Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Behind Bai Nuo

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“You understand?” Bai Nuo’s eyes flashed surprisingly, “What do you understand?”

Shan Weiyi looked extremely confident, determined, as if everything had been taken into his eyes. In fact, he was neither God nor had the script of the protagonist, so he didn’t know much, he was only 60 to 70% sure of his own deduction. But his professional habits make him look as if he had seen through everything. This kind of self-confidence can bluff people, especially people like Bai Nuo.

Shan Weiyi shrugged: “Didn’t you notice? When describing these events, you calmly called everyone by their full names, such as Jun Gengjin, Tang Tang, and Shan Yunyun. Only when you called the poison doctor would you call him ‘Danmo’ with unrelenting affection.”

Bai Nuo’s heart was shocked, he didn’t expect Shan Weiyi to notice something that he didn’t even notice. His cheeks were flushed, and he froze in place, unable to speak a word.

He didn’t speak, and neither did Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi’s venomous gaze shone out from his amber eyeballs, like the scales of a venomous snake, radiant and dangerous. Bai Nuo was like a frog that met a poisonous snake. He was so frightened that he forgot his instinct to escape, and stayed where he was sticking out his tongue. He looked extremely beautiful, stupid and cute.

Shan Weiyi continued to remain silent, using his silence to torture Bai Nuo. He let out a breath, like a sigh, and shook his head. This simple action made Bai Nuo’s face even hotter.

Obviously Shan Weiyi didn’t say anything, but Bai Nuo seemed to have been taught a lesson to the point of embarrassment. He couldn’t help but argue himself: “This is actually a mature and evolved world, a world with independent consciousness, which proves that each of them was a living person, not a piece of paper in a low-dimensional space. They are not a simple name in the script…”

Shan Weiyi said: “Of course I understand.” Otherwise, Shan Weiyi would not have taken good care of Zhang Li in every step of planning and calculation. Even without Jun Gengjin’s financial support, Zhang Li got something more useful than money: the protection of imperial power.

The crown prince and Taifu pinned their “sorrow” for Shan Weiyi on Zhang Li, and even helped Zhang Li apply for an life grant. The emperor, who would not die, also agreed.

Now Zhang Li was the eldest sister who walked sideways in the elite circle of the empire. The ladies all liked Zhang Li’s selfie and left a message: Does such a beauty really exist? Today is another energetic little girl Li!

Shan Weiyi looked at Bai Nuo and said, “En, so what do you mean?”

Bai Nuo said firmly, “According to this trend, Danmo will only go towards self-destruction.”

Shan Weiyi agreed in his heart, but on the surface pretended to be puzzled: “Why do you say that?”

Bai Nuo smiled bitterly: “You only see Danmo’s ruthlessness, but you don’t see what he has gone through. I walked all the way with him, I know… His family was executed when he was a child, and he was left alone on the earth with nothing. The people who took him in also had other plans, used him as a tool, and even conducted human experiments on him… His distortion today was caused by these misfortunes “

Shan Weiyi: “I know, I also read the script, brother.”

Bai Nuo was very dissatisfied with Shan Weiyi’s high-handed speech, and frowned: “What you read was just a passing cold text, you still treat him as a ‘role’ rather than an ‘individual’, right?”

Shan Weiyi said: “Whether I treat a character as a person or not mainly depends on whether the character is a human being.”

Bai Nuo sighed, shook his head and said: “So, you are no different from other quick transmigrators. You all regard yourself as a superior high-dimensional creature, and treat people in the low-dimensional world as worthless, as objects that can be played with. Tang Tang was like this, and Shan Yunyun was also like this… …Are you going to follow their old path?”

Shan Weiyi didn’t intend to argue with Bai Nuo, but just said: “Okay, I understand what you mean. You want to ‘save’ Dao Danmo.”

Bai Nuo hearing the word “save” was like listening to the Gospel. It seems that his body and mind have been brainwashed, and his eyes revealed firmness: “Yes, I want to save him.” 

As he spoke, Bai Nuo smiled again: “You must think this is very strange, isn’t it?”

“That’s not true, this situation is not uncommon.” Shan Weiyi said flatly.

This sentence was a plain statement, but it seemed to have been slapped on Bai Nuo’s face. Bai Nuo felt very uncomfortable, but he couldn’t say why.

Shan Weiyi continued: “How do you plan to save him?”

Bai Nuo lowered his eyebrows and said, “I want to guide him to be kind, influence him with love, and let him know that this world is beautiful.”

Shan Weiyi smiled, asking: “That’s it? Influence him, and then spend a lifetime with him happily? He already knows the secrets of the high-dimensional world, and he will probably find a way to ascend the dimension.”

Bai Nuo smiled and said: “I know he can and he will succeed. I will wait for him in the high-dimensional world.”

Shan Weiyi raised his eyebrows and said, “I can see that you love him.”

Bai Nuo’s cheeks were hot: “You think I’m ridiculous, right?”

“That’s not true, it’s not uncommon for you to be in such a situation.” Shan Weiyi said this again, but seemed to know that Bai Nuo didn’t like to hear it, so he continued to explain in a friendly tone, “After all, S-level scum Gongs are excellent in all areas, and when he has a high degree of affection for you, he is also very considerate and gentle. It is not a strange thing for a normal person to be tempted by such an affectionate and beautiful man.”

Hearing Shan Weiyi say so plainly, Bai Nuo couldn’t help asking: “I heard that you have gone through many tasks, have you never been tempted?”

Shan Weiyi said: “I am very professional.”

Bai Nuo felt offended again, but said nothing. He pursed his lips and said, “Because you have always held the idea that you are a high-dimensional creature and the target character is a low-dimensional paper man?”

“No, I don’t think so. I am like you, I respect the complexity of each character, and I am keen to study them.” Shan Weiyi said, spreading his hands, “But I think you may have also entered a misunderstanding.”

“What misunderstanding?” Bai Nuo quickly asked.

Shan Weiyi said: “You love him very much, but he doesn’t necessarily love you that much.”

Bai Nuo suddenly changed color: “You don’t understand the relationship between us at all!”

Bai Nuo was the only light in Dao Danmo’s dark life! If Bai Nuo left, the world of Dao Danmo would collapse!

This was not Bai Nuo’s blind self-confidence, but the trust and tacit understanding reached over a long period of time. Furthermore, from an objective point of view, Dao Danmo’s favorability for Bai Nuo has reached 99%.

Bai Nuo didn’t leave the small world because he knew that once he left, he would take Dao Danmo’s only kindness with him. Dao Danmo will blacken, turn red at the end of his eyes, collapse into a demon, destroy the world, and destroy himself!

Bai Nuo’s heart was full of excuses, but he didn’t say a word, as if he also understood that too many words would only show guilt and weakness. He looked at Shan Weiyi with firm eyes, as if a knight guarding his faith.

Shan Weiyi smiled and said, “Since you are so confident in the love between you, why didn’t you tell Dao Danmo that you, like Tang Tang, are from a high-dimensional world?”

His confident expression immediately froze, as stiff as if he had been injected with too many beauty injections.

But Shan Weiyi bent his eyes, his expression as innocent and pure as the white moonlight, Bai Nuo, but the words he spit out were as sharp as snake teeth: “You are still not sure how he will react when he realizes your true identity? Can he still love you? Or, will he treat you like Shan Yunyun and Tang Tang? Or maybe it will be more ruthless.”

Bai Nuo shook his head quickly: “What? How could it be more ruthless? “

“Because love bears hate.” Shan Weiyi shrugged, “Since he loves you so much, won’t he feel cheated when he finds out that you are a high-dimensional creature trying to gain his favorability? Can he still believe that you love him? You also said that you know him very well, he is paranoid with insecurity. How would he speculate you? Would he really believe the ‘Although I approached you for the favorability and am a high-dimensional creature that treats you well, in reality I have fallen in love with you’ that kind of nonsense?”

Bai Nuo’s pale face due to long-term illness was rarely stained red due to emotion. He seemed to be pissed off, his face was flushed and his neck was thick: “What do you know? It is precisely because his mind is more sensitive than others that I am more careful!”

Shan Weiyi looked at him with a smile and didn’t speak.

This expression angered Bai Nuo even more, and made him say even louder, “I will definitely tell him, but the time has not come.”

Of course, Bai Nuo’s plan included a confession to Dao Danmo. But that would have to wait until Dao Danmo’s affection for him reached 100%.

Now, the favorability has reached 99%, and he believed the goal will be achieved soon. Bai Nuo cheered himself up secretly, and said confidently: “When the time comes, you will know that nothing can affect the relationship between me and Danmo.”

Shan Weiyi smiled, and the smile was full of teasing, which made Bai Nuo feel very uncomfortable. Bai Nuo frowned, and said: “So, you won’t listen to my advice.”

Shan Weiyi stopped laughing, and just said lightly: “What advice? If you mean for me to give up my retirement mission, then I’m sorry, I can’t do it.”

Bai Nuo widened his eyes in surprise: “I’ve told you so much, is retirement the only thing in your mind?”

Shan Weiyi: ? ? ? ? Isn’t retirement the most important thing? ? ? ? Am I the only one who set early retirement as the highest career goal when I first started working? ? ? ?

But Bai Nuo looked at Shan Weiyi as if looking at a monster, showing complete incomprehension and disapproval: “You really just treat the small world as a game, and treat every flesh and blood as a character that can be attacked or not.”

Shan Weiyi did not deny Bai Nuo’s accusation, but nodded with a smile: “Yes, I am a professional.”

Bai Nuo looked at Shan Weiyi with no emotion in his eyes. He was like an adult who had exhausted his patience with a child. He thought that he had explained the truth and said all the good words, but this stubborn child still cannot understand his painstaking efforts, nor can he understand the truth of being a human being. Bai Nuo had no choice but to harden his heart and said, “Then I can only send you back.”

His tone was cold but his voice trembled, revealing weak hesitation.

“Send me back?” Shan Weiyi laid on the hospital bed, raised his eyebrows and sneered, “You mean, send me back home?”

Bai Nuo pursed his lips.

Shan Weiyi chuckled: “Now I can see how kind you are. You even want to kill your colleagues for a role.”

The word “kill” was so sharp, it pricked like a needle. Bai Nuo trembled, shook his head and said, “That’s not the case! You’re a quick transmigrator, you won’t die. You’ll just go back to the quick transmigration game!” 

In the end, Bai Nuo wasn’t a vicious murderer. He knew that Shan Weiyi would not die, and if the mission failed, he would just pop out of the small world and return to the quick transmigration game.

Before, Bai Nuo went to the laboratory to see the tortured Shan Yunyun; Shan Yunyun begged bitterly, and Bai Nuo “killed” Shan Yunyun. Shan Yunyun was very grateful for this.

Thinking of Shan Yunyun’s gratitude to him, Bai Nuo became more confident, looked at Shan Weiyi, and said, “Danmo and Jun Gengjin will definitely find out if you act like this. At that time, you will beg me to kill you.” 

Shan Weiyi still smiled without saying a word.

Bai Nuo found that he hated Shan Weiyi’s expression very much: he really didn’t understand what this Shan Weiyi was pulling? But such slights made him uncomfortable.

But Bai Nuo didn’t want to continue to argue with Shan Weiyi, it was useless. He hardened his heart and spread out his palms. At this moment, the item poison that the system exchanged for him immediately appeared in his hands.

He looked at Shan Weiyi and said, “Don’t resist. This medicine won’t cause you any pain.” He said it softly, as if to be kind.

But Shan Weiyi smiled and said: “Look behind your back.”

“Are you really trying to tell me that there is someone behind me, tricking me into turning my face away, and then sneakily attacking me?” Bai Nuo shook his head, “You think I will fall into this trap?”

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