Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 30

Chapter 30 The Former Empress’s Secret

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As a prince, he can come and go to any room, but when he came to see the Taifu, he would always ring the bell politely.


This was respect.

He gave the Taifu very precious respect, and he always thought that the Taifu would repay him with the purest loyalty.

The automatic door opened, and the prince stepped into the living room smoothly.

Indoors, the Taifu wore a moss-colored long gown with a vertical collar, his long hair was combed into a ponytail, and his gold-rimmed glasses were firmly placed on his tall nose, which was quite romantic and dignified.

He seemed to be arranging something, and when he saw the prince coming, he came out and bowed slightly: “Why is Your Highness here?” 

The prince shrank his pupils when he saw a few brocade bags scattered on the table—this was exactly the same as Shan Weiyi’s. The bag that held his collar was exactly the same.

The prince asked: “What is this?” 

Shen Yu meandered to the table, picked up the brocade bag and said, “These are the farewell gifts I am going to give to the students.” 

The prince was startled, and said, “Farewell gifts?”

Shen Yu smiled and said: “Since His Highness plans to leave the academy before the return of Tianji Star, of course I will follow. So I prepared a farewell gift for every student I have ever taught.”

“Then…” The prince pondered , “Shan Weiyi also has one?”

Shen Yu nodded: “Of course. Because he should leave the academy in these few days, I have already delivered his gift in advance.” 

The prince was slightly startled, not knowing what was going on in his mind.

Shen Yu sprayed his daily freesia fragrance into the bag, and put small cards and small gifts in. His actions looked very meticulous and serious. However, he still pretended to casually look at the prince’s face from the corner of his eye time and time again, as if he was thinking about whether he had gotten away with it.

Shen Yu knew that the prince had a keen sense of touch, so after Shan Weiyi gave it to the prince in a bag, he quickly thought of possible problems. Therefore, he 3D printed the brocade bag of the same style as Shan Weiyi, temporarily creating the illusion of a big delivery of the brocade bag.

There was very little interaction between Shan Weiyi and Shen Yu, and there was nothing suspicious on the surface. It would be very unreasonable for the prince to judge that Shen Yu and Shan Weiyi had an affair just by the collar that smelled of freesia. Not to mention, the crown prince and Taifu have been teacher and student with each other for many years, and they were also entangled in mutual interests. The relationship was far-reaching than others. It was impossible for the prince to cut off the teacher-student relationship immediately because of a trace of a smell.

Looking at these brocade bags, the prince was silent for a while, let out a long breath, and only smiled: “So that’s the case.”

Shen Yu also pretended to be ignorant and asked: “Is there any problem with these brocade bags?”

“It’s nothing. “The prince shook his head and said, “It’s just a casual question.”

After finishing speaking, the prince threw the brocade bag away, and said, “By the way, how will the Taifu plan to arrange Ruan Yang after he enters the Imperial court?”

Shen Yu with a calm expression: “He and I are only suitable to be friends.” 

The prince was surprised: “Why did you say that? I remember that he was very close to your heart before.”

Shen Yu said, “He bribed the doctor to plot against Shan Weiyi. He forced Shan Weiyi to drop out of school. This made me feel very disappointed, he is not the kind of upright and sunny person I imagined.”

Shen Yu could understand the lawsuit between Ruan Yang and Shan Weiyi. The prince also was not muddle-headed. Shan Weiyi was arrogant and domineering, and Ruan Yang was a scheming white lotus, neither of them were good. But the prince didn’t bother to argue for justice and strictness, because it wasn’t worth it. The fight between these two little pets was not worth bothering about.

The prince understood how he felt when he heard Shen Yu say that he didn’t like Ruan Yang’s scheming. The prince also cut off his love for Wen Lu for similar reasons.

But the prince was puzzled and asked: “But why did Ruan Yang plot against Shan Weiyi?” When he said this, the prince couldn’t help but think of what Shan Weiyi said, “The Taifu secretly loves me, so Ruan Yang was jealous of me”.

Shen Yu still looked serious: “Ruan Yang and Wen Lu were bullied by Shan Weiyi before, so it’s just a grudge.” 

The prince also remembered that this happened. He then said: “Then his mind is too small. It’s a good thing for you to leave him.”

In the eyes of the prince, it was a trivial matter for him to break Shan Weiyi’s leg and let Shan Weiyi sink into the lake. Shan Weiyi remembering is him being petty. Similarly, Shan Weiyi pushing Ruan Yang into the water and hitting his head with a brick was a trivial matter, and Ruan Yang shouldn’t care about it.

Shen Yu smiled lightly and said, “Forget it, maybe it’s really too difficult to find a really innocent and kind boy in this world.”

Shen Yu said that he liked someone innocent and kind, so naturally it had nothing to do with Shan Weiyi at all.

The prince only said: “So you like innocent and kind people, I’m afraid it’s not difficult.” 

Shen Yu only said: “It depends on fate. Now let’s focus on the business of His Highness’s return to the Imperial court to make achievements.”

After chatting with Shen Yu for a few words, he left.

Seeing the prince coming with a murderous look and leaving calmly, Shen Yu slowly breathed a sigh of relief.

However, there was still gloom in Shen Yu’s eyes: the scent-absorbing rhinoceros animal skin collar packed in a brocade bag…Arranging to meet the prince at the same time…

Did Shan Weiyi do it on purpose?

Shan Weiyi was of course intentional.

In addition, Shan Weiyi also knew about the fact that the crown prince went to look for Shen Yu and was fooled by Shen Yu – of course this was not told by the crown prince or the Taifu.

It was Xi Zhitong who reported the situation to him.

Xi Zhitong had already hacked into the home system of the prince and Taifu, and easily broadcasted the confrontation to Shan Weiyi. After watching it, Shan Weiyi nodded and said, “I see.”

Speaking to this point, Shan Weiyi said to Xi Zhitong again: “You said before that you noticed something unusual in this world, but you were not sure what it was. It will take time to investigate. Have you found out now?”

“The investigation revealed some clues.” Xi Zhitong’s voice was broadcasted through the mouth of the housekeeping robot.

Because the robot made the most pleasant voice that Shan Weiyi personally prepared, the robot problem that usually appeared silly had become a lot cuter.

Shan Weiyi touched the shiny steel head of the housekeeping robot, and asked, “What were they?”

“The former Empress probably didn’t exist,” Xi Zhitong said. 

Shan Weiyi was stunned, and said, “What does not exist mean?”

Xi Zhitong was originally a strong artificial intelligence, capable of invading the top and bottom of the Imperial Academy without being noticed, and was even able to tamper with the program of the prince’s artificial skin in an instant… In this era of highly developed networks, transaction currencies were all digital, and anyone who passed by will inevitably leave traces on the Internet. If Xi Zhitong can’t find any trace of this person’s existence, then it can basically be concluded that this person did not exist.

Shan Weiyi frowned: “Let me read the emperor’s script.” 

The emperor’s script overlapped greatly with the poison doctor’s script.

According to the tragic life trajectory of Young Master Shan, after being cannon fodder by the prince, Taifu and Jun Gengjin, he was sent to the earth with a disability, and met the poisonous Doctor Dao Danmo. Dao Danmo healed his disability and healed his wounds, and Young Master Shan thought he was finally saved. Unexpectedly, Dao Danmo just wanted to use Young Master Shan as a human experiment in order to cure the terminal illness of the protagonist Shou Bai Nuo.

Bai Nuo was a clone of Young Master Shan. If you want to treat Bai Nuo, it is most suitable to find Young Master Shan for experiments.

This Bai Nuo was not only Jun Gengjin’s white moonlight, but also Dao Danmo’s sweetheart.

In order to save Bai Nuo, Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo didn’t care how much pain Young Master Shan would endure.

Bai Nuo was kind-hearted, and after learning about this, he begged Dao Danmo to let Young Master Shan go.

Dao Danmo agreed, but he did plastic surgery for the young master Shan to look like the former Empress, and asked the Interstellar Entertainment Company to package the young master Shan as a celebrity.

Young Master Shan became a star of the Milky Way and was seen by the emperor.

When the emperor saw this beauty who was 99% similar to the former empress, it was inevitable that he would be tempted to turn him into a concubine.

Of course Young Master Shan refused. He became a big star in the Freedom Federation and earns hundreds of trillions of fans every day. How cool was it to be called brother, you are my God. Only if his brain was fried would he return home to be a little wife of an old man.

But his wishes were the least important thing, the emperor took advantage of his power and position to force him into the palace as a page.

Young Master Shan was very sad, he didn’t expect that he would have to go back to the empire to be a servant after going around for a while. But Young Master Shan didn’t know that it was the poison doctor’s design that he got into this situation.

The poison doctor Dao Danmo not only gave Young Master Shan a top-notch appearance, but also injected chronic poison into his chrysanthemum in order to kill the emperor. The trick of this chrysanthemum hiding poison was also very creative.

However, after Eldest Young Master Shan entered the palace, the emperor didn’t touch him at all, but watched him, remembering the former empress every day. This chrysanthemum tactic had no effect.

In the eyes of outsiders, Young Master Shan was a favorite. The Young Master Shan also took advantage of the situation to do his best to be tyrannical, and even targeted the prince. At this time, Tang Tang, the  the protagonist Shou of “The Emperor’s Heart Has a White Moonlight”, appeared on the stage. Tang Tang’s temperament and way of speech were very similar to those of the former Empress, and he was favored by the emperor. Young Master Shan was afraid that his love would disappear, so he plotted to murder Tang Tang. As a vicious cannon fodder, Young Master Shan was of course lifting a rock to shoot himself in the foot. In the end, he was cast into the cold palace by the emperor, and was executed soon, ending his cannon fodder life.

After watching all this, Shan Weiyi frowned and said, “Why did the poison doctor know the face of the former Empress? Why did the poison doctor want to murder the emperor?”

Xi Zhitong replied: “What I found out here was that the parents of the poison doctor belonged to a family of Imperial doctors. Because the former Empress died, the emperor asked the Imperial Hospital to be buried with him… The poison doctor’s father, uncle, and grandpa were all executed because of this, and the young poison doctor escaped. After the catastrophe, in the research materials left by the poison doctor’s father, there were biometric records of the former empress, so the poison doctor can restore 99% of the appearance of the former empress.”

“…Oh, so the emperor was a doctor attacker…”

Shan Weiyi after pondering for a while, he said again: “There is another very important question, have you found out…”

“What is it?” Xi Zhitong asked.

Shan Weiyi said: “Every quick transmigrator should enter the small world before me and get the favorability of the protagonist Gong, right?”

“Yes.” Xi Zhitong replied.

Shan Weiyi said: “Then where is Tang Tang?”

Xi Zhitong was silent for a while, and then said: “After inquiry, Tang Tang has not yet entered the plot point.”

“That’s it.” Shan Weiyi nodded.

Xi Zhitong said: “This is unreasonable. Your challenger must have entered the small world earlier than you.”

Shan Weiyi smiled: “Yes, he must be earlier than me, much earlier…”

“You mean…?” Xi Zhitong asked suspiciously.

Shan Weiyi said: “He should have taken the rebirth script.”

Shan Weiyi speculated that in this script, the former empress was reborn as Tang Tang, and then reconnected with the emperor. I am a replacement for myself! The white moonlight is me!

That’s why this book was called “The Emperor’s Heart Has a White Moonlight”.

That makes sense.

Why can’t Xi Zhitong find any traces of the former Empress? Because the quick transmigrator traveled to the timeline twenty years ago and became the former Empress. The quick transmigrator was still changing the past time, making him an unobservable state in the current timeline. This kind of existence can only be observed from a high-dimensional perspective. After Xi Zhitong came to this small world, he automatically reduced his dimension, and of course he would not find traces of the former empress.

After Shan Weiyi made such a quick call, Xi Zhitong quickly figured it out: “Tang Tang is still in the past timeline. I can only find out the trajectory of the white moonlight’s actions after he ends the plot of the white moonlight.”

“That’s right.” Shan Weiyi said, “It was worth noting that according to the emperor’s personality, he is likely to seal the white moonlight’s information in the central hall. You should also pay close attention to the central hall.” 

“This is also what I want to mention, the second most difficult place in this world.” Xi Zhitong said, “It’s about the central hall.”

“Speak.” Shan Weiyi looked at the mung bean eyes of the housekeeping robot seriously.

Xi Zhitong’s voice came out: “The computing power of the empire’s center seems to be no lower than mine. If I invade rashly, it may trigger an alarm.”

Shan Weiyi was shocked when he heard this: “How is it possible? You are a system of a high-dimensional world.”

Xi Zhitong replied: “Although I am a product of high-dimensionality, I have to reduce the dimensionality when I come here. I can only achieve the highest computing level that this small world can accept.”

Shan Weiyi understood, and said, “In other words, the center of the empire has reached the highest level acceptable to this world?”

“Yes, it is the existence of the ceiling of this world, and it is different from me…” Xi Zhitong didn’t know what to say or how to describe it, he paused, “I have changed from an artificial intelligence in a high-dimensional space to an individual in a low-dimensional space, and I am very unskilled in many places. The centre of the empire… seems to be the opposite.”

“Opposite? ” Shan Weiyi asked.

Xi Zhitong: “The emperor successfully reconstructed his own brain function, making his neural network completely cover the center of the empire… In other words, he sublimated his consciousness into a super intelligent brain.” 

His words were stated in a roundabout way, but as an expert, Shan Weiyi understood.

“You guys are the opposite.” Shan Weiyi’s expression became serious, “You changed from artificial intelligence to human, and he changed from human to artificial intelligence.”

Although this was amazing, it was not completely unimaginable.

This emperor single-handedly enforced feudal rule in the interstellar era. Could he be an ordinary person?

Shan Weiyi suddenly became excited: “The prince’s skin system transmits data to the central hall all the time, and the emperor’s consciousness was completely integrated into the central brain… Then, does the emperor know about our tampering with the prince’s skin system?”

Xi Zhitong’s voice was gentle: “It’s very possible.”

Although Xi Zhitong was an extremely strong artificial intelligence, he was not a smart person. To a certain extent, he was still an ignorant and clumsy child.

He didn’t encounter any defense or attack after cracking and invading the prince’s skin system, so Xi Zhitong logically believed that his actions were safe.

This was the thinking of programs, not human thinking.

In Xi Zhitong’s thinking, facing the intruder’s tampering, the first reaction must be to actively defend. Even if it does not fight back, it will not do nothing.

And the emperor did nothing.

In the face of such tampering, the emperor did not intervene in the data, did not fix the program, and did not strengthen the defense.

He saw it, he felt it, but he did nothing.

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