He’s so Flirty Chapter 4

Chapter 4: In the future, no girl will marry you

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It really was him.

Qin Qing frowned her little face and retracted her gaze. She looked as if she had been poisoned by the scorching sun.

Now, she also felt that this person’s suggestion of “turning around and running away” was very suitable. Unfortunately, there was Fu Zhengnan in the front and Teacher Xiaolin in the back. She really had no place to go even if she wanted to drill a hole.

Thinking back to the words and actions that she had made in front of this person, which could almost be described as the “black history” of her personal life, Qin Qing wanted to hide herself into a bean and burrow it into the ground to sprout on it’s own..

As if he had experienced her distress, the boy stopped there and chuckled. He looked away lazily and walked to Fu Zhengnan’s table.

Then he stopped and turned his back to Qin Qing, separated by no more than a desk corner.


Qin Qing laid her chest on the table.

Fu Zhengnan slapped the paper in his hand on the table and looked up at Wen Yufeng from the bottom up.

“You didn’t come to class yesterday. Give me a reason.”

Although Old Fu’s voice was still calm, listening carefully, it was obvious that he still had some suppressed anger.

Teacher Xiaolin saw that things weren’t going well and was embarrassed to stay any longer. He glanced at Qin Qing and said to Zhengnan,” Teacher Fu, I’ll leave this child to you. My class is busy with self-study classes, so I still have to take care of them.”

Fu Zhengnan didn’t have the time to respond when Teacher Xiaolin turned around and left.

In the other corners of the office, all the teachers were clearly used to seeing this scene. One after another, they took away their gazes.

So only this corner was filled with invisible gunpowder smoke.

Qin Qing was deeply immersed in the’ battlefield’, suffering unspeakably.

As for Fu Zhengnan’s question, Wen Yufeng’s reaction seemed calm. It was as if a stone had fallen into the lake, and there was not even a ripple.

If it was normal, Fu Zhengnan would probably have changed the topic. However, at this moment, a pair of eyes appeared on the other side of the desk. Fu Zhengnan did not let this question go easily

“Tell me, what did you guys do yesterday!”

After being asked a second time, Wen Yufeng’s thin lips lifted slightly and he opened his mouth with a faint smile.

“Teacher really wants to know this question?”

“……What kind of talk is that!” Fu Zhengnan was stunned for a moment before he snapped out of his daze. “As your class teacher, I should know what you did when you were supposed to be at school!”

“It doesn’t matter if I tell you.”

Wen Yufeng casually nodded his head, then twisted his upper body to the left and looked away.


Qin Qing, who was lying on the table, felt her back tighten.

A low and hoarse voice sounded above her head——

“I’m afraid to say it out loud…it’s inappropriate for the little ones.”


Qin Qing couldn’t help but raise her little face and look at the tall boy fiercely.

It was just that she didn’t know if it was because she had just held it in, or because she was angered by these words. Her delicate little face, along with her white jade-like ears, was now suffused with a rosy pinkness.

So the look that should have been a little fierce had no threatening effect left.

On the contrary, it was like an exploding little kitten waving its claws that could only be used to scratch an itch. There was no cold tip of the claw, only a soft and puffy meat pad.

In the depths of Wen Yufeng’s dark eyes, ripples drifted away in circles.

His eyes flashed as he turned around.

Fu Zhengnan finally reacted. He choked for a long time before he slammed the table.

“Is this the attitude you are using to talk to your teacher?!”

The desk was slapped and a few drops of water splashed out of the glass.

There was no reaction from Wen Yu Feng. Opposite Fu Zhengnan, Qin Qing, who was lying on the desk, was startled and sat up straight.

Then, she came back to her senses and opened her eyes wide. She looked up at Fu Zhengnan.

When Wen Yufeng saw it, his brow furrowed. After a while, he lowered his eyes and looked at Fu Zhengnan.

“Since my attitude isn’t right, Teacher, please advise me to withdraw.”


Fu Zhengnan’s face darkened.

Qin Qing on the other side also turned to Wen Yufeng in surprise

Fu Zhengnan was infuriated by Wen Yu Feng’s unwillingness to cooperate. He was just about to say something when someone knocked on the office door.

A head poked in.

“Teacher Fu, Director Sun has something to discuss with you.”

Fu Zhengnan’s lips moved, but in the end, he didn’ t refuse. He stood up with an ugly expression and glanced at Wen Yu Feng—

“You wait here. You are not allowed to go anywhere until I come back.”

After speaking, Fu Zhengnan threw up his hands and left.

Qin Qing, who was sitting in the chair opposite him, was temporarily forgotten.

 Qin Qing blinked in a daze. Just as she was about to call out to Fu Zhengnan, the figure standing by her table bent down in her direction before she could say the first word.

Qin Qing was shocked, and her beautiful almond eyes were wide open.

Wen Yufeng was amused by her reaction and his smile flooded his eyes.

The deep and shallow light shone in those black eyes, like the starlight of a galaxy.

It was brighter and more beautiful than the warm summer sun behind him.

Qin Qing was stunned for a moment before she snapped back to her senses.


How could a guy smile so beautifully?

How did the ancient saying go?

Oh, it looks like it would bring disaster to the country and the people.

Qin Qing agreed and pouted.

The voice above her spoke with an unconcealed smile——

“Did you forget what I said last time when I was at Entertainment city?”

Qin Qing wilted and shook her head dejectedly.


“Then why aren’t you running?


Qin Qing looked up at Wen Yufeng in annoyance.

—— He clearly knew that she could not escape.

When he received the signal from Qin Qing’s angry eyes, Wen Yufeng felt better for some reason.

He raised his right index finger and knocked on the table.

“Why are you here?”

When he asked this question, the boy leaned closer and Qin Qing retreated a little.

She added hesitantly.



Wen Yufeng stared at Qin Qing for a few seconds and his gaze fell on the paper beside him.

—— math problems in high school.

If he remembered correctly, it seemed to be the paper they used for the monthly exam.

She was really here to learn.

Wen Yufeng raised his eyebrows and turned his gaze back. “Aren’t you fifteen?”

Qin Qing nodded obediently.

“and from the middle school department?”

Qin Qing nodded again.

This time, it was Wen Yufeng’s turn to be speechless.

After a while, he clicked his tongue, straightened up, then looked down at Qin Qing.

The corners of the boy’s eyes drooped slightly. He was as handsome as ever, and he even looked lazy.

“What a good student.”

Wen Yufeng’s heart dropped slightly. He felt a similar feeling of regret that he had never tasted before, but it was just that.

He looked down with a faint smile.

“Then study hard. If you see me again, remember ……”

Before the afterglow was over, he looked meaningfully at the girl sitting obediently in that chair.


How beautiful.

Unfortunately, no matter how cute she was, she was still a crystal rabbit, spotless.

He didn’t want to dirty his hands, but he was even more afraid of falling.

He couldn’t endure even after just a few looks. If he really held her hands, he didn’t know how far he would be affected.

It was better not to touch it.

This comforted the ferocious beast that was about to leave its cage in its heart. Wen Yufeng’s smile lazily retreated, but there was a hint of unawareness in his eyes.

Qin Qing sat there and pursed her lips, looking innocent.



The kind of sudden alienation she had felt before in the entertainment city.

Qin Qing wanted to say something, but she wasn’t very good at starting topics with people she wasn’t familiar with, so she closed her mouth and leaned back.

The math test in front of her was flipped through and Qin Qing’s gaze quickly skimmed over.

They were all content that she had taught herself. It seemed like most of them were basic questions, so it wasn’t difficult.

Qin Qing, who had turned her emotions into her strength, quickly lowered her head and began to answer the questions.


Half an hour later, Qin Qing returned from the sea of questions and instinctively lifted her head to move her arms.


  Her sight impartially bumped into the gaze of Wen Yufeng who was staring at her intently.


  The man was leaning on the desk in front of her, and his black eyes were deep and beautiful.

    Qin Qing’s flattened and outstretched hand stopped, and her cheeks flushed slightly.


  Then she immediately withdrew her hand and jumped out of the chair, “Sit here.”

  The refusal that was about to exit stopped. Wen Yufeng straightened up and walked over, sat down on the chair, reached out and picked up the paper on the desktop.


  ”…… all done?” He gave a beat, “In half an hour?”


  Qin Qing responded.


  Her gaze was drawn to the two hands that were holding her paper. Well-boned, slender and beautiful, they also carried a sense of tension.

  Qin Qing lowered her head in frustration and looked at her palm which was not much even if she tried to open it.


  How is it that when compared to people, no matter their height or palms, they make her feel like a congenital disability?


  …… genes are really a desperate thing.

  And in fact, Wen Yufeng now also had similar thoughts.


  The paper had all the answers to the multiple choice, fill in the blanks, and there was little trace of verification; the calculation steps were simple and clear, until the answer was derived; the proof questions had only clear ideas.


  The crystal bunny, who seemed to be a good girl and hid a bit of restlessness, turns out to be so good at academics that most people can’t even reach.

  He raised his eyes, holding a little smile: “It’s a pity for you to keep a master.”

    Hearing the other side open up like this, Qin Qing also finally had some courage to say the words she couldn’t get out before.


  ”It’s not good to drop out of school ……”


   Even though she had the courage, Qin Qing was still a little lacking in confidence.

   After all, she had only seen him three times…The first two times she had been helped.

Oh, yes, it was the first time she had dragged someone away from a battlefield……

Thinking of this, Qin Qing felt that she was no longer qualified to persuade him.

Moreover, this person didn’t look like he was listening to her advice.

 The only thing that surprised Qin Qing was that not long after her words were spoken, Wen Yufeng was silent for a moment and then suddenly smiled.


  ”Why is it bad?”


Qin Qing was stumped by this question, and she began to ponder over it.

In the world where she grew up, there would never be such a question as “Why is it bad to quit school?”

That was why she could do the problems, but she hadn’t learned real thinking yet.

After thinking for a long time, Qin Qing finally raised her head.

Her beautiful and delicate little face was extremely serious.

Although she still did not get her own answer, her memory and learning ability provided her with some “experience”. Last year, during Chinese new year, she heard her second uncle reprimand her cousin——

“If you don’t study hard, you won’t have a good job in the future.”

Wen Yufeng looked at Qin Qing standing in front of him, seriously beginning to talk about old logic.

He was just about to joke when he heard Qin Qing’s tone and her expression was still serious.

“If you can’t find a good job, no little girl will be willing to marry you in the future.”


It was rare for him to be stunned.

A few seconds later, he suddenly laughed and turned his face away.

Qin Qing stopped speaking and frowned.


Was there something strange about these words?

Furthermore, after his cousin was reprimanded, he looked like he was in pain…Why was this person smiling?

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