General’s Gown Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Snow Wolves Without Tears Part 8 

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Yan Changqing didn’t say a word, only glanced at the two sternly. Wei Jin trembled in his heart, so he had to bite the bullet and say with a little grievance. “Well, it was me who let him go…I was deceived!” 

The event started a few hours ago. 

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Trying to hurry and escape, Wei Jin tripped and fell, rolling several consecutive somersaults. Xiang Yu was given a big scare. Without thinking, he jumped down the slope, holding Wei Jin firmly in his arms. 

That was very dangerous. Just a little bit more and Wei Jin’s head would have hit the big rock on the ground. 

“How are you? Did you hit anything?” Xiang Yu asked anxiously, clumsily trying to fix the scattered hair on Wei Jin’s forehead, checking to see if anything was hit. 

However, Wei Jin immediately put a thin white finger on Xiang Yu’s lips. “Shh!” 

Xiang Yu was taken aback for a moment, but fell silent. He pricked his ears to listen. 

The crazy dog ​​barking finally faded away. 

Xiang Yu took a sigh of relief, rubbed his nose, and carefully took out a small cloth bag from his arms. When the cloth bag was opened, it was a handful of black medicine dregs, and a strong bitter taste emanated from the medicine dregs. 

Wei Jin lowered his head and took a sharp sniff, then closed his eyes. 

“Atractylodes. Black night shade. Single horn lotus…” Wei Jin slowly said: “Difuzi, antelope horns…” 

Xiang Yu’s eyes were round. Did this little imperial doctor have a god’s nose? How can he know what medicine it was just from smelling it? 

“And…” Wei Jin suddenly opened his eyes, staring at the dregs in his hands in disbelief. He moved his hand a few times, picked out a small piece, put it on the tip of his nose and smelled it with a serious expression, then threw it into his mouth.

“There is a problem with this medicine, you can’t take it indiscriminately!” Xiang Yu was taken aback, and quickly wanted Wei Jin to spit out the medicine. 

Wei Jin chewed the medicine dregs in his mouth twice before spitting it out. He suddenly cursed. “Oh, you great witch doctor, you dare to steal my master’s things, let’s see if I don’t kill you!” 

While cursing, he jumped up and ran without hesitation with a fierce expression, like a big cat with exploded fur. 

Xiang Yu was confused, but had no choice but to follow the angry Wei Jin to the tent where the great witch doctor was imprisoned. 

The great witch doctor tied with his arms behind his back was caught off guard from being kicked by Wei Jin. His face hit the ground, instantly turning blue. 

“Who are you? You dare to hit me! Do you believe that the White Wolf King will punish you?!” The witch doctor rolled on the ground angrily, but couldn’t get up right away . 

Wei Jin grabbed the collar of the great witch doctor and said angrily, “Why do you have the magical grass my master planted! Did you steal it or snatch it, be honest!” 

The great witch doctor was taken aback. “What magical grass? I don’t know what you’re talking about!” 

Wei Jin took out the medicine dregs in his arms, picked out a few small pieces, and threw them in front of the great witch doctor. “What is this?! Don’t tell me you don’t know!” 

The great witch doctor without looking shook his head and sneered. “I don’t know.” 

“Okay, since you don’t know, then I’ll tell you!” Wei Jin glared at the great witch doctor and said, 

“There is a strange flower in this world called  Meng Xian Tan (Dream Immortal Cloud). This flower has very strict requirements for its growth environment, and can only be grown in the purest snow-capped mountains. In this world, only my master, the immortal doctor Yun Bugui can have a few plants. So I ask you, how did you get it?”

When the great witch doctor heard the three words Yun Bugui, his eyelids twitched and a bit of resentment appeared, but it was fleeting. 

“Don’t want to admit it?” Wei Jin continue.

“Then I will continue to tell you. This Meng Xian Tan has a strange medicinal property. If it is watered with pure snow water, it can exert a miraculous effect to even take a soul out of the hands of the King of H*ll. But if the blood of a virgin is poured on it, it becomes a poisonous weed that can absorb a person’s heart and soul.  When used as medicine, it can make people see illusions, as if their illness is gone. However, once you try it, you will become addicted. Once this accumulates over a long period of time, one’s lamp would just burn out!” 

Xiang Yu was shocked when he heard the words. He looked at Wei Jin, then at the great witch doctor, and suddenly realized that the virgin boys and virgin girls that the great witch doctor got from the wealthy merchant was actually for this purpose! 

Wei Jin took off the wolf mask of the great witch doctor and stared at his green eyes. 

“My master said that this Meng Xiantan was a gift from a deceased person, and he would never give it to others. How did you get it? Why do you want to harm people?” Wei Jin paused, and suddenly had a terrible conjecture in his mind, and blurted out: “What happened to my master!” 

“It turns out that Yun Bugui… it turns out he was your master?” the great witch doctor murmured. Then a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. “Well, for your master’s face, I will tell you.” 

The great witch doctor opened his mouth, but before making a sound, he coughed violently. He coughed so badly, it was like he was almost out of breath. His face flushed, and his eyes rolled straight back.

Wei Jin was taken aback. 


He has asthma! 

After all, Wei Jin was a medical doctor, so he subconsciously rushed to help untie the great witch doctor. Xiang Yu hurriedly stopped him. “What are you doing?” 

Wei Jin’s hand touched the knot behind the great witch doctor, hesitated, and said, “If you don’t loosen the tie, he will be suffocated to death by himself. First we’ll save the person, then we’ll talk!” 

He gritted his teeth and untied the knot with force. The great witch doctor laid on the ground in relief, his coughing lightened as expected, and his face gradually recovered. 

After a while, the great witch doctor slowly opened his eyes, glanced at the two men who were full of vigilance, and said, 

“Thank you” 

Wei Jin snorted coldly, and said, “Don’t think I’m soft-hearted. If you don’t tell me honestly about the origin of this Meng Xiantan, you’ll see how I can make you live and then let you die again!” 

The great witch doctor shook his head. “You are the same as your master—” The second half of the sentence stated was weaker. Only seeing the movement of his lips, Wei Jin couldn’t help but step forward. “What did you say?” 

“The same stupid! Hahahaha!” 

A green light flashed in the eyes of the great witch doctor, then he suddenly stood upright. His figure was extremely fast, and he fled out of the tent with a “swish”. Xiang Yu immediately broke into a run and chased him, but his fingertips just touched the corner of his clothes. Seeing the great witch doctor suddenly scream, it like a night owl screeching. With a wave of his five fingers, a large amount of powder was sprinkled from his cuffs, and the powder was ignited when it fell. 


Yan Changqing was silent after hearing Wei Jin’s speech. He stared at the wolf mask that the great witch doctor had left behind. 

“You mean that although the holy medicine taken by the people of Qinchuan can temporarily relieve the pain caused by the plague, it is actually an addictive poison?”

Wei Jin nodded, “That’s right. However, the poisonous aspect of Meng Xiantan was something taught to me by my master. Besides me, the master has never told others. So I am not sure how this great witch doctor knew about it.” 

“Then how can the poison of the Meng Xiantan be resolved?” Helian Rongchuan interjected. 

Wei Jin’s brows eased slightly. “All things grow and restrain each other. As my master said, Mengxian Tan poison is not superficial, but it is easy to detoxify. Just dig out the roots of Meng Xian Tan and soak it in water, then consume it.” 

Meng Xian Tan, Meng Xian Tan. 

Yan Changqing thought about the name repeatedly. What did the little doctor say just now? This strange flower can only grow in pure snow-capped mountains. So near Qinchuan City, the only snow-capped mountain is… 

Yan Changqing looked up into the distance. 

The moon had come out, and the soft silver light was shining quietly on the snow-capped mountains in the sky. Even if it was so far away and only a vague outline can be seen, the majestic lines of the mountain and the snow-capped peaks were still daunting. 

The people of Qinchuan called this steep snow-capped mountain standing in the vast sea of ​​clouds as Yuncang Mountain. Legend has it that a white wolf who turned into a god was bred in those mountains and the water of the White Wolf River nourished countless holy spirits of Qinchuan. It all originated from there. 

So what is the relationship between the water of the White Wolf River and the plague in Qinchuan City? Was Meng Xiantan really hidden in Yuncang Mountain? Why did the great witch doctor attack the people of Qinchuan? Where were the kidnapped virgin boys and girls?

The answer to all this may only be answered by the silent Yuncang snow Mountain in the distance. 


In the mornings of summer, the moist wind blew the grassland into waves of green grass. Amidst the rolling green waves, a team was advancing in the direction of Yuncang Mountain at a very fast speed. 

This was a silent team, and only horseshoes could be heard in the howling wind. However, when the venomous sun rose into the sky, the gradual hot summer breeze also added the heavy breathing of the guards, and the horse’s more and more strenuous, making gasping nasal noises. 

Helian Rongchuan pressed on the horse’s belly and held the reins in one hand, chasing the team’s most forward member. 

“Changqing.” Helian Rongchuan said, “Stop.” 

Yan Changqing made  a chi sound as if he hadn’t heard him, trying to make the white horse Shuangqi under him run faster. Helian Rongchuan smiled helplessly, put his thumb and index finger between his teeth, and blew a hasty whistle. 

The galloping Shuang Zhui let out a long neigh, raised his front hoofs, stood up high on the ground, and then fell down steadily, stopping the pace of his advancement. 

Yan Changqing turned to dismount. He looked at Helian Rongchuan with a cold expression. 

Helian Rongchuan immediately went forward, bent down, pressed against Yan Changqing’s ear, and whispered softly. “My big treasure ran without sleep all night, my heart feels a little pained.” 

Yan Changqing’s ears became red, and he immediately asked in an angry voice:, “Who is your big treasure…”

Helian Rongchuan’s words were too cheesy, and Yan Changqing couldn’t continue to say the rest. He just stared at him coldly and angrily. 

Helian Rongchuan smirked and lifted his chin. “It’s all you Shuang Zhui!” He blew another horse whistle, and Shuang Zhui heard the sound and immediately raised his hoofs and ran over happily. 

Helian Rongchuan took out a carrot from his coat, and Shuang Zhui stared at it with wide-open eyes. Helian Rongchuan lifted the carrot over his head, Shuang Zhui raised his head, drooling and looking upwards. Helian Rongchuan moved the carrot behind him, Shuang Hao went around the bend, and ran behind him a little impatiently, stretching out it’s neck. 

Yan Changqing:… 


Helian Rongchuan deliberately teased Shuang Zhui a few times before throwing out the carrot. Shuang Zhui immediately opened it’s mouth to catch it, and chewed on it. 

Yan Changqing had a cold face and exerted all his strength, but no matter how he pulled or tugged, the horse refused to leave. It looked at Helian Rongchuan eagerly, looking forward to the next carrot. 

Helian Rongchuan turned around, a little proud, and smiled at the helpless Yan Changqing. 

Okay, it turns out that his mount has rebelled! 

Yan Changqing flicked the rein, turned his head and left. 

“Hey, hey!” Helian Rongchuan hurried to catch up with his horse. “What are you being jealous of a horse for? I was wrong, I only have you as my one treasure, okay??? “

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