He’s so Flirty Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Blue card stock from the class next door. 

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“That okay? Little Teacher?”

The boy’s hoarse voice was close at hand, and his pitch-black eyes glanced sideways at the girl beside him.

Qin Qing’s cheeks were slightly red from the slightly raised voice. She looked at the tall and slender boy who was standing beside her with a complicated expression.

“Why are you…here?”

“……” Wenfeng opened his face and laughed softly. His eyes drooped slightly as he looked at the girl with a soft look in his eyes. “Didn’t I hear you say that everyone is responsible for protecting the class’s health and honour? That’s why I came to the health area to take a look.”

Before he finished his sentence, the faint smile hidden in his eyes suddenly turned cold, turning from the hot sun to the cold winter——

“You guys…” He slowly turned his gaze to the side and finally stopped on the three girls who were frozen halfway.

His thin lips lifted slightly, but his voice did not contain a trace of warmth.

“Where are you going?”

The three girls who originally wanted to take the opportunity to escape quickly looked at each other and froze in place.

Seeing that they were only a few steps away from the stairs, they wanted to speed up and run. At this time, Wen Yufeng probably did not know which class they belonged to…In the future, it would be better to hide…

Just as the three girls were exchanging gazes to think of a solution, the boy who was standing at the bottom of the stairs seemed to know what they were thinking.

There was an obvious smile on that handsome and lazy face, but no matter how one looked at it, there was a viciousness that made one’s back turn cold——

“I’ve always had a bad temper, so if anyone else wants to go through her personal information again……”

The boy stared at the three girls with cold eyes and smiled. “I promise, you won’t want to see the consequences.”

Once these words were said, the three girls no longer dared to have any other thoughts. Their faces were deathly pale as they stood in a row.

Qin Qing looked at Wen Yufeng curiously.

Previously, she had been extremely angry and had only thought about using the school’s methods. However, she suspects that even if Sun Xing stood in front of them, they might not be as timid as they were now.

So, as expected, he still had to “teach the wicked a lesson”… However, this person made the entire school look like a mouse facing a cat when they saw him. In the past, he must have done many things that made people afraid…

Qin Qing sighed with mixed feelings. When she realized that she had subconsciously muttered something, she hurriedly raised her hand to cover her mouth.

Her beautiful almond-shaped eyes looked up at the boy standing in front of her.

Fortunately, he did not turn around for a while. Qin Qing was sure that Yufeng did not hear her and was relieved.

Qin Qing had just relaxed when she heard Wen Yufeng speak again.

His eyes were fixed on the leader of the three as he walked over unhurriedly——

“I just heard you gave her a warning?”


The girl’s fear was no longer the same as when she faced Qin Qing. She wanted to bite her tongue off.

Even her shrunken shoulders began to tremble.

Half a meter away from the girl, Wen Yufeng stopped.

At this point, the cold smile on his face was completely wiped off and his two cold eyes were like stars.

The boy’s voice grew softer:

“I’m curious, what were you warning her about? Come, tell me.”

“Us, we ……”

The girl’s voice was shaking, and her body was trembling more and more. Tears finally flowed down her cheeks——

“Yes, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I won’t dare again, I won’t dare again……Brother Yu, let me go this time ……”

The girl sobbed as she forcefully bowed to the boy in front of her and apologized. Her body trembled violently as if she was about to be scared out of her wits.

Not to mention the other two girls who were also bowing with red eyes, Qin Qing could clearly see that the girl on duty with her was also scared to death.

She looked at Yu Feng’s back as if she was looking at some monster.


Qin Qing’s fingertips gently clenched into her palm, her eyes filled with an unwillingness.

—— Was it not for these three girls, this boy standing there alone wouldn’t be regarded as a monster and alien by most of the teachers and students.

But actually……he was very gentle.

He would be at a loss in front of his neighbor’s grandmother, he would be as careful as a child, he would be drunk and lean into her ear to speak……

He was not a monster.

Qin Qing froze on the spot for a few seconds before she could no longer suppress herself and walked over.

Just as Wen Yufeng was about to open his mouth, he noticed that his sweater was being gently pulled on.

He turned around.

The little girl stood behind him and looked up at him.

“That’s enough.”

The girl’s expression was serious. “If they go back like this, the entire school will know that you scared the three girls into crying.”

Without waiting for Wen Yufeng’s reply, Qin Qing turned to look at the chest of the leading girl. The badge hidden under her uniform jacket was exposed because of the bow.

Qin Qing slowly said, “Song Yan.” She raised her eyes to look at the girl who was crying so hard that her face was full of tears. Her little face was expressionless.

“I will remember your name. In the next two years of high school, it will be fine if nothing happens, but if anything happens, my parents and teachers will be the first to find you…I promise.”

The word “promise” at the end of the sentence startled Wen Yufeng. When he realized that the girl was learning from him, a faint smile appeared in his eyes.

He couldn’t help but rub the girl’s hair.

Only then did he look at the three of them——

“For her sake, I will ignore what happened today.”

The boy raised his arm and pointed at the three piles of trash. “But if there’s a bit left, then the three of you shouldn’t appear in the school again starting tomorrow.”

After saying that, Wen Yufeng dropped his right hand wrapped in bandages and naturally took the broom from Qin Qing’s hand. Then, he grabbed the girl with his left hand and left.


The three of them returned to the classroom just ten minutes before the first class in the afternoon.

By then, the teachers for the first class hadn’t even arrived at the classroom yet and the students in the class had all arrived.

There was a lot of noise in the classroom, but the moment everyone saw their School Bully Wen walking through the front door of the classroom, they all quieted down.

After a few seconds of deathly silence, the first to react was the health committee member of Class 6.

He grabbed his deskmate’s sleeve and shook wildly—

“D*mn d*mn d*mn d*mn——What’s going on? I clearly didn’t arrange for Brother Yu to be on duty…Which villain wanted to harm me?!”

Before his deskmate could say a word of comfort, he felt a shadow above his head.

The deskmate was silent for two seconds. Following the principle that both the husband and wife are doomed together, he emotionlessly removed the health committee member’s hand and moved the stool to the side. This showed his determination to draw a clear line between them.

Wen Yufeng, who was sitting beside the table, didn’t know what kind of desperate struggle they had experienced in these few seconds. He only said in a hoarse voice:

“Starting from next week, I will be assigned to Qin Qing’s team’s health area.”

Hearing the faint smile in Wen Yufeng’s tone, the health committee member was stunned for a moment and instinctively asked,  “Brother Yu, why are you suddenly on duty?”

After asking, the health committee members regretted it.

Did he eat the courage of a bear and a leopard?

Otherwise, how could he dare to ask such a question??

Fortunately, the boy’s mood was extremely pleasant.

Regarding this question, he only narrowed his eyes, the corners of his lips slightly curved——

“Someone taught me to protect the honour of class hygiene. She said everyone has a responsibility.”

In this quiet classroom, the students had a tacit understanding of who the “she” was.


Qin Qing, who was walking toward her seat, pretended not to notice the gazes that were coming at her.


When Wen Yufeng applied to Shen Liang for a change of seats, although it was in the name of asking Qin Qing to tutor him, he truly did not have any intention of studying seriously.

It wasn’t until that afternoon that he completely changed.

It was a weekend for students to study at school. Although Wen Yufeng didn’t get to school on time, he was only late for one self-study class.

When he entered the classroom, he instinctively looked at the back of the classroom.

Then the curvature of his thin lips stopped on a handsome face.

A few seconds later, Li Xiang, who was playing happily with his phone on his desk, suddenly felt a cold chill creep up his back.

He instinctively straightened his back and stood up.

Looking closely, the person standing in front of him was indeed Wen Yufeng.

“Brother Yu.”

Although Li Xiang didn’t know why the boy’s expression was a little ugly, he knew that giving in first at a time like this was definitely the best choice.

Wen Yufeng was expressionless. “Where is she?”


Li Xiang was stunned for a second before he reacted.

“Two minutes before the last self-study class, a student from Class 7 seemed to have sent a note to the new classmate. I saw the new classmate reading it during the self-study class for a long time, then even wrote something for a long time. After class, she took another piece of paper and ran out. She should be looking for —ao ……”

Before Li Xiang could finish, he let out a howl.

After he finished howling, he instinctively glared at Zhao Zirui, who was sitting next to him and had just fiercely pinched him.

Zhao Zirui gave him a look of “self-seeking happiness”.

At this moment, Li Xiang suddenly remembered what he had just said.


He broke out in cold sweat.

After Wen Yufeng heard the whole story, he only glanced at the two of them expressionlessly before turning around.

His gaze slowly fell back to the table.

Perhaps it was because Qin Qing was in a hurry, but in the middle of the desk, there was an unfolded blue paper.

There was faint black neat handwriting on it.

……Blue paper.

Wen Yufeng sneered in his heart.

In fact, from the previous week, he had discovered that Lin Wentao was always delivering notes to Qin Qing.

The frequency wasn’t high, but it was at least once every two to three days.

—— It’s just that he never knew that his little girl would make a special trip to reply every time.


At the thought of this, the boy’s eyes darkened.

—— He hadn’t even written to his little girl, yet the two of them had already started writing?

A low pressure emitted all over his body. While Li Xiang stared at him, Wen Yufeng sat back down expressionlessly.

He sat straight for three minutes, but he did not see Qin Qing at the door.

Three minutes had passed and he had already experienced countless battles in his heart. The boy’s gaze slowly fell on the blue paper under his eyelid.

……Just one look.

Wen Yufeng told himself.

Then he looked for a minute.

A minute later, Wen Yufeng turned back even more expressionlessly.


He did not understand.

The author had something to say:

Brother Yu:……It hurt his self-esteem.

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