He’s so Flirty Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Ferocious Wolf

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In the senior second year building of No 1 High School, a petite girl was walking along the corridor with a stack of papers. Her delicate and beautiful little face was taut while looking straight ahead.

Behind her, there was a ‘tail’ that could not be removed——

“Classmate Qin, you have to believe me!”

Li Xiang howled as he circled around Qin Qing from left to right. He still had to speed up to catch up with the girl’s unshakeable pace.

“Really! That magazine is mine. The cover of the math book is mine too. It has nothing to do with Brother Yu!”


Qin Qing ignored him, but the image she had seen back then resurfaced in her mind.

The girl’s cheeks were slightly red, and her clear eyes were filled with anger. She gritted her teeth and sped up her steps.

“Oh my Classmate Qin Qing, you really misunderstood ——”

Li Xiang cried out bitterly as he continued chasing. “You can’t wrongly accuse the innocent, right?”

Hearing this, Qin Qing finally stopped.

Holding a stack of papers, the girl turned around and stared at Li Xiang.

Li Xiang was shocked by the serious look in her eyes and instinctively restrained his mischievous smile.

Then he heard the girl’s soft voice.

“That magazine is yours?”

“That’s right!”

Li Xiang hurriedly nodded.

“Then why was it on the desk where Wen Yu Feng was?”

Li Xiang did not hesitate. “I put it there. Brother Yu doesn’t know.”

“Are there many things on your desk?”

Qin Qing pursed her lips and looked up at Li Xiang.

Li Xiang shook his head vacantly. “Although there is not many, it is still not as spacious as Brother Yu’s desk. He doesn’t use half his table. I keep some magazines there, so no teacher dares to go through them.”

Qin Qing frowned. “Since you’re not afraid of the teacher, why do you have to use a math textbook cover?”


Li Xiang choked.

He couldn’t say that it was because Qi Lulu had come to find Wen Yufeng before and he didn’t want Brother Yu to take the blame again, right?

—— Moreover, today, he had just told the little girl that Brother Yu was “clean and self-conscious”. If they were to bring out a Qi Lulu now, Brother Yu would probably have to peel off a layer of his skin…

Seeing that Li Xiang did not answer, Qin Qing pursed her lips. “So the reason you put the magazine in his place is not valid.”

Li Xiang blushed with shame.” No…This ……”

“Then I’ll ask another question.” Qin Qing hugged the paper tightly. “Has Wen Yufeng ever touched those magazines?”

Li Xiang instinctively shook his head, but the second before he made his move, he suddenly remembered——

The last time Qi Lulu had come, Brother Yu seemed to have picked up the magazine and flipped through it twice before throwing it onto the table.

Qin Qing knew the answer when Li Xiang hesitated.

The girl snorted softly and glanced at Li Xiang in annoyance before turning to leave.

The long maroon hair that was tied up was flicked behind her. It could be seen that the mood of its little master at this moment had nothing to do with warmth.

Li Xiang was left behind, wanting to cry, but wanting nothing more than to scratch the wall——

His explanation was getting darker and darker. Now, he didn’t ask for anything else, just for Brother Yu to spare him a breath…


During the afternoon break, Zhuo Anke came to the classroom of Class 6 senior 2.

The students in the class were already familiar with this girl who often came to report to their class. As a result, the student, who was heading out and was blocked at the door, before Zhuo Anke could say anything said, “Looking for Qin Qing?”

Zhuo Anke was stunned and nodded with a smile.

Not long after, Qin Qing was called out.

The two of them had just greeted each other when Zhuo Anke looked up and down at Qin Qing.

Then, she raised her eyebrows. “Who made Xiao Qing angry?”

Qin Qing was startled.” I didn’t ……”

“Don’t try to hide it from me,” Zhuo Anke joked as she pointed at her nose. “How you are feeling? It’s all written on this little face.”


Qin Qing was not used to the intimate actions of this girl. She was caught off guard and was stunned by Zhuo Anke for a few seconds before her ears became pink.

Zhuo Anke saw that and smiled. “Qin Qing, you’re so thin-skinned. What will your boyfriend do in the future?”

Qin Qing said helplessly,” Don’t make fun of me.”

“Sure, sure, I won’t tease you anymore.”

Zhuo Anke stopped laughing but the smile in her eyes couldn’t be suppressed for a moment. “Since you are in a bad mood and the sun isn’t too hot today, let’s go for a walk on the field. How about it?”

Qin Qing thought for a moment and felt that there was nothing urgent. She smiled and replied, “Sure.”

The two of them reached an agreement and Zhuo Anke pulled Qin Qing downstairs.

It was the middle of September, and the weather in Qingcheng was still a little dry and hot in the daytime. Fortunately, the clouds in the sky covered one another today, which often made the sun unable to show its face. Walking under the shade of the trees, one wouldn’t feel the temperature burning.

The Senior High School Building was not far from the sports field and it was time for the students to disperse after class. They followed the crowd and soon, Qin Qing and Zhuo Anke arrived at the west gate of the sports field.

Qin Qing’s physical fitness was very average and she was not a sports person. In addition, she did not have any friends other than Zhuo Anke, so she rarely went out for a walk.

The sports field was outside of the military training and P.E. classes, and she had never been able to step foot there in her leisure time.

However, Zhuo An had a temperament that couldn’ t be idle. So when she arrived outside the sports field, her eyes lit up when she saw the empty track.

“There might be some competition today. Do you want to go and take a look?”


Qin Qing was stunned.

However, before she could reply, Zhuo Anke excitedly pulled her across the field and walked towards the basketball court next to the field.

Sure enough, as soon as they reached the bottom of the stone steps, the two of them heard the roar of the people coming from above their heads.

“It’s so lively? Could it be that the school basketball team is playing?”

Zhuo Anke mumbled to herself, “That shouldn’t be the case. I’ve never heard of any recent activity on the school basketball team ……”

Qin Qing, who was standing at the side, felt a headache when she heard the loud screams and cheers.

She frowned slightly. “Anke, I don’t understand the rules of basketball. I can’t even process it ……”

“Look at your honesty.” Zhuo Anke smiled. “Who told you to look at the ball? It’s all about the people. Let me tell you, the school’s basketball team has quite a few handsome seniors. Let’s go, I’ll take you to keep your eyes peeled.”

Then, Zhuo Anke pulled Qin Qing up the stone steps.

However, the stone steps were too high. Qin Qing thought that she had to climb them. She looked fearfully at it for a while, then silently walked around to the small stone staircase where people normally walked.

Zhuo An was already on two or three large stone steps. When she looked back, there was no one around her.

Just as she was thinking about this, she saw Qin Qing, who had circled to the short stone steps in the distance.

Zhuo Anke didn’t react at first. After a while, she understood what Qin Qing was doing and she couldn’t help but bend over with laughter.


The laughter came from the other side and Qin Qing quietly walked up with a blushing face. She completely pretended not to see Zhuo Anke’s reaction.

The two of them went up to the stone terrace. Although they had long been mentally prepared, they were still shocked by the three circles in front of them.

“……”What’s going on?”

Zhuo Anke, who had just stopped laughing, was stunned for two seconds. She couldn’t help patting an excited girl beside her. “Why are there so many people today? Is there any internal competition of the school basketball team?”

The girl who was patted on the shoulder was trying to squeeze her way in when she was suddenly interrupted. She was a little impatient and did not turn her head back after hearing the question. Her tone was not good at perfunctoring——

“What school basketball team? It’s the senior high school student, Wen Yufeng, leading some people to split into two teams to play.”

Hearing this, Zhuo Anke’s eyes lit up.

She turned around and pulled Qin Qing. “Xiao Qing, did you hear that?” she asked excitedly. “We heard that the school bully is playing basketball there. What a great opportunity! Hurry, hurry, hurry, bring water and towels!”


From the moment she heard the girl mention Wen Yufeng’s name, Qin Qing had an urge to turn around and run. How could she be willing to cooperate with Zhuo Anke’s joke?

She gently tugged at her wrist but couldn’t break away from Zhuo Anke’s grip. In the end, she could only protest in a soft voice, “Anke, stop messing around…I’m a little thirsty. Let’s go buy some water.”

“That won’t do.”

Zhuo Anke refused without thinking. Her expression turned serious for less than a second before turning into a smiling face. “I’ve always heard people say that our handsome school tyrant is coolest playing basketball. It’s a pity that it’s something we can only wish to coincidentally encounter and not ask for because It is always during our class time. It isn’t easy for us to see it after class today, so we have to watch.”

Seeing Qin Qing’s troubled expression, Zhuo Anke forced Qin Qing to walk over. “Even if you aren’t interested, you should satisfy my curiosity…I promise, we’ll leave after just a few glances.”

Qin Qing couldn’t beat her, she didn’t t know how to refuse, thus she could only be dragged along.

Zhuo Anke was tall and her eyes were sharp. She jumped on her tiptoes and found a place where the crowd was thin.

She pulled Qin Qing over and took advantage of their slim bodies to carefully squeeze inside.

When the two of them finally reached the inner circle, Qin Qing felt that there was not much air left in her lungs.

After standing still, she looked up at the scene.

There were two groups of people on the field. One group was wearing bright jerseys, while the other group was wearing only white shirts in their uniforms. It was obvious that they were used to distinguish the two groups.

Perhaps it was because that person was too eye-catching, but Qin Qing only glanced at the arena when she saw Wen Yufeng at first glance.

The sleeves of his white shirt was rolled up to the position of his elbow, revealing his delicate and beautiful slim arms. His smooth and natural muscles were not exaggerated, and every movement was brimming with youthfulness.

At this moment, it should have been a while since the game. Most of the people present were sweating profusely. Only this person didn’t seem to be tired at all. His black hair was only slightly drenched in sweat, but it still didn’t affect the visual beauty of that handsome face.

Even though Qin Qing didn’t understand the rules of basketball, she could see that the boy was at ease on the court—every time he confronted someone with the ball, the thin-lipped smile was lazy and relaxed, rather like a leisurely stroll after dinner. It seems that wherever he appears, there is no doubt that he will be the center of attention.

So special…

Qin Qing was thinking about it when she heard Zhuo Anke say “Huh” next to her.

“What’s wrong?”

Qin Qing turned around and asked inexplicably.

Zhuo Anke stared at the field strangely: “I heard that Li Xiang and Zhao Zirui have always followed the school bully Wen, but why is Li Xiang assigned to another team today?”

Before Qin Qing could respond, on the rest bench in front of the two, the boy who had just been subsituted turned around and said with a smile:

“You didn’t see how Li Xiang was trained by Brother Yu just now – he must have done something to offend Brother Yu, and obviously he was offended a lot!”


 Qin Qing felt a little guilty inexplicably.

It’s just that on second thought, it’s not right to read that kind of magazine in school as a high school student, she shouldn’t be the one with a guilty conscience…

Thinking of this, Qin Qing looked at someone in the field with a little annoyance.

Perhaps the emotion in her eyes was almost materialized, so the boy who was dribbling the ball intently on the field stopped, and looked out off the field with a feeling.

The next second, the basketball in his hand was bounced by him to a person in front of him.

And he walked straight off the field.

“Brother Yu?”

Zhao Zirui, who received the ball, wiped his sweat and turned to look at Wen Yufeng, who had already walked a few steps.

“……not playing.”

The boy’s thin lips were slightly lifted, and he walked to the edge of the field without turning his head.

Wen Yufeng looked at a girl in a certain direction outside the field while walking, and then he narrowed his eyes slightly.


Qin Qing’s back stiffened.

The look of the man walking over made her easily think of some kind of fierce wolf that was about to catch it’s prey.

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