Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 23

Chapter 23 One Family

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After that day, Shen Yu didn’t draw a card for many days in a row.

The background of the card draw showed that he wasn’t even logged in.

Although this was within Shan Weiyi’s prediction, he was still a little disappointed. Of course he didn’t miss Shen Yu, he just couldn’t bear Shen Yu’s gold.

As if to prove something, Shen Yu resolutely uninstalled the draw card app, as if he wanted to retire from now on, change his mind, and return to the three-dimensional dimension to appear in the sunshine.

He was also more considerate, gentle and considerate to Ruan Yang.

However, Ruan Yang felt more and more uneasy.

——Because, the favorability was dropping…

Seeing that Shen Yu was becoming more and more considerate to himself, but the favorability was getting lower and lower, Ruan Yang’s heart was getting colder and colder: a man was getting less and less in love with you, but treated you very well, what does this mean?

This shows that there is someone outside!

Ruan Yang was shocked and angry: I got tuberculosis because of you, but you still think about another seductress!

Moreover, Ruan Yang couldn’t even understand, how could Shen Yu fall in love with others?

Ruan Yang and Shen Yu slept and ate together, like glue, where did Shen Yu find the time to fall in love with another?

Could it be that Shen Yu knows the avatar technique?

Ruan Yang couldn’t figure it out, so he went to check Shen Yu’s favorability for S001 under anxiety.

The numbers there didn’t go up or down.

This made Ruan Yang even more confused: what’s going on? Didn’t Shan Weiyi hook him?

But it was reasonable thinking about it. Ruan Yang stared at Shan Weiyi like guarding against a thief. As far as he knew, there were only a handful of times Shan Weiyi and Shen Yu met and talked. From what he observed now, it seemed that Shan Weiyi’s work focus was still on the crown prince.

Ruan Yang rubbed his chin and thought: It’s not Shan Weiyi…

Ruan Yang exchanged his points for a big buff, making himself as ill as Xizi and even winning by three points. He laid on the bedside coughing up blood every day, almost coughing up a Chinese blood bank.

Shen Yu accompanied Ruan Yang more tenderly, but his eyes no longer had that kind of ardor.

Ruan Yang’s heart shuddered: Since he didn’t have someone else… then

… he withered*?

* thing doesn’t work

Impossible, impossible…

Ruan Yang repeatedly denied: This was a scumbag. A Scum Gong’s play thing was more resistant than even the heaven’s suppression, how can there be a problem? Even if he was paraplegic, decapitated, or turned into a zombie with one attack, it can still survive seven times in one night. Other things can have problems, but that would definitely have no problem. This can be said to be the law of the Danmei universe.

Thinking about it, Ruan Yang’s intuition as an A-level quick transmigrator still guided him to think in the direction of Shan Weiyi. Therefore, he still cautiously probed Shen Yu: “Punishing Young Master Shan last time, I don’t know if he was convinced. Do you know how he is doing recently?”

Hearing Ruan Yang mention Shan Weiyi, Shen Yu, in the end, was feeling a little resentful. He just smiled and said, “How would I know?”

Ruan Yang felt more and more uneasy when he saw a crack in Shen Yu’s expression.

Of course, Shen Yu knew what Shan Weiyi was doing recently.

Shan Weiyi said that he didn’t want to talk to the prince, it seemed that he was not lying, but sincere. But he didn’t have the guts to reject the prince directly. Fortunately, he had mentioned to the prince before that he would ask for leave to go home for two days, so he just took advantage of the situation to pack his luggage and run home. The prince had approved this matter, so there was no obstruction.

Besides, the prince rarely was considerate of others, and he was willing to give Shan Weiyi some time and space to accept the reality.

After all, he believed that Shan Weiyi cannot escape anyway.

Shan residence was still the same. When Shan Weiyi came back, Shan Yunyun greeted him with the attitude of the young master of the family, mouth full of “brother” and “eldest brother”. He said it so much that Shan Weiyi could spit out next year’s New Year’s Eve dinner.

However, Shan Weiyi’s return was not all because of the plot, let alone to see Shan Yunyun’s pretentiousness, part of the reason was that Mother Shan had given up.

What’s more, giving up was not the ordinary one, but a big turtle as big as a kun.

It turned out that during the days when Shan Weiyi went back to school, Shan Yunyun and Jun Gengjin made a rapid development of their relationship, and they were now a couple. Shan Yunyun, who was favored by the richest man in the Federation, was naturally no longer an ordinary illegitimate child. Father Shan valued Shan Yunyun more than anything else, so he actually obeyed Shan Yunyun’s words and took Shan Yunyun’s biological mother home as his wife.

Isn’t this a slap on Mother Shan’s face?

Mother Shan was so angry that she locked herself in the room and refused to go out to eat. Who knew, everyone would let her eat whatever she wanted. Anyway, if she didn’t come out, everyone would be happy and peaceful.

When Shan Weiyi came to the room, he saw that Mother Shan’s hair was uncombed, and she was wearing a heavy satin cloud gauze nightgown, looking sleepy. Seeing Shan Weiyi coming, she stood up and pulled Shan Weiyi to complain: “When have I ever suffered such idleness and anger? I originally thought, why not go back to my mother’s house! But I was afraid that if I went back, they would even be happier. Besides, I can’t stop worrying about you…”

Shan Weiyi said helplessly: “How can Father be so ridiculous? Does he not want any etiquette and face for the family?” 

Hearing this, Mother Shan’s face turned heavy. Looking at Shan Weiyi, lowering her voice, she said mysteriously: “I’m telling you this quietly, don’t say it out loud…”

Shan Weiyi had already guessed what Mother Shan was going to say, but because the IQ of Young Master Shan was not very high, Shan Weiyi could only pretend not to understand: “What are you talking about? Mother, please tell me.”

Mother Shan sighed and said: “You will soon be talked about regarding ‘aristocratic family’ and not ”aristocratic family’. The emperor made it clear that families lesser than aristocratic families cannot be tolerated. After your aunt was thrown into the cold palace, our family is about to fall. Your father intends to leave a way out, and if there is any trouble, the family will move to the Freedom Federation. Now that the illegitimate son and Jun Gengjin are more intimate, your father is so happy that he wants to burn incense. How could he not support them?”

Shan Weiyi pretended to be very surprised: “There is such a thing!” 

Mother Shan sighed helplessly: “Forget it, this is fate!”

It seems that Mother Shan also understood that the Shan family couldn’t stand in the empire. To survive, they might have to go to the Federation. In the Federation, Jun Gengjin was the boss. Therefore, since Shan Yunyun was the boss’s man now, YunMother Yun was the boss’s man’s mother, neither of them can be offended, leaving Mother Shan and the eldest young master Shan.

But Shan Weiyi said: “Mom, there is no shadow of what you said yet. Now we are still on the land of the empire, what is Jun Gengjin? If we are here, we will be weak but when we really go to the Federation, is there still room for us to breathe?”

Hearing what he said, Mother Shan felt that it made some sense: “Then what do you say?”

“Come on, let’s go out and let them know what is called rules and what is called decency!” Shan Weiyi made a fist and said.

Encouraged by her son, Mother Shan cheered herself up, combed her hair, put on make-up, bathed, changed her clothes, and wore a robe decorated with phoenixes. Her long hair was tied up with a laurel hairpin, revealing her noble air in a quiet and elegant way.

This kind of dress looked casual, but it actually took the most effort. Two hours passed in a flash with her attire. She originally thought that her son would wait impatiently, but unexpectedly, her son sat still.

Mother Shan thought: This child was different now after all.

She cleared her throat and said, “I’m all dressed up.”

Shan Weiyi praised, “Not bad. My mother is so pretty.” Saying this, Shan Weiyi pressed off the wristband.

Mother Shan noticed that Shan Weiyi couldn’t stop playing with the wristband just two hours ago, so she asked, “Who have you been chatting with just now?”

Shan Weiyi smiled: “You will know later.”

“So mysterious? “Mother Shan looked at Shan Weiyi suspiciously.

The two went downstairs, and when they arrived at the tea room, they saw Father Shan, Shan Yunyun and Mother Yun sitting and drinking tea, making out like a family.

Seeing Shan Weiyi, mother and son, coming, several people were surprised for a moment.

Shan Weiyi looked at Mama Yun a few more times, and saw that Mama Yun was well-maintained, with a slender waist and a slender face, her black hair pulled into a round bun, and a hair comb with pure gold ginkgo leaves and pearl tassels inserted, which was very flamboyant .

Father Shan stood up and introduced Shan Weiyi: “This is YunMother Yun, and also your elder. You have to respect her when you get along with her in the future.” 

Shan Weiyi asked: “Which elder is she?”

Everyone was embarrassed.

After all, Mama Yun has been a Xiaomi* for many years, how can she let this be awkward? She hurriedly smiled and said: “This is the eldest young master, right? I heard the master say that he was smart and now it seems that he is really good.” 

* girlfriend of a married man

Before Shan Weiyi could speak, Mother Yun said to Mother Shan: “This is your wife? I have been here for a few days, but I have never seen her. I have always wanted to see you, but I heard that you are not feeling well and don’t like to meet people, so I have been sorry that I couldn’t see you. Today seeing you, I’m really satisfied and happy.”

Mother Shan sneered and said: “A guest came, but I didn’t greet her, I have not been doing well in entertainment.”

She defined Mother Yun as a “guest”. This was also a soft nail.

However, Mother Yun’s face was not broken at all, she kept smiling, and took over the words smoothly: “It’s all onefamily, why should you be so polite?” 

Mother Shan couldn’t suppress her anger, and said with a sneer: “One family? What one family? Why didn’t I know?”

Shan Weiyi also sneered at the side, and the two mother and son formed a vicious cannon fodder mother and son team who made things difficult for the white lotus protagonist Shou and  mother.

Mother Yun had tears in her eyes, her face full of grievances, she bit her lower lip, and looked at Father Shan sadly. Shan Yunyun also stepped forward to support Mother Yun, and only said to Mother Shan: “Madam, us mother and son have always respected you so much. Why can’t you tolerate my mother?”

Father Shan also said: “As the head of the house, you also need to be magnanimous. It was because you were always so petty and irritable, making things difficult at every turn, that you have cultivated Weiyi’s temperament of causing trouble.”

Father Shan scolded both mother and son with one sentence. How can Mother Shan bear it, she couldn’t wait to immediately pick up the vase on the table and swing it on Father Shan’s head. Instead, Shan Weiyi pulled Mother Shan and said, “Mother, don’t be angry because of this idiot.”

Father Shan was furious when he heard this, “You unfilial son, why don’t you understand any reason or respect?”

Shan Weiyi said angrily: “I don’t know how to respect, why don’t my father teach me reason. What is this woman’s identity and role, and who should I respect her as?”

Shan Yunyun and Mother Yun stood up, both showing their weeping and pitiful expressions, only saying: “Stop arguing about us! We are here to join this family, not to tear this family apart!”

Seeing this scene, Father Shan was furious. Momentarily outraged, he said : “This is my newly welcomed ru wife*, who can be regarded as your mother!”
* concubine with treatment like a first wife status

Hearing the characters “your mother”, Shan Weiyi had not done anything when Mother Shan couldn’t hold it back anymore. Unable to bear it, she picked up the vase on the table and was about to smash Father Shan on the head.

Mother Shan was an earthling with a relatively pure bloodline, and her body was relatively delicate. How can she beat Father Shan? Father Shan snatched the vase away and said coldly: “Enough, swearing is not enough, how dare you move your hands? You always say that you are a lady from a famous family. But look at yourself, you only have the temper of a young lady, but you don’t have a good girl’s upbringing. Needless to say, even YunMother Yun is more cultivated than you, and looks more like a noble lady!”

These words really hurt her heart.

Mother Shan was so angry that she wanted to vomit blood, so she slapped Father Shan in the face.

How could Father Shan let her slap him, and was about to turn his face to avoid it, but at this moment, Shan Weiyi jumped out and grabbed Father Shan’s head. Father Shan didn’t pay attention, his head was held down for a moment, and he could only watch helplessly as Mother Shan slapped him on the face.

Painful and angry, Father Shan broke away from Shan Weiyi, covered his cheeks, and glared at Shan Weiyi, mother and son.

Both Shan Yunyun and Mother Yun rushed up to support Father Shan. Shan Yunyun looked anxious: “Father, how is your face?” Mother Yun twisted her handkerchief, blew distressedly, and said to Mother Shan: “Madam, all mistakes are my fault. If you are really angry, you can hit me and scold me, but how can you beat the master?” As she said this, Mother Yun shed two more lines of tears.

Mother Shan also hit Father Shan in a moment of urgency. Now that she has come to her senses, she also felt that she had gone too far, but at the same time… a bit refreshed.

Just when she didn’t know whether to be secretly happy or to blame herself, she heard Shan Weiyi say: “Slap if you want to, mother, you can’t be cowardly. He insulted you like this, you beat him too lightly.”

As a vicious villain’s mother, Mother Shan immediately figured it out after a little bit from the push of the vicious villain son. She puffed up her chest, pointed at Mama Yun and said, “You said, I can hit you, right? Why don’t you hurry up and receive my slap?” 

Mother Yun had been courteous, so how could she expect Mother Shan to act like this. She was stunned.

Father Shan was even more annoyed when he saw that the mother and son duo had no remorse and were arrogant. However, Mother Yun and Shan Yunyun were still chatting and asking about his well being, which made Shan Weiyi’s mother and son even more vicious and mean.

Father Shan was also full of blood, and shouted loudly: “Come, family discipline!”

Mother Yun shouted “Don’t do this, master, don’t”, while Shan Yunyun quickly turned the housekeeping robot into security mode. The housekeeping robot in security mode obeyed the order and quickly stepped forward to surround Mother Shan and Shan Weiyi.

Mother Shan trembled with anger: “Surname Shan, you really want to punish me and Weiyi for the sake of these two little sluts?”

Father Shan sneered: “Don’t curse, it’s obvious that you didn’t know what was good for you. Being rude and arrogant, you don’t know how to raise your son. You two mother and son dared to hit me? Now I want to teach you a lesson, which is also necessary for me to establish a family tradition.” 

The situation was at a stalemate, and the voice of the home intelligent system suddenly sounded: “The prince is here.”

“Prince…?” Father Shan was confused, “Why did the prince come?”

Not only him, but everyone in the room looked at each other in blank dismay, only Shan Weiyi looked at ease, as if he knew what was going to happen.

Father Shan looked at Shan Weiyi, gritted his teeth and said, “Beast! Did you offend the prince again so he came to teach you a lesson?”

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