Forced to Become My Amnesiac Arch-Rival’s Fake Dao Companion Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Yunhai Brings Opportunity (8)

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The canopy boat floated lazily downstream with the clear waves of the Zhanbi River.

Bai Chunsheng slept on the only small bed in the cabin, dreaming.

Stimulated by Yan Yi, even in his dreams, he became Yan Jingqiu. Obviously, this was a terrifying nightmare.

Everyone thought that Bai Chunsheng hated Yan Jingqiu out of jealousy, but it wasn’t the case. They had quite a bit of old grievances between them.

Bai Chunsheng first met Yan Jingqiu at the birthday celebration arranged for him by the Yan family when Yan Jingqiu was only seventeen years old. The Yan family patriarch invited influential figures from prestigious families across the realm, and only the heads of several major sects and families in the Middle Realm were eligible to attend. Bai Chunsheng wasn’t actually on the invited guest list; he accompanied his grandmother, Bai Jianghan. At Yan Jingqiu’s birthday celebration, Bai Chunsheng was too preoccupied with having fun and showing off to pay attention to who the host was.

Being fond of water as a water spirit beast, he secretly slipped away during the banquet to frolic in the Crimson Water Lake within the secret realm of the rear mountain.

After all, it was someone else’s lake, so Bai Chunsheng didn’t go into the water. Instead, he rolled up his trousers, took off his shoes, and played in the shallow water for a while. The crimson water fish, resembling copper coins, darted through the crevices of the rocks. Mischievously, Bai Chunsheng ran around in the water, using his cute, lotus-like white feet to tease the crimson water fish.

After entertaining himself for some time, Bai Chunsheng spotted a mortal in the pavilion at the center of the lake, concealed by the wooden female tree. He must have been there for a while. The young man had no spiritual fluctuations in his body, indicating no cultivation, yet his clothing was splendid—a bright red brocade robe. He appeared gloomy and dangerous, with a pale complexion, deep eye sockets, and a high nose bridge. Despite his handsome and noble appearance, he exuded an aura of coldness and ruthlessness.

The young man stared blankly at Bai Chunsheng, his lifeless eyes gradually becoming clearer as he observed Bai Chunsheng.

Bai Chunsheng found it strange because this place was a secret realm of the Yan family. Even the servants who attended to daily chores were at least Foundation Establishment stage cultivators. So, how could there be a mortal here? However, he recalled his grandmother’s advice not to meddle in other people’s affairs, so he didn’t think too much about it.

Considering mortals were of lower status compared to cultivators, Bai Chunsheng didn’t dwell on it. He simply ordered the mortal to come and help him put on his shoes.

However, the mortal not only stood taller than him on the pavilion but also kept staring at him with a gloomy and focused gaze.

He saw Bai Chunsheng noticing him but didn’t flinch, continuing to stare at him motionlessly.

Bai Chunsheng felt uncomfortable under his gaze and was about to teach the mortal a lesson when two beautiful female cultivators at the early Dao Stage appeared out of nowhere.

Despite Bai Chunsheng’s reputation as a genius at the age of twenty-five, with only a mid-stage Nascent Soul stage cultivation, he should have bowed and addressed these two female cultivators respectfully as seniors. However, neither of them spared him a glance, and Bai Chunsheng didn’t dare to use his spiritual power. He simply knelt in the water, trembling with fear, towards the mortal.

The young man tilted his head slightly towards Bai Chunsheng, opened his mouth, but no sound came out. Yet Bai Chunsheng felt like he was speaking to him and was about to ask him what he was saying.

The young man had already left.

One of the two female cultivators hurriedly chased after him, leaving behind one who was trembling with a nervous voice as she said to Bai Chunsheng, “This, this is not a place for guests to come, please, sir, go back.”

At first, Bai Chunsheng felt puzzled, but as he walked back to the banquet, he became increasingly angry. He felt like he had been played by a mortal. Although there were only three people present besides him, he couldn’t help feeling embarrassed and awkward.

When he returned to the guest residence arranged by the Yan family, his grandmother had been waiting for him for a long time. She said, “Tonight, the Patriarch of the Yan family and the eldest grandson of the Yan family, Yan Jingqiu, may come. Don’t act like a child and keep quiet.”

As the host of the birthday banquet, Bai Chunsheng had never seen Yan Jingqiu in person, but he knew some things about him. “Is he the one with the Innate Dao Body?”

“I also want to test him and see where exactly the strength of the Innate Dao Body lies,” Bai Chunsheng said confidently, rolling up his sleeves and looking eager to try.

However, Bai Jianghan’s expression turned cold. “Nonsense. If you dare to go, I’ll break your legs right now.”

Bai Chunsheng looked aggrieved. “Why?”

Bai Jianghan’s tone carried a hint of anger. “Yan Jingqiu dared to practice the forbidden art of sealing off his five senses before entering the Dao. Those who practice such forbidden techniques are either insane or both. He has been sealed off from his senses since birth and began practicing swordsmanship at the age of seven. It has been seventeen years now. I heard from the Yan family’s people that he only lifted this spell himself this afternoon. Such a person lacks a normal sense of morality and must be mad beyond measure by now.”

The sealing off of the five senses she mentioned is a taboo technique used only in severe punishment for grave offenses. Those with sealed senses live in endless darkness and loneliness. Very few can endure such punishment to the end, and those who survive are usually mentally twisted, crazed, and paranoid. It’s unprecedented for someone to voluntarily undergo such a trial to temper their character.

“The Yan family hasn’t produced anyone with good talent for generations, and the old folks in the Yan family are getting impatient.”

Bai Jianghan remarked. “During the banquet, you stay close to me. Remember Yan Jingqiu’s face, and from now on, keep your distance from him.”

Bai Chunsheng had never met Yan Jingqiu and knew little about the Yan family’s patriarch. He had only heard rumors that Yan Jingqiu was refined, modest, and approachable, considered an exemplary scion of a noble family. Thinking for a moment, Bai Chunsheng asked, “But what if he’s genuinely humble and friendly?”

“That’s just an act. Besides, what does it matter to you?” Bai Jianghan sneered. “Just because he has Yan Jianxing’s blood in him, I refuse to believe he’s a good person.”

When Bai Jianghan was young, he had clashed with Yan Jianxing, the patriarch of the Yan family, several times and had suffered losses. Later, during the invasion of the demon realm, when the Middle Realm had to unite against the enemy, the Orthodox Alliance was formed. On the first day of its establishment, the head of the Tianqing Sect had gone to the Ten Thousand Demon Sect to advise Bai Jianghan not to provoke trouble at the Yan family and disrupt the harmony of the alliance.

Later, Yan Jianxing achieved breakthrough to the Mahayana stage and transcended the tribulation, but before the war could be settled, Bai Jianghan lost any chance for revenge.

Perhaps the principle of retribution for flaws was ingrained in the family’s bloodline. Bai Jianghan always kept the grudge from those seventeen swords stacked in his heart, and Bai Chunsheng’s ears were practically calloused from hearing about it.

After straightening his clothes, Bai Chunsheng followed his grandmother out.

A Nascent Soul stage female attendant, dressed in pink palace attire, led the way with a red lantern. Bai Jianghan was the first to transcend the tribulation, and almost every guest passing by would bow respectfully to him. Bai Chunsheng trailed behind arrogantly, unable to suppress the smirk on his lips.

The position of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect was at the bottom right of the main table, the seventh table. The space between tables was vast, creating a spacious environment. As soon as Bai Jianghan sat down, she casually cast a sound-proofing spell. She didn’t like having outsiders serving by her side, so she dismissed the maidservant.

Sitting beside her was the Red Peach Fairy from the Cuiwei Palace. Judging by the setup, it was evident she would be chatting with her grandmother later.

As expected, after a moment, a sound transmission came through.

The spell Bai Jianghan cast not only blocked external noises from entering but also prevented sounds within the formation from leaking out. Inside the spell formation, only she and Bai Chunsheng were present, so Bai Jianghan simply transmitted her message directly.

The two of them had been chatting harmoniously about the exquisite Red Fume Beauty Pill auctioned at the Treasure Gathering Pavilion last month, and the endlessly talked about the sweet-tasting Silver Jiao Fish from the East Sea.

They chatted for about an hour before the Patriarch of the Yan Family arrived.

Yan Jianxing was about the same age as Bai Jianghan. Human lifespans were far shorter than those of demonic beasts, and he already had white hair and a red nose. He carried a jug of wine and wore patched-up clothes. Yan Jianxing’s gaze was extremely sharp, like that of a renowned sword cultivator. Bai Chunsheng could only meet his gaze for a moment before feeling a soreness in his eyes and had to close them.

Bai Jianghan leaned back on the soft couch and chuckled, “This old man’s cultivation has advanced again.”

When Yan Jianxing entered, the hall immediately fell silent. Bai Chunsheng noticed the messages passing between cultivators, darting around like silver needles.

Bai Chunsheng was puzzled by how the form of communication suddenly became tangible. His gaze followed the trajectories of these messages, almost making him dizzy. He heard Bai Jianghan say, “Want to hear it? Grandma will play it for you.”

Bai Chunsheng wasn’t interested in what they were saying. He asked, “Is this how communication works in the eyes of a Mahayana cultivator?”

“Hmm,” Bai Jianghan replied, “When you grow a little older, you’ll be able to see it for yourself.”

Suddenly, Bai Chunsheng noticed the increasing speed of these “silver needles,” darting through the crowd at a terrifying rate.

He looked up towards the entrance of the hall and saw the mortal he had encountered in the secret realm of the mountains that afternoon. The man was now dressed in a dark red Daoist robe, with a black jade belt tied around his waist. His attire was simple yet exuded an air of elegance.

Bai Chunsheng looked at him again, puzzled. Could this person be Yan Jingqiu?

Recalling how he had mistaken Yan Jingqiu for an ordinary mortal that afternoon, Bai Chunsheng felt his face flush with embarrassment.

Yan Jingqiu walked steadily towards his seat, his gaze sweeping over Bai Chunsheng briefly before quickly retracting, as if he hadn’t noticed Bai Chunsheng at all.

This made Bai Chunsheng feel indignant. He thought to himself, annoyed and embarrassed, Why didn’t Yan Jingqiu just reveal his identity earlier, instead of toying with him and watching him make a fool of himself?

The Red Peach Fairy beside him sent another telepathic message: “I heard that Yan Jiangu has just executed two Nascent Soul stage female cultivators. The entire Yan family’s third branch has been suppressed to the Cold Abyss Cave in the Water Abyss Realm for punishment, to endure a thousand years of suffering.”

“Oh?” Bai Jianghan suddenly became interested. “Nascent Soul stage cultivators, they should be the peak masters in the Ten Thousand Demon Sect. He’s willing to do this? The Yan family is indeed remarkable, with a big family and big ambitions, haha.”

The Red Peach Fairy replied, “They must have committed serious offenses.”

Bai Jianghan asked, “What serious offenses?”

The Red Peach Fairy said coquettishly, “It’s obviously the Yan family’s business. How would I know? In any case, it’s not a good thing. It’s good that you’re happy.”

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