Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Taifu Dog

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The emperor repeated Nu Tianjiao’s words with a smile: “Get close to you for the purpose of playing with you?”

He just said that, and Nu Tianjiao’s passionate indignation was all blocked in his throat dismally, and he was squib.

The emperor asked indifferently: “Are you sure his purpose was to play with you?”

No, he was afraid not.

Nu Tianjiao, full of subjective emotions, was venting his anger so he said such a stupid sentence. Shan Weiyi approached him, never to play with him.

Shan Weiyi just wanted to complete the mission.

Shan Weiyi’s fundamental purpose of hurting Nu Tianjiao had nothing to do with Nu Tianjiao.

Was this the arrogance and indifference of high-dimensional beings?

What does it have to do with you if it hurts you?

——Thinking of this, Nu Tianjiao couldn’t even get angry, he just felt depressed.

Recalling this conversation, Nu Tianjiao was still full of depression.

He, the glorious crown prince of the empire, also suffered a big setback due to Shan Weiyi.

Sometimes, Nu Tianjiao had to admire his teacher. It seemed that no matter how catastrophic the event, Imperial Taifu Shen Yu could remain calm and respond to all changes with the same attitude.

While Nu Tianjiao was still immersed in the shock of the arrival of high-dimensional creatures, Shen Yu was already researching and designing how to use these simple-minded high-dimensional idiots with sharp weapons.

Taifu did not master the sky-defying high-tech energy capture system like Jun Gengjin. But Taifu could control people’s hearts. He understood that as long as Wen Lu and Ruan Yang could be controlled, the black technology on them would naturally be under the control of the Taifu.

Seeing Shen Yu acting like this, Nu Tianjiao secretly admired him, but at the same time wondered: “Since Royal Father knew about these things early on, why didn’t he act like Jun Gengjin? I think the level of the central hall is not lower than that of the federal governmen laboratory. Royal Father can also capture high-dimensional systems by capturing Wen Lu and Ruan Yang.”

But Shen Yu said: “Your Majesty knew Tang Tang a long time ago. If he really had such an idea, he would have attacked Tang Tang a long time ago. How could he give the Jun family a chance?”

Nu Tianjiao nodded and said, “Yes, what is Royal Father thinking?”

Shen Yu only said: “Whether it’s you or me, or the Jun family, they all want to manipulate the high-dimensional system. But the emperor is different…”

Nu Tianjiao looked at Shen Yu intently, and listened deeply then said in a muffled voice: “The emperor may want to become a high-dimensional system.”

Hearing Shen Yu’s words, Nu Tianjiao was shocked.

Shen Yu cast his eyes on the distant sky, but it seemed that he was looking at an entity that was close at hand. Standing by the window, he said sadly and fortunately: “It’s fortunate that such an emperor could be ruthless and loveless. In this way, Shan Weiyi’s ‘mission’ cannot be successful. He can only stay here with us, low-dimensional ‘ants’ for a lifetime.” 

After speaking, Shen Yu just laughed at himself.

The luxurious spaceship loaded with the imperial prince and Taifu surpassed the wormhole and docked into the space of the Freedom Federation.

Nu Tianjiao could notice that the space city of the Freedom Federation simulated the ecological environment of the earth home just like the space city of the empire. There were also artificial suns and artificial moons here, simulating the alternation of day and night and the flow of time in the space where day and night were not distinguished.

When they arrived at the Federation, it was “night” with the artificial moon high in the sky.

The moon was bright and pure, and it sprinkled every part of the space city fairly.

The head of Dao Danmo’s bed also reflected the cold light of the moonlight.

The sudden movement in the room caused him to open his eyes suddenly, as if sensing a dangerous animal, his muscles tensed. Like a snake, his hand quickly and silently reached under the pillow, touching the laser gun for self-defense.

At this moment, he heard a familiar voice: “Danmo, it’s me.” 

The voice was quiet and filled with resentment.

Dao Danmo sat up from the bed and was surprised to see Bai Nuo standing by the window. The moonlight shone on his profile, showing tenderness.

Dao Danmo was in a daze: is this Bai Nuo…?

It seemed to be, and it did not seem to be.

Bai Nuo’s face no longer had the fragility and innocence that Dao Danmo cherished so much, but he showed so much sincerity.

Dao Danmo’s eyes sank, and he pulled out the laser gun as fast as lightning: “You are Shan Weiyi!”

Bai Nuo smiled bitterly and said, “You made a mistake again.”

Dao Danmo sneered, not believing him at all.

Before being exchanged, Bai Nuo might be hysterical and screaming to prove himself, but he always missed the point. The harder he worked, the more bitter he became. However, today was different.

Before Bai Nuo came, he had already received advice from Shen Yu.

Facing the gun, Bai Nuo was not afraid at all, and said in a deep voice, “Okay, just pretend that I am not, then can you be 100% sure that that person is? Think about it for yourself, there was nothing wrong with that person these days?”

——Of course, this rhetoric was also taught by Shen Yu.

Shen Yu taught Bai Nuo not to focus on proving his innocence. Most of the time, it was impossible for people to prove their innocence. When others don’t believe in you, even if you are strong enough to show your will by death, others will only think that you committed suicide in fear of crime.

What Bai Nuo had to do was not prove that he was not suspicious, but to prove that another person was more suspicious than himself.

For a suspicious and paranoid person like Dao Danmo, any disturbance may arouse his suspicion. Not to mention that Shan Weiyi lied to him, even if it was true, Dao Danmo would still be suspicious as long as he provoked him a little.

Hearing Bai Nuo’s words, Dao Danmo really fell into suspicion, but his face was still calm and deep: “Don’t think you can provoke the relationship between me and Little Nuo.”

“Why did his whole body suddenly fail?” Bai Nuo asked, “Why can’t even your medical equipment check for any problems?”

Dao Danmo pursed his lips: “Of course it’s because you harmed him with high-dimensional weapons.”

“At that time, my system was already deprived by you, how could I harm him?” Bai Nuo asked quickly. But he was more and more puzzled in his heart: Shen Yu really guessed all the questions that Dao Danmo would ask, and prepared standard answers for me.

The more Bai Nuo thought about it, the more terrifying Shen Yu was.

How did he think that Shen Yu was a gentle and kind person?

But Dao Danmo said: “Maybe you did it before the system was deprived.”

Bai Nuo smiled: “You should have checked his organs after you took them out. Did you find that his organs were intact? That there was no problem at all?”

Dao Danmo’s face froze: Bai Nuo was right. After they removed the organs of “Bai Nuo”, they found that there was no problem with these organs. Although this was very strange, they only thought it was a weird phenomenon caused by high-dimensional black technology, and did not doubt that it was a trick of “Bai Nuo”.

Ruan Yang confirmed that Shan Weiyi cannot use any buffs when he came to this dungeon. Therefore, Shan Weiyi can’t turn himself into a tuberculosis ghost like Ruan Yang, and Shan Weiyi can’t let his body organs fail.

Shan Weiyi’s blindness was feigned, and so was vomiting.

Therefore, when they learned that Shan Weiyi had a systemic organ failure that caused Dao Danmo to become the largest donor, Ruan Yang and the others felt very strange. It was Shen Yu who came to his senses first and guessed how Shan Weiyi did it.

Bai Nuo looked at Dao Danmo, and said slowly: “Shan Weiyi has a highly informatized high-dimensional system, which allowed him to invade data systems anywhere except the ‘door’ and the central hall…whether you believe it or not, he even hacked the skin system of the prince of the empire before.”

Dao Danmo’s face changed, and he quickly figured it out.

Shan Weiyi can’t add sickness buff to himself, but he had a system. Xi Zhitong helped him hack into the hospital system. Shan Weiyi pretended to be sick by virtue of his superb acting skills, and Xi Zhitong hacked the equipment for Shan Weiyi’s examination, and the result was that Shan Weiyi was terminally ill.

Not only that, the other donors failed to match with Shan Weiyi, and only Dao Danmo succeeded, all of which were the result of Xi Zhitong’s tampering with the report.

Dao Danmo was extremely shocked. After the horror, his first reaction was to shoot Bai Nuo.

The laser gun swept over Bai Nuo’s body, and Bai Nuo immediately fell limp to the ground, but still kept a calm expression on his face, looking at Dao Danmo coldly with a crazy expression.

Dao Danmo shook his head frantically: “Impossible! Impossible! This can’t be true! You’re lying to me!”

Seeing his ex-lover lose his composure, tears fell from the corners of Bai Nuo’s eyes. Bai Nuo said bitterly: “Danmo, you and I were in love… Well, let’s not talk about love… At least we have known each other for so many years. Could it be that he can completely imitate me? Could it be that these days you really fell in love with each other? Didn’t you notice anything different about him? Could it be that you really…didn’t see who I am at all?”

Dao Danmo’s eyes were bloodshot all over, and the dark eyes stared at the white man like a dark creature.

Everything in the past went through his mind frame by frame like a movie playing. Emotions, details…sorrow, sweetness…all of these, like waves, water drops, falling flowers, running water…all appeared in his eyes, faintly, and then appeared indistinctly.

Ten thousand swords protecting the heart, but that’s all.

Dao Danmo was about to vomit blood, but he just opened his mouth and let out a shrill neigh, like a funny frog.

“Ah…” Dao Danmo said bitterly, “Ha…”

He seemed to be laughing, but at the same time seemed to be crying.

At the same time, Shan Weiyi, who was resting in the room, felt dizzy for a while—he was very familiar with this feeling. It was because a quick transmigrator opened the teleportation.

Shan Weiyi closed his eyes and stabilized his mind. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself in a quiet tea room. White gauze curtains hung beside the floor-to-ceiling windows, hiding a green bamboo potted plant. A familiar figure stood beside the bamboo, as vigorous and elegant as the bamboo.

Shan Weiyi was a little surprised, but felt that he shouldn’t be so surprised. He smiled slightly at the other party: “Shen Taifu, we meet again.”

Shen Yu smiled softly and said, “Young Master Shan, please sit down.”

His posture was so calm and elegant, calm and polite, as if the life and death, conspiracy and tricks before didn’t exist.

Since Shen Yu chose such an attitude, Shan Weiyi should cooperate naturally. He also smiled and sat down on the sandalwood princess chair, propping his cheek with one hand and resting on the handle with the other, his posture was more calm than Shen Yu’s.

Shen Yu liked his attitude very much, and happily poured tea water for him at the table, and said, “Your Highness also wants to come to see you, but he has to deal with Jun Gengjin, so he can’t get away.” 

It was true that the prince had to do his best to entertain. But there were other reasons for not coming to see Shan Weiyi immediately. One was that he was timid because of his homesickness, and the other was that he hasn’t calmed down yet, and he doesn’t know what emotion and face to use to receive Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi also understood a little bit in his heart, smiled, and said, “When did Master Taifu learn about these supernatural powers?”

Shen Yu said with a smile to Shan Weiyi: “Where can I learn it? It’s just that Teacher Ruan Yang was willing to help others, giving me a hand.”

Shan Weiyi supported himself with one hand, thinking in his heart: when he knew that Bai Nuo was being sent to the empire, he didn’t think much about it. He would be dealt with directly by the prince, and would return to the Quick Transmigration Bureau to rebuild.

Only now did he consider that Shen Yu had already learned the truth about high-dimensional space from Bai Nuo and the others. Not only that, he was afraid that Wen Lu and Ruan Yang would also reveal their secrets.

Alas, one is really not afraid of godly opponents, but pig teammates.

Shan Weiyi felt a little restless.

Xi Zhitong gently reassured: Master, don’t worry. I can make him die if you want.

As a perfect hacker, Xi Zhitong can invade any system other than the “door” and the central hall. If he really had the intention of murdering, he can kill Shen Yu quietly – traffic accident, car spontaneous combustion, medical cabin malfunction……everything is possible.

Shan Weiyi: …what did my pure Tongzi learn from the Slag Gongs?

But Shen Yu picked up a warm towel and handed it to Shan Weiyi. Shan Weiyi didn’t take it, so Shen Yu picked up Shan Weiyi’s hand and wiped it for him.

The wet towel was just the right temperature to feel warm without being too hot. The towel was of high quality, soft and comfortable when wiping hands.

Shen Yu knelt beside Shan Weiyi, wiping his hands for Shan Weiyi, like a loyal servant.

But at the same time, a reminder sounded in Shan Weiyi’s mind: Alarm! The scum gong Dao Danmo’s favorability towards you has dropped to zero!

——Shan Weiyi raised his eyelids and smiled at Shen Yu: “Jun Gengjin is talking to the prince? What about Dao Danmo? Is he talking to Bai Nuo?”

Shen Yu raised his eyes and smiled, brilliantly shining: “Young master is really smart and sensitive, unparalleled in the world. We can’t hide anything from you.”

Shan Weiyi withdrew his hand from Shen Yu’s and continued to rest it on his chin. His lowered eyes glanced at Shen Yu’s smiling face: “Is this your plan? What are you doing? Make Dao Danmo hate me?”

“Why would you think of me like that? I’m helping you.” Shen Yu seemed surprised, “Isn’t this what you want? You have to let him know that you are ‘Shan Weiyi’, otherwise, your ‘mission’ will not be successful.”

Shan Weiyi smiled and touched his forehead as if he had a headache.

Shen Yu smiled and turned on the visual screen on the wall, which showed the situation of Dao Danmo’s room – this was an item Wen Lu exchanged.

Shan Weiyi leaned on the back of the chair, and saw Dao Danmo on the screen terribly calm and gloomy, his eyes fixed on Bai Nuo. Bai Nuo smiled wryly and said: “I really loved you…”

Dao Danmo sneered: “So, you are also a high-dimensional creature.”

Bai Nuo was startled: what he was afraid of came true. As long as he revealed his identity as a high-dimensional creature, Dao Danmo will completely deny his love.

Bai Nuo said blankly: “Even… Even if I am, isn’t he? He deceived you like that…”

Dao Danmo’s voice was as cold as ice: “Perhaps, love is also a lie.”

Bai Nuo originally wanted to say something to refute, but when Ihe thought of all the absurdities between him and Dao Danmo, it seemed that there was nothing to refute, so he just smiled wryly.

But his smile hadn’t dissipated, it froze around his mouth. A beam of light from a laser gun pierced his heart – and he was killed.

He was killed by Dao Danmo.

Dao Danmo pulled the trigger coldly. After he was completely sure that the person in front of him was the real Bai Nuo, his pupils were as cold as glass beads, and his voice was even colder: “Since you are all liars in love, why won’t I like someone who is more sophisticated?”

After the voice fell, Shan Weiyi’s system rang out in his mind: Congratulations, the quest target Dao Danmo’s favorability for you has increased to 99.1%.

Shan Weiyi let out a breath, and turned to look at Shen Yu beside him.

Shen Yu looked at Shan Weiyi tenderly: “As you can see, I am helping you complete the task.”

Shan Weiyi looked at Shen Yu calmly, without saying a word.

“Not only Dao Danmo, but also Jun Gengjin…” Shen Yu said, “Don’t worry about it, just leave it to me, and they will all be in your pocket.”

Shen Yu was like a cat, like a big dog galloping over with a frisbee in its mouth, its eyes sparkled, begging for praise.

Shan Weiyi still didn’t speak, but the sound of bells echoed in the silent air.

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