He’s so Flirty Chapter 38

 Chapter 38: Drink Brother Yu

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When he first saw Qin Qing, Wen Yufeng almost suspected that he was hallucinating.

When he turned his gaze in that direction and stared for a few seconds, he was sure that his little classmate had really appeared in this bar.

The boy who stood there expressionlessly clenched his left hand.

After holding back for a long time, Wen Yufeng finally suppressed the urge to directly go and carry her away.

At this moment, a bartender in the bar stopped beside him.

“Brother Yu, I have reserved a seat for you. Qiao An and the others are also waiting for you. Aren’t you going to sit?”


Hearing this person’s words, Wen Yufeng slowly retracted his gaze.

In this situation, it wasn’t a good thing for him to take the initiative to interact with her.

After two seconds, Wen Yufeng’s eyes drooped and he replied in a heavy tone.

“You lead the way.”


The bartender quickly responded, smiling as he led Wen Yufeng to the circular sofa not far away.

Coincidentally, his destination was just next to Qin Qing’s table.

The circular sofa in the bar had a low back and a smooth curve on top. The tall and long-legged boy sat there, the back of the sofa unable to cover his wide shoulders.

There were only a few meters of distance between the two of them. Qin Qing felt the surrounding air had become a little thin.

“How is it?”

Lin Manxue did not notice the change in Qin Qing’s expression. At this moment, her face was filled with excitement as she lowered her voice and asked Qin Qing repeatedly——

“Is he handsome?”


Qin Qing’s anger towards Wen Yufeng who had already seen her but did not express anything had turned into an indescribable grievance.

She couldn’t figure out what she had done wrong to have that person avoid her, to take two weeks off from school and go to the club without delay. 

……He was the one who said he would sit at the same table with her.

At the thought of this, Qin Qing’s heart seem to be filled with fermented vinegar and it bubbled up.

Thus, she did not even notice Lin Manxue’s question.

Lin Manxue hadn’t received a response for a long time and she was feeling strange. In the end, she turned around and saw Qin Qing’s face that looked so aggrieved that she was about to cry.

“Ai, no…Xiao Qing, what happened to you?”

Lin Manxue was extremely flustered and unconsciously raised her voice.

A slender figure at the next table suddenly paused. After two seconds, the person still couldn’t help but look over.

At Qin Qing’s table, there were many old classmates from her previous school. The girl sitting next to Qin Qing laughed softly at Lin Manxue.

“Lin Manxue, make your voice a little softer, the one from No 1 high school has already looked over.”


Qin Qing’s slender back stiffened as the girl beside her spoke. Two seconds later, she shook her head and looked up.

“Manxue, I’m fine.”

A girl beside Fu Hanlin opened her mouth.

“Qin Qing, don’t you also go to No.1 High School? I heard that you even jumped grades to join  the second years’. Then, do you know this person? Aren’t you going to introduce us?”

“Yeah, yeah, I really want to get to know him.” The girl sitting next to Qin Qing answered, looking at the table. “Tsk, there’s no blind spot from that side. Moreover, his forearms look so beautiful. Didn’t he often fight with those people from No. 3 High School? He must be the kind that looks thin and has muscles when undressed ……”

Qin Qing clenched her hands halfway, but the more she listened, the more she could not help it.

“…I don’t know him.” She suddenly interrupted the girl.

Qin Qing’s voice wasn’t loud, but her tone was tense. Her voice trembled slightly, causing the people beside her to be stunned.

Qin Qing noticed that she had lost her composure. She paused for a few seconds before turning her head, and her eyes softened.

Her pretty little face was stained with a faint smile. “If I knew him…He would have come to greet me earlier, right?”

Everyone returned to their senses and nodded their heads. The girls in the middle were especially regretful.

“It’s a pity……”

Fu Hanlin, who had been ignored for a long time, stared at the boy with a strange expression. When he heard Qin Qing’s words, his expression became a little puzzled.

……Could it be that he remembered wrongly?

That’s impossible, the guy who had stopped him from confessing that day wasn’t a common person.

Even if the light in the bar was a little dim and ambiguous, he wouldn’t be unable to recognize him.

“Hey, Fu Hanlin, are you jealous?” The girl sitting next to Fu Hanlin suddenly opened her mouth and swept Qin Qing with her eyes. Then, she leaned against Fu Hanlin’s arm.”Don’t worry. hehe, I only like you alone.”


Fu Hanlin’s expression was a little uncomfortable as he glanced in Qin Qing’s direction.

Qin Qing was stunned by the unkindness in the girl’s eyes. Then, she heard Lin Manxue come over quietly in a low voice.

“Class President Fu didn’t manage to confess to you. It didn’t take long for this Sun Wan to chase him. It’s normal for her to have hostility towards you. Be careful of her.”


Qin Qing heaved a sigh of relief when she heard this.

She was really afraid that Fu Hanlin would have other thoughts. If they weren’t in front of so many people, it would be awkward for both sides…

At the same time, at the next table.

“Brother Yu, what are you looking at?”

The short man next to Wen Yufeng followed his gaze and landed on the boys and girls who were having a good time at the nearby table.

The little guy’s eyes lit up. “Brother Yu, which one do you like? Do you want me to help you ——”

Before he could finish, someone slapped the back of his head.

“Who the f*ck ——”

The little guy turned his head and was about to lose his temper. When he saw the person who slapped him, he quickly turned his face into an apologetic smile——

“Aiyo, Brother Qiao An, I’m sorry, I didn’t scold you just now ……”

Qiao An rolled his eyes and kicked the little guy’s leg.

“Sit to the side, don’t bother Brother Yu.”

That little guy obediently sat to the side. While moving his butt, he said in an aggrieved manner: “How could I dare? I just wanted to pick a pretty girl for Brother Yu.”

“You’re still talking?” Qiao An laughed angrily. He raised his arm and was about to hit him again, but in the end, it didn’t land.

He glanced at the distant and indifferent boy next to him before turning back with a smile. “When did you see a woman within a foot of Brother Yu?”

The little guy pursed his lips and muttered, “If I didn’t see Brother Yu seeming to be very interested in that table ……”

Qiao An looked at the nearby table.

When he noticed many girls looking in this direction, he couldn’t help but smile as he sat down beside Wen Yufeng.

“They’re all a bunch of little brats, I’m afraid they want to deliberately create some noise to attract attention——Brother Yu, if you think they’re noisy, I’ll ask someone to send them away.”


Wen Yufeng lowered his eyes and then turned back. The glass between his slender fingers swayed, and the liquor reflected a beautiful luster under the ambiguous light.

He raised his left wrist and took a sip. His voice was low and hoarse.”It’s okay.”

Qiao An’s eyes flashed.


Brother Yu seemed to be in a bad mood right now?

After some thought, Qiao An winked at the few people sitting at the same table. He took the lead to hold a cup and turned around to gently hit the side of the cup in Wen Yufeng’s hand.

“Brother Yu, if there’s anything wrong, I’ll accompany you for a few more drinks. It will wash them away.”

Wen Yufeng did not say anything. His gaze fell on the cup.

After a while, he laughed softly, his handsome face faintly carrying a little self-mockery. Then, he raised his hand and emptied the alcohol in one gulp.


Every second Qin Qing stayed, she regretted her decision to come out with Lin Manxue even more than she did a moment ago.

Seeing this group of crazy demons, Qin Qing felt her brain hurt.

When the so-called “High Time” in the bar finally passed, Lin Manxue and the other girls returned to their seats in excitement.

Apparently, they hadn’t had enough fun yet. Someone took a bottle of alcohol from the table and shook it, winking at everyone——

“Shall we play the game?”


Everyone responded repeatedly.


Qin Qing, who was silent beside her, felt her scalp go numb. Finally, she could not hold back any longer and reached out to pull Lin Manxue who was sitting beside her.

“Manxue, it’s getting late. Shall we go back? Otherwise, our families would be worried.”

“No,” Lin Manxue quickly pulled Qin Qing back. “Let’s play a little longer! Just a moment!”


Qin Qing stared at her unmoved. Her little face was taut and her expression was strange and serious.

Lin Manxue had no choice but to hold her hands and beg for mercy. “Then how about this? We’ll finish playing this game and then we’ll leave—- okay?”

Qin Qing was helpless as she watched Lin Manxue continue to blink at her with a pitiful look.

She could only give up. ”Okay you said so——once we finish this game, we will leave immediately.”

“Sure, sure, no problem!”

Lin Manxue beat her chest and made the promise.

Qin Qing wrinkled her little nose helplessly as she looked at her. “You ……”

“Qin Qing, Lin Manxue, aren’t you going to sit down and play?”

Fu Hanlin suddenly called out to the two in the corner.

“I’ll be right there,” Lin Manxue said. She turned around and whispered to Qin Qing, “I guarantee you that Class President Fu will never give up on you.”


Qin Qing rolled her eyes and did not say anything.

Lin Manxue happily pulled Qin Qing back to the sofa.

“An alcohol bottle? What are the game rules?”

As soon as Qin Qing sat down, she asked curiously.

She had never been to a place like this before, and this was the first time she had heard of the “spin the bottle” game. She could not help but look curiously at the empty bottle placed in the middle of the table.

“What rules are there? The rules are the same. Whoever faces the bottle will be punished.”

“I’m just asking you how the punishment will be decided?”


There was silence at the table for a while. The girls looked at each other and found a similar meaning in each other’s eyes.

Sun Wan, who was sitting next to Fu Hanlin, cleared her throat. “How about this? I’ll choose the table right beside us. It looks like there are both men and women. There are more than ten people in total. Whoever this bottle points to would go over and pick a person of the opposite sex to toast. You succeed if you make him drink it. If you fail, you will be punished by drawing lots——Remember, it must be the opposite sex.”

“Wow, Fu Hanlin, take care of your girlfriend ——”

A guy on the table joked, “They’re clearly here with a purpose!”

Sun Wan glared at the guy who spoke—

“I’m the one who got the alcohol, why am I not allowed to set the game rule?”

“Fine, fine, fine. Gold Master Father will decide!”

The others all agreed.


Qin Qing blinked her little face in shock. Before she could react, the rules had been set.

Qin Qing was dumbfounded. She turned to Lin Manxue. “Do I have to participate too?”

Lin Manxue said,” Of course, no one is exempted. How can you be special?”

“But I’ve never played or drank ——”

Before Qin Qing could struggle again, the bottle in the middle of the table had already been turned.

Qin Qing could not bother to refuse anymore. She stared at the bottle without even daring to blink. The heartbeat in her chest accelerated, it made her even more nervous than all the exams in the past.

Fortunately, the bottle stopped after a few rounds and aimed at a girl who was quite far away from Qin Qing.

“Hu ……”

Qin Qing, who was playing this game for the first time, instinctively heaved a sigh of relief. She felt like she had escaped from some dangerous situation.

Everyone laughed at the girl who was the first to “win” the prize. The girl wasn’t afraid either. She summoned the waiter to open a bottle of alcohol and held two cups filled with alcohol before resolutely heading to the next table.

The people around the table stared at her as if they were watching a show. No one was surprised when they saw the girl walking directly towards the boy sitting at the outermost seat.

So was Qin Qing.

Even though it was her first time playing this game, she was still very clear about the real purpose of these girls——it was just a way to strike up a conversation with Wen Yufeng.

However, the only difference between Qin Qing and the others was that she had always been obedient and quiet. She did not look straight ahead and was sitting with two small hands on her knees.

Perhaps it was because that person’s presence was too strong. Even though Qin Qing did not glance at him from beginning to the end, she could clearly feel a complicated gaze stopping on her body.

And there was a girl whispering beside her.

“Wow, is he looking at this side? If you draw me later, I will definitely go.”

“You think he’s that easy to talk to? What if you can’t get off the stage later, wouldn’t that be——ah? Did he really drink it?”


Qin Qing was startled and looked over.

Just as the girl had said, Wen Yufeng, who was leaning against the back of the sofa, took the cup and drank the strong liquor in one gulp.

Then, he returned the cup to the girl who was inviting him to drink without looking up, and his gaze returned.

The side of his face was still indifferent and beautiful.

The girl who went out to invite him to drink seemed to want to say something else, but the indifferent look on Wen Yu Feng’s face made him come back with a flushed face.

This girl’s “victorious return” had obviously brought great confidence to all the girls except Qin Qing.

In the next few rounds, other than the boy’s invitation to drink, the girls all raised their glasses and headed straight for Wen Yufeng.

What made the entire table sigh was that Wen Yufeng never rejected any at all.

However, if the people on Qin Qing’s side were sighing, Qiao An and the others were already a little frightened.


Looking at the situation, it was obvious that Brother Yu’s mood was not normal.

Either abnormally good or abnormally bad…The more he drank, the more expressionless he looked. No matter how they looked at it, it didn’t seem like he was in a good mood.

After a while, Qiao An pushed the little guy beside him and said in a low voice.

“Later, you will directly look for the security guards to clear out these countless little brats. It is unknown where each and every one of them had such a big face ……”

The little guy’s eyes were also wide open. Now that he listened to Qiao An’s instructions, he nodded in a complicated manner.

……He was really a little suspicious. Could it be that there was indeed a little girl whom Brother Yu had taken a fancy to at the next table?

Otherwise, even if Brother Yu comes every week, he had never seen someone treat him to a drop of alcohol.

At this moment, Lin Manxue was also praising Qin Qing——

“This high school bully is amazing. How many glasses had he drunk? Even if he drinks a lot of alcohol, he can still be poisoned by alcohol, right? I don’t know if my stomach can take it or not ……”


Qin Qing tightly clenched her hands beside her. She looked up and saw Sun Wanzhi, who was the last to toast, walking back with smiles on her face.

“Come on, come on!”

There were many people who weren’t pointed at and were cheering for the next round.

Qin Qing finally could not hold back and stood up abruptly.

Perhaps it was because the girl’s movements were too large, or perhaps it was because the entire table was focused on the bottle of alcohol, in any case, including Lin Manxue, everyone was shocked and looked over.

Lin Manxue was stunned for a moment before she said, “Xiao Qing?”


Qin Qing blushed slightly. She had just taken advantage of this inexplicable impulse to stand up. When she really got up, she felt a little uncomfortable.

“Sorry, I want to leave first.”

Lin Manxue hurriedly tugged at her, “Didn’t we say that we would finish this game?”


Qin Qing knew she was in the wrong, so she did not answer. She just stared at Lin Manxue without blinking.

Lin Manxue couldn’t take it anymore, so she could only say, “Why don’t we play another round? Let’s go after this round?”

Qin Qing did not want to argue with Lin Manxue in front of so many people. She nodded and sat down again.

……In any case, there was a one in ten chance. After playing so much before, this game was not bad.

Half a minute later, when the mouth of the bottle pointed at her, Qin Qing only wanted to go back half a minute and drag herself out of the bar.

Lin Manxue: “……”

“Pfft, hahaha ……”

Qin Qing: “…………”

After laughing out loud, Lin Manxue rubbed her sour cheeks and sighed, “This is the legendary Murphy’s Law. Hahaha ……”

The person in charge of pouring the wine had already handed the two glasses to Qin Qing.

“I actually don’t know how to drink ……”

Qin Qing looked at the two glasses and her pretty little face almost wrinkled together.

The guy who poured the wine looked at her with a smile. “That’s why I especially poured a mouthful for you. Qin Qing, go quickly.”


Qin Qing let out a long sigh in her heart, then picked up the cup and stood up, facing death.

Qin Qing held two cups and slowly walked to the next table.

She felt like she was walking a long path down a corridor.

The people at the next table all looked at Qin Qing and a few of them came together to joke.

“D*mn, this little girl isn’t in high school, right?”

“Haha, I don’t think so. I think they came with those people. Aren’t they all from the No. 3 High School?”

“Then this high school student is too petite.”

“Don’t you think she’s especially cute?”

“You beast, get away from me ……”

However, when the girl gradually approached, her cheeks became redder and redder with each step. The people at the table had to admit——

This time, the little girl who came over was indeed a beautiful woman.


Qin Qing felt that everyone was looking at her, but she was too embarrassed to look at everyone.

Instinctively, she walked towards the boy who was leaning on the sofa with one hand on his forehead and the corners of his eyes slightly hanging down.

Qiao An, who was sitting next to Wen Yufeng, had an increasingly ugly expression on his face. However, seeing such a cute little girl coming over this time, he did not have the nerve to say anything.

When Qin Qing stopped, the boy with his black hair slightly covering his eyes also looked up.

Their eyes met in the air.

Qin Qing did not even find the focus in those eyes she was accustomed to seeing—

It was obvious that this person had already drunk a little too much.

Qin Qing’s heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t tell what complicated feeling she had.

But no matter what, she did not want him to drink anymore.

As a result, Qin Qing swallowed all the words she was about to say. She tightened her grip on the cup and summoned the courage to look at the rest of the people on the table.

Most of the eyes were filled with teasing or sizing her up which made Qin Qing feel uncomfortable. The tips of her fingers that were holding the wine cup turned slightly white.

Finally, Qin Qing could only take a gentle breath and walked in another direction.

Where her gaze was, there was a man who seemed to be dressed in elegant clothes sitting there.

Seeing the girl’s direction, the little guy next to Qiao An suppressed his malicious laughter.

“This little girl is really too naive. Isn’t Sun Qifeng a beast in disguise?”

Qiao An did not reply, but from his expression, he clearly agreed.

Qin Qing had already walked in front of the man. She awkwardly extended her hand and handed the wine cup to him.

“Could I treat you to a drink…alcohol……”

With a short sentence, the little girl stuttered and the people at the table couldn’t help but laugh.


After being coaxed by this laughter, Qin Qing felt her cheeks burning. She just wanted to finish the game and leave this place immediately.

Moreover, she would never come back.

The silver-rimmed glasses of the man named Sun Qifeng flashed before he smiled and nodded.

“No problem.”

“……” Qin Qing heaved a sigh of relief.

Sun Qifeng seemed to have seen through her reaction and the interest in his eyes grew. He spoke again.

“But, I have a condition.”

Qin Qing was startled and her almond eyes widened slightly.

Sun Qifeng patted the empty seat on the sofa beside him and smiled. “Sit down and I’ll drink.”

Even though she was confused, Qin Qing, who only wanted to end the game quickly, could not think too much.

She took the two cups and sat down on the empty seat, instinctively shrinking to the side, striving to be as far away from the other side as possible.

Sun Qifeng’s eyes paused for a moment before suddenly moving. He straightened his upper body and was about to bend over.

Qin Qing was stunned. Lin Manxue, who was at the table next to them, also stood up and wanted to rush over.

However, a low and terrifying voice descended before Lin Manxue could move and entered everyone’s ears. It was as cold as ice——

“Try even touching her clothes.”

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