Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Behind Shan Weiyi

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Bai Nuo knew that he could trust the system. If someone suddenly appeared behind him, the system would definitely notify Bai Nuo.

However, because Shan Weiyi’s expression was too determined to win, Bai Nuo still shuddered, and cautiously asked his own system: Is there someone behind me?

System: no.

Bai Nuo made up his mind, put on a pitiful and sighing expression, and said, “You are an S-rank quick transmigrator, an old senior, why do you still use such old-fashioned tricks?”

Before the sound finished, the system continued to sound inside Bai Nuo’s mind: But there is a cat.

Bai Nuo:? ? ?

Before Bai Nuo could react, the oversized tongzi cat swooped in, and the cat emperor hit Bai Nuo directly on the back of the head with eight punches. The calculation of the artificial intelligence system was extremely precise, and Tongzi cat’s paw directly hit a nerve, knocking Bai Nuo unconscious on the spot.

Bai Nuo was knocked unconscious to the ground like a fool.

Shan Weiyi was very curious: “Bai Nuo is so dimwitted, how did he attack Dao Danmo?”

Tongzi cat said: “I have collected all the information related to Bai Nuo and Dao Danmo, and I have roughly summarized them. Do you need to check the history of their relationship?”

The stories of Bai Nuo and Dao Danmo mainly happened in the Freedom Federation and the Genetic Medicine Laboratory of Earth Humans, which were highly informatized places. As a top hacker, it was not difficult for Xi Zhitong to check the past actions of the two. Of course, the monitoring area involving the “door” was not easy to check, but the lack of this information did not affect their overall judgment on the storyline of Bai Nuo and Dao Danmo.

Bai Nuo came to this world much earlier than Shan Weiyi. That was when Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo were children. Of course, at that time, Bai Nuo’s body was also a child.

As a defective clone of Shan Weiyi, Bai Nuo was privately sold to a research institute on Earth. Naturally, the sanatorium bought him back not for charity, but as an experimental subject. In that institute, there were many children as unfortunate as him, including Dao Danmo and Jun Gengjin.

Even Jun Gengjin, the old capitalist dog, would not be too dog like when he was three years old, at best a puppy. He had nothing and he was bullied, if you gave him a bone, he would wag his tail happily. Bai Nuo’s body was a child, but his mind was an adult, it was very easy to coax Jun Gengjin.

Compared to Mr. Puppy, Dao Danmo was more difficult to get close to. His family suffered great changes, and his dad risked his life to send him to the earth sanatorium because the owner of the nursing home was an old friend of Imperial Physician Dao. Unexpectedly, the old classmate was not a humane. Seeing that the Dao family had been destroyed and had no value at all, he simply made the best use of the orphans of the old man and used them as experimental subjects.

Dao Danmo’s family died, and he ran to the house of his only trusted uncle, but was pushed into the laboratory as a guinea pig. The moment he watched his benevolent uncle raise the sharp scalpel towards him, Dao Danmo’s innocence as a child was gone.

The situation of Bai Nuo’s strategy was roughly like this:

Bai Nuo gives Jun Gengjin more sweets every day, and Jun Gengjin even doubted whether Bai Nuo had a crush on him.

Bai Nuo gave Dao Danmo candy every day, and Dao Danmo suspected that Bai Nuo would assassinate him.

Bai Nuo had no choice but to treat Dao Danmo infinitely better, anyway, there were still many years for them to pass. He had been kind to Dao Danmo year after year, presumably Dao Danmo would believe it one day.

As long as Dao Danmo believed it, Bai Nuo would succeed.

For a person like Dao Danmo, whether it was trust or love, there was only a little bit, just like a handful of sand in the palm of your hand. If you give it to one person, it is impossible to give it to the second.

On a certain day, the always cold Dao Danmo finally gave Bai Nuo a candy in return.

Bai Nuo was so moved that tears welled up in his eyes, and he was about to ask if the favorability of the system had finally increased. However, at this moment, the system said in his mind: This candy is poisonous.

Bai Nuo: … Your uncle…

But for the sake of the scum Gong, Bai Nuo still ate the candy with a smile – of course, he deliberately chose to eat the candy when there were medical staff passing by. Therefore, when he became poisoned, he was immediately rescued.

When Jun Gengjin knew everything, he was so angry that he beat Dao Danmo violently. But Bai Nuo dragged his weak body, took Jun Gengjin’s arm, and said, “No, don’t hit him…he didn’t mean to hurt me…he’s just…he’s just a child!”

Jun Gengjin: “Which of us is not a child!!!”

Dao Danmo didn’t expect Bai Nuo to protect him, and was stunned for a moment.

At this time, the system finally sent out a notification sound for favorability: The target Dao Danmo’s favorability for you increased by 1%.

Soon after, Dao Danmo asked Bai Nuo to go to the grove again.

Bai Nuo hurried away, but was bitten by a poisonous snake released by Dao Danmo, and almost died.

But this time, it was Dao Danmo who rescued Bai Nuo.

When Bai Nuo was about to save himself, the system reminded him: Dao Danmo has an antidote.

Bai Nuo didn’t save himself, and when the poison almost spread all over, Dao Danmo really took the initiative to feed Bai Nuo the antidote he had prepared long ago.

When Bai Nuo opened his eyes, there was no resentment in his expression, only a warm smile: “You saved me, Danmo, you really are my best friend.”

Dao Danmo was shocked.

At this moment, he seemed to really see the holy light of the white lotus shining above Bai Nuo’s head.

After a while, Bai Nuo was locked in the basement.

The system told Bai Nuo: It was done by Dao Danmo.

Bai Nuo: …he’s mentally ill.

There, Dao Danmo intentionally left behind a communicator.

Bai Nuo used the communicator to send a message to Dao Danmo for help, but Dao Danmo never replied. Bai Nuo kept sending out messages, but Dao Danmo kept ignoring it. It wasn’t until Bai Nuo fell into a coma that Dao Danmo came to rescue him.

Later, Dao Danmo told him that he was very happy that all the help messages sent by Bai Nuo were sent to Dao Danmo. If Bai Nuo asked others for help during this period – even just once, Dao Danmo would break up with him.

In this way, time and time again, Bai Nuo passed Dao Danmo’s favorability challenge and became the only person Dao Danmo trusted.

As they grew older and Bai Nuo deliberately seduced him, their relationship naturally changed from friends to lovers.

In the beginning, it was Bai Nuo who kept courting Dao Danmo. Later, Dao Danmo fell in love with Bai Nuo crazily, and couldn’t leave him for a moment.

Time was also a very interesting thing, making Bai Nuo gradually forget how annoying Dao Danmo was in the beginning.

Back then, Bai Nuo passionately insulted Dao Danmo as a dog every day in his head.

Later, when Dao Danmo only had Bai Nuo in his eyes, Dao Danmo was simply the best boyfriend in the world, wanting the stars but not the moon. Dao Danmo’s kindness to Bai Nuo was unimaginable – in fact, it’s not hard to imagine, it’s to the extent of every tyrant loving and doting their target in every novel.

Gradually, Bai Nuo also developed love for Dao Danmo.

In the original world, Bai Nuo was just an ordinary otaku, who had never been loved so passionately and blindly before—let alone such a handsome, intelligent, tall, rich and man? Who can resist!

For so many years, Bai Nuo had never been suspected of being a high-dimensional creature.

Both Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo were not stupid, but they grew up with Bai Nuo since they were young, so naturally they didn’t doubt Bai Nuo very much. What’s more, they have known each other for many years, and Bai Nuo had never done anything surprising. After all, Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo were game insiders with limited thinking. They both thought that high-dimensional people had superpowers, and their words and deeds were wild; so a person like Bai Nuo who had a pitiful background, was weak and sick, had no career, and had nothing but gentleness and kindness, was not within the scope of their suspicion.

Who would have thought that Bai Nuo’s “gentleness” was exactly his biggest bug?

When he was young, no matter how Dao Danmo tried to be the dog biting Lu Dongbin, he was so tolerant and gentle to Dao Danmo, this was the biggest abnormality.

However, both Dao Danmo and Jun Gengjin were too young at that time, and it was the time when they needed the most love and care, so they didn’t have any doubts. As they got older, Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo had already accepted Bai Nuo’s character design, and created a 800-meter-thick filter for Bai Nuo.

Therefore, for Bai Nuo to succeed in is attack, he must thank the leader of the Quick Travel Bureau for helping him choose a suitable time point.

If they didn’t meet until they were adults, even if Bai Nuo poached Dao Danmo’s kidney, Dao Danmo would just add vegetables and stir-fry kidneys tonight with no expression on his face.

But now, Bai Nuo, who had reached 99% for the scum Gong Danmo, was knocked to the ground by Tongzi cat’s paw.

When he woke up, he found himself lying on the bed.

He coughed, and quickly remembered what happened just now.

He quickly knocked on the system: I was knocked out? What happened?

System: Shan Weiyi changed your clothes.

Bai Nuo looked down at himself, only to realize that he was indeed wearing Shan Weiyi’s clothes. Startled, he jumped out of bed, looked in the mirror, and saw that his hair was messy and he was wearing a hospital gown, looking exactly like Shan Weiyi.

He took a step back, his face turned pale: F*ck, no way…

Bai Nuo hurriedly pushed the door out, and saw Shan Weiyi in the living room, wearing Bai Nuo’s clothes, sitting on the sofa, chatting with Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo.

One had to say that Shan Weiyi’s acting skills were simply superb, and his words and deeds were just like white lotus Bai Nuo. Not to mention, these days, Jun Gengjin had been intentionally cultivating Shan Weiyi into Bai Nuo 2.0, so that Shan Weiyi can perform even better and pass off as the genuine thing.

Bai Nuo watched Shan Weiyi take his seat, was shocked and angry, his lips trembling.

When Shan Weiyi saw him, the white lotus smiled: “Are you awake?”

Bai Nuo was so angry that his blood pressure soared to 180, and he rushed forward angrily, as if he was about to fight him.

However, before he even touched the corner of Shan Weiyi’s clothes, he tripped over. Bai Nuo fell to the ground head-on, grimacing in pain, looked up and saw a pair of slender legs standing between him and Shan Weiyi.

Bai Nuo’s eyes were sour, and he raised his head sadly, only to see Dao Danmo’s brows and eyes were cold and arrogant. He didn’t even look at Bai Nuo, but just looked at Jun Gengjin, and said, “Take care of your toy. If you can’t control them, I don’t mind taking them apart for you.”

These words were more swaying than the north wind, colder than a snowflake. Bai Nuo was trembling with tears in his heart, and was about to say something, but Shan Weiyi squatted down, helped Bai Nuo up, and said, “What’s the matter with you?”

Bai Nuo looked at Shan Weiyi with fiery eyes, raised his hand and wanted to slap Shan Weiyi across the face, but before he raised his hand, there was a “click” sound, and the pain was so painful – it was Dao Danmo who broke Bai Nuo’s hand without blinking.

The physical and mental pain caused Bai Nuo to cry, and he looked at Dao Danmo in disbelief.

At this time, Jun Gengjin also stood up and took out his light gun. A red beam of light swept across Bai Nuo’s forehead, and Bai Nuo immediately lost consciousness, his whole body went limp, and he collapsed to the ground.

Jun Gengjin didn’t bother to pay any attention to him, he looked at him like garbage, and ordered the housekeeping robot to carry Bai Nuo back to the bedroom.

But Shan Weiyi was terrified: “What’s wrong with him?”

Jun Gengjin only said: “It’s nothing, he’s emotionally unstable. You’ve seen it before, he has mental problems. Sigh… Maybe it’s because of this encounter. There have been too many changes.”

Shan Weiyi sighed and said: “Young Master Shan was also…”

“What Young Master Shan?” Jun Gengjin smiled contemptuously, “He is now called ‘Wei Nuo’.”

Shan Weiyi: …how did I not know my name is Wei Nuo?

Jun Gengjin’s ability to tell lies with open eyes was also very high: “He escaped from the empire, and it will be not good for him to use the name Shan Weiyi. Don’t call him Young Master Shan anymore, just call him Wei Nuo. “

Shan Weiyi agreed, he didn’t want to call his name to such a face.

Shan Weiyi then said: “I think Wei Nuo’s situation is really serious, and I’m afraid he won’t be able to recuperate at home. You should help him find a suitable professional organization to help him.”

Jun Gengjin now regarded Shan Weiyi as Bai Nuo. Of course he would not refuse, so he immediately contacted the people in the mental hospital to carry the unconscious Bai Nuo away.

When Bai Nuo woke up again, he was in a mental hospital.

When the system told him this situation, Bai Nuo’s whole mind had a breakdown.

He couldn’t accept this reality at all: how could this be? Even if I look exactly the same as Shan Weiyi, Danmo shouldn’t have been mistaken! Doesn’t he love me?

System: This question is beyond my understanding, sorry. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Bai Nuo wept unceasingly, got up from the bed, but found that his arm was very painful. Only then did he remember that Dao Danmo broke his hand because he wanted to slap Shan Weiyi.

Thinking of this, Bai Nuo’s tears flowed even more fiercely.

He was angry and mad, his eyes were burning, and he wished he could kill Shan Weiyi immediately.

To be honest, Bai Nuo was not an extremely kind person. He was more friendly to Jun Gengjin and tolerant to Dao Danmo, all because of the mission. Later, he really developed a good impression of Jun Gengjin. After all, who doesn’t like a handsome humanoid ATM? As for Dao Danmo, at the beginning of the strategy, Bai Nuo cursed Dao Danmo in his heart.

He did not have a good temper.

Now, he has been blown out by Shan Weiyi’s manipulation, and he couldn’t wait to jump up and punch Shan Weiyi’s head.

However, what he cared most about now was Dao Danmo. He was very afraid that his boyfriend would really be deceived by Shan Weiyi, a coquettish b*tch. What if his handsome husband was taken advantage of and lost his innocence?

Therefore, Bai Nuo hurriedly called the system: Help me find out where Shan Weiyi and Danmo are!

The system quickly gave the answer: Dao Danmo and Jun Gengjin are doing research in the information center.

Bai Nuo: What about Shan Weiyi?

System: Shan Weiyi is walking in the Green Garden alone.

Hearing that Shan Weiyi was alone, Bai Nuo was relieved: I want to exchange for a teleportation item, immediately teleport me to Green Garden!

Green Garden, as the name suggests, was a place of green grass and picturesque scenery. It was a rare natural scenery in the space city where every inch of land was expensive. This was a very important ecological forest in the space city, a scenic spot.

Shan Weiyi was walking in it, and suddenly saw two guards arresting a homeless man.

Shan Weiyi asked curiously: “What did this homeless man do?”

The duty officer replied: “He sh*t illegally.”

Shan Weiyi thought that there was something wrong with his ears: “Illegal… What is illegal?”

“Illegal sh*tting, um, that’s illegal defecation.” The policeman explained. Seeing Shan Weiyi’s well-dressed clothes and elegant demeanor, he thought, this should be a rich second generation who doesn’t know much about the world, and explained with a smile, “The space city is not earth, and there is no natural circulation system. Sewage discharge requires industrialized treatment, which is very costly. Therefore, citizens must excrete in designated places. Generally speaking, they can choose home toilets or public toilets. But this person defecated in the scenic area, of course he has to be caught.” 

The homeless man said with a look of displeasure: “House prices are so high, let alone buying, I can’t even afford to rent a house with a bathroom! Public toilets are so expensive! Why not make it affordable!”

“Public toilets are a convenience project, and there is no charge.” The attendant corrected, “Public toilets are free, and we collect an ecological protection tax. It is a processing fee based on the weight of your defecation.”

Shan Weiyi: …… digging holes and sh*tting have to be taxed. If you don’t make a fortune, who will make a fortune?

Shan Weiyi couldn’t help being moved with compassion, and said, “I’ll pay his fine for him.”

The on-duty staff was happy to make money, and seeing Shan Weiyi handing over the money readily, they also readily accepted the money.

After the duty officer left, the homeless man thanked Shan Weiyi but shook his head: “Young master, you helped me once, I am very grateful. But actually, for me, being caught by the police and mining was my way out. At least in Industrial City or Mine Star, I can sh*t for free.”

Shan Weiyi sighed, and said: “It was also our fate to meet you today, so I will be a good person to the end.” Saying that, Shan Weiyi touched his smart wristband to the homeless man’s hand. The homeless man immediately heard the transfer prompt, and realized that Shan Weiyi had transferred a sum of money to himself. This money was enough for him to eat and drink decently, breathe oxygen and bask in the sun for a year.

The homeless man was taken aback, and said in shock: “You…you…you are a kind person…”

Shan Weiyi sighed and shook his head: “No, I can’t afford your compliment. That’s right. To put it bluntly, if I were as poor as you, I would not have such a warm heart. I am not very kind, but I am very lucky.” 

The homeless man thanked Shan Weiyi again and again, grateful.

At this moment, the highest information center.

Surveillance screens all over the wall, the most central one was the one with Shan Weiyi’s picture.

Watching the scene of Shan Weiyi helping the homeless, both Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo sighed: “Little Nuo is just too kind.” In their eyes, they still thought that Shan Weiyi was Bai Nuo. After Weiyi’s kind deed of helping others, they did not doubt Shan Weiyi’s identity even more.

The secretary watched from the side, and sighed secretly: Bai Nuo is really a good person. No wonder Jun Gengjin never forgot him.

But Jun Gengjin turned his head and said to the secretary: “Put this homeless man on the ‘bankruptcy list’.”

In this era of big data, it was very easy to design a company to go bankrupt with the power of the Jun family, let alone frame a bum who has obtained a windfall. As long as his data pattern was targeted, he can be induced to buy unfinished buildings, green funds, and explosive investment products through information channels… It could not be easier for a person to go bankrupt or even ruin his family.

Jun Gengjin said coldly: “Let him spit out the money he ate. I don’t want the things I gave Little Nuo to fall into the hands of such dirty and low-level person.” 

The secretary nodded quickly: “Yes, Boss Jun.” 

The secretary picked up the tablet, called up the homeless man’s personal information, added it to the “list of bankruptcies”, and the system will automatically complete the next matter.

In the green garden, after Shan Weiyi bid farewell to the homeless man, he walked among the green mountains and green waters alone. He didn’t expect Jun Gengjin to be such a dog at all, and he thought he helped the homeless man, so he was in a good mood and wanted to enjoy the scenery.

Here were the faint green hills, the green water, the willows fluttering, the clear water flowing eastward, the old earth scenery that was rare in interstellar space. Shan Weiyi looked at this scene, and seemed to recall some small pictures about his first life.

He seems to have been a very ordinary person on earth, and he would go for a walk in the park when he was free. Of course, as a 996 programmer, he didn’t have much free time.

Just as he was looking at the beautiful scenery and reminiscing about the past, Xi Zhitong’s voice sounded in his head: The monitoring screen of this road section has been hijacked by the A098 system.

Shan Weiyi raised his eyebrows: A098 is Bai Nuo?

Xi Zhitong replied: Yes. He has used teleportation props to appear behind you, ready to kill you.

Bai Nuo seemed determined to kill Shan Weiyi, thinking Shan Weiyi must have no resistance.

The information Ruan Yang had inquired about Shan Weiyi was true: the points Shan Weiyi earned were basically spent on Xi Zhitong. Xi Zhitong was the strongest system, but Shan Weiyi was a “poor person with no points”, and basically cannot exchange for props that were beneficial to the mission. Since coming to the retirement game, Shan Weiyi had never used any point props—the avatars and protective secret medicines given by the game were free.

But Bai Nuo was full of points. After all, he successfully cleared the slag gong to 99%, and he didn’t use the system much during this period, so he was still a big player in points.

He made up his mind and decided to be arrogant, exchange a lot of points for one-hit kill items, and ran behind Shan Weiyi to launch a sneak attack.

The monitoring screen had been hijacked, so Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo naturally couldn’t rescue him in time.

Knowing that Tongzi cat protected Shan Weiyi, Bai Nuo also exchanged for a time-limited golden bell cover for himself. At this moment, he was invulnerable and held a high-dimensional weapon in his hand.

In this case, Shan Weiyi seemed to be the meat on the chopping board, and he might just get chopped down by Bai Nuo.

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