Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 53

Chapter 53 How could I have mistaken Little Nuo?

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Knowing that Bai Nuo was behind him, Shan Weiyi immediately turned around.

As soon as Shan Weiyi turned his face, he met a pair of eyes full of resentment. Seeing Shan Weiyi suddenly turn around, Bai Nuo also froze for a second. He teleported over with a burst of resentment behind Shan Weiyi, but when Shan Weiyi turned his face openly and looked at him without fear, Bai Nuo felt a moment of retreat in his heart.

Shan Weiyi looked at Bai Nuo indifferently.

He remembered the first time he saw Bai Nuo – that was just a day ago. At that time, Bai Nuo was still a beautiful and shy little white lotus, a well-protected delicate flower, his eyes were full of innocence and tenderness. And now? In just one day, the whites of his eyes, which were as white as eggs, were covered with blood as fine as a spider’s thread, making them extremely cloudy, a ferocious expression.

Shan Weiyi smiled and said, “Are you going to kill someone?”

Bai Nuo’s face turned serious. After all, he was not the kind of scum who can kill and set fire without burden. Facing Shan Weiyi’s eyes, being questioned like this, the murderous aura was weakened by three points. He squinted his eyes: “I’m not… I just…”

“You just want to send me back to the quick transmigration game.” Shan Weiyi said, “Besides, you are beautiful and kind, and you can use humanized props, it won’t cause me any pain, right?”

Bai Nuo froze for a moment. He originally came here in a rage, but after being disturbed by Shan Weiyi, the murderous intent was indeed not so serious. He dumbfoundedly responded to Shan Weiyi: “Uh…uh… yes, that’s it.”

Shan Weiyi also nodded with satisfaction: “It seems that you are very kind and have not been assimilated by the slag Gong. Very good, I am willing, I’ll give you another chance.”

Bai Nuo was confused: I’m clearly here to kill him, so why did he give me a chance?

But Shan Weiyi said: “Aren’t you very confident that Dao Danmo loves you? But him choosing the wrong person, are you not angry?”

These words were really heartbreaking.

Ninety percent of the reason why Bai Nuo was so angry that he wanted to kill Shan Weiyi was because of Dao Danmo. Seeing Dao Danmo laughing with Shan Weiyi, he was blinded by anger, and then Dao Danmo broke his arm because of Shan Weiyi, so Bai Nuo went crazy. He was sad and angry, and he sprayed murderous intent on Shan Weiyi, but he never thought of finding Dao Danmo to settle the score.

In his opinion, Dao Danmo was deceived. Of course, Bai Nuo was also angry with Dao Danmo, and he will teach Dao Danmo a good lesson—of course, the “lesson” between lovers is not the kind of lesson where people are beheaded.

But Shan Weiyi continued: “I’m not interested in the scum Gong at all. I’m like this because of you! Look, the scum Gong has no heart at all. As long as anyone is wearing a ‘Bai Nuo’ face, they will all acknowledge them. Yet you are still obsessed and not regretting it?” Saying that, Shan Weiyi put on an old man’s heartbreak for him, “Little Nuo, I’m doing it for you! Look what happened to Wen Lu and Ruan Yang? I was so cruel to them, but I treated you differently. I just saw the difference between you and them, you are kind and sincere, I don’t want you to be deceived by scumbags!”

Bai Nuo was even more confused. He just heard Shan Weiyi say that Dao Danmo was a heartless scumbag, but Bai Nuo was not satisfied: “You don’t understand at all. He was… cheated by you. He is not…”

Shan Weiyi said: “Then shall we try to see if he can tell the difference between the two of us?”

Bai Nuo gritted his teeth and said, “Why should I try?”

Shan Weiyi spread his hands: “Indeed, we have actually tried it. He can’t tell the difference at all.”

These words were obviously provocative, but Bai Nuo was really provoked. His eyes were red: “You’re talking nonsense! That’s because you were calculating it, that doesn’t count!”

Shan Weiyi smiled: “Then how about we have a calculation? Do you dare to bet?”

Looking at Shan Weiyi’s eyes with a sly smile, the remaining rationality in Bai Nuo’s mind told him that this was not a good bet! Gambling dogs must die!

However, if rationality could control Bai Nuo’s mind, Bai Nuo would not be in the situation he was today.

Bai Nuo was full of points, very arrogant, hijacked the surveillance screen, and placed a time-limited golden bell on himself. In addition, he also held a one-hit kill tool, as long as he made up his mind and threw it at Shan Weiyi’s face, everything could be ended. However, Bai Nuo, who was overwhelmed by emotions, put away the one-hit kill item, and said bitterly, “How do you want to bet?”

At the same time, the monitoring screen of the highest information center flashed—a very strange scene appeared : In the last second, “Bai Nuo” was still walking leisurely on the screen; in the next second, two “Bai Nuo” appeared on the screen!

Seeing such a scene, both Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo’s pupils shrank.

In just a second, Jun Gengjin came to his senses and said, “Check the mental hospital, is Shan Weiyi still there?”

Soon, the surveillance showed that “Shan Weiyi” was no longer in the mental hospital. As if some magical power appeared, Shan Weiyi disappeared from the mental hospital.

Jun Gengjin supported his glasses frame, said with a faint smile, “What did I say?”

Dao Danmo remained silent.

The secretary praised him conscientiously: “The boss has long said that not only Shan Yunyun, but also Shan Weiyi is very suspicious. It seems that Mr. Jun was right this time, this Shan Weiyi was also a high-dimensional creature!”

Jun Gengjin sneered: “Go, go meet this ‘high-dimensional creature’.”

In the eyes of Shan Yunyun, Wen Lu, Tang Tang and the others, low-dimensional characters were all paper people controlled by fate and can be controlled, inferior people. This was certainly a kind of prejudice and arrogance. However, in Jun Gengjin’s eyes, these high-dimensional creatures were nothing but trash spoiled by the high-dimensional system. They were so-called “civilized people” who laugh at savages who dig wood for fire because they have a lighter in their hands. They have been spoiled by high-end technology, but they don’t respect the laws of the jungle when they come to the jungle. In the end, they will only be killed by savages they looked down on, and their proud firearms will also be taken away.

When Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo came to the Green Garden, they saw two identical “Bai Nuo”.

They have the same face, wore the same clothes, and even smelled the same. If the two of them were ninety-nine percent alike before, they were 100 percent now—at least in appearance.

It turned out that Bai Nuo really agreed to the bet under Shan Weiyi’s provocation, and spent his own points to completely reorganize Shan Weiyi into Bai Nuo, adjusting all his biological information to 100% coincidence.

Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo looked between the two of them, making sure that one of them must be a high-dimensional creature, and this person should be Shan Weiyi.

Of course, they scratched their heads and never thought that this coquettish operation was actually done by Bai Nuo himself.

Bai Nuo looked at Dao Danmo full of hope, and said with tears in his eyes, “Danmo, don’t you recognize me?”

Hearing such an affectionate shout, Dao Danmo couldn’t help looking at Bai Nuo, but there was no warmth in his eyes, as if still evaluating.

Bai Nuo was a little disappointed: Aren’t they soul mates? Why can’t Dao Danmo recognize him at a glance?

However, Bai Nuo quickly regained his spirits: he had seen a few bloody scripts, and there was one where the protagonist gong acknowledged the wrong person but this did not prevent the protagonist gong from receiving a HE with the shou!

Bai Nuo encouraged himself, and said to Dao Danmo: “Danmo, I am Bai Nuo, you once said that I am your sweet glutinous rice, don’t you remember?”

Dao Danmo did say that, a thoughtful expression appeared on his face.

Jun Gengjin looked at the Poker Face, Killing Without Blinking, the Poison Doctor Dao Danmo, and imagined him calling Bai Nuo “Sweet glutinous rice”, and felt a little like vomiting. Jun Gengjin coughed, don’t overdo it.

Bai Nuo saw that Jun Gengjin seemed conflicted, and hurriedly tried to win him over: “Brother Jin, we met on March 1st, and there were spring flowers blooming in the yard that day!”

Hearing Bai Nuo’s words, Jun Gengjin couldn’t bear it. He couldn’t help turning his eyes back to Bai Nuo.

Bai Nuo secretly rejoiced: Only they know about these things, what can Shan Weiyi use to fight him?

Thinking of this, Bai Nuo couldn’t help looking at Shan Weiyi out of the corner of his eyes, a trace of pride flashed across his eyes.

——It was impossible for such an expression to escape the eyes of Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo.

The two immediately became suspicious: How could the gentle and kind Little Nuo have such eyes?

They turned their eyes to Shan Weiyi’s face, only to see that Shan Weiyi’s face was pale and sad, and he seemed to be full of worries but couldn’t say a word. He just looked at Dao Danmo with those eyes full of sorrow. 

Dao Danmo couldn’t help but look at Shan Weiyi a few more times.

Bai Nuo was stimulated even more by these glances, and recalled the scene of Dao Danmo acknowledging the wrong person before, his eyes were burning, and he was very angry: “Danmo, what are you looking at him for? Don’t you even recognize me!”

He was screaming loudly, a different person completely from the usual “Bai Nuo “.

On the other hand, Shan Weiyi, as if startled, lowered his head silently, looking like a little white lotus.

Jun Gengjin looked at him with pity, and asked Shan Weiyi softly, “What about you? Why don’t you speak? He has said so many things to prove himself, why don’t you say a word?”

Shan Weiyi was terrified, eyes wide open, round tears rolled down from the corners of his eyes, but he still didn’t say a word, just shook his head silently.

Bai Nuo couldn’t help but say: “He’s not me at all, of course he can’t say anything to prove himself.”

Probably out of anger, he didn’t even know how mean his tone was.

The more he was like this, the more fresh and refined Shan Weiyi with tears streaming down his face was.

Dao Danmo and Jun Gengjin looked at each other, as if they wanted to go together.

It has to be said that there was a certain tacit understanding between rivals in love, not to mention that they have cooperated with each other for many years. Dao Danmo then said to Bai Nuo: “En, I believe in you.”

Jun Gengjin also said to Bai Nuo: “Little Nuo, don’t worry, we have known each other since childhood and have a deep friendship, how could we recognize the wrong person?”

Bai Nuo complained: …Yesterday you recognized the wrong person.

However, seeing Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo showing affection to him, Bai Nuo felt a little relieved. Because his mood was relaxed, his face returned to the “Bai Nuo smile”. In the final analysis, he had also been used to the image of the white lotus for many years. Although he was not the little white lotus in their heart, but if he pretended a lot, it would become a habit. Only at the moment of “breaking the line of defense” just now, would he expose his true self.

Now, with his emotional stability, he has turned back into white lotus Bai Nuo.

But it’s a pity that there was Shan Weiyi who was more white and sticky than him.

Shan Weiyi still didn’t say a word, just stood there with red eyes, looking between Dao Danmo and Bai Nuo, revealing sorrow, like smoke and clouds, endless.

Although Dao Danmo and Jun Gengjin were talking to Bai Nuo, they were all focused on Shan Weiyi, the white lotus PRO MAX PLUS.

Bai Nuo also noticed Shan Weiyi, but now he regarded Shan Weiyi as his defeated opponent and no longer paid attention to Shan Weiyi. At this moment, he no longer hated Shan Weiyi so much. When he looked at Shan Weiyi, he couldn’t help but raise the corner of his mouth. He couldn’t hide his joy and said to Jun Gengjin: “But why is this person so similar to me? He is more like me than ‘Wei Nuo’! Who is he?”

Jun Gengjin and Dao Danmo also asked Shan Weiyi, but Shan Weiyi remained silent.

Jun Gengjin said: “It seems that this person is weird, Old Dao, why don’t we take him back to the laboratory to have a look.”

Dao Danmo nodded: “I think so too.”

Bai Nuo felt refreshed, looking at Shan Weiyi, as if saying: Look, what did I say? Me killing you is helping you. If you don’t listen to good people, you will be arrested for human experiments now. I’m afraid you will be begging me to kill you then.

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