Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 60

Chapter 60 You Smell of His Perfume

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Shen Yu looked like a loyal big dog at the moment, or the kind of cute big dog who would become exhausted, only to ask his master to stretch out his hand and pet his furry head.

But Shan Weiyi didn’t believe it.

Shan Weiyi had seen what a truly loyal dog was like, and he also had a truly loyal dog.

Shen Yu was like a dog who just wanted to be petted at the moment, but if you really became confused by his dark eyes and put your hand on his head, the next moment he would show his fierce face and open his wolf mouth to bite off your wrist, eat it, and there would be no bone residue left.

Shan Weiyi could see through it.

However, Shan Weiyi still admired Shen Yu’s acting skills, and even thought that Shen Yu’s acting skills were still superior to his own. It was really interesting that the Quick Transmigration Bureau did not recruit such talent, but recruited talents such as Bai Nuo.

——On this point, the quick transmigration game also explained it. It was said that after absorbing these S-level talents, these talents will often run away from the quick transmigration game and go to the military or political department for development, instead of staying in the quick transmigration game to role-play. Furthermore, there was also an unwritten rule in the quick transmigration game: never take the initiative to upgrade the dimensional scum gong.

According to the survey, the crime rate of scumbag gongs from Ascension Dimensions was 99%, and the remaining 1% was because they successfully became big shots in the high-dimensional world and no one checked whether he committed a crime or not.

The quick transmigration game would not take the initiative to upgrade the dimension of the slag gong, but a very small part of the slag gong may see the truth of the world and find a way to increase their own dimension.

In this small world with a high degree of freedom, because of the serpentine movement and devil’s operation of Tang Tang and other enthusiastic colleagues, the scumbag gongs seem to have touched the threshold of dimension promotion.

If they were allowed to upgrade…

Shan Weiyi sighed: Then his peaceful retirement life would definitely come to naught.

Not knowing what Shan Weiyi was thinking, Shen Yu only knew that Shan Weiyi was silent and did not speak.

Shan Weiyi didn’t speak, and Shen Yu remained motionless, stopping beside Shan Weiyi like a puppet, waiting for Shan Weiyi’s command to change his position.

It’s like if Shan Weiyi kept silent, he could maintain this half-kneeling posture forever.

The amazing thing was that being left alone by Shan Weiyi can also make Shen Yu experience a strange pleasure.

Shan Weiyi slowly came back to his senses, opened his mouth and said, “Why do you think I need your help?”

Shen Yu smiled and said, “Master is so smart, we are no match for you. Even just being your toys, I’m afraid I’m not qualified either.” His words were so humble, but his posture was still so graceful, “I just want to do my best to make the master more relaxed and happy.”

“Forget it.” Shan Weiyi acted as if he was persuaded and smiled at him, “Even if I don’t need your help, I still need your non-disruption.”

Shen Yu pulled down the high collar to reveal the leather collar around his neck: “With Master’s collar on, how could I make trouble?” He smiled cutely.

Shan Weiyi smiled lightly and did not speak.

But Xi Zhitong said in his mind: I also want the master to tie me up.

Shan Weiyi: … My Tongzi really can’t stay in this muddy little world any longer.

When Shan Weiyi went back, everything was calm.

He went to Dao Danmo’s ward, but saw that everything in the room was as usual. There was a glass vase with glacier patterns on the window sill, with a few red poppies in it, beautiful and delicate. Bai Nuo’s body had been cleaned up.

He had to sigh, although Dao Danmo was half dead from illness, the poison doctor was still a poison doctor, and killing people without leaving traces was his strong point.

There was an amber glass lamp at the head of the bed, releasing harmonious and warm light and shadow, falling on Dao Danmo’s black hair beside the pillow. Dao Danmo laid on his side on the bed, his brows were calm, as if he was completely asleep. But Shan Weiyi would not ignore Dao Danmo’s hand under the pillow forever. He knew what was under the pillow, and what Dao Danmo was holding in his hand.

But what Shan Weiyi wanted to do was to pretend not to know.

He sat down by the bed, and tucked Dao Danmo under the blanket gently with a bit of maternal love.

Dao Danmo’s hand under the pillow loosened.

Shan Weiyi adjusted the temperature and humidity in the room, touched Dao Danmo’s forehead with his hand, read Dao Danmo’s body report for a while quietly, and then left the bedroom.

His performance was perfect, full of appropriateness and love.

Dao Danmo opened his black eyes slightly, his eyes were clear, but they closed slowly.

There was no other way, if a person was so awake, he would not be able to fall asleep.

Shan Weiyi’s concern for Dao Danmo was just acting, but Jun Gengjin’s concern for Dao Danmo was still very serious, of which two points were friendship and eight points were due to interests.

In the face of these eight points of interest, Jun Gengjin’s performance was even more impeccable. After meeting with the crown prince, he quickly returned to the laboratory and asked his assistant, “Is there a solution to Old Dao’s situation?” 

The assistant shook his head bitterly.

But at this time, the secretary rushed in with a happy face, and said to Jun Gengjin: “Mr. Jun, we have it! Mr. Jun, we have jt!” Seeing his eyes full of joy and excitement, he didn’t know what Mr. Jun really had and if it was worth his surprise. 

Although Jun Gengjin didn’t understand what happened, seeing the secretary so happy, he was infected a little bit, and smiled: “What’s the matter, why are you so happy?”

“The problem that Dao Danmo had challenges with finally has progress!” said the secretary happily.

Hearing this, Jun Gengjin was both surprised and delighted: “Really? This…how did this happen? Didn’t Dao Danmo not supervise? How can there be progress? Was there someone who was better than him?”

The secretary said excitedly: “Yes, yes…Xi Zhitong!”

Hearing Xi Zhitong’s name, Jun Gengjin was stunned, but said: “Isn’t Xi Zhitong missing, and his life and death in the empire uncertain?” 

The secretary said: “Mr. Jun, do you still remember the cat that Shan Weiyi brought?”

Of course Jun Gengjin remembered: “The one who can write, named ‘Your daddy’?”

“Yes, that’s the one.” The secretary nodded, “Didn’t you put him in the pet laboratory all the time before for research? The experimental team discovered that there was an encrypted file in his mind, after days of hard work, it has now been cracked, and Xi Zhitong’s experiment log was stored in it… His research was one step ahead of Dao Danmo’s!”

Jun Gengjin was overjoyed.

Xi Zhitong, a little-known interstellar doctor, had done far more research on human brain science than the famous earth poison Imperial Physician Dao Danmo!

What’s even more suspicious was that before Shan Weiyi appeared, no one had heard of Xi Zhitong. After Shan Weiyi left the empire, Xi Zhitong disappeared. Xi Zhitong appeared and disappeared out of thin air, like a tool who existed to help Shan Weiyi solve his predicament in the empire.

It was by not that Jun Gengjin had never doubted the relationship between Xi Zhitong and Shan Weiyi. However, Jun Gengjin’s knowledge of Xi Zhitong was limited to an outstanding researcher, he never thought that he might be an artificial intelligence.

No matter what Jun Gengjin thought, he thought Xi Zhitong was human. To be human was being able to die. According to reliable information, Xi Zhitong may have been killed by the emperor and Shan Weiyi fled the Freedom Federation with Xi Zhitong’s previous research results…

Jun Gengjin felt that there might be something strange, but he still couldn’t resist the temptation and opened Pandora’s box.

The people in the laboratory cracked the research log in Master Yi’s brain, which didn’t make Jun Gengjin more alert. After all, everyone thought that Xi Zhitong was extremely intelligent in medicine, but this did not mean that he was also omniscient in cryptography, computers and other disciplines. Moreover, the scholars held a meeting to study Xi Zhitong’s diary, and did not find any flaws. Instead, all of them were amazed by the exquisite theory in it.

“Xi Zhitong is really a rare genius!” They all praised.

Thinking of his untimely death, everyone sighed.

Jun Gengjin said flatly: “It must be because he was such a rare genius that the emperor can’t tolerate him.”

According to Xi Zhitong’s log, the expert team successfully solved the problem that Dao Danmo hadn’t made any progress in ten years. Therefore, the value of Dao Danmo seemed not to be that heavy.

Jun Gengjin paid more attention to the learning items in Xi Zhitong’s diary, and cherished and cared less about Dao Danmo. In the end, Dao Danmo was useless, and it was basically a certainty. But the treasures in Xi Zhitong’s diary have not yet been exhausted.

When Jun Gengjin went to visit Dao Danmo, he always encountered Shan Weiyi. Shan Weiyi and Jun Gengjin had played card games before, and he knew what card face Jun Gengjin liked the most. Shan Weiyi always dressed up as a cool and gentle little white flower according to Jun Gengjin’s preference, his whole body was quiet and tranquil, his little face was pretty and lively, and with the ambiguous eyes that hesitate to speak, he was even more flirtatious, extremely human.

The previous research project stagnated, and Jun Gengjin was devastated and had no romantic interest. Now that the project had progressed, Jun Gengjin did his best to appreciate the beauty of “Bai Nuo”.

Jun Gengjin believes in the same belief as all capitalists: Greed was good.

He liked his greed and took pride in it. He was not greedy for Bai Nuo before, not because he valued righteousness, but because he was more greedy for the value of Dao Danmo. But now… Dao Danmo was rapidly depreciated in his eyes, and he had no reason to suppress his greed for “Bai Nuo”.

Beside the hand-baked transparent acrylic modeling lamp, Shan Weiyi in a camel woolen sweater was pouring tea. When he put down the teapot and turned around, he found that Jun Gengjin was very close to him. The custom-made woody-scented men’s hormonal perfume was like an invisible arm that could hold the thin Shan Weiyi in his arms.

Shan Weiyi was taken aback, with an expression between fear and shyness on his face, innocent and charming.

Jun Gengjin was intent on admiring the flower, so he moved closer: “Did I scare you?”

Shan Weiyi backed away in a panic, almost knocking over the teapot that had just been put down.

“Be careful!” As if to protect the teapot from being knocked over, Jun Gengjin stretched out his hand to go behind Shan Weiyi’s back, and while straightening the teapot, he also hugged Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi was locked in the rich woody male fragrance, and thought to himself: D*mn, did he take a bath with perfume before going out! This overlord is too coquettish!

Shan Weiyi turned his face away, as if shy: “I’m fine.”

Jun Gengjin said in a low voice, “You’ve lost weight.”

Shan Weiyi smiled faintly, shook his head and remained silent.

Jun Gengjin said in a deep voice, “I read…your ‘suicide note’.”

Hearing this sentence, a look of surprise appeared on Shan Weiyi’s beautiful face. His expression quickly became complicated, as if he was ashamed and remorseful, he hurriedly pushed Jun Gengjin away.

Jun Gengjin’s chest remained motionless, holding Shan Weiyi like a wall, completely ignoring the possibility that Shan Weiyi might be suffocated to death by his excessive hormonal perfume.

Jun Gengjin said with hatred: “Are you going to pretend that nothing happened? Don’t you know how cruel it was to me? You clearly know that I have loved you for so many years…why are you still talking to Dao Danmo and together? Why don’t you look at me? Since we are in love…”

“No, don’t say it!” Shan Weiyi’s clear eyes instantly filled with tears (mainly from being smoked out), “You clearly have it all…”

Jun Gengjin smiled bitterly and said, “Yes, I have everything, but Dao Danmo has nothing, he only has you, so you chose him, right?”

——This was the “inheritance” left by Bai Nuo when both sides met. While attacking Dao Danmo, he was also reluctant to let Jun Gengjin be this high-quality spare tire. Therefore, he created an atmosphere that he chose Dao Danmo because Dao Danmo was more eager for love and attention. And Dao Danmo also used this trick when he was young and ignorant, when he “seduced” Bai Nuo, always showing that he was very eager for love. Bai Nuo himself fell in love unprofessionally, which was also related to this.

After Dao Danmo hurt Bai Nuo, he always hurts himself twice to win Bai Nuo’s sympathy. Dao Danmo always said that he only had Bai Nuo, and only Bai Nuo in this world belonged to him. If there was no Bai Nuo, this world was meaningless to him.

In the past, Bai Nuo really believed it, thinking that if he left, Dao Danmo would go crazy and blacken. Dao Danmo cannot live without himself.

Therefore, Bai Nuo was also drawn into this vortex of sick love, attracted by Dao Danmo’s madness and paranoia, thinking that this was unforgettable love.

Jun Gengjin was by no means a fool, he can also see that Dao Danmo used this method to gain Bai Nuo’s favor.

Dao Danmo can go crazy and self-mutilate for love, and tear his self-esteem and reason in front of his lover-but Jun Gengjin can’t do this kind of thing.

Jun Gengjin sometimes felt that he was missing a move in chess, and that was where he lost.

Bai Nuo was soft-hearted, and he bought it.

If Bai Nuo liked this kind of thing, Jun Gengjin really can’t hold back his face and create a miserable courtship. After all, he was a boss!

However… that “suicide note” changed everything.

Jun Gengjin had now discovered a “truth”: “Bai Nuo” actually loved himself!

Then everything is different!

His Little Nuo was not moved by Dao Danmo, but was robbed!

The kind-hearted Little Nuo was kidnapped by his morals.

He clearly loved himself in his heart, but he was afraid that Dao Danmo would not be able to move on and hurt himself, so he stayed with Dao Danmo.

In addition, Little Nuo chose to stay away from Jun Gengjin because he felt that he was not worthy of Jun Gengjin – such a nonsense reason, but Jun Gengjin believed it.

In addition to the fact that Little Nuo’s filter was thick enough in Jun Gengjin’s heart, it was also because Jun Gengjin’s own filter was also very thick. Jun Gengjin felt that he was indeed radiant and unparalleled. In terms of objective conditions, Bai Nuo, who was frail and sickly, had no achievements, an average IQ, was really not good enough for him.

But it doesn’t matter, he appreciated Little Nuo’s beauty and kindness, and he was willing to bow down to Little Nuo.

——Of course, the premise was that Dao Danmo had no use for him.

Jun Gengjin stared at Shan Weiyi at this moment: “Your suicide made me realize that I, like Dao Danmo, cannot live without you. I’m just not as crazy as him, so don’t I deserve your love?”

Shan Weiyi with tears in his eyes: “What are you talking about?”

Saying that, Shan Weiyi wanted to push Jun Gengjin away again. But of course the weak little white lotus couldn’t push away the domineering president. Not only was Jun Gengjin not pushed away, but he even got closer, holding Shan Weiyi’s wrist tightly with both hands. At this moment, Shan Weiyi let out a “hiss” and frowned in pain.

Seeing Shan Weiyi’s face showing pain, Jun Gengjin let go immediately: “I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” 

But he saw that the sleeves of Shan Weiyi’s camel sweater were bleeding. Jun Gengjin was shocked, grabbed his hand, rolled up his sleeves regardless of his struggle, and saw the knife mark on Shan Weiyi’s wrist – it was Shan Weiyi’s self-mutilation in front of Dao Danmo, the scars left behind.

Seeing the knife mark, Jun Gengjin was surprised and angry: “What is this…”

Shan Weiyi shook his head with tears streaming down his face and said, “This has nothing to do with Danmo…”

Jun Gengjin hadn’t thought of Dao Danmo yet . Now, after being reminded by Shan Weiyi, he realized that Dao Danmo was a paranoid man with a problem in his mind. But to say that Dao Danmo would hurt Bai Nuo in this way was still beyond Jun Gengjin’s imagination.

Of course, this was not done by Dao Danmo. It was Shan Weiyi’s plan to attack himself.

But Shan Weiyi played a white lotus’s true colors, crying and ambiguous: “Don’t blame him…he…he didn’t mean to hurt me at all…he…he is just sick…” 

The so-called white lotus, every word and every sentence, was saying “he didn’t cut me”, but every word and every sentence was saying “it’s him who cut me”!

Jun Gengjin was not completely sure that Dao Danmo really hurt Shan Weiyi, but the important point was that he was willing to believe so.

How shameless would it be if he took advantage of his brother’s illness to steal his love? But if it was his brother who went crazy and hurt others, he would be a hero saving the beauty, and it would be a good story.

This was the case with Jun Gengjin, he was obviously devoid of conscience, he just wanted to win a good name. Therefore, even if he sent people who have no money to eat, drink and pay taxes to mine, he will call it “creating jobs and teaching people how to live”.

Now that he had sufficient reasoning, he will take the initiative to pursue Shan Weiyi, pressing hard every step of the way. Shan Weiyi was also a weak weak white lotus, half pushing and half giving, just like the little weak shou in many novels who had no choice but to be involved between two scumbags, caring about one and losing the other.

On this day, Shan Weiyi, as always, “had to” have a private meeting with Jun Gengjin, wandering between what seems to be nothing. Although they accidentally touched hands, bumped into arms, or even hugged each other, they would separate in the next second. Shan Weiyi always said solemnly: “We can’t do things that will wrong Danmo! You and I are just friends!”

Jun Gengjin felt sorry for him, but at the same time, he wished that Dao Danmo would die soon so that he could be with Shan Weiyi together openly.

——There was also a very important point, the secrets of the high-dimensional world, the less people who knew, the better. Now that Dao Danmo is a useless person…

Jun Gengjin put his heart into it, and on a certain evening, he came to the ward with a bouquet of flowers to check Dao Danmo’s illness in person.

Dao Danmo sat on the bed with a pale face, watched Jun Gengjin come, and only smiled indifferently: “Long time no see.”

Compared with the gray and decadent Dao Danmo, Jun Gengjin, who had a breakthrough in career and love, looked smug and radiant. Jun Gengjin smiled brightly: “Long time no see, Old Dao. I have visited you several times before, and you happened to be doing treatment or resting, so I didn’t bother you. I put down my things and left.”

Dao Danmo sneered: “Did it just happen that it was inconvenient to come to see me, or did you pick a time when I was just inconvenient?”

Jun Gengjin was slightly startled when he heard the words, as if he didn’t expect Dao Danmo to say the scandal out loud. However, Jun Gengjin thought this was not bad, it saved time.

Jun Gengjin put the flowers in a vase, and said with a smile, “How did you find out?”

Dao Danmo still sneered, “Your hormonal perfume made the watchdog downstairs almost have rhinitis.”

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