He’s so Flirty Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Beasts

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Qin Qing stared blankly as Wen Yufeng walked over.

It wasn’t until he was less than two meters away that Qin Qing seemed to snap back to her senses. She let out a soft ‘ah’ and took a step back guiltily.

How did she meet someone she thought she wouldn’t meet again?

Fu Hanlin looked at Wen Yufeng with a dangerous gaze. Even though the other party’s gaze had not landed on him from the moment he appeared, whether it was his handsome face or his indolent and fierce demeanor, Fu Hanlin felt threatened.

“Qin Qing, do you know him?”

Fu Hanlin asked the girl in front of him.

Qin Qing instinctively shook her head, hesitated, and then nodded.

At the side of her hair, the tiny hairpin glowed with light, swaying until Wen Yu was slightly dizzy.

After a while, the corners of his lips curled slightly, and his lazy and teasing voice rang out——

“What should you call me?”


Qin Qing blinked very slowly, then bowed in understanding.” Hello, Senior ——”

Wen Yufeng chuckled and reached out his hand.

Before Qin Qing could even stand up straight, she felt her shoulders tighten. She spun around for a few seconds. When she looked up, she realized that she was already in someone’s embrace, and Fu Hanlin had an ugly expression on his face.

Above her head, a pleasant voice gently shook her chest, carrying a faint smile.

“This is my sister.”

The corners of Wen Yu’s eyes twitched as if he was casually glancing at Fu Hanlin, but his gaze turned cold at this moment.

“Have you eaten the courage of a bear …… to dare hit on her?”

It sounded like a joke, and it wasn’t serious at all, however, Fu Hanlin, who was staring at him with his dark eyes, instinctively felt his back twitch.

……It was as if he was being stared at by some wild beast.

Fu Hanlin really wanted to be tough, but when it came to this guy who was at least ten centimeters taller than him, he couldn’t say anything.

In the end, Fu Hanlin could only give Qin Qing a complicated look, walked sideways around the two of them, and left.

When Wen Yufeng removed his hand from Qin Qing’s shoulder, Qin Qing finally woke up. Her black and white eyes were slightly round, like a startled deer.

She innocently turned around to look at Wen Yufeng, her eyelashes fluttering.

“… Thank you, Senior.”

Wen Yufeng looked down at her lazily.

“Who taught you to refuse his confession using the excuse ‘you’re still young’, what if he gets angry from embarrassment?”

Qin Qing eyes were full of eagerness to learn. “What should I do?”


Wen Yufeng stared at Qin Qing for two seconds, but he still couldn’t hold back his laughter. He tilted his face and clicked his tongue.

The boy’s handsome profile and dazzling smile startled Qin Qing for no reason.

Wen Yufeng turned his gaze back. His two dark eyes had a smile on them. They met with Qin Qing’s gaze.

The emotion in the girl’s eyes was too simple and obvious. It was like clear and bottomless water. The inside was clean and distinct, and one could see the bottom of her heart at a glance.

When he heard this, his heart skipped a beat and he narrowed his eyes.

“How old are you?”

Qin Qing instinctively answered, her voice soft: “Fifteen.” 

Qin Qing asked curiously,” What’s wrong?”



It was as if he had been scalded by the girl’s innocent eyes. Wen Yufeng reflexively shifted his gaze away, and his mind also regained consciousness.

“… The devil was stunned.”

He looked down and glanced at Qin Qing with a faint smile.

“Still a child. Why are you here?”

Qin Qing felt a change in the way the other person looked at her after these two words.

It seemed to be… estranged?

Qin Qing did not think through the key points of this, but because this person had helped her twice, she instinctively had a lot less defense against the boy in her heart, and there was nothing to hide from this innocuous problem.

“Classmates were giving me a farewell party.” She pursed her lips, her eyes clean and harmless, “I’m here for the first time.”

“……”Go home after you are done.”

Wen Yufeng turned around and was about to leave, but before he left, he couldn’t help but raise his hand to touch the girl’s head.

Her long maroon hair was as soft as he imagined, so soft that he could not bear to leave.

This was the first time Qin Qing had been touched by someone other than her elders. She was stunned and looked at Wen Yufeng with her round eyes.


However, Wen Yufeng had already turned around and left.

Only a lazy laugh was left behind——

“Next time you see me at school, remember to turn around and run… I’m not a good senior.”

After standing there in a daze for a long while, Qin Qing faced the long corridor that was already deserted and softly replied, “Oh.”


As soon as the weekend ended, Qin Qing began her first day of transfer to the No. 1 High School.

In the morning, Li Jinghe took the initiative to drive Qin Qing to school. Because Qin Qing hadn’t had the time to move to Fu Lin Garden, the journey was a little long, so the two of them got in the car and set off early in the morning.

“Xiaoqing, do you have any thoughts on your progress?”

When waiting for the first traffic light, Li Jinghe asked unintentionally.

Qin Qing, who was about to report to the new school and class, was still a little uneasy. When she heard Li Jinghe’s question, she answered without much thought.

“The Grade Nine classes are quite easy. I don’t have much pressure this semester.”

“That’s right, I’ ve heard it before from your former class teacher.”

Li Jinghe answered, “When other children are in class, their desks are full of books, only your desk is clean. 

Qin Qing was nervous when she heard this. She turned her face to observe Li Jinghe’s expression. When she saw that Li Jinghe’s expression was soft, Qin Qing’s heart relaxed.

Her eyes also lit up a little.” That’s because I have it all in my head.”


Li Jinghe turned to look at Qin Qing meaningfully.” I also heard that you wrote a novel in math class that was torn up by the math teacher?”

Hearing this, Qin Qing’s face turned pale and she turned around. “Mom, next time I won’t——”

“I don’t mean to blame you.” Li Jinghe interrupted Qin Qing’s voice, “Moreover, I can understand. After you entered the third year of middle school, the results of every math test were full marks, and physical chemistry was basically the same, and now that you have entered the revision stage, the teachers really can’t teach you any new knowledge.” ”

Li Jinghe’s calm tone made Qin Qing’s heart skip a beat. Her lips moved slightly but she did not say anything in the end.

“That’s why I’ ve carefully considered your situation and discussed it with Director Sun Xing. We all believe that you have the ability to complete your first year of high school in summer vacation. After that, as long as you pass the exam, you can break through and enter the second year of high school.”


Qin Qing slowly clenched her hands and lowered her face.” Mommy, I want to be with my classmates during summer vacation ……”

Before she could finish speaking, Li Jinghe frowned in displeasure.

“What did I tell you before? Every stage of life has its own mission. The student stage is the time to study. If you miss this golden age, you won’t even have time to regret it in the future.”

Li Jinghe turned to the side and saw that Qin Qing was hanging her head. She could not even see her expression clearly, so her tone softened.

“Once you aren’t a student anymore, you can arrange your own time and where you want to play, okay? ……I’ve discussed this with Director Sun Xing. He agrees with me and wants to nurture you. You can’t disappoint me, your father, and the teachers.”

The car was quiet for a long time.

After a long time, the girl slowly loosened her grip on her plaid skirt and looked out the window.

The two students, who were not wearing uniforms, chased after each other and laughed as they passed by the window.

“……”Okay, I got it.”

Qin Qing looked at the quiet and obedient girl reflected on the window and spoke softly.


In the last month or so before the entrance exams, a new student was transferred to the third class of the middle school of No. 1 School.

The new classmate had a beautiful appearance, a quiet personality, and cute manners. In the eyes of the entire class, they couldn’t pick out any flaws.

Many students, especially boys, wanted to create an opportunity to be friends with their new classmate. Unfortunately, their new classmate was too quiet. Most of the time, she didn’t take the initiative to talk to them, causing many people to feel a sense of shame.

A few days after the new student transferred, the last monthly examination of the third year of middle school ended.

On the day the results were announced, the classmates finally found the biggest flaw in their new classmate. 

Her academics were great.

……It was so good that it made people want to explode.

Looking at the word “Qin Qing” on the far left of the first line of the grade list, all the students outside of Class 3 were questioning…

What is the origin of this transfer student who has never appeared in the top 20 of the grade and has scored perfect marks in mathematics, physics and chemistry?

In less than a day, Qin Qing’s name and fame spread throughout the third grade of the middle school.

Before the self-study class started that afternoon, the students from other classes who were free came in admiringly, but they all bunched together at the door of the class.

“Where is your new classmate?” Someone grabbed the door frame of Class 3 and asked.

The class teacher just called her away.


At that time, Qin Qing was following her new class teacher in the teaching building of the high school section. 

“This is the math classroom office for the freshman year.”

At the end of the corridor, Qin Qing’s class teacher pointed to the nearest door and introduced, “Director Sun has already greeted Teacher Fu who teaches the first year of high school, and if you have any questions that you do not understand in the self-study process of high school mathematics, you can come to Teacher Fu for questions during the self-study class time.” ”

“… Okay.”

Qin Qing nodded.

The class teacher looked at Qin Qing with satisfaction and knocked on the door. Then, he pushed the door open and said to Qin Qing:

“Come in. I’ll take you to Teacher Fu to meet him.”

Qin Qing followed the class teacher in.

“Teacher Fu,” the class teacher said to the male teacher behind the desk by the window as soon as he entered the room.” I brought that little classmate of ours over for you.”

Qin Qing looked up.

Teacher Fu seemed to be a little displeased at this moment. His eyebrows were tightly knitted together. When he heard the words of Qin Qing’s class teacher, he raised his head and looked over, his expression slightly relaxed.

“Teacher Xiaolin.”

Fu Zhengnan glanced at Qin Qing’s supervisor from behind his glasses.” I heard from Director Sun that a good seedling was dug up in No. 1 school this year ……”

As he spoke, Fu Zhengnan’s gaze paused on Qin Qing as if he was choking.”……Is it this little girl?”

“Yes, it’s her, Qin Qing.”

Teacher Xiaolin smiled and nodded. He stretched out his hand and pulled Qin Qing forward.

Many teachers in the office looked over. Qin Qing’s face was slightly hot. She clenched her fingers and bowed to Fu Zhengnan.

“Hello, Teacher Fu.”

The girl’s voice was soft, coupled with her well-behaved and quiet appearance, it made people unconsciously feel relieved.

Fu Zhengnan was stunned for a while before he returned to his senses and nodded.

“I heard from Director Sun that he wanted her to do a simple test first to see her basic skills?”

“Just do some high school quiz, middle school is no problem.”

Teacher Xiaolin answered and looked at Qin Qing, “The monthly test results just came out, the three subjects of mathematics, physics and chemistry have full scores, and the total score is the first in the grade.” 

“Aiyo, this is amazing.”

In the other corners of the office, a female teacher sighed.

Fu Zhengnan did not hurry to express his opinion, and asked again: “How about the degree of hard work?” ”

Teacher Xiao Lin naturally knew that Fu Zhengnan was worried that this child would be forced to study by their parents. If she was stretched too hard, there would be a problem. He smiled knowingly.

“No matter how much homework, she can go to bed at 7 pm. What do you think, Teacher Fu?”


Fu Zhengnan smiled when he heard that. He pointed to the empty space diagonally opposite his desk.” Qin Qing, go sit there and wait.”

After that, he turned to Teacher Xiaolin and said,” Then she doesn’t have to go to the afternoon self-study class. First, let her stay with me for a lesson. I’ll look for a set of papers later to see how she’s doing.”

Teacher Xiaolin replied, “Then I’ll watch from the side.”

When he mentioned this, Fu Zhengnan’s face darkened. “Teacher Xiaolin, you can go back first. I still have something to deal with.”

Seeing Fu Zhengnan’s reaction, Teacher Xiaolin was taken aback. His thoughts turned and he understood.

“Teacher Fu, those people in your class…”They’re making a fuss again?”

“……”He doesn’t do his duties all day!

Fu Zhengnan calmly drew a bunch of rolls from his hand and slapped them on the table, “You see, the monthly examination papers. How do you mark them?  How do you hand them in?” Yesterday was another day of class that they did not show up for. I don’t know where they went.

Teacher Xiaolin smiled wryly.” As long as those students don’t disturb the class and don’t fight or cause trouble, you don’t have to worry about them.”

“How could I ignore this?”They are all students that have been given to me.”

Fu Zhengnan sighed.

Teacher Xiaolin sighed with emotion.” It’s also because you’re unlucky to lead this batch of students. The hardest ones to manage in this school are all in your hands…However, there’s nothing Director Sun can do about Wen Yufeng. You should get angry less and bother less..”

Opposite him, Qin Qing, who had just sat on the chair, was stunned. She slightly opened her almond-shaped eyes and looked at Fu Zhengnan.

Fu Zhengnan raised his head, but the innocent look in the little girl’s eyes made him feel less angry. He couldn’t help but ask,” What’s wrong?”


Qin Qing came back to her senses, shook her head and leaned back on the chair slowly.


Before she “saved” that senior that day, she seemed to have heard those people call him by his name…It seemed to be that name?

Then, the middle school bully in Man Xue’s mouth who can’t even be managed by Director Sun Xing, skipping class, fighting and handing over white papers, won’t he also be him?

……”Next time you see me at school, remember to turn around and run. I’m not a good senior.”

Qin Qing patted the top of her hair dejectedly. There seemed to be a little comfort in it.

Fu Zhengnan realized that after he finished asking, the girl sitting opposite him looked even more conflicted.

It was like a little kitten that saw a trap and dried fish at the same time.

Fu Zhengnan was about to ask again when someone knocked on the office door.

Just one sound.

Direct and efficient.


Fu Zhengnan immediately frowned.

“… Enter.”

The door was pushed open. A boy in his uniform and white shirt walked in with a loose tie.

Qin Qing looked up.

The sunlight shone on the person’s body, and his black hair seemed to be covered in gold powder.

His thin lips curled up slightly.

His eyes were pitch-black.

Eyes met sharply in the air, and Wen Yufeng’s figure and smile stopped at the same time.

The next second, he narrowed his eyes slightly and stood where he was looking at the girl.

His heartbeat didn’t know which drum beat it was stepping on, but suddenly it was a silent stormy sea.


The little white rabbit, who was evasive and trying to avoid his greed, delivered itself to his door again. It still looks fresh and delicious.

If this continued, he would really become a beast.

Wen Yufeng narrowed his eyes and thought to himself.

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