Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 45

Chapter 45

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Gu Yaoyang ignored him and took the doll before placing it in the bag. Chris had already paid the price for his actions, so he didn’t care about him anymore. The black thread around the doll’s neck was sewn by Gu Yaoyang himself. He made Lin Yuyan forget about the doll before he could even react, forcefully pulling him into his bed before turning the light off and going to sleep. 

The next day, Gu Yaoyang went to the club while Lin Yuyan rested at home for a while before opening his suitcase. There were only a few clothes inside, which he wore and washed in the hospital. He told Gu Yaoyang that he had sneaked back to him when in reality, he had made a little fuss when he left. 

But every person has to do something for themselves, for their dreams or love. 

He used to think he didn’t have the courage to do so, but later he found out that it wasn’t so difficult after all. He likes to draw and is aiming to go to an art school. He loves Gu Yaoyang and wants to stay by his side. Even if his father cuts off all his sources of income and threatens him if he takes a step out of the hospital, he would no longer be a part of the Lin family, he would still resolutely leave.  

The reason he came here isn’t entirely because of Gu Yaoyang. He wants to try to be himself and bravely stand up for himself for once. 

It doesn’t matter if he succeeded or not. At least these are the things he wants to do for himself, and wasn’t imposed onto him by other people. Lin Yuyan felt that he had grown alot. He closed the suitcase and patted his face before putting on his clothes and going to the club. 

When the black lady saw him, she excitedly jumped from her seat and walked out of the front desk. She gave him a warm hug as she excitedly said, “Lin! Long time no see. You’re finally back!”

Lin Yuyan smiled and greeted her before asking, “Is Mr. Zeng here?” 

The black lady took Lin Zhizhi to sit in the reception area and poured him a cup of coffee as she asked, “Didn’t you come to see G?” 

Lin Yuyan answered, “We’ve already met and just separated this morning.” 

“No wonder!” The black lady sat opposite him holding her chest, and exaggeratedly said, “G’s mood seemed different today, it’s as if it returned to the days when you were here.” 

Lin Yuyan asked, “What happened to him when I was away?”

 The black lady immediately showed a sad expression as she explained, Actually, people who aren’t familiar with him wouldn’t notice anything different. He is always cold and expressionless after all. But I am his most loyal fan, and I pay attention to his mood every day.” 

As she spoke, she picked out a sunflower that had been sitting on the vase for almost a week. All of its petals fell off when she picked it up, it was wilting. She continued, “When you’re not around, he’s like this flower. It’s as if there’s a dark cloud of rain constantly hovering above his head. He was constantly in a bad mood and is easily irritable. You haven’t seen how scary he could be. Even the reporters stood one meter away from him whenever they interviewed him.” 

“But today… Ah! There it is!” The black lady exclaimed as she held a bunch of freshly delivered flowers from the side of the sofa, “Although his face is still expressionless, his eyes were bright. He looked especially handsome today!” 

Listening to the lady’s description, Lin Yuyan felt distressed for Gu Yaoyang. He didn’t know how Gu Yaoyang lived these past few months. Maybe he was as miserable as him when he was at the hospital, or maybe even worse. 

After chatting for a while, the black lady looked at the time and said, “The boss and G’s economic team are in a meeting. By the way, you do know that G won the WCE championship, right?” 

Lin Yuyan nodded. 

The black lady continued, “G is very popular now. If you heard the news, you’ll know how successful he is now. He’s simply a god in the hearts of countless people. A few days ago, some fans even came here to block the club’s entrance to meet him. They couldn’t be driven away!” 

Lin Yuyan didn’t pay much attention to the news, but when he was in the hospital, he took advantage of the times when the aunt who took care of him was on her phone and he would watch the whole final rounds from the window of the other room where there lived a middle-aged uncle in the next ward, his wound that had just been stitched close burst open again when Gu Yaoyang won. 

At that moment, the phone at the front desk rang. The black lady told him to wait a bit as she returned to work. 

 Half an hour later, Mr. Zeng finished his work. Lin Yuyan went upstairs to look for him and saw Gu Yaoyang through the glass of the meeting room. Gu Yaoyang also saw him. He wanted to go out and greet him, but Lin Yuyan waved his hand, telling him to continue his work while he went to talk to his teacher about something. 

 Gu Yaoyang nodded and continued to discuss work with his manager. His manager is in his early thirties, and he’s a bit overwhelmed about having such a strong and young rising star for the first time in his career. Collaboration and invitational letters are coming one after another. If they accept them all, there would be no free time for them in the next two years. 

“Let’s make some trade-offs. Although any cooperation is very important and will make you more and more popular in the circle, you will definitely overwork your body. I know you’re young and you aren’t worried about these things, but…” 

 Gu Yaoyang shook his head as he looked at Lin Yuyan’s figure before calmly replying, “It’s fine.” 

The manager mentioned it more than once, but he responded like this every time he asked. So, he stopped looking for trouble and began the next itinerary.

Gu Yaoyang was busy until after eight o’clock in the evening. When he returned, Lin Yuyan had already ordered a simple takeaway and was waiting for him to eat together. At best, he could only cook some soup in the kitchen. He didn’t manage to learn it during the time he was away, so soup is the best thing he could cook for now. 

“Are you back?”  Lin Yuyan asked as he lay on the dining table, he didn’t even get up to greet him. Gu Yaoyang gave a casual response as he changed his shoes before asking, “What did you discuss with Zeng Yi today?” 

Lin Yuyan was holding a pen and was writing in a newly bought newspaper as he answered, “I want to apply to a local university, and I asked my teacher about the situation.” 

Mostine has a well-known art school with many international students. Lin Yuyan had considered

applying to it before. Although it is not a first-class school, it isn’t bad overall. 

“How did it go?” 

“Well… I need to get some domestic certificates before taking the entrance exam in three months.”

Three months should be enough for him to prepare. Gu Yaoyang responded before walking over and hugging him from behind. Just as he was about to have dinner with him, he glanced at the contents of the newspaper and frowned. 

Lin Yuyan was snuggling against him and smooching him. Before he could even place his pen down, the newspaper under his hands was snatched away. 

 Gu Yaoyang stood up straight, turning a few pages of the newspaper before asking, “You want to work?” 

Lin Yuyan asked, “What’s wrong?” He doesn’t have much money anymore, so he must go to work. Although he has never applied for a job before, he still has his hands and feet, and he’s not disabled either, so it shouldn’t be a big problem. 

The tuition isn’t very expensive, and he should be able to earn some money in three months. He also checked the application for scholarships today. If his grades are good enough, he can reduce his tuition by a lot, and if it’s not enough, he can always think of other ways to reduce it. 

Gu Yaoyang said, “No.” 

Lin Yuyan asked, “No what?”

Gu Yaoyang answered, “Getting a part-time job.” 

Lin Yuyan asked again, “Why?” 

Gu Yaoyang answered, “No reason. If I say you can’t, then you can’t. In these next three months, you should take a good rest and prepare for the exam.”

Lin Yuyan retorted, “I’ve been resting in the hospital for a long time. Even if I’m preparing for the exam, I can still  go to work to make some money.”

 Gu Yaoyang raised his eyes, he seemed to have a vague guess about his situation as he asked, “Lin Zhiyuan froze your card?” 

Lin Yuyan hesitated for a while, before nodding as he said, “That’s why I have to work by myself.”


“Why not?”

Gu Yaoyang replied, “No reason. You’ll absolutely not get a part-time job in this short term. If you want to, you’ll have to grow 20 catties of meat first.”

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