FMEA Chapter 98

Chapter 98 All businessmen are evil 

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Su Qingyan was awakened early in the morning. Upset he was woken up early, a black cloud was hovering above his head. Without seeing the faces of the people outside, he threw out two wooden clogs that were in front of his bed. These two wooden clogs were tailor ordered by him.  The bottom board was made of sandalwood. It was very comfortable to wear on the feet, but if it was used to hit people, the hardness…

Humph, who told you to wake up this prince. If I didn’t hit you until the peach blossoms bloom, you wouldn’t know why the flowers are so red!

After Su Qingyan finished beating up people, carrying his arrogant emotion, he covered his head with a quilt. The world was peaceful again. After tossing around for a bit, he returned to bed and fell asleep until noon.

Stretching his waist, Su Qingyan who slept until he woke up naturally, felt slightly better. Immediately after freshening up, he saw Xiao Dong hurrying over.

“Second master, you are awake. There are two people who are outside. They claim to be the owners of the medicine store that you had an appointment with a few days ago.”

“The owner of the medicine store?”

Su Qingyan thought for a moment before he thought of it. He had visited a large medicine store in the city a few days ago. He hoped to be able to buy a number of more expensive medicinal materials from them in case of an emergency, but it happened that the owner who could make the decisions was out.

The shopkeeper had allowed him to leave his address, name and the list of all the medicinal materials he required. He had told him, he should patiently wait a few days for the owner to come back. Thinking that the medicinal materials were not in a rush for him to obtain, he wrote down his information. After waiting for a few days, since there was no response, he thought that that was the end of it. He had not expected the owner to come back and come visit in person?

“I’ll be right there, you go greet them first.”

Su Qingyan glanced at the few people and suddenly frowned “Where’s the first master?” 

“Uh … big master, he’s… hmm…” Xiao Dong spoke a bit too quickly and almost sold out Wu Jun.

Fortunately, Xiao San, who was next to him, came forward, covered his mouth and said with a smile: “To answer second master, the big master is currently busy.”

“Oh?” Su Qingyan’s gaze went back and forth between the two, raising an eyebrow. “Big brother has been very busy lately.”

“Y… yes… quite busy.” Xiao Dong was shocked that he almost made a mistake. Being stared down by Su Qingyan’s deathly glare, he immediately became nervous and stuttered again.

“Oh…” Su Qingyan sneered. Glancing at the closed door next door, he waved his sleeves.

Xiaodong and Xiaosan glanced at each other. Wiping the cold sweat from their heads in silence, they were bitter. Second master, it’s not that we don’t want to tell you. It was the big master who made us keep the secret so he can give you a surprise. How can us younger brothers ruin the boss’s plan?

Most importantly, what is the boss doing now? The boss was busy killing the rooster. Killing the rooster! Can you imagine the brute look of that thick man waving a kitchen knife without knowing how to start, chopping with one hand?

The two looked at the sky at the same time. Has this world really begun to turn into a big fantasy?

Not understand the knot in the hearts of the two, Su Qingyan only felt that he was being isolated. My big brother who has a vein for a brain actually has the day he would hide something from himself, really…

The good mood from awaking naturally disappeared. When Su Qingyan finally arrived in the front hall, he looked as if someone owed him $ 20,000 or $ 80,000.

The moment he stepped into the front hall, a slender figure came into Su Qingyan’s eyes. The teenager with his back to him was wearing a crescent-white Confucian gown, giving him a scholarly appearance making Su Qingyan’s depressed mood a little better.

In this stronghold, there were only rough wild people. During the day they would usually be shouting and killing. When it comes to poetry and songs, except for Xiao San, they knew nothing at all. Their first reaction to incidents weren’t to slowly reason it out, instead it was to roll up their sleeves and start fighting. At times, this would give him a sense of powerlessness of a scholar reasoning with soldiers. Thus, seeing such a Confucian scholar now, he couldn’t help but appreciate the other.

Following the scholar was also a little book boy, who looked like he was in his early teens and was very petite and cute. But… why did he have this strange feeling? His gut was telling him that this little book boy… was much more dangerous than the rough guys on the mountain.

The little book boy seemed to have noticed his arrival and looked up at him. With only one glance, Su Qingyan could detect a killing aura and unconsciously sucked in a cold breath.

Looking intently, he found that the little book boy’s eyes were like a calm deep ocean. There was no wave in the ancient well, it was clean and clear, as if the trace of murderous force had never appeared earlier.

Su Qingyan’s eyes were slightly sinking. Could it be that he had slept too much and his vision was blurry? How could a child reveal that kind of look?

Not waiting for Su Qingyan to overthink too much, the young man who had his back to him slowly turned around. In a moment, an ordinary but beautiful face broke into Su Qingyan’s eyes.

“Second Master Su?” The teenager asked Su Qingyan softly.

Su Qingyan was slightly stunned and had to temporarily shift his attention to the person in front of him: “That is correct and you are?”

“The owner of Hong An Medicinal Shop. Surname Feng*.”

* Different Feng, his usual one is wind

“Wind?” Su Qingyan’s eyes narrowed, “Feng Yun’s Feng?”

“No, it’s Feng from Feng Shou.” The youngster answered with a smile.

“Oh.” Su Qingyan let out a sigh of relief unconsciously, but he still had his alienated smile on, “Ive long looked forward to meeting Hong An Medicine Store’s master who is known for his medicinal skill all over China. I have always thought that the person who could do such a great divine purpose must be a senior who has experienced ups and downs in business for many years. I never thought Feng Gongzi* would be so young. It is really admirable. “

* son of nobility or rich

“Second master is flattering me. I have also long heard about the second master of Black Wind Den’s superb medical skill and righteousness. Now that I see it today, it really deserves its reputation.”

After a while of polite greetings, the two finally returned to the topic.

Su Qingyan looked at the young man who looked around 18-20, but had some doubts in his heart still: “Feng Gongzi coming today, I assume the shopkeeper has informed you about me.”

Feng Gongzi, who was Feng Tingye in disguise nodded and touched his chin. “Yes, I came here for this purpose. Some of the medicinal materials that the second master wanted were in our warehouse. It is not a problem.It is just that a few are quite rare. I currently do not have them, but if the second master really wants it, I can go to the main warehouse to transfer it. However, the second master must wait a few days. “

Su Qingyan frowned when he heard the words and whispered, “Which ones?”

“Deer antlers, caterpillar fungus, snow lotus herb, and saffron.”

“Just these four things and you have everything else?”

“Naturally.” Feng Tingye raised his head, his face was full of confidence.

Su Qingyan was taken aback. In the list of medicinal materials that he left behind, there were many rare medicinal materials that were rare in the world.

It is for this reason that the shopkeeper felt that he could not make a decision and asked himself to wait for their owner to come back. Today when this man came, he thought he was only telling himself that those herbs were hard to find and he should search for another medicinal ingredient. He did not expect that this person would tell him that he basically has all the herbs he wanted.

Moreover, the lack of the few medicinal materials, according to his tone, was just because the inventory was insufficient. As long as he moved his mouth slightly, he could easily obtain it. It looks like this Hong An Medicine Shop is really well-deserving of its reputation!

Su Qingyan’s thoughts were going a mile a minute, but he still kept a decent smile on his face: “Since this is the case, it really helps. Those four medicinal herbs, Feng Gongzi really has it?

“Naturally, but because the medicinal materials are rare and rarely used, they have been kept in the main warehouse. If the second master really wants it, I can send it immediately. However, going back and forth, it is really time-consuming and the carriage costs… “

Su Qingyan suddenly understood what the man was doing today and cursed in his heart, but his face was indifferent: “Naturally, I will pay. Troubling Gong Zi to travel back and forth,  naturally, I should be responsible for the cost of the carriage and horse. “

“The second master really is straightforward and direct. Since that’s the case, let’s talk about the price of these herbs next.”

Su Qingyan froze, his eyes narrowed dangerously: “Price? Isn’t the price of the medicinal materials in the drugstore all clearly marked? What does Feng Gongzi mean…?”

Feng Tingye ignored Su Qingyan’s murderous eyes and smiled sweetly: “Yes, the medicinal materials in the drugstore are naturally priced, our shop offers sincere treatment to all. But most of the medicinal materials you require are treasures in my main warehouse. Naturally there is some distinction.

“…” Su Qingyan’s eyes narrowed slightly, he could see that this young owner was here to steal money today. What treasures? He clearly wanted to raise the initial price and have him be a spendthrift fool!

Shao Zitong, the young book boy, twitched at the corners of his mouth as he looked at the two men starting to fight with each other due to the price of the medicine. The flames of war without gunpowder were far more fierce than the bitter women fighting on the streets. This was really… wonderful.

In the end, Su Qingyan lost the game when Feng Tingye said, “Although it is rare for these precious medicinal herbs to be bought, there is prosperity in the capital. Some people are greedy and fear of death, if the second master is not in a hurry, then they can also be used to save those in disaster.” This stopped him from saying more.

This is a joke. These precious medicinal herbs, no matter where you take them out, are all valuable treasures in the market. Feng Gong Zi basically said, if he doesn’t want it, he doesn’t have to worry about it not being sold. He was clearly going to take advantage of him. 

This person’s words were clearly a threat and the advantage right from the beginning was in the hands of the other person. Sure enough… all businessmen are evil. How could he be tricked by this harmless looking person in front of him?!!

“Feng Gongzi is off the mark. Do you think I would just keep these medicines in my collection? Since we’re both buying medicines, naturally it is to save people in disaster. “

Feng Tingye raised an eyebrow and smiled: “This is natural. The second master rescuing people who are wounded, how merciful and admirable.”

Su Qingyan pursed his mouth and said in his heart if I am so merciful and admirable, could you charge me less for the medicine?

No matter how reluctant Su Qingyan was, when it came to this, both knew that this matter was settled. When he put on his thumbprint on, Su Qingyan gave a hard glance at Feng Tingye. The owner of Hong An Medicine Shop, right? I will remember you. Someday, I will get back everything you took from me!

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