He’s so Flirty Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Wolf’s paws are exposed

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As Wen Yufeng walked towards the edge of the field, the cries of the students that had gathered around gradually diminished.

The eyes of the crowd converged on Wen Yufeng’s body, with curiosity and inquisitiveness.

Standing at the end of the direction the boy was approaching, Qin Qing’s eyes had a hint of panic sweeping through, and she pursed her lips, which were dry.

But soon she pressed down the slight panic in her heart and turned to Zhuo Anke…

“Anke, the game is over, shall we go?”

Zhuo Anke was just about to jokingly tease the girl, when she turned her eyes back to see Qin Qing’s expression.

She smiled briefly, and then she looked at the boy walking this way with some hesitation.

The dark and bottomless eyes were a bit ghastly, causing Zhuo Anke to instinctively freeze for two seconds.

When she came back to her senses, she wanted to say something to Qin Qing, but it was already too late.


The boy had already walked in front of them.

Wen Yufeng paused, his gaze fixed on Qin Qing without a moment’s hesitation.

At this moment there seemed to be a thousand words hidden in those dark eyes, only unfortunately before he spoke, the girl in the focus of his vision took a small half step back.

She lowered her eyes, and her curled eyelashes struck a faint shadow on the fair skin.


Wen Yufeng’s eyes flickered.

After a moment, he turned his eyes away and looked at the boy who was sitting next to her on the rest bench looking at him uncertainly.

“Is there water?”

The voice just after exercise had a low, husky magnetism.

The boy was stunned for a moment, but after he regained his composure, he took out a bottle from the mineral water carton under the bench next to him and handed it to Wen Yufeng.

Wen Yufeng reached out and took the water, screwed the cap loose, but did not drink it, only held it in his hand, and took a step forward carelessly.

He was not far from the crowd, and after this step, he was almost in front of Qin Qing’s body.

The other students behind them were onlookers. Qin Qing could not retreat, she was slightly annoyed and had a frown on her face when she heard the voice above her head.

“Could you move aside? Little classmate.”

The tone of his voice was light and lazy, as if it carried an inexplicable sense of alienation.

As soon as he said that, everyone around Qin Qing evaded her. In the end, Qin Qing had a chance to retreat.

She stepped aside and did not look at him.


Wen Yufeng looked at the empty path in front of him and suppressed the surging emotions in his heart.

After two seconds, he smiled and sighed. He handed the water to the girl who didn’t even want to look at him.

Qin Qing caught it instinctively and raised her beautiful almond eyes.

“Thank you for making way.”

After throwing these words out, the boy walked out with his hands in his pockets.

Qin Qing was silent for two seconds standing there and licking her dry lips.

Probing and hesitant gazes landed on her. 

Someone’s expression changed slightly and was about to come forward to ask. Zhuo Anke saw that something was wrong and quickly pulled Qin Qing.

“Let’s go. Let’s go back to the classroom.”

Before she could finish, she pulled Qin Qing out of the basketball court.

When the two of them left, the students on the basketball court gradually dispersed.

Li Xiang, who had stopped at the center of the field, walked to Zhao Zirui’s side, panting heavily. He followed Zhao Zirui and looked in the direction in which they left.

After looking for two seconds, he said unhappily, “I don’t understand. Isn’t it just a magazine? It was just a glance. Why would he make such a fuss? Didn’t Qi Lulu look at it before??”


Zhao Zirui turned around and glanced at him. “Do you really know how to compare?”

After that, he didn’t waste his breath and walked off.

Li Xiang was stunned. “What? Am I wrong?”

Zhao Zirui didn’t bother to look back at him.

“You compare Qi Lulu to your new classmate? Are you a fool, Li Xiang?”

Li Xiang’s face blushed as he explained, “Aren’t they all ——”

“All what?”

Zhao Zirui sneered and turned around to look at him.

“Tell me, other than her aesthetics, how else can you compare Qi Lulu to the new girl?”


Li Xiang had no words. He glared hatefully at Zhao Zirui. “Didn’t you say that Qi Lulu looked pretty good two days ago?!”

“That’s why,” Zhao Zirui curled his lips and picked up his uniform jacket on the bench to walk out. “This person is afraid of making a comparison. For example, your IQ and others’ IQ.”

“Pei! You bad person who likes the new and hates the old.”

Li Xiang was annoyed.

After a few seconds, he rolled his eyes and took the initiative to move closer. “Then tell me, can Brother Yu and this new little girl become something?”

Zhao Zirui thought about it.

“I think it’ll be tough.”


Zhao Zirui turned around to look at Li Xiang.” You saw what happened this time. Do you think this is a coincidence?”


Li Xiang was stunned for a few seconds. “Aren’t you talking nonsense? At that time, I threw my bag over, who would have thought that she would teach Brother Yu math questions later?”

Zhao Zirui looked at Li Xiang speechlessly. After a while, he saw that Li Xiang was still unable to react and could only patiently explain.

“This was not a coincidence——As long as the new classmate and Brother Yu slowly interact, the two of them would one day encounter a conflict of ideas. You have to know that the growing environment of our new classmate is much different from ours.”

Li Xiang nodded again and again: “Continue.”

 Zhao Zirui: “So even if it’s not this magazine today, after a while, it will be something else, and they will always encounter this contradiction.”

  Li Xiang frowned: “Then what does this have to do with whether they can become something or not? Who doesn’t quarrel if they are in a relationship?”

“It’s not a simple quarrel, it’s an inherently contradictory point, and someone has to admit their mistake or take a step back from their position.”

Zhao Zirui sighed, “The new classmate looks soft and weak, but she doesn’t look like one who will easily retreat.”

 Li Xiang thought about the humiliation he suffered today, and nodded in agreement.

 Zhao Zirui turned back.

“You’ve known Brother Yu for so long, when did you see him admit any fault?”

 Li Xiang choked.

Zhao Zirui: “Or, can you imagine the situation where Brother Yu admits his mistake?”

Li Xiang: “…”

This was not a matter of choking or not, but a very frightening idea.

Zhao Zirui ignored Li Xiang’s change in mentality, and walked forward on his own. While walking, inadvertently the image of the water handed over from before came into his mind again.

After pondering for a few seconds, he suddenly laughed.

“However, it seems not entirely impossible.”

Li Xiang, who was still thinking about it, raised his head: “What is the possibility?”

Zhao Zirui said: “Brother Yu will take the initiative to show weakness… It’s not impossible to admit mistakes or something.”

Li Xiang was frightened: “Show weakness? Brother Yu? When did it happen? Why didn’t I know?”


Zhao Zirui glanced at him blankly: “Probably because you are a fool.”

“F*ck! Zhao Zirui, come back over here!”


Qin Qing was pressured by Zhuo Anke all the way to the downstairs of the second-year high school building, but she refused to tell her what happened between the two.

Zhuo Anke was even more intrigued and wanted to know the truth.

When the two of them got to the porch, Qin Qing didn’t say anything. The other party didn’t want to let her go upstairs, so she could only speak.

 “Anke, I really can’t tell you about this.”

Zhuo Anke pulled Qin Qing’s hand around as if she was about to cry.

“Xiao Qing, just tell me, I’m just dying of curiosity – don’t worry, I’ll never say anything!”

Qin Qing frowned and shook her head.

“If I say it, I’m going against my own principles. It involves someone else’s private affairs, so I can’t say it.”

Zhuo Anke listened to Qin Qing’s words to this point and naturally she couldn’t pressure her any more, so she had to nod regretfully.

“Okay then… Then I’ll go back first. If you have any questions, you must tell me!”

 A soft smile finally appeared on the little girl’s face.

 She nodded and replied, “Okay.”

After watching Zhuo Anke’s back leave, Qin Qing also turned around and walked from the porch to inside the building.

It’s just that a few steps into the door, in the shadow under the stairs leading to the upper floor, a voice with a slightly hoarse laugh rang out——

 “I don’t know, what kind of private matter is this?”

 Qin Qing was startled by the sudden sound, and instinctively took half a step to the side.

 A tall and slender figure stepped out from the shadow.

There was a thin smile on his handsome face, but those black eyes somehow made Qin Qing feel some danger.

Qin Qing was still holding the mineral water this person gave her in her hand, and her mood and expression were a bit complicated for a while.

After a while, she reached out and handed the mineral water bottle over.

“I didn’t drink it. … Take it back.”


Wen Yufeng sneered, and his black eyes turned coldly to the side.

     ——He found out that as long as this little classmate wanted to distance herself from him, the first thing she did was to draw a clear line between favour and resentment.

After laughing, he turned his eyes back, smoothed the corners of his lips, took a few steps forward, and forced Qin Qing to keep up with the corner of the stairs on the other side.

It was the first time that Qin Qing had seen this person show such a disturbing expression to her. She couldn’t help but think of the rumors she heard from Lin Manxue before, as well as what she didn’t dare to see about this person in the fighting arena, his fierceness.  

…is it that scary too?

Qin Qing took her last step back and her slender back was against the wall.

The unease that there was nowhere else to go swept over her.

She raised her little face, her dark eyes filled with unease, like an elk that has lost its way.

But an elk should not look at a ferocious wolf who wanted to hunt with uneasy eyes, because that will only arouse the other party’s suppressed nature.


The boy’s eyes instantly seemed to be splashed with two pools of thick ink. It was so dark that it was bottomless, as if no light could penetrate through.

His thin lips lifted slightly, and he leaned down towards the little girl in front of him—

“Do you think you can give me back the water I gave you and be done with it?”

He glanced dangerously at the water bottle in the girl’s hand, and then returned to the girl’s face with a cold smile.

“What’s more, you haven’t drunk it yet?”


Qin Qing was stunned for two seconds and looked at Wen Yufeng blankly.

She suspected that she had heard something wrong.

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