Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Shan Weiyi’s Conspiracy

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These words can be regarded as the most taboo words in the feudal dynasty.

Especially when the emperor had accumulated a lot of prestige, and even the plants knew his prestige. Under such awe, no one dared to lift their heads, let alone hold a knife.

However, they were all dragons and phoenixes among people, who had never had the idea of ​​leaping into the dragon’s gate in their life?

Shan Weiyi said this taboo word in a provocative tone, like water plants in a river, dragging people into the water in a gentle and lingering manner.

Just looking at Shan Weiyi’s eyes and lips, Nu Tianjiao’s mood had been shaken. He put on the attitude of a loyal minister and a filial son, and said that it was impossible for him to rebel for the sake of a beauty, but in reality?

Whether there was a beauty or not, Nu Tianjiao always had secret rebellious thoughts in his heart.

Nu Tianjiao had always had extremely complicated feelings towards the emperor.

Nu Tianjiao read through history books, and sometimes even wondered if every prince would have a dream of usurping the throne for a moment?

Knocking down the Supreme Monarch might make the color of the dragon robe more vivid.

However, this was just an absurd thought for a moment, as long as he calms down for a second, he will immediately deny himself in fear.

From a moral point of view, this was disloyalty, no filial piety, treason and immoral, and it is not an exaggeration for him to be killed for these thoughts.

From a selfish point of view, this was hitting a stone with an egg, seeking death, and it is not an exaggeration to be beaten to death.

Not mentioning him really doing this, even if he thought about it, the prince felt a little terrified.

He always felt that his ideas would be seen and heard by the emperor, but they bad never been taken seriously.

In front of Shan Weiyi, Nu Tianjiao still had a stern face, and said: “Your words are treasonous. If the emperor hears it, ten lives would not be enough for you.” Then, Nu Tianjiao laughed mockingly again, “Of course, you really have ten lives, or even a hundred lives, and you are not afraid of death. You are willing to push us out to die, so that you can entertain yourself.”

Shan Weiyi seemed to be able to see through Nu Tianjiao’s thoughts, just smiled and said: “I have no hatred for you, why send you to die?”

Nu Tianjiao thought: Of course you have no hatred for me, but you have no love either. Not even a minimal distaste or liking. You simply regard us as tools. Do you think I’m stupid enough not to understand this?

Shen Yu listened silently.

Nu Tianjiao noticed Shen Yu’s silence, and said, “Teacher also thinks the same as me, right?”

Shen Yu smiled and said, “I remember His Majesty once said that as long as Young Master Shan likes it, let alone the empress position, even the throne can be given to him.”

Nu Tianjiao seemed to remember that the emperor really said such a sentence, and he was shocked: ridiculous, really ridiculous!

Nu Tianjiao still couldn’t believe it: “Do you think Royal Father is serious? As long as Shan Weiyi speaks, he will give him the throne?”

Shen Yu said, “I’m afraid it can’t be fake.”

“Impossible! Absolutely impossible!” Nu Tianjiao’s three views were overturned, and he even felt that there might be something wrong when he woke up today, that he was still dreaming now, and it was a dream of spring and autumn.

Nu Tianjiao said: “Although Royal Father is generous and free, he actually values ​​power very much. He will never do stupid things for love and won’t do it even if he had obsessive love.

The person who had obsessive love was actually Nu Tianjiao.

Nu Tianjiao knew very well that if he became the emperor himself, even if he loved Shan Weiyi so much that he was willing to go through fire for him or play with the ministers for him, he would never love him enough to make the country change hands. This was the bottom line of being an emperor.

He didn’t think the emperor would cross that bottom line.

But Shen Yu saw it more clearly than Nu Tianjiao.

Shen Yu said: “His Majesty is certainly a person with a desire to control. He can give away things he doesn’t care about, and not allow others to covet things he cared about. However, I don’t think His Majesty cares about the throne that much.”

“He doesn’t care?” Nu Tianjiao still couldn’t believe it, “No, the Emperor has power and desire.”

Shen Yu said: “His Majesty certainly has power and desire, but His Majesty does not need the throne to satisfy his desire for power.”

Now Nu Tianjiao understood it.

The emperor controlled the world not by the chair under his buttocks, but by the super brain on his neck. As long as he was still the super brain master of the Galaxy, he would be the only supreme being whether he was the emperor or not. Giving the throne to Shan Weiyi to sit and play will not affect the emperor’s control over the empire.

If the emperor is not the emperor, he can still be the emperor.

After Nu Tianjiao figured this out, he smiled and said: “That’s it. Shan Weiyi’s rebellion can be allowed, but I can’t. It’s a joke that Royal Father is willing to give the throne to Shan Weiyi. But it’s another thing for me to seek the throne.”

Nu Tianjiao’s mind was still very clear.

Shen Yu nodded: “Your Highness is right, and this is what I’m worried about.” Saying that, Shen Yu looked at Shan Weiyi again, “But I believe that since Young Master Shan can make this proposal, there must already be some specific ideas.”

Shan Weiyi nodded with a smile.

Nu Tianjiao suddenly came to his senses: After Shan Weiyi proposed this idea, he kept responding violently, but Shen Yu didn’t speak. When the fire arrived, Shen Yu slowly spoke for Shan Weiyi. Did Shen Yu step on him in front of Shan Weiyi? So insidious. Really worthy of being a lonely teacher.

It was unsure how much time had passed before Nu Tianjiao and Shen Yu left from the wing room.

The signal was blocked in the wing room to prevent the emperor from hearing the “secret conversation” inside-in fact, this kind of secrecy was also a kind of “loud conspiracy” to a certain extent. Blocking the signal meant not letting the emperor know what they were saying. The emperor didn’t have to think too hard to guess that they must be plotting against him.

But the emperor didn’t care, and even found it funny.

Nu Tianjiao and Shen Yu came back to the emperor.

The emperor still looked kind and majestic, as if he would never guess that Nu Tianjiao and Shen Yu were harboring unknown and treacherous thoughts. The emperor said gently: “How was it? Have you persuaded the beauty?”

Shen Yu stepped forward and said, “Fortunately, I successfully completed the task.” 

The emperor smiled and said, “I knew that Official Shen would not let me down.”

But Nu Tianjiao said: “However, Shan Weiyi also proposed a very harsh condition, and we dare not accept for Royal Father.” 

The emperor smiled and said: “How harsh can it be? At most, it will only cost me my life. “

Hearing the emperor’s words, Nu Tianjiao and Shen Yu were almost so frightened that their hearts jumped out of their throats: The emperor actually knew? Didn’t he say that the emperor’s signal had been blocked? Or… did the emperor guess with his brain?

The emperor’s brain was really good.

It’s a pity that such an easy-to-use brain will still go crazy.

Thinking that the emperor was that obsessed with Shan Weiyi, both Shen Yu and Nu Tianjiao felt that they were not too serious, and they had found a patient friend. While trying to strangle each other to death, they also developed a sense of sympathy for each other.

Nu Tianjiao raised his eyes subconsciously, and his eyes met the emperor’s. After seeing the pair of beautiful golden pupils, his heart skipped a beat, and he realized that he had boldly raised his head to look at the emperor. However, he did not withdraw his eyes timidly, but continued to look back at the emperor.

He seemed to have never looked at the emperor so carefully before. The emperor had a young face and old eyes, which made him look mysterious and beautiful. Nu Tianjiao saw the human side of the emperor, he was not perfect. His wisdom and consciousness still existed within his flesh and blood. If his chest was pierced with steel, although he would not die, he would still be in pain.

Nu Tianjiao seemed to feel that he was closer to the emperor, or maybe it was just an illusion.

He lowered his head slightly, and said, “Royal Father’s words really frightened this son. Is Royal Father really planning to entrust his wealth and life to Shan Weiyi? If so, where would you place the empire?”

The emperor didn’t answer Nu Tianjiao’s words directly, but he felt a little interest about the subtle changes in Nu Tianjiao’s attitude. The emperor raised his lips and said, “Then what is Shan Weiyi’s request?”

Shen Yu replied, “Shan Weiyi said that if the emperor is willing to share the country with him, then he can consider getting married. But the so-called sharing the country cannot be in name only, he asks you to share the super brain authority with him.”

This was hitting a snake and hitting seven inches.

The emperor may not care about the throne, but it was impossible not to care about his super brain authority.

However, the emperor just squinted his eyes: “Does he just want to share permissions?”

Nu Tianjiao and Shen Yu felt that they had auditory hallucinations when they heard the word “just”. Obviously Shan Weiyi said before that the emperor would agree, but they still find it hard to believe.

The emperor said: “That’s it? There is nothing else?”

“There is indeed other things.” Shen Yu paused and said, “Secondly, let Xi Zhitong out of the palace and give him a gold medal that will save him from death, so that he can never be harmed at all.”

Shen Yu originally thought that the emperor would not be too happy to share authority, but now it seems that the emperor was even more reluctant to let Xi Zhitong go.

The emperor’s golden eyes turned cold, and the corner of his mouth curled into a sneer: “He really regards Xi Zhitong like a jewel.”

Shen Yu lowered his head: “Your Majesty, calm down. Xi Zhitong is just a commoner.”

“Forget it.” The emperor said indifferently, “It’s better for Xi Zhitong to stay far away.”

Speaking of which, if there was anything in this small world that can make the emperor fearful besides Shan Weiyi, it was Xi Zhitong.

Although Xi Zhitong didn’t look very smart, he was a system trained by Shan Weiyi himself. Although he didn’t look murderous, he was really sharp, and he was also a magical weapon that could kill without blood.

The emperor could even guess that Shan Weiyi letting Xi Zhitong out of the palace, and the gold medal to save him from death was just an excuse to cover up his real purpose – to let Xi Zhitong assist the crown prince and the Imperial Taifu in usurping the throne.

Shan Weiyi did not care about the throne, nor did he want the throne. If he really took the emperor’s throne, it would be tantamount to admitting defeat to the emperor. Because, in that case, it was tantamount to agreeing to the emperor’s marriage proposal and sharing the country with the emperor. As for sharing the super brain, the emperor couldn’t have wished for it more. He had opened his consciousness to Shan Weiyi before. For him, it’s very romantic.

The emperor said: “Since he proposed this, he knew that I would agree.”

Shen Yu said: “Only he knew this. This minister is just passing on the message.” 

The emperor smiled and said: “I can agree to his request, but what about my request?”

“Young Master Shan said that the ceremony of sharing the country can be done as a wedding ceremony.” Shen Yu said, “After the ceremony is completed, you will be officially married. Husband and wife.”

Hearing this, the emperor smiled slightly with his indifferent golden eyes: “Very good.” After the ceremony, they would be husband and wife. It seems that Shan Weiyi did not intend to make this wedding a success.

In other words, Shan Weiyi plans to have a bloody wedding, so that the emperor will die on the wedding day.

——The emperor thought it through clearly, and said: “Yes.”

Xi Zhitong received the gold medal for avoiding death that day and was released from the palace. After leaving the palace, he disappeared like a fish in water – the emperor was not surprised by this.

It was not difficult for Xi Zhitong to cover up his whereabouts, he had such an ability.

The emperor even wanted Xi Zhitong to leave like this, far away from Shan Weiyi.

Without Xi Zhitong by his side, no matter how clever and resourceful Shan Weiyi was, he was still an ordinary person.

The inner court was also preparing for the big wedding in full swing.

When they learned that the emperor was going to marry the beauty, everyone was not too surprised. After all, the emperor had done too many ridiculous things for the beauty before, and they would be surprised if he didn’t give the beauty a title.

Now after the crown prince returned to court, the emperor announced his big wedding, and everyone thought it should be so: it seems that the reason why the beauty was not canonized before was because he wanted to directly give the beauty a formal wedding. So this had to wait for the prince to come back.

The emperor obviously attached great importance to this wedding, and everything was done according to the ceremony of the first marriage, and he even directly removed the tablet of the former empress and threw it away, as if there was no such person.

Everyone was shocked.

But the emperor said that the beauty was not the second Empress, but the original empress.

No one dared to object.

It was the CP fans who were crazy about the love story between the emperor and the first empress, and the whole house collapsed. There was no way, CP was always unavoidable to avoid injury, let alone RPS!

Shan Weiyi inevitably became the focus of the empire, or envy, or appreciation, or jealousy, or curse, or praise, or curiosity, or sympathy, or criticism…

But he remained motionless.

According to etiquette, he moved out of the central hall, and did not meet the emperor before marriage. But he knew that his every move was within the emperor’s sight.

Shan Weiyi lived alone in the palace and did not see outsiders, not even the prince and Taifu. He lived alone, as if he had returned to the taciturn otaku in his first life.

And the emperor seemed to have returned to the first life, turning into the ulterior motive AI who silently peeped at his creator.

Until that day – 

The wedding.

The cold palace had become lively and colorful, and the high-tech footprints were covered by classical etiquette, as if returning to ancient earth. There was the sound of gongs and drums, the prosperity and wealth, a large banquet, and bright red candles.

The emperor wore a wedding outfit, and the red and black gown made his hair as white as frost and snow, and his eyes as cold as stars.

Obeying the etiquette, he dressed up to greet the bride in person—he knew very well that this was a trick to lure him away from the central hall… No, it’s not right to call it a trick, it should be called a conspiracy.

The emperor stepped out of the central hall with a smile, leaving the solid steel castle behind – this was the first time he had left this solid shell in so many years since he ruled the empire.

This was a special day.

The emperor understood it better than anyone else.

Today, today, today, he will get what he wants, or lose everything.

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