Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Rebel Rebel

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After receiving the emperor’s order, Nu Tianjiao, followed by Shen Yu, went outside the door of the beauty’s room. Just looking at the materials and patterns on the door, one can see the emperor’s care for the beauty.

Shen Yu was ready to persuade the beauty to submit with the words “Ren Raochang was locked in a golden cage, so he won’t live in rain and snow”. Nu Tianjiao thought to himself, he had already made a promise with his Royal Father, so it would be a bit hard to get out of it. He was already mentally prepared, this time he had to convince this man who was his age to be his stepmother, otherwise it would be difficult to explain to his Father (not even close).

Before entering the door, Nu Tianjiao first said to Shen Yu: “Teacher is eloquent and can talk and laugh. You will be better at persuading people than me.” 

Shen Yu understood that it was Nu Tianjiao giving him some warning. Nu Tianjiao was proud, naturally he didn’t want to act as a pimp and lower his voice. Shen Yu smiled and said, “The so-called red face and white face, I’m afraid of offending others, so I hope His Highness will let me be a good red face.”

This touched Nu Tianjiao’s heart. Nu Tianjiao went along with it: “Then I’ll play the white face.”

They decided to adopt a strategy of playing the good guy and the bad guy.

Shen Yu will be a “good guy” who speaks soft words to lobby the beauty, while Nu Tianjiao was a “bad guy” who will threaten the beauty without false words.

The two even put on standard expressions of a red face and a white face. They thought they were prepared to push the door in, but they were stunned the moment they saw the people in the room. Their prepared expressions seemed to be knocked away by a hammer. Crushed, cracked and powdered down.

On the big sofa in the warm room, Shan Weiyi reclined in Xi Zhitong’s arms, watching the 3D projection TV series “The Temptation of Returning to the Palace”.

He was lying on his side so comfortably that he didn’t move when he noticed that someone was entering the door. He glanced lazily at the door, and then quickly moved back.

Nu Tianjiao and Shen Yu were so shocked that they even suspected that they were hallucinating, or that they opened the door to the wrong path.

But when they were convinced that this was not an illusion, they thought it was a fluke: it must be a misunderstanding, maybe the beauty the emperor likes is actually Xi Zhitong!

However, they quickly refuted this conjecture on their own: Impossible, the emperor had already said, this was a son of a noble family, and he was once a student of the Imperial Academy.

Now everything became clear.

Why did the emperor keep the beauty’s identity secret and did not allow outsiders to see him?

Why did the emperor beat the prince meaningfully, so that the prince would not let the emperor down?

The answer was – this beauty is Shan Weiyi.

Not only did the emperor want to snatch the noble son of the family, but he also wanted to snatch the noble son from the prince and the Taifu who failed to snatch him. He also asked the two guys who failed to snatch him to help snatch the noble son.

It’s hard not to wonder whether the emperor had some evil intentions to irritate people.

Shan Weiyi seeing them here was not surprised. He had expected to see them again.

But Nu Tianjiao failed to manage his expressions.

This was the first time he and Shan Weiyi have met again since he “killed” Shan Weiyi. He had imagined the scene of reuniting with Shan Weiyi countless times, but none of them had anything to do with the scene he saw now. It proves that the prince’s imagination was still relatively lacking.

Nu Tianjiao was furious: “Shan Weiyi! Shan Weiyi! It’s you!”

He couldn’t accept it.

He was about to break down.

He didn’t know what to do, but he thought of his honorable status as a prince, and he still wanted to maintain his dignity. He closed his mouth and tried his best to show his usual reserve and calmness.

Shen Yu’s inner shock was no less than that of Nu Tianjiao. It could be even said that he was more sad and desperate than Nu Tianjiao. Because he takes one step and thinks three steps in everything, when he saw Shan Weiyi here, his heart became discouraged. He seemed to have predicted that no matter how scheming he was, it would be difficult to defeat the emperor and become Shan Weiyi’s “main gong”.

Furthermore, can the emperor tolerate Shen Yu and Shan Weiyi being lovers that are apart?

Even if you add Jun Gengjin, Dao Danmo, and Nu Tianjiao together, Shen Yu was not afraid.

But if the opponent was the emperor… 

A bitter smile appeared on Shen Yu’s face: “I’m really stupid, I thought it was a parrot stored in a golden cage, but who knew it was an iron pillar locking a dragon.”

Hearing this, Nu Tianjiao felt even more heartbroken. Unhappy, he sneered and said, “What iron pillar locks the dragon? It is clearly the dragon wrapped around the iron pillar! I think Shan Weiyi must have deliberately seduced Royal Father for the mission in the high-dimensional world!”

Shan Weiyi couldn’t help but laugh when he heard Nu Tianjiao’s words: “What lustful mission?”

“I knew about it a long time ago, do you still think I’m a fool?” Nu Tianjiao was furious. His anger was further layered with embarrassment: “What high-dimensional creatures, I think they are all X-hungry perverts.”

Shan Weiyi thought Nu Tianjiao was really funny, so he laughed: “Your Highness, don’t be angry, you shouldn’t hurt your body for such a perverted creature.”

Shen Yu pretended to be a good person at this moment, and said softly, “Don’t be angry, Young Master Shan, you know His Highness’s temper. What he said was words of anger, they are not sincere.”

That’s what Shen Yu said, but in fact, Shen Yu didn’t disagree with what Nu Tianjiao said.

The tasks released by the high-dimensional world were really confusing. Moreover, like Nu Tianjiao, Shen Yu suspected that Shan Weiyi deliberately seduced the emperor. After all, they all knww that the emperor was one of Shan Weiyi’s mission targets.

At the beginning, Shen Yu was sure that the emperor would not be tempted, so he was able to keep Shan Weiyi in this world… Now it seems that he still underestimated Shan Weiyi’s charm.

Shan Weiyi can even play with the emperor’s heart – what’s even more surprising was that they didn’t know how this happened.

Shen Yu didn’t have much information. As far as he knew, it was the emperor who forced the crown prince to award Shan Weiyi to the Imperial Taifu. The prince’s “killing” of Shan Weiyi was also something provoked by the emperor behind his back. Later, Shan Weiyi went to the Federation, which was also allowed by the emperor. Thinking about it this way, the emperor probably hadn’t had an affair with Shan Weiyi at that time.

How long had it been since then? The emperor loved Shan Weiyi so much that he went crazy?

It’s just unbelievable.

Shen Yu even suspected that Shan Weiyi got some super virus from Dao Danmo that made the emperor’s mind go crazy.

Moreover, Shen Yu also noticed Xi Zhitong’s “resurrection from death”.

Xi Zhitong was not only alive, but also appeared to be intimate with Shan Weiyi, which made Shen Yu even more puzzled.

Was the emperor also willing to join this family?

Worthy of being an emperor, the layout was big!

Shen Yu thought: Then I can do it too…

Although the position of the main Gong was hard to get, it’s not bad to get a share of the pie. It’s better to have something than not to have it.

——In the ten seconds when Nu Tianjiao was so angry that his molars were about to be crushed, Shen Yu had already gone through many twists and turns in his mind.

“Did you come all the way here just to quarrel with me?” Shan Weiyi yawned and asked.

Of course Nu Tianjiao didn’t want to quarrel with Shan Weiyi, but now his mind was buzzing and he really didn’t know what to say. As long as he encountered matters related to Shan Weiyi, his mind would become extremely difficult, as if he had become the little boy who always dissatisfied the Emperor when he was a child.

Shen Yu was not a child, he smiled maturely, and said: “His Majesty, really, he spared no effort in this climax, it really caught His Highness and I by surprise. I thought up a lot of random excuses, but now I realized that since you are an acquaintance, then I can avoid all these lies. I can just speak the truth.”

“This is new.” Shan Weiyi also smiled, “The Taifu actually wants to tell the truth.”

Shen Yu was ridiculed but was not annoyed and felt that it was an expression of intimacy, and was happy for it. He stepped forward and said with a smile, “Can I sit down?”

Shan Weiyi turned his head and asked Xi Zhitong, “What do you think?”

Xi Zhitong was silent all the time, and now that he heard Shan Weiyi’s question, he replied: “No.”

Shen Yu bowed his head silently, thinking: Xi Zhitong is really favored, I don’t know what does Young Master Shan like about this wooden lump?

Shan Weiyi raised his chin: “You can sit on the ground.”

Nu Tianjiao clenched his fists angrily: “Don’t deceive others too much, who do you think you are?” 

Shan Weiyi smiled and said: “I am your daddy!”

The words were actually blurted out in jest, but the listener had a heart, and Nu Tianjiao felt a pain in his heart: Ah, he is going to be my stepdaddy!

He was suddenly pierced in the heart and couldn’t speak, he turned his head and said nothing.

Shen Yu politely sat down on the ground, personable, neither sad nor happy: “This is exactly what we wanted to talk about. His Majesty said that you refused to accept a title, so he had us persuade you.”

“That’s really interesting.” Shan Weiyi smiled, “He thinks you can persuade me?”

Shen Yu smiled and said, “Your Majesty naturally had his considerations.”

Shan Weiyi waved his hand: “Don’t you want to tell the truth? Why are you telling lies again already?”

Shen Yu said, “It’s indeed the truth.”

Shan Weiyi sighed, and said, “Don’t be afraid, I’ve activated the system to block the signal here. The emperor can’t hear you.”

Shen Yu was silent for a while, and then looked at Shan Weiyi: “Can you do this?”

“I am a high-dimensional creature, of course I can do it.” Shan Weiyi said, “I didn’t do this before because you were not worthy of me to use real tricks. “

Both Shen Yu and Nu Tianjiao’s self-esteem were kicked severely—ah, it really hurts.

Shen Yu hesitated for a while, but still chose to believe in Shan Weiyi.

Shen Yu said: “His Majesty did this, of course, he didn’t really think that we could persuade you. His Majesty did this to show his sovereignty and strength.”

“That’s the reason.” Shan Weiyi nodded.

Nu Tianjiao also figured it out: “Royal Father knows about the entanglement between us, and deliberately asked us to come to you and persuade you. One is to let us understand that you are already Royal Father’s person, and to let us not be delusional. On the other hand, it is to show you that if Royal Father is willing, you would lose my favor and Shen Yu’s.”

Under the oppression of the imperial power, if Shan Weiyi really became the empress, Nu Tianjiao and Shen Yu might very likely, for various reasons, gradually stop thinking about Shan Weiyi over time, their favorability for Shan Weiyi may decrease.

For Shan Weiyi, the most important thing was the favorability of each person.

But Nu Tianjiao didn’t think so in his heart: I can’t change my heart for Shan Weiyi in this lifetime. Don’t mention him becoming my stepdaddy, even if he was my own daddy, my own granddaddy, my own grandson, it would be impossible to change.

But Nu Tianjiao didn’t say anything.

He proudly closed his lips, as if this would preserve his dignity in front of Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi smiled nonchalantly: “It is indeed possible. His Majesty understands what I care about.” 

The emperor first held Xi Zhitong’s “corpse” as a hostage, and now he took Nu Tianjiao and Shen Yu’s favorability as a hostage. Chips, he really understands what Shan Weiyi cared about.

Nu Tianjiao smiled coldly.

Shen Yu said, “It’s my honor to be cared about by you.”

Nu Tianjiao squinted at Shen Yu, as if shocked by Shen Yu’s shamelessness, but at the same time, admired him a little and was envious.

Because after Shen Yu said that, Shan Weiyi smiled at him.

Nu Tianjiao: …D*mn it!

Shan Weiyi only said: “What about you guys? What do you think? From now on, will you stay away from me? Gradually let go of your obsession with me? To be honest, if you really want to take revenge on me, then it is really best not to care about me anymore.”

Shen Yu smiled wryly and added: “If it can be done.”

Nu Tianjiao: … I let you say all the beautiful words! Your big mouth!

Shan Weiyi smiled slightly and said, “I have another immature proposal, I wonder if you are interested?”

Nu Tianjiao did not speak, but stared at Shan Weiyi seriously with purple eyes, as if silently expressing: How can he be uninterested? Even if Shan Weiyi was talking sh*t, he would be interested.

The same was true for Shen Yu: “I would like to hear more.” 

“Bad ruler, ministers gather, destroy the five constants.” Shan Weiyi asked softly, “Have you never thought of turning your back on your master?”

Both Shen Yu and Nu Tianjiao were shocked. Shen Yu couldn’t hold back his smile anymore, his face was deep and he didn’t say a word. But Nu Tianjiao couldn’t hold his breath and said, “Are you going to rebel?”

“I didn’t rebel,” Shan Weiyi said, “It is you who will rebel.”

“You are so whimsical!” Nu Tianjiao said, “I am a noble prince, how could I rebel just because of your words? Who do you think you are?”

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