Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Killing the emperor, killing one’s father

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The emperor’s big wedding was naturally a grand celebration broadcasted live throughout the galaxy.

In the empire, there had not been such a happy event for a long time.

The ceremony was held at the Star Reaching Platform at the highest point of the Imperial Palace.

The Star Reaching Platform was shaped like a golden character, and its brilliant tip soared into the clouds, which was higher than the sky and competed with the stars for brilliance. The sun was hung on the left side of the high platform, and the moon was hung on the right side. The artificial sun and moon were hung high, shining together, implying the prosperity of the dragon and the phoenix.

Hundreds of millions of people watched through the holographic live broadcast: the magnificent palace and the joyful and lively ceremony certainly caught people’s attention, but what they most wanted to see was what this rumored beauty looked like, who could seduce the emperor out of his wits.

However, they didn’t see it clearly, not only because the camera didn’t give a close-up, but also because Shan Weiyi was wearing a large and cumbersome auspicious robe, with no discernible figure, a golden pearl tassel hanging from the phoenix crown, and a veil covering his face, it also made people unable to see clearly.

Everyone was a little disappointed, and really wanted to see what kind of peerless beauty this beauty was.

The emperor was also dressed in a crown and tassel, with beads hanging down, as heavy as dew, but it did not conceal his peerless appearance, especially the pair of golden pupils, which were brighter than the pendant beads.

Under the watchful eyes of the public, the emperor stood beside Shan Weiyi and announced: “From now on, all power in the world will belong to the central palace, and it is up to him to depose people and kill them. Although I am the emperor, I am submissive.”

As soon as it came out, the entire empire was shocked!

Is this the real “hand over the empire to please you”? ? ?

Not to mention the people of the empire, even the senior officials and nobles present were scared out of their wits and were shocked: “Did we have auditory hallucinations?”

Everyone looked at each other, their eyes crazily exchanging information, but their mouths were tightly closed. Not talking about daring to make complaints, they didn’t even dare to take a breath.

After looking at each other a few times, everyone couldn’t help but cast their eyes on the prince. The prince did not speak.

At this time, finally, a civil official who was willing to commit remonstrance stepped forward to dissuade him with his death: “All power in the world will belong to the central palace, and it is up to him to depose people and kill them. Although I am the emperor, I am submissive… If I remember correctly, these words came from “Zizhi Tongjian” describing Wu Zetian. Does your Majesty intend to let the new empress be Wu Zetian?” 

The Taifu looked at the man-made spectacle of the sun and the moon flying above his head, thinking: Isn’t this obvious?

The emperor just smiled and said nothing.

The civil servant couldn’t help but continued to speak desperately: “Your Majesty, are you going to be Emperor Gaozong of Tang?”

Hearing this, the prince couldn’t help thinking rebelliously: I want to be Emperor Gaozong of Tang.

The emperor smiled lightly and said: “This beloved officials words are heavy.”

Then, the emperor said again: “I have made up my mind, everyone, please don’t stop me, I need everyone’s blessing.” As soon as the emperor raised his hand, they saw the sky was red. The sky full of clouds was auspicious with excellent meaning, but it was artificial auspiciousness.

The emperor stretched out his hand to hold Shan Weiyi’s left hand: “I authorize the central hall to you, and from today onwards, we will share the country.”

Such a change made everyone turn pale with shock.

It seems that when the emperor said that he wanted to share the country with the new empress, he was not just talking. Although everyone did not know that the emperor was a super brain, they more or less knew that the emperor relied on the high technology of the central hall to control the empire. Now, the emperor wanted to authorize the center to the new empress! As long as the authorization was successful, the new empress would become one of the real power holders of the empire, regardless of whether the civil servants and generals were willing or not.

In the interstellar era, the transfer of power had become efficient and fast.

Everyone was caught off guard and didn’t know how to deal with it.

The emperor asked Shan Weiyi with a smile: “Are you ready?”

He seemed certain that Shan Weiyi would not agree. When they do share authority, it’s not just the emperor opening his brain to him, but he will open his consciousness to the emperor.

How could Shan Weiyi do this?

Taking ten thousand steps back, if Shan Weiyi was really willing to do this step, then it doesn’t matter if the emperor died.

Under the cover of the phoenix crown tassels and the red veil covering his face, Shan Weiyi’s face was blurred and his expression was not clear, making it hard to see what he was thinking. He didn’t answer, but held the emperor’s hand instead, which was somewhat provocative.

“The empress doesn’t speak,” the emperor laughed, “I’ll take it as your consent.”

The sensor in the emperor’s palm was turned on, and the metal wire pierced Shan Weiyi’s palm like a needle.

At the moment when the skin of the palm was punctured, the prince suddenly stepped forward and shouted: “Wait!” 

The emperor smiled and said in his heart: It was indeed like this.

It was impossible for Shan Weiyi to give him such a chance. 

Still holding Shan Weiyi’s hand, the emperor said to the prince: “What do you want to say?”

The prince: “If I didn’t see it incorrectly, the new empress is the Boss of the Jun Corporation in the Freedom Federation, Shan Weiyi!”

As soon as the words fell, the discussion of the crowd rose.

In the past, when the emperor wanted to share the country, everyone was able to repress and discuss in a low voice, but when they heard this sentence, everyone became hot water, and even the iron lid could not suppress the boiling of public opinion.

The emperor said: “What do you mean?” 

The prince said: “If Royal Father wants to have the Empress become the regent, this son has no room to comment. But if the new empress is the president of the Jun Corporation, that is another matter. Doing this…with all due respect, it is treason!” 

The word “treason” resounded like a stone stirring up thousands of waves.

This wave hit every corner of the empire from the direct scene to every corner of the empire along the live broadcast, and everyone was stimulated!

If the prince wanted to overthrow the emperor, he must have a reason that was so correct that no one can find fault. Ordinary countries have to have a sufficient reason when fighting a war, let alone a prince who wants to seize power?

And now, the emperor gave him a good reason.

The emperor not only wanted to marry the president of the Jun corporation, but also to share the empire with him, which is treasonous.

If an emperor wants to commit treason for his beauty, he can only be regarded as a foolish emperor, and it will be fine for this emperor to be overthrown.

The emperor narrowed his golden eyes and looked at his son: “You have grown.”

Under the oppressive gaze of the emperor, the prince caught this gaze for the first time in his life. He didn’t know when, but his fear of the emperor had become less and less – if there was a critical point, it would be after he “killed” Shan Weiyi. After that, he finally dared to look directly at his resentment towards the emperor.

Of course he loved his Royal Father, but he also resented him.

After learning that the emperor also fell for Shan Weiyi and lost his mind, the prince suddenly seemed to understand something: such a high and perfect emperor was actually just a human being.

He stood up straight, opened his eyes wide, and looked at the emperor seriously, only to realize that the emperor was not as perfect as he remembered. He was suspicious, selfish, cruel, arrogant, vicious and hypocritical… Unfortunately, he seemed to have inherited many of these shortcomings.

Shan Weiyi didn’t like himself like this, and he didn’t like such an emperor.

Nu Tianjiao stared fixedly at the emperor, and said: “Your Majesty, please rein in the precipice*.”

* act in the nick of time

He did not respectfully address him as “Royal Father” but used the cold word “Your Majesty” In front of him, he did not hide his Sima Zhao heart.

The on-site and live audience had been stunned by the successive changes.

The emperor smiled and said: “You have made progress, but not much.”

This was the same sentence.

Hearing this, Nu Tianjiao had nothing good to say, so he raised his arms, and the sun and moon on both sides of the Star Reaching Platform suddenly shone brightly. Under the stimulation of the strong light, everyone couldn’t help closing their eyes.

At this moment, the nanometer battle gown on Nu Tianjiao’s body quickly unfolded, and the ejector of the shirt was activated, pushing Nu Tianjiao to the emperor’s side in an instant. He raised his palm and emitted a beam of red light, piercing the emperor’s heart—just like the emperor killing Xi Zhitong back then.

The emperor suspected that such an assassination method was ordered by Shan Weiyi to Nu Tianjiao, in order to avenge his murder of Xi Zhitong.

It stands to reason that ordinary laser guns cannot penetrate the emperor’s armor.

But obviously, after Xi Zhitong came out of the palace, he was probably helping Nu Tianjiao to modify his weapons, so that the quality of Nu Tianjiao’s shirt was greatly improved and its functions strengthened, allowing him to move in front of the emperor in an instant and complete the assassination – of course, being able to execute it so neatly was also inseparable from the prince’s physical fitness and actual combat quality.

Without the quality of an S-rank warrior like the prince, no matter how good the equipment was, it would be useless.

When the laser pierced the emperor’s heart, the emperor’s eyes looked at Nu Tianjiao calmly, as if he didn’t care. But he still raised the corners of his mouth: “My good son.”

These words made Nu Tianjiao startled.

Seeing the emperor’s golden pupils dimming—the eyes that were always hot and shining like the sun dimmed like smoke and dust—Nu Tianjiao’s eyes suddenly became moist, and his heart ached, just like when he chose to kill Shan Weiyi with his own hands. He felt very sad, but this time, he felt no regret.

Moreover, he knew very well that what he killed was the physical body of the emperor.

The emperor did not really die.

As long as the central hall was still there, the emperor could live forever.

The sun and the moon burst into bright light, and no one could see what happened on the Star Reaching Platform.

Of course, such a rebellious picture of a son killing his father cannot be spread, and the live broadcast picture was also cut off due to an accident.

Everyone had been stunned by these changes: Speaking of which, we were here for a wedding, why does it seem like we were here for a feast?

At this moment, Taifu stepped forward, presided over the evacuation of the crowd, and directed the evacuation of these high-ranking officials and nobles.

The guests of this banquet was sent away, and the live broadcast was shut down, so no one noticed the whereabouts of the new empress.

Everyone guessed that the new empress was originally the president of the Jun Corporation. Now that the crown prince had successfully seized power, the new empress may be in trouble.

Unexpectedly, the new empress was still in their attire, and was sent to the East Palace without any loss of dignity.

The prince handed over most of the matters to the Taifu, and hurried to the East Palace to meet Shan Weiyi. Seeing that Shan Weiyi was still in full dress, with his veil still on, sitting upright on the chair. Seeing the prince coming, he didn’t move.

The prince knew that there was no etiquette in Shan Weiyi’s eyes, but he was used to it. If Shan Weiyi stood up and greeted him politely, he would be startled.

Nu Tianjiao opened his mouth first and said: “There is no movement from the central hall.”

Shan Weiyi replied: “That’s normal. He is poisoned. He is still being repaired. If you blow up the central hall now, this empire is yours. It would be over.”

Although Nu Tianjiao wanted to believe Shan Weiyi, he couldn’t believe it: “He was poisoned? How?”

Shan Weiyi said: “You killed him after teleporting, but he didn’t react. Was it really because you were fast enough?”

Nu Tianjiao was a little ashamed and proud of his feat of teleportation assassination, but he was stunned for a moment when he heard Shan Weiyi say this.

Shan Weiyi spread out his palm, there was still a small wound on his palm that was pierced by the emperor’s sensor: “This is poisonous.”

Nu Tianjiao was shocked: “In order to poison the emperor, you poisoned yourself first?”

Shan Weiyi was noncommittal: “He is no longer the emperor. When the central hall is blown up, you will be the emperor.”

This sentence was like striking a match, causing Nu Tianjiao’s lonely and cold heart to spark a beating little flame – to be the emperor, this was the dream of many princes throughout the ages!

Nu Tianjiao stared fixedly at Shan Weiyi who was dressed in splendid attire: “If I am the emperor, you must be the empress.” 

After he finished saying this, he was troubled in his heart and felt that he was being stupid again. It’s really not wise for him to say this, he was afraid he will be ridiculed by Shan Weiyi.

Unexpectedly, Shan Weiyi didn’t make fun of him or satirize him, but just said flatly: “If I were you, I would immediately take the anti-matter weapon to the Central Palace.”

Shan Weiyi was right, so Nu Tianjiao hurriedly took the anti-matter gun and rushed to the central hall.

As soon as Nu Tianjiao went out, Shen Yu came in.

Shan Weiyi was equally indifferent and did not greet him. Shen Yu was also accustomed to his impoliteness, and said courteously, “Why are you still wearing an auspicious suit and a phoenix crown? Was it heavy? Were you tired? Do you not know how to put it on and take it off? I’ll help you take it off first.” 

Shen Yu superficially looked polite, but lustfully wanted to help Shan Weiyi undress.

But Shan Weiyi said: “The prince is going to blow up the central hall, you should go too.”

“What am I going to do?” Shen Yu just smiled, “Don’t you understand? When he ascends to the supreme throne, how can I be tolerated? As for you…he will definitely try his best to keep you by his side. He is such a person. He will become the second Emperor—although a less intelligent version.”

Shan Weiyi remained silent.

Shen Yu continued: “You haven’t completely conquered Jun Gengjin, have you? When the crown prince becomes emperor, he won’t give you this chance. I can take you away and go to the Freedom Federation with you…”

Shan Weiyi didn’t speak, but was apparently unmoved.

Shen Yu rolled his eyes, and seemed to understand something: “Of course you knew, you must have thought of it early on. The emperor is gone, the crown prince will not let you go. You have already thought about the way out.”

Shan Weiyi was silent.

Shen Yu suddenly felt terrified: “You…you…”

Shan Weiyi answered him: “Whether it’s you, the prince or the emperor… no matter which one it is, it’s all the same.”

Shen Yu heard this and felt like his heart was about to shatter, he smiled wryly and said, “You’re going to kill us all, aren’t you?”

Shan Weiyi didn’t deny it, his eyes were cold, as if he was looking at a dead object.

Shen Yu still smiled: “But Xi Zhitong is here with me, will you follow me?”

Shen Yu seemed to know what Shan Weiyi’s weakness was, maybe it wasn’t about the tasks or no tasks, and the favorability, but just Xi Zhitong.

Only then did Shan Weiyi look at him squarely: “I’ll go with you.”

At this moment, the prince had rushed to the central hall with the anti-matter gun.

How majestic and beautiful the central hall was.

The prince had been here countless times before, and every day, he came here to meet the emperor.

This palace alone seems to be the incarnation of the emperor. In the past, when the prince came, he always entered the palace with his head down. But at this moment, he was floating in mid-air with the anti-gravity equipment, like a fairy in mythology hovering and flying. This was the first time he had looked down at the fortified palace like this from top to bottom.

The central hall, his yearning, his nightmare.

He didn’t know if the central hall really had life, and if it’s life was closely related to the emperor. Now that the emperor was poisoned, the palace looked rather dim, as if it had lost its brilliance—this might also be the prince’s psychological effect.

The prince flew high and discovered for the first time that this palace was actually very small.

In fact, he could trample the palace under his feet, he could even destroy it.

“Goodbye, Royal Father.” The prince said silently, “I think I love you.”

This time, he didn’t feel ashamed of himself, nor did he shed tears.

It was as if his heart was getting colder and harder.

He fixed his purple eyes, aimed at the core of the central hall, and pulled the trigger of the antimatter gun——

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