Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Golden Pupil

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At this moment, the central hall suddenly moved!

There was a violent shaking sound from the ground, and the green grass was split, like land that died of drought suddenly. The sand and stones flew together, and the steel pillars of the central hall started moving by themselves as if they had life. Like Transformers, they produced beautiful movement like dominoes, and produced mechanical life like gears rotating and fitting together.

In the next instant, Nu Tianjiao watched helplessly as the central hall turned into a miniature starship in front of him.

Although this starship was named “ship”, it was completely devoid of any form and design related to ships, and it could be even said that it does not look like a weapon.

But the moment he saw it, the prince was stunned.

The prince had seen it in history books and combat materials—this was the starship that the emperor drove when he conquered the world.

After the unification war, the emperor sealed the battleship, and this frightening starship was buried in the dust of history.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that this battleship had been placed in such a conspicuous place, and the emperor had been living in it!

When the prince’s idea of ​​”living in it” appeared, it proves that his thinking was still limited.

The emperor did not “live in it”.

In fact, the emperor was “it”.

The body of the emperor who was killed by the crown prince was just the body carrier of the emperor’s consciousness, a clone that could be discarded at any time. The emperor’s superbrain existed in the central hall, which was also the legendary battleship – the Golden Pupil.

The Golden Pupil was not like a ship, nor was it like a weapon.

As the name suggested, it looks like a giant golden pupil. It’s unclear what material it was made of, but it looked like a spherical lens made of liquid gold, exuding a radiant brilliance. In the middle of the lens, there was a black vertical pupil, reminiscent of the eyes of a nocturnal snake.

Unlike the rumbling starships in movies, the Golden Pupil was very quiet. It flew smoothly and silently, like a feather flitting across the water.

But the prince read mortal danger from this silence.

Instinct made him get goosebumps jumping up from his skin one by one, his scalp was numb, and the hand holding the antimatter gun trembled subconsciously. But his special training in combat kept him calm and unafraid.


Even if he was facing the emperor.

Even if he was facing the Golden Pupil.

He didn’t know when he started to change, but when he recovered, he had become a fearless brave man.

He used to think he was brave, but he knew in his heart that he was not.

Hidden in his cold and noble appearance was a timid little boy.

But now, he seemed to no longer feel fear so easily, even in front of the most feared existence.

He even silently thanked Shan Weiyi in his heart.

Shan Weiyi taught him true love, true hate, and true courage.

The prince quickly recalled all the information he had learned about the Golden Pupil, and responded flexibly. He quickly adjusted the combat suit to the magnetic field shielding state – because the black pupil in the middle of the Golden Pupil can control the magnetic field, which was its most terrifying function.

The Golden Pupil does not shoot out fiery light waves and explosive bombs like traditional thermal weapons. Its attack was silent but deadly.

The second after the prince activated the magnetic field shield, he saw that the antimatter gun in his hand seemed to be grasped by an invisible giant, and then it was twisted like a ridiculous rubber tube and tied into a twisted knot—this was the golden pupil’s power.

The prince shook off the anti-matter gun, and breathed a sigh of relief: If he was a second late and didn’t have time to activate the magnetic field shield, then he would be the one twisted into knots.

The emperor’s voice sounded in his ears: “Very good, you have made great progress, you are more and more in line with my expectations.”

Hearing the emperor’s approval, the prince felt as if he had heard a huge joke: “I used to visit in the morning and evening, loyal to the emperor and patriotic, but always letting you down. Now seeking power and usurping the throne, killing the emperor, finally, you are impressed.” 

The emperor replied: “I have put so much effort into cultivating you, but it is not for the purpose of cultivating a loyal minister and filial son.”

The prince felt that this world was no longer illusory: “You…did you really put your heart into cultivating me?” 

“Of course, I placed a lot more heart in my cultivation of you compared to everything else… of course, Shan Weiyi’s matters don’t count.” The emperor said lightly.

Shan Weiyi’s ideal was to create an AI.

And the emperor’s ideal was to create a human being.

The prince was a human being carefully designed by the emperor. From the gene sequence to the growth environment, every bit and every drop reflected the emperor’s unique thoughts.

The emperor may not love the prince, but he cared about the prince.

The crown prince was chosen by him, the heir to the empire after his ascension.

If the emperor didn’t care so much about the prince, the prince would have been killed before he could open the shield in just a split second.

The emperor never wanted to hurt the prince.

Even if the emperor had no flesh and blood, even if he had a dog, he still had feelings. Being bitten by his own puppy, he still can’t bear to beat the dog to death.

——This was also the reason why Shan Weiyi sent the prince to take the lead to assassinate the emperor.

But the prince didn’t seem to know this. He didn’t know that the emperor actually cared about him a little.

With raging resentment that came from nowhere, the prince pulled out a new weapon that could pierce the shield of the Golden Pupil, and rushed to the center of the Golden Pupil. With the help of the starting device of the combat suit, he rushed like an arrow from the string, piercing the black pupils of the golden eyes from a straight distance.

But when he swooped down, the emperor’s voice rang in his ears again: “Speaking of which, Shen Yu should have eloped at least a quarter of a light-year away with Shan Weiyi at this time.”

Okay, their broken and perverted father-son relationship was instantly repaired.

At this moment, it was father and son in battle again.

Shen Yu took Shan Weiyi away in an airship.

It was exactly as the emperor guessed, they had indeed reached space a quarter of a light-year away from the emperor galaxy.

It was neither the airspace of the empire nor the space of the Freedom Federation. It was a vast and beautiful public domain that did not belong to any party.

Shen Yu pointed to the brilliant nebula outside the porthole, and said to Shan Weiyi: “Look, it’s so beautiful. It’s almost as charming as a strand of your hair.”

Shan Weiyi was indifferent to such nasty compliments, and only said: “Where’s Xi Zhitong?”

Shen Yu smiled and said, “What’s the rush? I’ll take you to see him.”

Shan Weiyi calmly judged, “You lied to me.”

Shen Yu’s smile widened at this time: “You finally found out?” Saying that, Shen Yu sat in front of Shan Weiyi, still with a gentle smile: “I’m so happy, I managed to fool you once.”

After Xi Zhitong left the palace, he was no longer in anyone’s sight. It happened before, and the only contact was to send Shan Weiyi’s assassination plan and improved combat suit to the East Palace—he was still using quantum transmission technology, and there was no trace of it. Not to mention the East Palace, even the Central Palace could not find a trace of Xi Zhitong, let alone Imperial Taifu.

Shan Weiyi, who knew Xi Zhitong’s abilities, should have thought of this too—but he still didn’t dare to gamble. He still left with Shen Yu. Maybe it was the plan, but it’s hard not to say since there was no Shan Weiyi element to it.

Just as the prince would become stupid, childish and impulsive when he talked about Shan Weiyi, Shan Weiyi would also show his flaws because of Xi Zhitong.

Shen Yu used Shan Weiyi’s flaw to fool Shan Weiyi away – but Shen Yu was not really happy. He was more genuinely jealous.

Shen Yu smiled and said, “But I believe that you will see him. This is not a lie.”

“Of course.” Shan Weiyi said, “No matter where I go, he will definitely find me, so I will definitely see him again.”

Shen Yu nodded, smiled wryly and said, “I’m so jealous. It would be great if I could be like him.”

Shan Weiyi remained silent.

But at this moment, the airship issued a sharp alarm sound.

Shen Yu’s eyes froze, and the corners of his mouth curled up: “It seems that they are catching up.”

Shan Weiyi sat on the soft sofa, not nervous at all. Shen Yu wasn’t nervous either: “You’re in my cabin, they won’t dare to fire at this airship.”

But Shan Weiyi said, “But Nu Tianjiao can sneak in single-handedly and kill you easily.”

Shen Yu laughed : “He won’t kill me.”

Shen Yu’s self-confidence was annoying, but his self-confidence was not without reason.

During their conversation, the iron sheet of the airship’s docking port had been violently dismantled by the crown prince with his bare hands——for an S-rank warrior, the setting of the small world force ceiling was no joke.

Nu Tianjiao crawled in from the dock, punched and kicked all the way, and finally “sneaked in”: For the prince, “sneaking in” meant killing all the security guards quietly.

Nu Tianjiao came to the airship control room smoothly, and saw Shen Yu and Shan Weiyi as he wished. His face was serious: “Teacher, you are so unkind.”

Shen Yu only said: “I was only afraid that the fight between you and the emperor would affect the entire imperial city, so I took the beauty away first.”

Nu Tianjiao laughed: “Afraid it will be affected? So you took him a quarter of a light-year away?”

Shen Yu said: “One can always be safe if one is careful, my highness.”

Saying that, Shen Yu raised his eyes to look out of the porthole again, the beautiful nebula had disappeared, and a huge golden pupil suddenly appeared outside the window. Shen Yu was a person who had seen strong winds and waves, so he shuddered when he saw this scene.

But Shen Yu quickly settled his emotions, turned to Nu Tianjiao and said, “It seems that you and His Majesty had no winner.”

Nu Tianjiao shook his arm and said, “Of course we have to deal with you first.”

Shen Yu said: “If I die, who will be next?”

Nu Tianjiao looked at Shen Yu indifferently.

Shen Yu said again: “Your Highness, I think you still need me.”

At this moment, Shan Weiyi spoke.

But it was interesting, Shan Weiyi was not talking to anyone on the scene. He neither spoke to the crown prince nor the Taifu, nor did he speak to the eye outside the window.

He pressed the wireless communicator on the tip of his ear, and said to an unknown distance, “The door can be opened.”

The “door” opened.

Right behind the Golden Pupil, a strange spot of light suddenly flashed in the void of the universe. A huge battleship emerged from the light—it was the strongest battleship of the Freedom Federation, the “King’s Landing”.

Because Jun Gengjin used the “door”, his surprise attack was invisible to everyone, and even the radar warning system of the Golden Pupil could not predict his arrival.

In an instant, without warning, the “King’s Landing” appeared behind the “Golden Pupil”, and immediately launched a fierce attack.

Jun Gengjin sat on the console, frantically pressing the launch button with force and excitement like a child playing whack-a-mole.

The Golden Pupil was a legend in the Interstellar galaxy—and at this moment, it was completely exposed to Jun Gengjin’s attack. This gave Jun Gengjin a spontaneous pleasure: this empire legend will eventually perish in my hands!

He seemed to have forgotten that he didn’t make any plans at all, but just pressed the attack button when Shan Weiyi gave the order.

But he was basking in great joy and pride, as if all this was his master plan.

He was convinced that he was indispensable, even if there was a Shan Weiyi making the calculations, his “door” and his “King’s Landing” were very important in the plan… No, not “very important”, but “the most important” part.

Without the “door” and the King’s Landing, this plan would not have been possible.

Summarizing it, Jun Gengjin who controls the “door” and the King’s Landing is the strongest king.

The Golden Pupil was violently attacked by the strongest weapon of the Federation without warning, and the protective cover was declared to be shattered within three seconds.

It was shrouded in flames. Seeing this scene, the prince jumped up and shouted: “Royal Father!”

He subconsciously wanted to rush out of the porthole to protect his Royal Father.

But soon, he was stopped by Shen Yu.

Shen Yu said: “Your Highness and His Majesty have become deadly enemies, and he will not thank you if you save him now.”

Nu Tianjiao’s face became stiff and cold.

Shen Yu continued: “Besides, His Majesty will definitely not be completely powerless to fight back. We might as well sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight.” As he said this, Shen Yu also controlled the airship to go a little further to avoid being affected by the flames of war.

However, Jun Gengjin knew that Shan Weiyi was in the airship, so all attacks avoided the airship.

The Golden Pupil silently endured the attack, but the black pupil shrank in an instant, like a cat suddenly threatened. The needle-like black pupil silently emitted energy that disrupted the magnetic field.

The console of the King’s Landing then made harsh noises, and Jun Gengjin quickly found that the commands were not working, and the screen image became blurred and stuck, as if the wiring was not smooth.

He tried to start the repair function as quickly as possible, however, it didn’t make any sense at all.

What was frightening was that the spacecraft began to shake, as if it was about to lose its control function at any time and fall into the endless abyss of space.

Fear instantly overwhelmed Jun Gengjin like a tide.

Jun Gengjin knew about the magnetic field disturbance function of the Golden Pupil, but he didn’t know that this function was so terrifying. He was puzzled: the magnetic field shielding was clearly turned on…

But obviously, the magnetic field shielding function of the King’s Landing was still lacking, at least it was not enough to see in front of the Golden Pupil.

The spaceship wobbled, like a ship encountering huge waves—no matter how big and strong the ship was, when encountering a real hurricane, it would only drift with the current until it sank to the bottom of the sea. Jun Gengjin was like a captain steering the rudder in a storm, stubborn and panicked, insisting on pulling the rudder, but nothing worked.

The screen was now covered with snowflakes, and he couldn’t see the battle situation at all.

With nothing to do, he turned off the screen and opened the porthole.

The moment the porthole opened, a huge golden pupil suddenly appeared in front of him, shining with a breathtaking light. The black pupils seem to be silently rolling out a suffocating storm.

Jun Gengjin’s whole body was numb, his survival instinct allowed him to make the next move without thinking.

He sat firmly in the driver’s seat and pressed the “escape” button.

In the next second, he was ejected from the spaceship along with the seat. A bubble-like transparent circular protective cover was deployed on the seat to securely protect him and put him into the transmission channel, allowing him to travel back to the Freedom Federation in an instant.

However, after he was ejected, before he was thrown into the tunnel, the silent magnetic field caught him instantly.

He felt a strong wind was blowing, blowing him like floating foam in the other direction – to the black center of the golden eyes.

He couldn’t move, and was tied tightly to the escape seat by the seat belt, but he watched himself getting closer and closer to the sharp black pupils—he was obviously in a state of zero gravity in the universe, but he felt that he was being trapped by the earth. Gravity had taken hold and he was falling hopelessly into the abyss.

At this moment, Shan Weiyi suddenly jumped out of the porthole.

Nu Tianjiao and Shen Yu didn’t expect Shan Weiyi to jump off the boat suddenly, and they were taken aback by him even if they were not on guard. But they didn’t have time to react, they just watched Shan Weiyi swiftly open the emergency escape port of the porthole, and jumped into the universe from there.

The battle suit instantly wrapped Shan Weiyi’s whole body, protecting him from harm.

He flew up to Jun Gengjin and grabbed his seat belt.

Seeing Shan Weiyi descending from the sky, Jun Gengjin felt like a drowning man catching a driftwood. He looked at Shan Weiyi: “You… why are you here?”

Shan Weiyi asked: “What do you think?”

Jun Gengjin burst into tears: “Is it because you love me?”

Shan Weiyi was about to nod. At the same time as he nodded, Jun Gengjin’s favorability was about to break through the 99% mark and reach the gratifying 100%.

However, the Golden Pupil made a sound at this time: “Idiot, he is not Shan Weiyi.”

——————– In the last chapter, many friends seemed to have guessed that this is not Shan Weiyi! 

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