will cook for you. Do you understand? “

“…” Yun Xi was confused for a moment, then she looked as if she understood something. Her eyes firmed, “I see! I must find a man who can cook in the future!”

Xia Yuqing patted Yunxi’s shoulder with satisfaction. Aah, children really can be taught.

Remembering Xia Yuqing’s words, her eyes fell on Xia Yuqing’s stomach. She curiously asked: “Qing Jiejie, is the baby’s father a cook?”

The smile on Xia Yuqing’s face became stiff. She touched her belly, then sighed, “He’s not… That’s why Jiejie ended in such a miserable way. Therefore, you must polish your eyes and look for a good man who will treasure you, don’t follow in the footsteps of this Jiejie. “

Yun Xi’s heart shuddered. Her eyes became filled with tears. Her hands went to cover Xia Yuqing’s hand: “Qing Jiejie… you are such a good person.”

“…” How could this sound so familiar?

Ahchoo—At the same time, someone dressed in disguise in the early morning, wearing a crescent-white casual dress, sneezed attracting the little pink book boy who just came out.

“What happened?”

“Nothing, that Ya Tou is probably talking bad things about Zhen.” Feng Tingye’s lips were slightly hooked upwards. Still able to talk bad about him, it seems that this girl was very energetic still. I wonder if her expression will be happy or surprised when she sees Zhen.

However, no matter what, this time he must carry her back to give her a good spanking. He must give her a lesson to see if she would dare leave the palace freely in the future?

Staring at the smile on Feng Tingye’s lips, Shao Zitong stepped back unconsciously increasing the distance between him and Feng Tingye. What was this man thinking about? But… forget it, as long as the unlucky one wasn’t himself!! 

Shao Zitong didn’t want to think about it.

Xia Yuqing, who was facing Yun Xi with affectionate eyes suddenly felt a chill run up her body and her body became stiff. Her instinct of a little animal told her that… there was danger!

“Qing Jiejie, something wrong?”

“Um, it’s nothing. Maybe because I just woke up… I’m a little cold.”

“Oh.” Yun Xi did not doubt her. After a while, she seemed to remember something and asked in a muffled voice. “Wait, isn’t ginseng chicken soup supposed to be a supplement for women?”

“…” Xia Yuqing stared blankly for a while, then turned her head to look at Wu Jun who was long gone. Then she turned to look at the door that was still closed and swallowed hard.

Brother Wu, this time it really isn’t the case that I don’t want to help you. Having a low IQ hurts! The ginseng chicken soup, being regarded as a woman, with the hot temperament of your proud Uke, you better pray… for luck!

Seeing that it was unrelated to her, Xia Yuqing took the attitude of being excited to see the show. She cheerfully took Yun Xi into the room, but what she didn’t expect was that even though she wouldn’t ask for trouble, trouble will find her.

Xia Yuqing was pregnant. In addition to the thieves in the stronghold, there were also many thieves’ family members. These people were also warmhearted people. Knowing that the first master had brought back a girl with a child when they were in the midst of a robbery, they were all very concerned and even brought a variety of delicious food to her early in the morning.

Staying by Zhang Sunshi and Xu Lao for so long, Xia Yuqing’s ability to sell cuteness has gone a thousand miles. Dealing with those outspoken middle-aged women was nothing. A moment later she had coaxed these women into laughter. In addition, with Yunxi keeping watch, the women couldn’t help stepping forward to pinch her little face, at once capturing the hearts of everyone.

Yun Xi had a blackface. After experiencing a morning of hands reaching out and pinching her, she thought she could finally rest, but something unexpected happened.

“This madam, you are….” Yun Xi looked at the majestic gray-haired old granny who was in front of her.

Due to the old madam’s age, her eyes were not very good. She narrowed her eyes and looked at Yunxi for a while before she said, “There’s no bump in the front, no bump in the back, how can you have a baby? This isn’t good…”

“…” Madam, although I am a girl, I am dressed as a man right now. How can you tell a man to give you a baby? In fact…. even though this lady’s behind doesn’t stick out, but my front sticks out OK. It’s just that it’s wrapped in a breast band right now!!

“Old Madam, wrong, not this one. It’s the one next to him!” The Ya Tou waiting on her hurriedly pulled the old madam’s hand. She brought her over to Xia Yuqing who was in the midst of eating a bun: “It’s this person, this one.”

Xia Yuqing heard the sound and held her half-eaten bun. Struggling to swallow the food in her mouth, she pointed at herself: “Are you looking for me?”

The old madam’s gaze swept back and forth several times on Xia Yuqing’s body. Finally, she was fixated on Xia Yuqing’s stomach with a delighted expression: “Yes, it’s this one. Ah, my good daughter-in-law! “

“…” Xia Yuqing stared at the old lady with a stunned look as the old madam rushed towards her. Holding her belly to the side, she said stiffly, “Umm… this old madam… you… you have the wrong person. I’m not your daughter-in-law. “

If the Ultra Seme Lord heard someone calling his wife, daughter-in-law, he would feel like he was out of luck once again. Last time Su Linlang’s incident gave her a good lesson. Now she didn’t dare to make connections casually. Who knows what will happen when she meets Ultra Seme Lord again? What if that petty beast adds this to her account? She was already in heaps of debt.

“You still won’t admit it? You already have my son’s child, but you still want to deny it?” The old madam saw Xia Yuqing’s refutation and got a bit upset.

Xia Yuqing’s lips twitched and she looked for Yunxi on the side for help.

Yun Xi’s eyebrows pinched together and she stepped forward: “This old madam, I’m afraid you have the wrong person. The child in Qing Jiejie’s stomach is mine. I don’t remember when I had another mother.”

The old madam frowned slightly because of Yun Xi’s slightly sarcastic words. Just when Xia Yuqing wanted to stretch out to pull on Yun Xi’s sleeve so she wouldn’t say anything too rash, she heard the old lady sneer. 

“Your child? You’re a little fart who can’t even grow a single piece of hair, how can you get this girl pregnant? You cheated those buff guys outside, but you can’t fool me. You are actually …” With a laugh, under the horrified gaze of the two, she calmly spat out a few words, “This girl’s book boy.”

“…” So, your mind didn’t think of anything complicated? The corners of her mouth twitched as Xia Yuqing looked on helpless.

“…” Who are you trying to provoke? This is a three-level downgrade, from childhood friends who eloped to a little book boy who accompanied the lady on a trip!

“Sorry to disappoint the old madam, but this child is really mine.” After a moment, Yun Xi crossed her arms in front of her chest with a proud look.

“Xi Er…” Xia Yuqing quickly held Yun Xi’s hand and shook her head to remind her not to be impulsive.

“Old Madam, I’m afraid there’s a misunderstanding. I don’t know your son at all. How can my child be your son? There must be a misunderstanding. May I know who your son is…” Xia Yuqing still had a smile on her face, but her heart was blowing its tops. Is it possible that she was blessed with a popular face? Why does everyone like to call her daughter-in-law?!!

“The book boy in your family is so unreasonable, how dare he yell at the master like this. If you don’t step up and discipline him, he will definitely climb on top of your head in the future.”

“You…” Yun Xi’s face changed and she turned around wanting to argue with the old lady, but Xia Yuqing pulled him back.

“Calm down!” Xia Yuqing said in a low voice. “While we are under their roofs, you can’t not bow down. This old madam has been here for so long and no one has come in, it shows that she doesn’t have a small backing. Bear it for now.”

Yun Xi froze for a moment, then she remembered her current situation. Glancing at the old madam not far away, she snorted coldly and turned away.

The old madam was also a little angry when she saw this and exclaimed: “My son… my son is, of course, the owner of this stronghold.”

Owner? Creditor? Why does it sound like a big loan shark? Wait, isn’t the owner….

“You mean Big Brother Wu, you are Big Brother Wu’s mother?” So the old madam they were mentioning was this old madam? Xia Yuqing’s mouth suddenly turned into an o-shape. This is really a big misunderstanding!

“Yeah, you all called my son Brother Wu. How can you say you aren’t my daughter-in-law? Hey hey, I knew people were wrong when they said he couldn’t find a wife. So he was keeping a mistress and even had a baby. This is good, very good.” The old lady’s eyes had never left Xia Yuqing’s stomach since she entered the door.

Xia Yuqing stiffly leaned to the side and smiled reluctantly: “Madam, you have misunderstood. Brother Wu and I are really innocent. Brother Wu just kindly allowed me to rest in the village for a few days. After some days, I will leave here with Xiao Xi. “

Isn’t it a normal thing to call someone Big Brother? Where did the old lady hear that she had a close relationship with the master?

“Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous… I won’t say anything, I’ll stop.” The old lady mistakenly interpreted Xia Yuqing’s anxious speech as getting angry after being seen through by her elders. She took her hand to her face and smiled like a sunflower, “Being in a panic is not good for the child in your stomach.”

“… I’m not nervous.” Xia Yuqing said slightly relieved when she heard the old lady say she’d stop talking. Thinking that the old lady finally released her, she didn’t think that …

“Okay, since you are not nervous, this old lady knows that you are shy. This is all the kid Wu Jun’s fault for not informing us of that I had a daughter-in-law, or else we would marry you in a grand manner. He even got you pregnant before marriage. You can rest assured that this old lady is not like those rotten scholars outside and will not look down on you because of this. You just stay here and give birth to the child. This old lady will make sure to tell Wu Jun to marry you in a grand manner.”

“What? Get married?” Xia Yuqing was completely stunned. “No, it’s not… Madam, you have misunderstood me. The master and I are…”

“So it’s settled. I will go back to Wu Jun and mention it. Do not worry.”

“…” No, I am worried! Who can tell me why it turned out like this!? Why do these old women like to talk to themselves like this? Why are they so overbearing?!! She clearly doesn’t even have a single hair of a relationship with the master?!! What about her wishes? What about her rights? Couldn’t you let her finish speaking!?

The most important thing is that the headmaster and the second master is a match made in heaven. Why would she be thrown into the middle of things? She doesn’t want to carry a child and become someone’s mistress. Where is the Ultra Seme Lord? If you don’t appear soon, our baby will become a ba*stard!

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