He’s so Flirty Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Bullying

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Do you think you can give me back the water I gave you again and be done with it?”

He glanced dangerously at the water bottle in the girl’s hand, and then returned to the girl’s face with a cold smile.

“What’s more, you haven’t drunk it yet?”


Qin Qing was stunned for two seconds and looked at Wen Yufeng blankly.

She suspected that she had heard something wrong.

For example, did she hear the word “haven’t”?

—— This person must have misunderstood thinking she had drank it. 

Thinking of this, Qin Qing came back to her senses. At this moment, she suddenly felt that the distance between them was too close.

As a result, even the scorching aura on the other person’s body after exercise seemed to be close to her.

Qin Qing quickly raised her hand and lifted the bottle of mineral water between the two of them, separating herself from the ambiguous scent.

“I didn’t lie to you. I really didn’t drink it.”

His gaze was forced to land on the mineral water bottle that blocked his gaze. Wen Yufeng glanced coldly at the bottle, then his thin lips lifted slightly.

He raised his left arm and pushed it against the wall behind Qin Qing. His right hand gently pushed aside the obstacle that the bottle had become in front of him.

Their gazes met again.

Wen Yufeng’s gaze landed on the girl’s slightly dry lips.

The boy’s eyes darkened.


“Then take a sip.”


Qin Qing widened her beautiful almond eyes in a daze.

Wen Yufeng’s expression did not change as he repeated it. Two lights flashed in his eyes as he looked at the girl.

“Take a sip and I’ll let you go.”


Qin Qing’s eyes widened even bigger.

This time, she was incomparably certain that she had not misheard, and as she began to string up these words, even though she had not completely understood what Wen Yufeng was thinking, her cheeks had already burned slightly.

Qin Qing was slightly annoyed and her thin, light and beautiful eyebrows wrinkled.

“Wen Yufeng…!”

She gritted her teeth but still couldn’t say anything harsh. In the end, she only called out softly.

“The more you call me that, the more I don’t want to let you go.”

Wen Yufeng pressed down another inch, and the distance between the two of them was even shorter.

A few students came in playfully through the back door of the building from outside, and a sharp-eyed one caught sight of a figure in the shadows over there–

“Tsk, are there still people in the school who are having a good time here? Now I’ve learned that this is a good place!”


Qin Qing’s already slightly red cheeks became even hotter. She instinctively wanted to escape from the gap under Wen Yufeng’s arm.

However, before she could move, the boy who seemed to have expected it had clamped down his thin arm and pressed it against the wall.

At the same time, he straightened his back and leaned against his upper body.

After covering the girl’s body, he looked back coldly.

His gaze was like a cold blade, and wherever it swept, it was as if the air had been split open——

“Get lost.”

Without saying a word, the students saw the person looking at them and were immediately frightened.

After a few seconds, the few of them came to their senses, hurriedly apologized and left.

As a result, there were only the two of them left.

Qin Qing struggled but failed. She looked up at the boy angrily.

“Let go of me.”

“……You want to run now?”

Wen Yufeng slowly turned his gaze back. “When I warned you earlier, why didn’t you understand?”

Qin Qing clenched her slender fingers and her wide almond eyes were filled with helplessness. “I didn’t see it back then ……”

She bit her lower lip and refused to speak.

“Oh, because you saw that magazine.”

Wen Yufeng answered for her.

He raised the corner of his lips slightly. Although he was smiling and his facial features were also handsome and romantic, there was only a cold and deep viciousness in those pitch-black eyes.

“What, now you think I’m not a good person? The further you are from me the better?”


Qin Qing’s lower lip was bitten white by her.


She didn’t think so.

She just couldn’t accept it…

She just couldn’t accept the fact that the guy whose smile was so clean and comfortable, that could make a person feel like they were basking in the warm sunshine, would flip through that magazine and even use that kind of gaze on her…

This time, before Qin Qing could finish thinking about it, the dark emotions in the boy’s eyes seemed to have stopped.

“What do you think I’m like? Good at school, making improvements, being obedient, attending classes on time, and being disciplined?”

The curvature of his thin lips became even more conspicuous, and a slightly cold light shone in his black eyes——

“I’m really sorry, Qin Qing, I’m not like that. From the start, I wasn’t.”

The girl paused.

She raised her eyes and looked at the boy in a daze.

This was the first time she had heard this person call her name.

There was an emotion in that person’s eyes that she didn’t dare to look straight at him.

“Skipping classes , fighting, smoking , clubbing——although I’m apologetic, that is me.”

Wen Yufeng lowered his eyes and looked at Qin Qing expressionlessly. “From the first time you saw me, you should have known ——Since it has come to this, then you can only accept me.”


The girl lowered her eyes. After a while, she said softly:

“I don’t like it.”


The boy narrowed his eyes.

Qin Qing slowly raised her face and her black and white eyes gradually calmed down.

“You being like that is wrong. It’s not right for you to be like that. No, I don’t like it and I don’t accept it.”

The girl’s voice was still soft, but it carried her stubbornness.

Wen Yufeng’s eyes seemed to have been stung by something, and an extremely quick pain flashed through them.

After a while, he suddenly stood up, smiled and took a step back.

His laughter was almost indifferent.

“What does it have to do with me whether you like it or not?”


“You think it’s wrong, but I don’t think so.”

He turned around and walked up the stairs with his voice coming behind him.

“Since you don’t want to accept it, that’s great. From today onwards, we have nothing to do with each other——In the future, when you see me, you will walk pass as if you do not know me. I will do the same.”


A long time later, there was only an empty silence and a person’s breathing under the stairs.

Qin Qing held the water bottle in her hand and slowly lowered her head.

After a few seconds, she blinked her eyes.

The bitterness in her eyes was driven away by her.


The next day, Qin Qing got up early.

Grandma Qin, who was still cooking breakfast in the kitchen, was shocked.

“Tian Tian, why are you up so early?”

Qin Qing looked at the clock on the wall.

After calculating the time, she walked to the bathroom.

“Grandma, I’m going to school early this morning.”

Grandma Qin responded and complained in the kitchen.

“Why is your school getting more and more strict?”


Qin Qing did not say anything as she started to wash up.

Of course, she couldn’t say that she had to leave early to avoid bumping into that person…

After breakfast, Qin Qing began to pack her things.

Grandma Qin was still sitting at the dining table, and the house was quiet.

Qin Qing stopped packing her things. After a few seconds, she finally could not help but ask.

“Grandma, tell me…Why would someone not admit it even though they know they’re wrong?”

Grandma Qin was reading the newspaper at the dining table with her presbyopic glasses. When she heard this, her hand stopped and she turned around with a smile.

“What’s wrong with that?”


Qin Qing turned around in confusion and looked at Grandma Qin.

Grandma Qin shook her head with a smile.

“Your grandfather Fu Bo, he left without even seeing you, so you don’t know his personality.”

Grandma Qin was silent for a while, as if she had remembered something. The edge of her glasses reflected a gentle light.

She shook her head with a smile and said softly.

“There are some people, if you want them to admit their mistakes, then it’s better to let them roll in the oil pan. ….not every personality can learn to lower their heads.”

After some thought, she shook her head and rejected her words.

“It’s not that they can’t learn it. It’s just that it’s too difficult for them.”

Qin Qing seemed to understand. When she heard about her grandfather, she was afraid of touching on Grandma’s sad matters, so she did not dare to investigate further.

After a while, she packed her things and said goodbye to Grandma Qin and left.

After a long time, Grandma Qin let out a long sigh.

After sighing, she gradually came back to her senses. She inadvertently swept her gaze across the sofa and let out an “oh”.


“Last night, I even told her the temperature was cooling down. It is so cold this morning, so why did she forget her jacket?”


As Grandma Qin had expected, Qin Qing suspected that she was about to catch a cold when she entered the classroom.

—— The end of September in Qingcheng, the temperature difference in the morning and afternoon was usually two seasons apart.

She left the house nearly half an hour earlier when the temperature dropped today. When she arrived outside of the classroom with her heart beating in the cool breeze, Qin Qing felt that her head had already started to become dizzy.

After putting down her bag, Qin Qing went to get a cup of hot water and returned to her seat.

After that, Qin Qing was in a daze during morning reading and most of the morning classes. She did not even know when that person had arrived in the classroom.

It was the last lesson for the morning lessons. 

It was almost noon, and the last summer heat was unbridled in the room without air-conditioning. The fan on Qin Qing’s head had been turned on by Fang Xiaojing.

Qin Qing’s consciousness was repeatedly eroded from the inside to the outside due to the cold and the wind blowing from the fan overhead.

It wasn’t easy to finish the third class. Seeing Fang Xiaojing and the surrounding students leave the classroom, Qin Qing forced herself to turn off the fan.

Qin Qing seemed to have almost bumped into someone on the way but she was distracted and apologized. She did not even look at the person before she returned to her seat.

As soon as she returned, she laid down again and tried to gather her uniform coat in vain.

The “almost got hit” Wen Yufeng stood expressionlessly in place for a while. Seeing that the little girl who was lying on her table did not even bother to look at him, he turned his eyes away and walked over to his seat with a cold expression.

Before he could reach his seat, the expression on his face turned colder.


He lifted his eyes slightly and looked at Li Xiang and Zhao Zirui. There was a tall girl standing beside their table.

Qi Lulu.

Wen Yufeng was in a bad mood, so he couldn’t be bothered to speak.

He glanced at Li Xiang and Zhao Zirui.

Li Xiang, who was chatting passionately with Qi Lulu, finally saw Wen Yufeng show his face. He was even more excited. He winked at Wen Yufeng and gave Qin Qing a few more glances.


Yesterday, when he saw their Brother Yu return to the classroom with an ice-cold expression, he had already come up with the answer that the two of them would have “no relationship” in the future.

Now that he had lured Qi Lulu into the classroom, it was obvious that he had no good intentions.

However, Wen Yufeng did not even have the mood to bicker. His footsteps only stopped for a moment before he returned to his seat without looking up.

Li Xiang was not discouraged by Wen Yu Feng’s unwillingness to cooperate. The louder he chatted with Qi Lulu, the more he seemed to wish he could use a loudspeaker to shout.


“……Hehe, of course, our Brother Yu is single now…What? Push the little girl to the corner? Those are all fake rumors, okay…There was a chance, of course there was. Who didn’t…Haha, don’t worry, you’re all competing fairly………”


Seeing that Li Xiang’s voice was getting louder and louder in the quiet classroom where the atmosphere was stifling, and the topic was moving towards his bottom line, Wen Yufeng finally looked up impatiently.

But before he could speak, there was a female voice complaining in front of the classroom——

“Who turned off the fan again!?”

After returning to the classroom, Fang Xiaojing walked to the fan switch with an ugly expression and turned the fan over their heads to its maximum.

The papers on the table were blown away.

Qin Qing, who was in a deep sleep, let out a low moan. She propped up her small face and her eyes darkened.

“Sorry…I seem to have a cold. Can I ……”

“Shouldn’t you wear more clothes if you have a cold?” Fang Xiaojing said angrily.

“If you’re cold, you can wear more. What if I’m hot? Should I then take off my shirt?”


Qin Qing thought that although her tone was very bad, there was some sense in it. She only lamented in her heart why she didn’t bring an extra jacket. She smiled apologetically and slumped back.

The slender figure looked pitiful.

Li Xiang looked to the side with a hesitant expression.

The boy laid on his back on a light gray cushion, seemingly indifferent to what was happening in front of the class.

……It seemed like it really didn’t matter anymore.

As Li Xiang thought about this, for some reason, he felt a sense of relaxation in his heart.

It was a pity that this thought of his had yet to come to fruition. Wen Yufeng’s back was so stiff that he could no longer endure it.

He suddenly stood up and his actions startled Qi Lulu.

Qi Lulu returned to her senses and changed into a smiling face. She then took a step forward and said,” Brother Yu, you ——”

“……Don’t bother me.”

The boy’s voice was cold and low.

It was as if there was a ferocious beast hiding behind those pair of pitch-black eyes. With a single glance, it was enough to freeze one’s expression.

Fortunately, his gaze didn’t linger for long. After a short while, Wen Yufeng grabbed his uniform jacket and strode to the front of the classroom.

When he reached the first table, Wen Yufeng’s footsteps stopped abruptly.

He walked to Qin Qing’s side and looked coldly at Fang Xiaojing who was looking up.

“Hot? Do you need me to help you take it off?”

His words were ambiguous, but both his tone and his gaze only made Fang Xiaojing feel cold. She wished she could shrink into a ball and stuff herself into a crack.

After a few seconds, she finally came back to her senses. She quickly stood up and walked towards the wall where the electric fan was switched on.

At this moment, Qin Qing, who was lying on the table, could vaguely hear a familiar voice.

The cold tone of voice seemed to be mixed with the words from yesterday that had drawn a clear line, stirring in her mind.

Qin Qing slowly raised her small face and her dark almond eyes were slightly red.


When Wen Yufeng saw those pair of eyes that were filled with the feeling of being wronged, he felt that all the psychological construction he had built had collapsed. He had even forgotten the words he had already thought of before stepping down.

After two seconds, he lowered his eyes and brought his uniform jacket to the girl.

“Put it on.”

The boy’s voice was low and deep.


It was fierce.

The unconscious Qin Qing frowned and thought to herself with a wronged expression.

……She was already sick, yet this person was still so fierce.

He was as fierce as yesterday.

With this thought, Qin Qing’s instinctive psychological weakness was fully displayed.

She shook her head and opened her mouth in a soft and hoarse voice with a slight crying tone.

“You said that yesterday…that I don’t know you.”

She shrunk her cold body and bit her lip. “I don’t know you. I don’t wear the clothes of people I don’t know.”


Wen Yufeng looked at the girl’s sickly little face and his heart felt like it was a lump.

He couldn’t take it any longer.

He finally gave in.

As a result, everyone in the front row and back row saw it with their own eyes. Wen Yufeng, who was standing in front, suddenly bent down and grabbed the little girl from the stool.

Turning in the air, he gently placed her on the desk.

He was so careful as if they were unfamiliar with each other.

Then, Wen Yufeng flapped his school jacket in the air and was about to put it on the little girl.

When the little girl came back to her senses, she raised her eyes and pushed back a little, but he also pressed her thin arm——

“……I was wrong.”

The boy was hoarse and helpless. His heart ached even more.

He lowered his eyes and put on his school uniform jacket for the girl who was a few sizes smaller. Then, he put her slender arm, which had stopped struggling, into the sleeve and did the same for the other arm. Finally, he closed the collar and fastened the buttons on the jacket one by one.

From the beginning to the end, his movements were so careful, it was as if he was holding a baby that would shatter with a touch.

“It’s my fault.”

After tidying up the clothes, he raised his eyes to look at the girl and repeated it in a hoarse voice.

The girl raised her eyes in a daze. She just looked at his dark eyes, which looked like a river of stars.

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