He’s so Flirty Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Waking up energy

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Li Xiang choked for a long time before he came back to his senses, and he widened his eyes to look at Wen Yufeng.

“Self-study? Brother Yu, are you serious? You’re kidding right? ”


Wen Yufeng didn’t say a word, only turned his gaze back and glanced lazily at Li Xiang.

Li Xiang shrunk his neck and responded without any courage: “Eh, then we’ll leave first.” 

“…… Wait a minute. ”

Wen Yufeng shouted, “There is something I want to ask you. ”


Upon hearing that Wen Yufeng was actually going to ask him about something, Li Xiang came over curiously.

“Brother Yu, what’s the matter?”


Twenty minutes later, the students of class 6 of high school grade 2 looked at the front of the classroom stunned—Wen Yufeng, who had never appeared in the evening self-study, walked in from outside.

He also carried an elaborately packaged dessert box in his left hand. 

Wen Yufeng walked into the classroom, his facial features wore a playful smile, and his eyes were fixed in a certain position for a while.

Then he stopped his pace, leaned down, and the smile in his eyes became a little thicker. 

At the moment, the girl behind the desk in front of him was still lying on the table, lost in thought and obviously not noticing his presence. Those beautiful and clear eyes had no focus.

“Why so dejected?” 

A low and clear male voice sounded, and Qin Qing’s thin shoulders trembled, and she quickly straightened her waist.

She was still a little immersed in her previous thoughts, and there was also a little dazed emotion in her eyes as she looked at the boy.

This was the first time Wen Yufeng had seen such emotions in a girl. Like a lost little house cat, looking at him with its shrunken tiny body, but deep in its pupils was hidden a desire to try what it didn’t know.

Without waiting for Wen Yufeng to investigate in detail, the girl had already narrowed her expression and lowered her eyes.

The slightly curled eyelashes cast a faint shadow on her porcelain-white skin.

“I’m okay.” The girl’s voice was very soft.

Wen Yufeng frowned slightly, but quickly smoothed out his emotions.

He raised his hand and placed the dessert box he was carrying on the girl’s table. His voice was not hurried, and listening carefully, it seemed there was some comfort hidden beneath it.

“Your supper.”


Qin Qing looked at the beautiful and exquisite little gift box and couldn’t help but shudder.

After a few seconds, she suddenly returned to her senses and shook her head vigorously: “Senior, I-“

  “For the last time, I am not your senior.”  Wen Yufeng interrupted her and straightened up, but there was a lazy smile between his curved and sharp expression.

He looked at the girl with a smile on his face: “Also, according to you, this is just repayment for your kindness.”

After speaking, Wen Yufeng turned around and walked back to his seat without giving Qin Qing another chance to refuse.

Qin Qing, who was sitting in the front row, struggled with the dessert box for a while, and then pushed the box a little hesitantly, away from her own line of sight.

Don’t get a reward if it’s not deserved. This cannot be eaten; the most important thing is that mother strictly said that desserts and fried foods must not be touched…

  Qin Qing calmed her agitated heart with a sullen face.

The pacification work on her side lasted less than half a minute, and Fang Xiaojing came back from the cafeteria after dinner.

Before sitting down, Fang Xiaojing glanced at the dessert box on the table. She looked at Qin Qing in amazement, “I really didn’t know you were such a researcher in the food area, huh?”

Qin Qing opened her big eyes slightly, her eyes inquisitive.

Fang Xiaojing pointed to the dessert box: “This dessert is well-known, and it is regarded as the most famous store near the school. It is often out of stock, especially this one, which is sold in limited quantities every day.  And it’s always in short supply. I haven’t been able to buy it several times.”

Upon hearing this, the girl’s eyes lit up a bit:

 “Is it delicious?”


Feeling irritated by the staring gaze that was too sincere, Fang Xiaojing turned around and said stiffly.

“I haven’t been able to get it once, how do I know…”

If Fang Xiaojing had only explicitly said “delicious”, Qin Qing probably would not have had such a great curiosity. But it was the words “I don’t know” and “didn’t get it” that immediately made Qin Qing’s heart feel like it had been scratched by a kitten’s claws.

–Single glance at the box, and her heart was itchy.

After a minute of internal warfare, the beautiful ribbon on the box was opened by a pair of small hands.

…… Just one taste.

Qin Qing strained her little face and thought seriously.

Dozens of seconds later. 

Qin Qing squeezed the small fork, feeling the soft and melting texture in the mouth, the corners of her lips could not help but curve up in a soft arc.

The girl’s eyes narrowed slightly, looking like a small cat in the warm afternoon sun.

The taste was amazing. Qin Qing looked at the dessert that she had scooped up, and within a second, she happily overturned her previous decision…

Well, it’s too wasteful to eat just one bite …… I’ll just eat it this once.


The first period of the desperate evening study was not as difficult, thanks to the blessing of this dessert, as Qin Qing expected, and the mood at the beginning of the study was even bright and comfortable. However, due to her biological clock, she dozed off almost halfway through the first period.

When the ear-splitting bell rang at the end of the evening self study session, the sleeping Qin Qing was startled awake with a jolt.

Qin Qing was always confused when she first wakes up, so she raised her head to look at the people in front of the classroom. She was sleepily dazed for a while before her consciousness and sanity gradually returned.

After reflecting on where she was at this time, Qin Qing slowly pressed her head back, looking like she wanted to go back to sleep.

Fang Xiaojing had been speechless for half a lesson but finally could not help it —

        “Math paper.”


        Qin Qing sleepily opened her eyes, “What?”

Fang Xiaojing slapped her math paper in front of the girl at the same table.

Qin Qing blinked, then suddenly woke up.

At that moment, she was completely alert. She immediately picked up the roster and a signature pen she had placed next to her, and quickly got up.

Before leaving her position, Qin Qing hesitated, and whispered to Fang Xiaojing, who had turned her face away, “Thank you, I really forgot.”


Fang Xiaojing didn’t answer, but stopped her hand for a moment that was holding the pen in her hand she was using to answer questions.

Qin Qing didn’t care, but stepped out of her seat and went to the position of the first classmate in the first row.


There were nearly 50 students in the sixth class of high school grade 2, and Qin Qing only completed three-quarters of the workload by the end of the rest time for the evening self-study of the first quarter.

Fortunately, there was no disturbance in the evening self study, and there was no need to maintain order. When the second evening study began, Qin Qing continued to hold the stack of papers as her class representative job.

As Fu Zhengnan said, the students in the class were very cooperative, handing in papers and signing signatures in an orderly manner, and nothing extra happened. 

Until the last position in the last column.

Of the forty-seven people in the class, except for two who did not appear in the evening self-study, only one did not hand something in.

Qin Qing wrinkled her small nose and looked helplessly at the boy who was lying on his back on a light gray cushion, looking more peaceful than ever before.

His black hair was resting on the side of his handsome face, and the tall nose bridge also dropped a faint shadow. The usual pair of deep dark eyes were now closed. Qin Qing also only found out now that his eyelashes were slender and dense, but also had a slight curl to them.

The corners of his eyes were long and slender and just looking at thise sleeping eyes, they were quiet and beautiful like a girl’s.

In the next second, Qin Qing’s mind flashed back to what the boy’s eyes looked like when he was awake. Even if lazy and tired, those eyes still inadvertently revealed a hostility that made people want to retreat when they came close……

After a while of standing in one place, Qin Qing slowly returned to her senses and looked at the roster in her hand. She sighed and walked over to the boy’s table and stopped.

Her small, pure, white hand reached out and patted the boy on the arm.


“Wen Yufeng, it’s time for you to turn in your math paper.” 

The girl’s voice was soft and gentle, but in the quiet class at this time, it was enough to make the backs of many people in the back row stagnate, and then turn their faces back in horror.

The look was as if what she had just shouted out was something threatening and dangerous.

–And it was.

The whole school knew that Wen Yufeng was not to be messed with, but only the students in Class 6 knew that compared to waking him up from his nap, the usual Brother Yu was as “friendly” as an angel.

As expected, two seconds later, the boy lying on the table slowly straightened up in front of the horrified eyes of everyone.

The handsome face was expressionless, the thin lips pursed into a sharp curve, and the low pressure around the class was on full blast.

And those dark eyes that were not in focus seemed like it was sealed by ice. The fierce emotions revealed in them, made just looking at those eyes, feel terrifying.

Even Qin Qing was taken aback by the boy’s horrible look and expression.

She couldn’t help but back away a step, then made a soft “Ah” in her mouth, and then reacted: “Sorry, I…”

Before she finished speaking, the focus in the black eyes on the opposite side gradually settled.

 “…Qin Qing?”

The girl’s slender figure and slightly flustered look were reflected in the dark eyes. The ice inside melted away, and the boy squinted slightly. There was still traces of unfading danger in his expression.

Qin Qing’s body was stiffened by that look, and for some reason she remembered the fierce beast she was about to hunt.

After hesitating for a few seconds, she lifted the stack of papers in her hand.

“I’m here to collect the paper… You are the only one in class who hasn’t handed it in. Teacher Fu will discipline you.”

The girl’s voice was soft, her delicate eyebrows tender and pleasant under the light. Even her breathing that was a bit nervous made him tipsy.

Wen Yufeng looked at her without saying a word. The light in the two black glazed stone eyes was mottled, and unknown emotions flashed in his eyes.

After more than ten seconds, the boy turned his face away. The emotions in his eyes faded away and the exposed side of his face was clear and sharp.

His voice when he just woke up was low and dull, it sounded helpless and depressed——

“…my energy when I just wake up is really heavy, little classmate.”

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