Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 61

Chapter 61 One shot destroyed the Old Capitalist Dog

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Jun Gengjin sighed: “Actually, I really regard you as my only friend.”

Dao Danmo sneered, “Me too.”

Jun Gengjin seemed moved, with tears in his eyes: “But little Nuo is my true love.”

The sneer at the corner of Dao Danmo’s mouth turned into a sneer: “Mine too.”

When he looked at Jun Gengjin, the meaning in his eyes became more complicated.

Listening to Jun Gengjin talking about his love with Bai Nuo, Dao Danmo was full of ridicule: Idiot!

This “idiot” seemed to be talking about himself.

Was Dao Danmo himself smart?

Jun Gengjin could see the mocking eyes of Dao Danmo, but he didn’t know what the content of Dao Danmo’s ridicule was. He only regarded Dao Danmo as mocking his sanctimonious appearance, full of benevolence, righteousness and morality, but harboring the heart of a jackal.

Jun Gengjin knew that he had no need to pretend to be a good person in front of Dao Danmo, but he still maintained a noble face. He said lightly: “Danmo, not only can you not take care of Little Nuo, you can’t give him happiness, and you even hurt him! How can I trust him to you?”

“Hurt him?” Looking at Jun Gengjin with the poor guy’s eyes, “No one can hurt him.”

Jun Gengjin didn’t understand the true meaning of this sentence, so he only thought Dao Danmo was saying it as an excuse. He raised his hand, and a flash of lightning shot out from his palm.

Jun Gengjin was studied on and reformed on earth with Dao Danmo and Bai Nuo when he was a child. Jun Gengjin was a relatively successful modified body, so he was sent away first.

Few people knew that this seemingly not battle proficient businessman had a modified body with weapons. He spread his palms, and a beam of lightning hit Dao Danmo.

Dao Danmo was already weak, and now he was even more vulnerable.

The beam of light passed through his body, and he was knocked down without any resistance, and he laid soft on the hospital bed, but his eyes were fixed on Jun Gengjin, and the smile on his mouth did not leave, as if he was a winner.

Jun Gengjin didn’t understand his smile at all, only thought he was bluffing.

However, in the next second, Jun Gengjin’s knees became weak, and he collapsed to the ground like Dao Danmo.

He was short of breath, staring at Dao Danmo: “You…you poisoned me?”

Yes, he was a famous poison doctor, how could he be caught without a fight?

Dao Danmo smiled and said, “Yes.”

“Impossible…” Jun Gengjin shook his head, “My protection…”

Jun Gengjin came to see Dao Danmo with killing intent. Although he was conceited, he was not so arrogant that he came to provoke Dao Danmo without doing any protection. There was a saying that a centipede dies but never falls down; for a poisonous snake like Dao Danmo, if it bites back suddenly before dying, it is also fatal.

“You have taken good precautions against me.” Dao Danmo’s tone was somewhat honored, “But, did you take precautions against ‘Little Nuo’?”

“Little Nuo?!” Jun Gengjin was full of surprise.

Dao Danmo patiently explained his tricks like a typical villain: “After I found out that he smelled of your choking perfume, I also sent him a bottle of perfume. I asked him to wear it every day. In this case, he would naturally wear this perfume when he meets you. It’s a pity that the perfume you sprayed yourself was too pungent, and I’m afraid you haven’t even noticed the change in his scent!”

Shan Weiyi’s perfume was a chronic poison that invaded Jun Gengjin’s viscera little by little. The poison was so subtle that even though Jun Gengjin checked his body regularly, no abnormalities were found.

Jun Gengjin pursed his lips, he really didn’t notice this. He narrowed his eyes and said indignantly, “You used poisonous perfume for him? Were you not afraid that he would suffer too?”

Thinking of this, Jun Gengjin sneered, “I understand, you know he betrayed you, so you were vicious and decided to kill him too.”

“Of course not.” Dao Danmo’s tone was a little weak.

A bitter and cold smile appeared on the corner of Dao Danmo’s mouth: “I just said that no one can hurt him.”

Jun Gengjin was puzzled: After all, in his heart, Shan Weiyi was still the harmless little Nuo who was harmless to humans and animals. He was so weak, anyone could hurt him!

But at this moment, the door of the ward was opened, and a familiar yet unfamiliar figure walked in.

Familiar – because it was Bai Nuo.

Unfamiliar – because it was a brand new outfit.

Shan Weiyi wore a reddish-brown suede jacket, three-dimensional and slender, and Martin boots with metal buckles. He was a handsome guy with style.

There was no innocence or evil in his face. He looked relaxed and at ease, like a young man going to disco on a Friday night. He walked in and saw the two fallen men, with a smile on his lips, as if he was pleasantly surprised to see that there was no need to line up to go to the disco.

He shrugged and said: “What’s going on?”

“What’s going on?” Jun Gengjin wanted to ask this question more than he did!

He looked like a fool at the moment, dumbfounded and extremely comical.

Enduring the pain of the wound, Dao Danmo let out a dull laugh: “Hahaha… This is the ‘Little Nuo’ you admire! Can’t you recognize him?”

Jun Gengjin’s face suddenly faded, turning as white as heavy snow covering his forehead.

Dao Danmo covered his chest and looked at Shan Weiyi: “You are not going to lie to me anymore, are you?”

Shan Weiyi smiled at him and said, “That depends on whether you like me or not.”

Dao Danmo felt that his internal organs seemed to be stirred by a knife, and it was Shan Weiyi who was holding the handle of the knife. Shan Weiyi smiled casually, as if he didn’t care about him at all, he didn’t care that he hurt, and he didn’t care that he didn’t hurt.

Dao Danmo smiled and said, “Of course I like you… I can only like you. I have no other choice.”

“You sound frustrated.” Shan Weiyi said, “Aren’t I more likable than Bai Nuo?”

Dao Danmo said, “You know the answer better than anyone else.”

Shan Weiyi raised his face and smiled, his eyes slanted down, and fell on Jun Gengjin who was lying on the ground.

Jun Gengjin had a lot of confusion, but he also understood a lot of things.

The recent deliberate seduction by Shan Weiyi was not without flaws. Fundamentally speaking, it was impossible for a real white lotus to do things that both a mouse would do, refusing and welcoming.

He should have known sooner.

Dao Danmo was powerless, seeing Shan Weiyi’s eyes move away from him, he felt bitter and jealous. All his happiness was tied to Shan Weiyi, not only his heart, liver, spleen and lungs were tied to Shan Weiyi, but also his joy, anger, sorrow and fear, everything about him.

He looked at Shan Weiyi blankly: “You… are you here to kill me?”

“Why?” Shan Weiyi turned his head and looked at Dao Danmo again, “Why should I kill you?”

Dao Danmo laid on the bed with blank eyes: “I don’t know, but I think you don’t need me anymore.”

Dao Danmo felt that he was 100% in love with Shan Weiyi (he didn’t know the fact that it was only 99.1%), Shan Weiyi should not need him. They were perverted high-dimensional creatures that hunt for love, maybe they immediately shifted their targets after getting their love?

No matter how you look at it, Shan Weiyi’s next goal was Jun Gengjin.

Since he wanted to hunt Jun Gengjin’s love, he naturally had to get rid of himself who was in the way…

Dao Danmo looked at Shan Weiyi deeply: “Kill me, I have no meaning in living. If I can die in your hands I am also very happy.”

He said this with a serious expression, like a person who gave everything for love.

But he knew in his heart that he had poisoned Shan Weiyi’s body, and if he died, Shan Weiyi would die with him.

Dao Danmo probably knew that he couldn’t really kill Shan Weiyi. If Shan Weiyi’s body died, he, as a high-dimensional creature, may still survive in other forms.

But it doesn’t matter anymore.

It was enough for him to kill Shan Weiyi once, the body that he entrusted his organs and his love – just like how he killed the real Bai Nuo.

But Shan Weiyi smiled and said, “What did I promise you?” After speaking, Shan Weiyi sat down beside the bed, and tenderly touched Dao Danmo’s face: “I will love you.”

Dao Danmo’s eyes flashed in disbelief: “You…you still love me?”

Shan Weiyi sighed: “Since you don’t believe me, I will prove it to you.”

Saying that, Shan Weiyi picked up the laser gun under Danmo’s pillow and fired it at Jun Gengjin’s forehead.

The light beam passed through, before Jun Gengjin could say anything, he fell down in shock.

And Dao Danmo looked even more shocked than Jun Gengjin.

His dark pupils stared at Shan Weiyi for a moment, as if his gaze had turned into a nail and was hammered to death on Shan Weiyi’s face.

After Shan Weiyi killed Jun Gengjin, he withdrew his gaze, didn’t even look at Jun Gengjin’s body from the corner of his eyes, and just smiled at Dao Danmo: “Don’t worry. There has been progress in the human brain science group, you can be saved .”

Shan Weiyi brought Dao Danmo to the laboratory. The people in the lab didn’t know that Dao Danmo and Jun Gengjin had broken up. Dao Danmo’s prestige was still there, and he soon came into contact with Xi Zhitong’s diary.

With Xi Zhitong’s research results, the laboratory had mastered the technology of consciousness transfer. Dao Danmo’s time was running out, and he was in danger, so he took the initiative to become an experimental subject and became an experiment of consciousness transfer.

When Dao Danmo laid down in the experimental cabin, his whole body was icy cold, he felt his vitality gradually draining from his body, and his vision began to blur. In the increasingly dim vision, only Shan Weiyi’s smile was still bright.

Dao Danmo seemed to see the holy light, his eyes burst out with strong emotions of both despair and enthusiasm: “You…you will really continue to love me?”

Shan Weiyi looked at him with a smile, and patted his forehead comfortingly, and closed the hatch.

Dao Danmo stretched out his hand, wanting to hug Shan Weiyi again, but after the hatch was closed, the anesthetic gas immediately filled the treatment cabin. Before Dao Danmo could say anything, he fell into a coma.

Some time later, Dao Danmo woke up again.

He saw many familiar faces—doctors and assistants in the laboratory—they all said excitedly: “It was successful! It was successful! The consciousness transfer experiment was successful!

Dao Danmo moved his fingers and felt full of power. He didn’t notice it when he was a healthy person, but after he became seriously ill, he realized what a wonderful feeling being healthy was. And now, this feeling fell on him again, like a divine blessing.

But… he was more concerned about…

He sat up and asked loudly: “What about him? What about him?”

He didn’t say the name of the person, but everyone in the laboratory knew who he was talking about, so they laughed: “When you showed signs of awakening, we notified Young Master Shan. He is on his way now.”

“Young Master Shan?” Dao Danmo was stunned for a moment when he heard this address.

The people in the lab seemed to remember that Dao Danmo had been in a coma for three months now, so they explained the current situation to him while recalling the latest news summary: Three months ago, Dao Danmo was in a coma due to the consciousness transplant operation, and Jun Gengjin was bizarrely missing, the only person with the highest authority was “Bai Nuo”. “Bai Nuo” was renamed “Shan Weiyi”, and was ordered to take control of Jun’s Group when he was in danger.

Now, Shan Weiyi was the boss of Jun corporation.

Dao Danmo looked dazed.

The doctor only sighed: “In the beginning, everyone was dissatisfied with this ‘President Shan’ who came out of nowhere. Who would have thought that President Shan would amaze the world with his brilliant feat, he is a man with skills.”

Hearing this, Dao Danmo felt like waking up from a dream. He smiled as if: “Yeah, he is a man with a lot of means.” 

During the conversation, Shan Weiyi had already arrived.

Shan Weiyi no longer dresses up as “Bai Nuo”, but he also did not dress up as a domineering president. He dresses casually and looked like an ordinary young handsome big shot.

Dao Danmo looked at Shan Weiyi, his lips moved, but he didn’t speak.

Seeing this scene, the medical staff all exited the room, leaving the two of them to have some privacy.

Dao Danmo looked at Shan Weiyi in a daze: “You got…Jun’s…”

“Tch, what do I want with that thing?” Shan Weiyi was full of pride, and said that this big corporation was worthless “It’s just to protect you!”

These words made Dao Danmo’s heart warm. He was so moved that he didn’t even bother to use his brain to analyze whether it was a truth or a lie.

Anyway, love was all fake, and it was also a kind of happiness for him to fall for a clever liar.

Dao Danmo had gained a healthy body, but he still looked as weak as a bedridden patient. He blinked, looked at Shan Weiyi and said, “Then you…are you still willing to continue to love me?”

Shan Weiyi nodded, smiled softly, and said in a spring-like tone: “Do you believe me? ?”

Dao Danmo trembled all over, as if excited, stirred up. Holding Shan Weiyi’s arm, he said hastily, “I poisoned you three months ago…” His tone was full of worry.

At this time, a notification sounded in Shan Weiyi’s mind: Congratulations, the task target Dao Danmo’s favorability for you has increased to 99.2%.

While Shan Weiyi was satisfied with his progress, he wanted to complain that Dao Danmo’s love was too stingy. It’s really rare to see the target’s favorability increase only by a decimal point…

“It’s okay.” Shan Weiyi said calmly, “I’m not poisoned.”

Dao Danmo was shocked, and smiled lightly: “Yes , you are so smart…”

“Fool.” Shan Weiyi smiled, “I don’t need you to detoxify me now, nor do I need you to do anything, I don’t want Jun Gengjin, and I don’t want anyone. I can give up everything to accompany you, will you believe me?”

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