He’s so Flirty Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Call me

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The volume of Wen Yufeng’s voice was not high, but it was enough for the students at the back rows to hear clearly.

Surprise was inevitable, but more than that, it was the gossipy eyes of the people exchanging information with each other; there were even a few desks where the pair at the same table simply came together and started whispering.

Qin Qing was unaware of all this.

The voice that seemed to be still in her ears was still magnetic and hoarse, and there was an inexplicable teasing within it after listening carefully. Qin Qing was silent for a few seconds before she stepped back half a step as if scared away.

She strained her face and looked at Wen Yufeng seriously: “But, classmate Wen, you didn’t hand in your paper.”


The glass window reflected the handsome face, his sword eyebrows was slightly raised and his dark eyes narrowed.

The boy turned his face back unhurriedly.

“What did you call me?”

Qin Qing hesitated for a second and repeated her previous words.

“Classmate Wen, you didn’t hand in your paper.”

However, Wen Yufeng was not to be taken away from this topic by the point she wanted to emphasize. Instead, a dangerous light flashed in his black eyes.

“Classmate Wen?”


 Qin Qing didn’t answer the question this time, but frowned her thin eyebrows.

She thought this person was too picky–

 “Senior” is not allowed, and “classmate” is not allowed. Does he have to be called like the others?

But she really couldn’t say it out loud.

Qin Qing’s thin eyebrows tightened more and more, and finally she had to pretend not to hear Wen Yufeng’s rhetorical question, and looked down at the roster.

“You are the only one that has not turned in your paper.”


Knowing that the timing of the occasion was not right, Wen Yufeng did not continue to delve into the problem of his title.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, turned to lift his thin lips, and seemed to be smiling lazily.

“I didn’t do my homework.”

Qin Qing frowned and looked at the boy disapprovingly.

“It’s not good not to do homework.”

For this somewhat familiar statement, Wen Yufeng really couldn’t suppress the rise of the lips.

His eyes lifted, and a smile appeared in his dark eyes:

“How is it bad? …… Will I not find a good job in the future, and no little girl will marry me? ”


Remembering the conversation in the math office in the first year of high school last semester, Qin Qing’s cheeks were red.

Knowing that she couldn’t get what she wanted from this person’s hand, Qin Qing hugged the papers in her hand tightly, glanced at Wen Yufeng with a little anger, and then turned around and went away.

It wasn’t until he saw the girl’s petite figure disappear from the classroom door that Wen Yufeng lowered his eyebrows and smiled slowly.

After two seconds, he raised his eyes, and his sharp gaze swept through most of the classroom.

Even if there was still a little bit of the thin smile left in his black eyes that would fade away in the future, the eyes that was gradually cooling down still made the students who secretly observed it feel shocked. They turned away their eyes and lowered their heads.

No matter whether Wen Yufeng was jokingly intimate to his new classmate, making them feel unfamiliar with him, he couldn’t change the sense of distance that he can create with just one look.

The only exception was this new classmate


Five minutes before the end of the second session of the evening self-study, Qin Qing had already packed up her backpack and was staring at the clock hanging in front of her with a serious face.

During these kinds of moments, the second hand always moved very slowly.

She wondered if the second hand had turned back a little in secret.

After several consecutive doubts about the clock turning alive, Qin Qing finally waited for the last minute of the second session of the evening self-study…

Thirty seconds… Fifteen seconds…

Just as Qin Qing was preparing to count down the last ten counts in her heart, in the quiet classroom, a very light footstep sounded.

Before Qin Qing could turn her gaze curiously to confirm the situation, a shadow was cast on her by the classroom light.

A tall boy stood at her table with his hands in the pockets of his pants, smiling lazily.

“The wall clock is about to be pierced by you, little student.” 

After speaking, Wen Yufeng walked out of the classroom. 

Leaving Qin Qing behind, her cheeks gradually turned red as she sat there, and a suppressed laughter came from the students who finally reacted.

The eyes of the crowd on her back made Qin Qing almost resentful, but fortunately, after the boy’s figure disappeared outside the door, the bell rang for the end of class.

Qin Qing stood up without hesitation and trotted out under the laughter of most of the classroom.

At this time in the corridor, there were still very few students. Most of them have to stay in school for three sessions of evening self-study; even those that had only two sessions, they were often leisurely and self-satisfied, and few were as eager as Qin Qing.

Qin Qing didn’t have the heart to care so much, she only wanted to rush home as soon as possible, and then quickly nestle into her soft bed.

She had just gone downstairs, and taken her first step under the veranda; when behind her, a low laugh came from the corner of the wall next to the veranda—

“Tian Tian.”

Qin Qing was unexpectedly frightened, and with an “ah” sound, she hid to the side.

When she turned her head to look, standing there reclining against the wall, with his hands in his  pants pocket and smiling at her disposition, was none other than Wen Yufeng, who had left ahead of her.

Only this person would call her by her nickname at school.

Qin Qing rejoiced that she was not in the classroom at this time and that there were no students passing by, and he was not heard by a third person.

After this thought passed, Qin Qing didn’t consider it anymore, turned her head back and walked quickly in the direction of the school gate.

  Although he didn’t get an answer, Wen Yufeng still saw the faint redness on Qin Qing’s cheeks through the slightly imperceptible light of the street lamp.

He smiled happily, straightened up from the reclining wall, and followed her unhurriedly with his long legs.

The road a few hundred meters away from the school gate was neither short nor long, so Qin Qing fully understood the problem of the disparity in travel speed caused by the gap in leg length.

At least she felt that even if she took out her highest speed for the first lap of the 800 meters, the man would still leisurely follow her.

It was as if he was casually strolling, he didn’t even take his hands out of his trouser pockets.

Qin Qing took her eyes off the shadow that was pulled in front of her by the street lamp, and slightly tightened the backpack belt with her mouth.

The forced pace was eventually constrained by her physical strength and she had to slow down.

Wen Yufeng, who had followed behind through a large part of the campus’s forest road, lifted his thin lips. He could naturally see that the girl had given up on the idea of distancing herself from him.

Wen Yufeng simply increased his pace by a few points, shortening the already not far distance between the two to nothing.

He walked over to the girl’s side and slowed down.

Having walked side by side for several meters, Wen Yufeng did not open his mouth. He just walked quietly beside Qin Qing; the smile on his face seemed to be as if nothing was up, and his attitude was lazy and relaxed.

Qin Qing, who had begun to hold her breath from the moment this person came to her side, had a small blushing face, and finally she turned her face first and opened her mouth.

“…… Don’t follow me. ”

The girl’s voice was soft and light. Even if she was slightly annoyed, it could not avoid making people thinking it was cute.

If it weren’t for the fact that she wanted to push him far away, Wen Yufeng felt that he would probably agree to whatever she said.

…… That was a bit scary.

Wen Yufeng lowered his eyes with mixed feelings, looking at the little girl standing next to him, and the usual sharpness between his eyebrows unconsciously softened.

“Isn’t this the first time you’ve come home after a evening study? Since it’s on the way, I’ll send you back.”


The girl hesitated for a few seconds, as if she wanted to say something, but she changed her words again——

“Senior, why?”

Qin Qing opened her eyes wide and asked the boy beside her with curiosity.

Indeed, she could not understand it. Why was it that from the very beginning, it seemed that this person’s actions in front of her were different from the ones that Man Xue talked about.

If the simple encounters before were not enough to make her curious, then from the moment she was transferred to this class and the inevitable interactions they had, she could not allow this question, which could not be defined or answered, to remain in front of her.

The girl’s questions was unclear, but Wen Yufeng and Qin Qing looked at each other for two seconds before he somehow understood what she was trying to say.

Wen Yufeng was silent for a few seconds. He chuckled and turned his face away.

“I don’t know.”

He had always been magnanimous, regardless of whether he treated others or himself. So if he said he didn’t know, he really didn’t know.


However, Qin Qing could not see or understand this point in Wen Yufeng’s personality at this moment. Therefore, after the boy laughed lightly and gave a perfunctory answer, a little bit of anger, that was different from before, appeared in her heart.

Qin Qing looked down. After a few seconds, she spoke softly.

“Senior, today’s dessert was delicious. Thank you.Thank you for all the help you’ve given me. But even if you’re saying that you want to repay me for my kindness, I think we have settled it long ago.”

“……” Wen Yufeng narrowed his eyes. His intuition told him that the girl was in a bad mood. He was just about to speak when he stopped.

“Thank you for your concern about me going home. However, my mother has already informed my cousin that he should come to pick me up from school in the future.”

Qin Qing held her breath and finished speaking. When she looked up at Wen Yufeng, her face was still slightly red, but her black and white eyes were clear.

  “That’s why, Senior, we don’t need to repay gratitude in the future. It’s alright to stop here.”

After saying that, Qin Qing did not give Wen Yufeng a chance to say more. She only quickly added one last sentence. “I’m leaving now. Goodbye, Senior.”

After she finished speaking, the girl was like a fluttering butterfly. Without looking back, she left the school gate, which was already close to her, and ran towards the boy waiting under the pine tree.

The boy smiled as he took the girl’s backpack and dragged her to the parking area.

Wen Yufeng was standing inside the gate one step away from the gate. He narrowed his eyes and unblinkingly watched the car leave his line of sight.

Until even the shadow at the back of the car could no longer be seen.

Wen Yufeng, who was standing where he was, lowered his eyes. Cold and dangerous emotions hovered in his dark eyes.


The feeling of seeing his own girl being taken away but not being able to snatch her back…

As expected, it was really…really irritating.

After a long while, Wen Yufeng slowly raised his gaze and looked in a direction where she had long disappeared. The lines on his thin lips slowly rose up.

There was no trace of a smile in his eyes.

On the other side of the car, Qin Hao looked at the girl in the rearview mirror. Her delicate and beautiful little face was slightly taut, not revealing any emotions.

However, Qin Hao, who had grown up with Qin Qing, knew that his cousin must be upset because of something.

“Xiao Qing.”

Qin Hao turned the steering wheel as he asked,” Are you still unhappy about studying at night?”

Qin Qing recovered from Qin Hao’s words and shook her head.


“Then why?”

“……” Qin Qing looked at the students passing by the window as they returned home. She was silent for a few seconds before she asked in a low voice,” Second Brother, would you provoke a little girl in school?”


This question made Qin Hao’s heart skip a beat. After a while, he cleared his throat.

“Ahem, what… It is only natural for people to want to be close to beautiful things. What’s more, your second brother is still single and has the right to yearn for love ……”

Qin Hao was trying his best to figure out an excuse, but a thought flashed through his mind.

The awkward expression on his face suddenly changed. “You have a guy in your new class teasing you?” 

Qin Qing turned around and repeated the word in confusion. “Teasing?”

Qin Hao’s expression became even more anxious as he explained, “Is there someone just treating you well for no reason and even joking with you out of nowhere.”


Qin Qing was silent for a while before turning her face away and looking out the window.


Qin Hao heaved a sigh of relief, but he was still worried.

“Xiao Qing, those kinds of sweet talkers are all bad guys. Don’t let them fool you with a few words or a little favor. There are too many tricks like this and who knows how many girls it has been used on.” 

Qin Qing was silent for a longer time before she nodded slowly. “Yeah, I got it.”


When she arrived at school the next day, Qin Qing was somewhat uneasy.

After all, the night before, she had rejected all the good intentions of that person with such a resolute attitude. Even though Qin Hao’s words made her feel a little guilty after that, Qin Qing felt especially absent-minded when she thought of how she might have some interaction with that person today.

However, when she reached the classroom, she realized that the person had not appeared in the classroom at all.

When he eventually walked in he didn’t even have his schoolbag. He only wore a clean school uniform and his tie was slightly loose. He unbuttoned his suit to reveal his strong waist. The back of his shirt hung flat on the outside of his pants, but he still looked down at his slender legs.

When he passed through the classroom without saying a word, the students along the way consciously restrained their actions and voices. After he passed by, they returned to their original state.

However, what surprised everyone this time was that the girl sitting in the first row didn’t get a second of his attention.


When he walked past Qin Qing, Wen Yufeng did not even look up, as if he did not know the person sitting there.

Qin Qing couldn’t help feeling a bit regretful. After all, this person was the first male classmate she knew who could be considered a “friend”. However, apart from her regret, the girl was still more relieved.

Unfortunately, Qin Qing’s sigh could not relax for too long.

Before the last class in the morning, the representative of the Chinese class walked into the classroom with the teacher’s teaching materials.

The class representative placed the book on the desk while reminding the students. 

“Next class, the teacher will spot-check the memorization of text. Everyone, prepare as soon as possible.”

When they heard this, the class went into a state of panic. They all went back to their seats to search for the Chinese language books and started to study.

Qin Qing was a little dumbfounded. She saw Fang Xiaojing, who was sitting at the same table, quickly ending her conversation with someone at the back seat. She turned around and took out the Chinese language book, flipping the pages of the book.

As if noticing Qin Qing’s gaze, Fang Xiaojing turned around and said: “This semester, the new Chinese language teacher is extremely strict. You have to go to the office to get admonished if you fail to recite. Hurry up and go borrow this book. I can’t help you.”

Qin Qing paused and nodded. 

When Fang Xiaojing turned around, Qin Qing frowned.

……This was a little awkward. She had just said all that to that person yesterday. She shouldn’t have to borrow books from him today. However, she really didn’t know anyone in her class…

At the same time, in the back of the classroom.

Almost as soon as he walked outside the back door of the classroom, Li Xiang realized that there was no one behind him. He was taken aback for a moment and looked away. As expected, he saw Wen Yufeng standing in the aisle.

The boy’s brows and eyes frowned slightly, as if he was hesitating. Li Xiang turned around curiously and walked back, “Brother Yu, why aren’t you leaving?”

Before he raised his voice, he saw Wen Yufeng, who was standing there, had turned around. He had picked up the Chinese textbook from the brand new row of textbooks on the shelf behind him, and then walked forward.

Seeing the direction Wen Yufeng was walking, Li Xiang immediately felt curious and followed him on tiptoe.

With the advantage of his long legs, within a few steps, Wen Yufeng came to the aisle next to the first row. He stopped and turned sideways.

As soon as the male figure stopped, the surrounding reciting voices instantly lowered a lot in volume.

On the seat, feeling the shadow, Qin Qing hesitated and raised her small face. Their eyes met.

     …So tall.

Her small neck was a little sore, and the girl couldn’t help sighing in her heart.

Wen Yufeng naturally didn’t know what the girl was thinking at this time. Seeing Qin Qing raise her face, he faintly shook the book in his hand.

 “Do you want to use the textbook?”

It looked like he was using dried fish to lure the disobedient little milk cat.

The “Little Milk Cat” nodded guiltily.

 …This person is so nice, he doesn’t care about what she said yesterday.

 Before Qin Qing finished thinking like this, she heard the boy’s low-pitched, magnetic voice stained with a thin smile——

“But you said yesterday, we have cleared our debts. So, I can give you the textbook, but in exchange, you have to promise to help me with one thing.”


Qin Qing was silent, but thinking about the many things since their encounter, she felt that Wen Yufeng would not make any excessive demands.

And she did feel a little guilty towards him, and it would be better to do something to help him.

Thinking of this, Qin Qing nodded obediently.

 Seeing the scene, the boy lifted his thin lips slightly.

Then he raised his eyes–

“Call me.”

Qin Qing: “…?????”

Wen Yufeng narrowed his eyes and repeated it patiently.

“My name. Three words, not a single word left out.”

He stared at the girl for an instant, “I will give you the book if you say it.”

Qin Qing: “…”

The recitation in this area finally fell silent after this sentence——

It fell into a dead silence.

     The author has something to say:

 Classmates who stopped reciting: Recently, Brother Yu… is very confusing.

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