General’s Gown Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Tan Hua Dream Part 1 

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Yan Changqing’s eyebrows jumped up when he heard this, and he turned and raised his foot to kick someone. 

Helian Rongchuan had been prepared for a long time, and he dexterously ducked sideways. He walked around behind Yan Changqing, his mouth lacking: “Hitting is like a kiss, cursing is like love, and feelings should not be——oh!” 

Helian Rongchuan jumped on one leg, holding his right toe, he lost his balance and fell to the ground with a thud.

Yan Changqing took back his feet and glanced at Helian Rongchuan whose eyes were filled with tears, and felt relieved. 

He deserved it! 

Turning around, he was about to press into Shuang Zhui and continue to move forward, but Helian Rongchuan simply opened his long legs and arms and laid on his back in the grass to block Yan Changqing’s path, refusing to move. 

Yan Changqing only felt that his patience was almost worn out by the person in front of him. Helian Rongchuan said, “Well, now that I have been beaten and scolded, can I say something to you now?” 

“What are you going to say?” 

“I want you to rest.” Helian Rongchuan raised his head and looked at t Yan Changqing’s hands. 

Yan Changqing noticed his gaze and immediately withdrew his hand. 

“Looking at the mountains, you’ll run your horse to death.” Helian Rongchuan looked away from Yan Changqing’s hand wittily and looked at the snow-capped mountains in the distance. After a rapid rush overnight, the Yuncang Mountain seemed to be the same distance as yesterday in Qinchuan City. Far away. 

“I know you are desperate to go to the mountains to save those children, but we have been running all night, and if we don’t get some rest, I’m afraid we will be exhausted before we get to the snow-capped mountains.”

Yan Changqing frowned slightly, then looked at the team behind him. To prevent the Beirong people from giving up on attacking the city again, he left the black armoured troops outside Qinchuan for defence. Except for Xiang Yu and Wei Jin, most of the soldiers he brought to the snow-capped mountains were Qinchuan city soldiers. All of them were exhausted. Although they did not dare to complain, they were all eagerly staring at him. 

Yes, these soldiers, no matter their physical strength or speed, can’t be compared with the black armoured troops.

Yan Changqing thought for a while, then finally said: “Send the order, dismount and rest!” 

Many soldiers could not help but cheer. The young people also took out the dry rations and shared their food happily. Without stopping to sleep or rest, they were exhausted. 

Wei Jinru felt like he was given a great pardon, and tremblingly climbed down from the horse. He was not good at riding a horse, only dabbling in it a little. Thus after riding all night, he felt his internal organs about to be turned upside down. What made him even more distressed and difficult to mention was the relatively tender skin of his inner thighs. After a night of bumps, it was rubbed until it turned red and swelled. Coupled with the soaking sweat, the stinging and pain made his dismounting action very awkward and clumsy. 

A few good soldiers seeing Wei Jin so gentle and refined, like a delicate girl, couldn’t help but want to tease him. They laughed: “Oh, look, a big miss is getting off the sedan chair!”

Wei Jin grimaced in pain and got off his horse. He couldn’t help but retort: ​​”Who said that! Do you want to die…Ah!” Wei Jin stepped on air and fell straight down. Luckily, it was grass underneath, so his fall didn’t hurt.

“Hahahaha!” There was a burst of triumphant laughter and clapping, “Big miss tripped and fell!”

Wei Jin got angry, got up and grabbed a stone. Without looking at who was laughing at him, he threw it hard at the crowd. 

“Ah!” Xiang Yu happened to be passing by and was unlucky enough to be hit. He cried out in pain and covered his forehead. 

Wei Jin was shocked and hurried over a few steps. He said: “Why are you here? Is it bleeding?” 

Xiang Yu shook his head and smiled with big white teeth, trying to comfort Wei Jin. It’s a pity that his smile affected the wound again, and his grin became a grimace. Wei Jin’s heart squeezed, and he hurriedly pushed away Xiang Yu’s hand that wanted to cover the wound. 

He saw that Xiang Yu was hit by a stone on his forehead, but there was no bleeding. 

Wei Jin breathed a sigh of relief, quickly took out the small medicine box, and took out the ointment for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. He dabbed it with the tip of his finger, and carefully wiped it off Xiang Yu’s forehead. 

He was very close to Xiang Yu, and his soft breath swept gently on Xiang Yu’s face. Xiang Yu looked at Wei Jin’s pointed small chin and dark, serious eyes, and he was secretly surprised. He hadn’t noticed before that this little doctor was very good-looking. 

“Why are they laughing at you?” Xiang Yu suddenly said, “I’ll ask them, and see if they dare to do it again next time!”

Wei Jin was afraid that Xiang Yu would find out about the shameful fact that he couldn’t ride a horse, so immediately shook his head. However, his somewhat awkward walking posture betrayed him. 

Xiang Yu suddenly realized something, slapped his thigh, and said distressingly: “Oh, so you can’t ride a horse! Why didn’t you say so earlier, did your crotch area get worn down?” 

Wei Jin’s face flushed red. He hurriedly covered Xiang Yu’s mouth, and whispered angrily: “If you’re any louder, everyone will know it!” 

Xiang Yu knew that he misspoke and quickly shut up. However, seeing Wei Jin’s awkward posture was a bit painful for him. After lowering his head for a moment to think, Xiang Yu decided to be a good man and carried Wei Jin up. 

Wei Jin was shocked: “What are you doing?” 

“You are walking so awkwardly, so just let me carry you away! You don’t have to be polite with me!” Xiang Yu replied with a simple smile. 

“Who is being polite to you! Let me down!!” Wei Jin was furious. Seeing Xiang Yu walking quickly over a small hillside where the grass grew tall and prosperous, he hurriedly asked: “Where are you going to carry me?” 

“To find a place where no one is to take off your pants and take a look.” Xiang Yu thought about being a good person to the end, and honestly replied: “If it’s worn out, I’ll apply medicine for you.” 

Wei Jin only felt that he was going to lose it. This Xiang Yu, who usually looked so honest, turned out to be a big hoodlum just like his second prince! 

So he lifted his foot and kicked and kicked, and finally jumped off Xiang Yu. 

Xiang Yu looked at Wei Jin aggrieved and puzzled. 

This person was fine just now, how can he suddenly change his face? 

“Who got worn out! Who wants you to apply medicine! Humph!”

Wei Jin gave Xiang Yu a fierce look, slightly crossed his legs, and awkwardly climbed down the hill, looking for a place to apply the medicine himself. 

Xiang Yu was covered in ashes from being kicked by Wei Jin. He stood pitifully for a long time, scratching the back of his head, very puzzled. 

Tsk tsk, deadwood can’t be carved, it cannot be carved! (refers to the fact that things and some situations are set)

Helian Rongchuan sat cross-legged on a meadow not far away, dangling a blade of grass at the corner of his mouth, and had a panoramic view of the scene of Xiang Yu and Wei Jin just now. He sighed and shook his head. 

Yan Changqing sat upright and looked at him strangely: “What are you sighing for?” 

“Huh, like general like soldier.” Helian Rongchuan continued to shake his head: “This general is an icy boy who doesn’t understand love, and his soldiers can only be slow-witted clumsy problems.” 

Yan Changqing knew that Helian Rongchuan had some hidden meaning in his words again, so he didn’t bother to care about him. He turned his head away. 

Helian Rongchuan sighed again, looked at Yan Changqing, and said, “Hands, give me.” 

Yan Changqing was taken aback, trying to hide his hands behind him. Helian Rongchuan’s eyes were quick, and he grabbed his wrist. 

Helian Rongchuan spread out the palm of Yan Changqing’s hand and saw that the web between his thumb and forefinger had small wounds from the coarse horse rein. 

Helian Rongchuan knew that people who fought on horseback all year round would have rough calluses formed by the reins on their hands. This played a protective role for the other party, making the palms less likely to be worn out.

But it was not absolute protection. If the rider was too impatient and constantly flicked the horse’s rein to urge the horse to move forward, then the horse’s huge momentum will still be transmitted to the palm through the rein. After a long time, the movements would cause bleeding. 

“Does it hurt?” Helian Rongchuan frowned slightly, carefully examining the wound on Yan Changqing’s hand. 

Why is this person so anxious? To save others, he doesn’t even care about his own body? Fortunately, he found out. Helian Rongchuan was worried that Yan Changqing would pass out because of overwork. 

Helian Rongchuan became more distressed as he watched. He took out the ointment he had prepared, and gently rubbed it on Yan Changqing’s wound. 

The ointment was cold, and Yan Changqing flinched subconsciously. 

Helian Rongchuan thought that Yan Changqing was afraid of the pain, and quickly blew gently on Yan Changqing’s wound: “Last time you said it won’t hurt if blown like this, right?” 

It was okay if it wasn’t mentioned, but once it was, Yan Changqing immediately recalled the extremely ridiculous scene in the tent that day that made his face flush and he hurriedly withdrew his hands: “I’ll do it myself!” 

Seeing Yan Changqing blush, Helian Rongchuan immediately guessed what he was thinking. He couldn’t help but smirk, “What are you blushing for? Did you think of that time? What? Do you still want it?” 

Yan Changqing only felt a stream of blood rush to his head, and he was about to be embarrassed to death. He bitterly cursed: “I want your head!” 

“Teng”, he stood up and left. 

Helian Rongchuan laughed extremely happily. He followed Yan Changqing, and raised his eyebrows playfully: “Which head do you want? Big or small?”

Yan Changqing was taken aback and suddenly understood what Helian Rongchuan was referring to. Ashamed and angry, he lifted his foot to kick. 

“Hey, hey, how can you kick people again!” Helian Rongchuan hurriedly avoided Yan Changqing’s wild foot and said: “No matter which head, I will be very happy. I welcome you at any time——” 

“You… !” 

Yan Changqing took a deep breath and remained silent. He found out that it seems that the angrier he is, the more energetic Helian Rongchuan is! 

So he made up his mind to ignore him and just walk on his own. 

Helian Rongchuan followed with the ointment in his hands: “Hey, the medicine hasn’t been applied yet!” 

Yan Changqing didn’t look back: “Don’t need it!” 

Helian Rongchuan looked at Yan Changqing’s stubborn back, knowing that he was angry again. He couldn’t help but smile. He was about to chase him to say a few good words, but suddenly heard a shrill cry from not far away— 


Looking in the direction of the scream, Yan Chanqing saw that under the hillside not far away, Wei Jin was caught in his calf by a snow-white shadow, and was being dragged away quickly! 

Yan Changqing looked intently, his heart sank, and he almost cried out. It turned out that this snow-white shadow was a huge white wolf!

Not good! 

The closest, Xiang Yu, reacted the fastest. He flipped over and rode on the horse nearest to him in a few steps. Before thinking about it, a short knife pierced the horse’s buttocks. The horse was shocked and hissed and rushed down the hill like an arrow. 

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll save you!” Xiang Yu roared and disappeared into the lush grass in a blink of an eye. 

Several of Xiang Yu’s capable men hurriedly stepped on their horses to chase them. However, as soon as they ran down the hillside, the horses suddenly raised their front hooves, hissed sharply, and began to retreat! 

“Wolves… there are wolves!” Several timid soldiers peed their pants, their voices trembling. 

Everyone looked over at the sound and was shocked. It turned out that in the lush grass under the hillside, at some point, a group of white bodies, green eyes flashing, murderous white wolves had appeared!

These wolves were about thirty or forty, forming a big encirclement. It pressed toward the crowd step by step. Each wolf was half a meter tall, with a stiff tail with thick calves. The fur on the body was shiny and smooth, standing upright, like silver needles in the sun, shining with a breathtaking cold light. 

In the entire encirclement, there was only a small gap in the northwest corner, which was left by Xiang Yu when he rushed out despite himself. The wolf that was charged at by him seemed to be injured, and his steps were heavier than other wolves. 

Yan Changqing and Helian Rongchuan looked at each other, flew on their horses, and rushed out first. The soldiers finally turned around, got on their horses and followed them closely. At this time, fighting alone will lead to inevitable death in the mouth of a wolf. Only by being united can they charge at them! 

A group of horses was mighty. With the dust lifted, facing the cavalry who was charging straight forward, the white wolves froze for a moment and immediately realized that this group of people wanted to rush out from the gap just now. The encirclement began to shrink rapidly. 

Yan Changqing didn’t mean to rein in his horse at all. Although his Shuang Zhui was gluttonous, he was baptized on the battlefield. It was a warhorse accustomed to guns and arrows, it would not be timid to face a pack of wolves. It stiffened its neck and rushed forward bravely. Helian Rongchuan smiled, clamped his horse belly, and rushed forward side by side with Yan Changqing. 

With the sound of the wind rustling in the ears, the horse ran extremely fast and was about to collide head-on with the white wolves with sharp teeth.

The two reined their horses and the two handsome horses jumped up almost at the same time. In the backlight, they saw the hoofs raised, and they were about to pass the wolves. A white wolf closest to him immediately flew on his body, and his sharp teeth were about to pierce the horse’s belly— 

Helian Rongchuan suddenly rose into the air, turned his waist, saw the opportunity, and kicked the white wolf’s most fragile and soft part of the body——its belly! 

The white wolf wailed and was kicked to the ground. Before it could turn over, Yan Changqing half-leaned down from his horse’s back. With a wave of his long arm, a sword pierced through the wide-opened wolf’s mouth and pierced it straight through its throat. 

This white wolf was killed on the ground by Yan Changqing’s sword, and the wolf’s blood was spilled! 

Seeing their companions being killed, these white wolves did not have fear at all but besieged them even more murderously. 

Helian Rongchuan quietly looked at Yan Changqing’s handsome and cold profile. In a daze, he seemed to have returned to the day when he first saw Yan Changqing. His Changqing was still the same as that day, decisive, brave, and stern, and every move shone with a light that made his heart move. 

Helian Rongchuan suddenly said, “Hey!” 

Yan Changqing turned around and took the scimitar that Helian Rongchuan threw at him. Slightly stunned, he pulled it out of the sheath! 

On the handle of the knife was a picture of a Dongyun eagle piercing through the clouds that Yan Changqing was familiar with. The sharp blade was made entirely of temper snow stone, gleaming brightly in the sun. 

To kill wolves, the best thing to use was a sharp blade.

Yan Changqing narrowed his eyes and looked at Helian Rongchuan against the wind. 

In the fierce gust of wind, the two of their hair danced and they looked at each other and laughed. 

“Good blade!”

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