Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Shan Yunyun Crying

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Shan Weiyi turned back to pack his luggage, ready to drop out of school and go home, without even looking at the Taifu. However, Shen Yu obtained a strange pleasure from such neglect.

He felt that he was getting more and more strange, but it was becoming more and more difficult to extricate himself, and the eyes he looked at Shan Weiyi were a little more profound: he could see through his own nature, and at the same time, he could walk between himself and the prince so leisurely…. was such a Shan Weiyi really a stupid and shallow fool?

Shen Yu looked at Shan Weiyi intently, and couldn’t help but assert, “Your picture is not small.”

Your picture is not small, the five words were quite meaningful.

After Shan Weiyi heard this sentence, he just glanced at Shen Yu coldly, and said, “Did I let you talk?”

This contemptuous sentence made Shen Yu shut up.

Shen Yu felt cruel tenderness in the silence.

Shan Weiyi’s well-crafted and exquisite temptation was revealed from the brows of Shan Weiyi.

Shen Yu was bound tightly like a net, and he would never be able to escape.

But Shan Weiyi did not care.

What he cared about was that he had not incurred any punishment for his apparently OOC behavior just now.

On the other hand, the news of Shan Weiyi’s expulsion from school was also sent to the Shan family simultaneously.

When Shan Dingshan found out, he was shocked, angry and puzzled: The crown prince protected Shan Weiyi so much, why would he drop him out of school?

Zhang Li, who had lived in her mother’s house for a long time, also rushed back to the Shan house after hearing the news, waiting for her son who had been dropped out of school to return home.

Shan Dingshan hadn’t seen Zhang Li for a long time. Seeing her today, he was really surprised by Zhang Li’s new dress. Over the years, Zhang Li had dressed herself in a dignified and elegant direction in order to take on the role of the Shan housewife. Now that she was getting divorced, she had begun to return to her own independent aesthetics.

She was wearing a red rose dress in full bloom, with thin suspenders hanging on her snow-white shoulders, highlighting her sexy clavicle. The high-waisted short skirt was cut at her knees, revealing a pair of long white legs, which outlined her whole body.

Not to mention the mistress of an aristocratic family whose children have grown up, even a slightly conservative lady would not be able to wear such clothes.

And Zhang Li just wore it. She raised her head and chest, striding like a meteor, as if she was on a runway show, swaying gracefully with the expression of arrogance written all over her face.

Seeing her like this, Shan Dingshan and Shan Yunyun were stunned for a moment.

Shan Dingshan felt even more complicated. While complaining about his wife’s sexy clothes, he was also greedy for his wife’s sexy clothes, so he couldn’t wait to go up and touch her.

However, Shan Dingshan’s self-esteem made him put up a man of the household attitude and say: “You still know how to come back?” 

Zhang Li said: “Does your butt not hurt?”

After being imprisoned by the Imperial staff, Shan Dingshan felt ashamed, not to mention going out to socialize, he even canceled his star network ID number and then re-registered a new one, fearing that his friends would suddenly care about him.

Zhang Li’s words were really heartwarming, they could kick Shan Dingshan until he vomited blood.

Shan Yunyun hurriedly rounded up the situation by the side: “Madam…”

“Shut up.” Zhang Li cut off, “I feel disgusted when I see you, get out of here.”

Shan Yunyun immediately showed a weeping expression.

Zhang Li said: “Your mother has gone back to her hometown, why do you still have the face to stay here? Your thick skin should be used to set up border defense, I am afraid that if the three-body problem came, they still will not be able to penetrate it.” 

Yun Yun’s face turned red and then green, and he turned his head to look at Shan Dingshan aggrieved. Shan Dingshan was still suffering from Zhang Li’s sarcasm, and had no time to defend Shan Yunyun.

At this moment, the door opened, and Shan Weiyi came back with a backpack on his back.

Seeing Shan Weiyi, the expressions of the three people in the living room changed. Zhang Li especially had a worried face, and she stepped forward and pulled Shan Weiyi to ask: “Good boy, have you been wronged at school? Don’t be afraid, our family has a lot of money, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t study. You can still be a happy illiterate child.”

Shan Dingshan couldn’t stand this, so he just said: “Is this what parents should tell their children?”

Zhang Li didn’t give Shan Dingshan a look, but only stared at Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi ignored Shan Dingshan, just looked at Zhang Li, and said, “Mom, you are right, I will stop studying, and I will be a dandy.”

“Okay, okay. My child is still good. En, you can even recognize such a difficult word as ‘dandy’.” Zhang Li agreed, “No matter what you want to do, mother will support you!”

Shan Weiyi couldn’t help sighing: Zhang Li really deserves to be a vicious villain mother, brainlessly supporting all the unreliable ideas of her son.

Shan Dingshan couldn’t hear Zhang Li’s speech, and scolded loudly: “A loving mother makes a loser son! It’s a mother like you who indulges her child into this! Do you know how much money and contacts our family spent to send this wicked son to the Imperial Academy? Dropping out now! You wasted so much hard work, so much time, and so much resources! How could you encourage him!”

Seeing that Zhang Li was about to quarrel with Shan Dingshan again, Shan Weiyi interrupted directly: “What am I afraid of? The crown prince said, he would give me an official to hold!” His face was full of pride and complacency.

Hearing what Shan Weiyi said, Shan Dingshan and Zhang Li were taken aback: “Really?”

Shan Weiyi nodded with confidence on his face: “Yes! The prince said that I should go to other places to get a diploma, and I will go to the imperial court when I come back to be an official.”

Thinking of the crown prince’s defense of Shan Weiyi before, Shan Dingshan also believed it a little bit, and he was actually very happy. He chanted Buddha in his mouth and said: “Great, great, with the protection of the prince, our family will have a bright future!”

Obviously the prince ordered Shan Dingshan to be punished publicly, but Shan Dingshan didn’t hate him at all. In fact, he was even more respectful and afraid of the prince. He passed on the humiliated hatred to Shan Weiyi, mother and son. However, when he learned that the crown prince wanted to use Shan Weiyi, his hatred for Shan Weiyi, a “rebellious son”, immediately turned into attention, and he was full of joy.

Both Zhang Li and Shan Dingshan were very happy, and took care of Shan Weiyi by hosting a banquet to welcome him back. Shan Yunyun stood alone by the side, like a transparent person, no one had time to pay attention to him.

He bit his lower lip, secretly hating. Finding a gap, he pulled Shan Dingshan again and said, “I have a new business plan…”

Shan Dingshan said nonchalantly, “You can do it yourself, you don’t have to ask me.”

Shan Yunyun did not expect Shan Dingshan’s reaction to be so flat, and he was even more disturbed, and said: “But… this is a big project…”

Shan Dingshan said, “Isn’t it just a matter of earning more money? Are you afraid that you won’t have money to spend when your older brother becomes a high-ranking official?”

Hearing what Shan Dingshan said, Shan Yunyun’s heart immediately sank.

When Shan Yunyun earned money, he was appreciated by Shan Dingshan, but it was based on the fact that Shan Weiyi offended the prince.

In the eyes of the Shan family, the class ranking was still “scholar, farmer, businessman and commerce.” Now that Shan Weiyi had the favor of the prince and was able to become an official, how can the Shan family still value the “business” that Shan Yunyun was good at?

If the Shan family can really get the care of the prince, then of course Shan Dingshan would rather stay in the Imperial hometown. He will definitely never mention anything about relocating to the Freedom Federation. In this case, the relationship between Shan Yunyun and Jun Gengjin was not so important in Shan Dingshan’s eyes.

Because Shan Weiyi succeeded in climbing the dragon and attaching to the phoenix, Shan Yunyun once again became the illegitimate child who was not taken seriously.

After sitting at the table, Shan Weiyi glanced at Shan Yunyun and said, “Withdraw, I won’t be able to eat when I see you.”

Shan Yunyun was so humiliated that his face turned pale, and he looked at Shan Dingshan pitifully. But at this time, Shan Dingshan no longer favored him, and only said with a wry smile: “Your brother’s temper is like this, and you are also only receiving his attitude here, why don’t you go leave first. I will let the small kitchen prepare delicious food for you.”

Shan Yunyun didn’t expect that even Shan Dingshan would not support him anymore, he was trembling with anger, and ran away angrily.

Shan Yunyun returned to the bedroom with tears in his eyes, and immediately dialed Jun Gengjin’s communication number.

Jun Gengjin got connected quickly, and seeing Shan Yunyun’s teary eyes on the video screen, he asked him what happened with concern. Shan Yunyun told him everything about being his treatment.

Shan Yunyun narrated while crying, adding a lot of emotional speech and chaotic narration from a subjective perspective, one hammer here and one stick there, and his expressive ability can be said to be zero. Thanks to Mr. Jun, who was a domineering president with high IQ, he logically split up the information in Shan Yunyun’s chaotic narrative and summarized it, and finally understood what was going on.

Shan Yunyun cried and said: “Since my mother was driven away, my father has also changed…”

Jun Gengjin sighed, and said: “In the hearts of the Imperial people, they still respect the old ways and worship the royal family. Shan Weiyi won the favor of the prince, of course your father will be more inclined to him.”

Shan Yunyun said unwillingly: “But Imperial power will only bring oppression! Why doesn’t he understand?”

Jun Gengjin said softly: “He has accepted it since he was a child. How can the education of monarchs and ministers understand the spirit of freedom? They are different from you. That’s why I think you are precious, a lotus flower in a filthy world.”

Hearing Jun Gengjin’s praise, Shan Yunyun rubbed his cheeks: “I… how can I speak as well as you?”

Jun Gengjin said, “But I’m afraid that the troubled times won’t tolerate pure lotus like you. If you stay in the Shan house, you might be killed by these wolves and tigers until there are no bones left. And your mother, in this feudal empire, will suffer all kinds of humiliation.”

Shan Yunyun also felt that the current situation was not good for him. Shan Weiyi doesn’t seem to be easy to provoke, even his own father had been sent to the execution live broadcast room, can he still ask for better?

Shan Yunyun also began to feel scared: “Then what do you think I should do?”

Jun Gengjin said: “I know this is very abrupt, but I will return to the Freedom Federation soon. I am really worried about you. I am afraid that after I leave, your mother and you will be bullied even worse.”

Hearing that Jun Gengjin was about to leave, Shan Yunyun panicked even more: “You’re leaving? What should I do?”

Jun Gengjin said: “Yunyun, come with me and bring your mother. Go to the Freedom Federation, where there is no oppression by the royal family, where there is me, I will make you the happiest and richest person in the world.” 

Hearing Jun Gengjin’s affectionate confession, Shan Yunyun was also very emotional, and was moved to tears.

Shan Yunyun was not really “Shan Yunyun”, his most important task was to attack Jun Gengjin. Therefore, when Jun Gengjin offered to take him away, it was impossible for him to refuse.

After finishing the call with Jun Gengjin, Shan Yunyun seemed to have found support again.

Jun Gengjin was a person who can say “send people who can’t afford sunlight, air, and gravity fees to dig coal” in a fresh and refined way, and his eloquence was naturally good. With a few words, he can coax Shan Yunyun from trembling branches to his heart being in full bloom.

Therefore, after talking with Jun Gengjin, Shan Yunyun became happy again, and his face brightened.

Sweeping away his depression, Shan Yunyun walked out of the room with his head held high. Before taking two steps, he ran into Shan Weiyi who had just finished eating.

Shan Yunyun was extremely jealous, and said harshly: “Let’s talk in private!”

Shan Weiyi thought for a while and agreed. The two went into the small study to have a secret talk.

This Shan Yunyun was obviously impatient, and as soon as the door closed, he said to Shan Weiyi: “So what if you climbed up to the prince? Jun Gengjinji wants to settle down with me!”

“Well, so?” Shan Weiyi looked at him calmly, guessing that Shan Yunyun should be a novice player.

Shan Weiyi guessed well, Shan Yunyun was indeed a newcomer. He heard that Shan Weiyi was a strong senior, so he came in with mixed feelings. After he came in, his journey went smoothly. With the help of the system, he made a lot of money, gained the attention of Shan Dingshan, and became a couple with Jun Gengjin. He had always been exceptionally proud and happy.

This was the first time that Shan Yunyun had been frustrated since entering the world, and it was called chaos. However, his first reaction was not to solve the situation, but to show off to Shan Weiyi the progress he and Jun Gengjin had made.

What he wanted to express was: so what if you made me deflated? Does this help in any way with the task? I still win over you now.

However, Shan Weiyi had a calm expression on his face, as if he didn’t care at all. This made Shan Yunyun even more aggrieved.

Shan Yunyun couldn’t help showing off more vigorously: “No matter how much the prince likes you, it’s useless. Jun Gengjin is so devoted to me now…he will take me to the Freedom Federation and make me the richest wife. You have no chance at all!”

Shan Weiyi frowned and looked at the newcomer: was the lack of people in the Quick Transmigration Game already to this extent?

Seeing Shan Weiyi frowning, Shan Yunyun thought his words had worked. He said proudly: “You have no chance at all, you know? You can’t beat me.”

Shan Weiyi was very disappointed: “You specially asked me to come, was it really just to say this?”

Shan Yunyun’s face turned pale and he froze and said, “Don’t act like you don’t care!”

Shan Weiyi changed the subject: “You’re so confident, does Jun Gengjin have a high opinion of you?” 

It was Shan Yunyun’s turn to straighten his tongue, he couldn’t utter a word.

Shan Weiyi: … Sure enough.

Although Shan Weiyi had only been in contact with Jun Gengjin for a short time, he had already seen what it was. Will this kind of black-hearted capitalist really be conquered by a raider of Shan Yunyun’s level? He was afraid it’s impossible.

Therefore, Shan Weiyi was less concerned about the progress of Jun Gengjin. He knew that even if Shan Yunyun was given a hundred years, Shan Yunyun would not be able to conquer Jun Gengjin.

Shan Yunyun also knew in his heart that Jun Gengjin’s favorability for him was indeed not high, only 30%.

You know, the prince already had 30% for Wen Lu at first sight.

Shan Yunyun had no experience, and had never compared with others, so he thought 30% was not too low. Jun Gengjin was probably the kind of iceberg president who needed to melt slowly. Besides, Jun Gengjin was always gentle and considerate to himself, and even made a private decision to pledge to be married, so the progress should not be a problem.

It must be because he hadn’t experienced coquettish sl*ts robbing his man and slapping him in the face, watching inferior mother-in-laws throwing checks in front of him, and a car accident or cancer amnesia, so the favorability had not increased.

Yes, it must be so.

However, when Shan Weiyi confidently raised the topic, saying that his favorability with Jun Gengjin could not be high, Shan Yunyun’s heart couldn’t help but jump a few times, and a guilty look appeared on his face.

But the more guilty he was, the louder he said: “If he doesn’t like me very much, why would he pursue me and treat me so well?”

Shan Weiyi shrugged and showed a slightly mocking smile.

Shan Yunyun’s heart ached when he saw it, he just felt that he was underestimated.

Shan Weiyi ignored him and left the study.

At the same time, the long street of the Imperial Academy was silent, and the dark orange street lights reflected the prince’s gloomy face and slender shadow. He walked slowly, until he came to the Taifu’s exclusive rest room, then a decent and cold smile appeared on his face.

He raised his hand and rang the doorbell.

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