He’s so Flirty Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Really brave

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Qin Qing stood at the front of Class Seven and looked at the student in front of her in confusion.

“Just give him this note for me.”

The student shook his head helplessly. “Student, it’s not that I’m not willing to help you hand it over, it’s just that Lin Wentao said in class today that if someone comes to give him an answer to the question, we shouldn’t hand it over. We should wait for him to get it himself.”

Qin Qing frowned slightly. “Why?”

“I don’t know why either. But don’t worry, he just went to the bathroom. He should be back soon. Lin Wentao!”

The student standing opposite Qin Qing was halfway through his sentence when he saw a figure approaching behind the girl. He hurriedly waved his arm at the person.

Seeing that Lin Wentao had noticed, the student smiled mischievously at him.

“That new classmate of Class 6 came to you——I’ve kept her for you, how is it? Am I loyal enough?”

Lin Wentao walked over and punched the student with a smile.

“Sure, I’ll treat you to dinner another day.”

Then, he turned to the girl who was still in the clouds.

“You finished the question I just gave you? So fast?”

Although Qin Qing didn’t understand why this person had to talk to her face to face, she didn’t think too much about it. She just smiled and handed the exercise paper over.

“Yes. I finished my homework halfway through the last self-study class, so I spent the rest of my time trying to answer your question.”

“How am I doing with the questions?” Lin Wentao smiled as he took the exercise paper. He looked at the beautiful handwriting on it and asked.

After a simple scan, he raised his head again. “Especially when compared to the previous question. Hasn’t my ability to set questions improved a lot?”


Qin Qing was not in a hurry to answer. Her eyes paused for a moment.

Then, she spoke unhurriedly and said one by one with her fingers, “There are two trap conditions in the question that confuse and disturb one’s train of thought. There is an inflection point in the problem-solving process. It is difficult to solve the problem before the inflection point. After cracking this inflection point, the problem-solving process is basically smooth sailing.”

Lin Wentao shook his head with a smile. “I can’t stop you.”

Qin Qing did not answer, but her crescent-shaped eyes showed that the girl was in a bright mood.

“Oh, right.” Qin Qing suddenly recalled, “Why are you looking for me? That classmate said you needed me to give you the note in person.”

“……There is something.”

Lin Wentao’s eyes flashed.

He looked into the girl’s eyes curiously. He had already changed the words he was about to say, and a smile appeared on his face.

“The last time I asked you that question, I read your answer seriously. However, your method of solving the problem is a little different from my original answer. I wanted to discuss our different methods with you.”

“A different method?”

Qin Qing’s eyes lit up and the corners of her lips curled. “Alright, then we can see whose is more concise and convenient. Let’s learn from each other!”

The smile on Lin Wentao’s face deepened as an inexplicable emotion flashed through his eyes. “Then do you have time before the next class? If it’s okay, let’s go to the reading room for discussion during the next self-study class.”

Qin Qing could have nodded, but just as she was about to make a move, she suddenly thought of something. she was giving a lecture to the school grass (most handsome boy) Yu Wen, Wen Yufeng wasn’t very happy. 

……”I only allow you to teach me “……

The deep voice seemed to still be in his ears.

Qin Qing sighed.

Although this wasn’t a problem, for some reason, she still felt so guilty that she couldn’t nod her head.

Just as Qin Qing was struggling to find a suitable excuse to reject Lin Wentao, she heard a lazy voice coming from behind her head.

“Sorry.” Wen Yufeng put one hand on Qin Qing’s shoulder and took a step back, pulling the girl away from Lin Wentao.

Then he narrowed his eyes and turned his head slightly. He looked at Lin Wentao who was standing opposite him with a faint smile.

“This is a teacher dedicated to me, I don’t lend her out.”

The boy’s tone was gentle and casual. However, deep in his pitch-black eyes, he seemed to have hidden two sharp blades.

Looking at each other made one’s hair stand on end.


The smile on Lin Wentao’s expression gradually faded after Wen Yufeng’s appearance and his words.

He looked at Wen Yufeng silently for a long time before he smiled again and shifted his gaze to Qin Qing.

“Qin Qing has already agreed?”

Previously, Qin Qing had been stunned by the appearance and sudden movements of Wen Yufeng, but now she had already regained her senses.

Hearing Lin Wentao’s question, Qin Qing frowned hesitantly.

……At what time, did she agree?

It didn’t seem to count, right?

As she thought of this, she felt the boy standing beside her press down his gaze.

Qin Qing instinctively raised her face and looked up at him.

The hand that was originally clasped around the girl’s shoulder hung down. Wen Yufeng looked down at Qin Qing as he leaned over to her ear.

“Could you not agree?”

Qin Qing frowned. “But ——”

A low and hoarse laugh could be heard in her  ears.

“I beg you please?”


Qin Qing stared at him with her eyes wide open. She did not come back to her senses until Wen Yufeng slowly stood up.

This person…It was too much of a foul!

However, even though she knew that he was doing it on purpose, Qin Qing’s cheeks still burned uncontrollably.

“If you don’t say anything, I’m assuming you’re accepting.”

The smile in Wen Yufeng’s eyes grew heavier.


Qin Qing bit her lower lip and stared at him angrily.


In the end, Lin Wentao’s face darkened.

He clenched his fists and looked at Wen Yufeng unkindly. The corner of his mouth twitched.

“Let’s not make things difficult for Qin Qing.” He turned to the girl and said, “It’s just a question. I’ll write my thoughts and methods to you another day.”

Qin Qing nodded hesitantly.


Lin Wentao smiled again. “It’s fine.”

He raised his hand and shook the exercise paper in his hand. “I will definitely study this question carefully and seriously.”

After saying that, he seemed to inadvertently glance at Wen Yufeng and turned to leave.

“Wait a minute.”

Wen Yufeng suddenly spoke, his eyes slightly cold.

Seeing Lin Wentao stop and turn around to look at him, Wen Yufeng first looked at the girl beside him.

“You can go back first.”

Qin Qing instinctively resisted this suggestion. She looked at Wen Yufeng and then glanced at Lin Wentao before turning around with a conflicted expression.

“Wen Yufeng don’t ……”

“I’m fine.” Wen Yufeng lifted his bandaged right hand and said, “It’s just that I need to take my anti-inflammatory drugs and I just remembered that I didn’t get any water. Could you go back and help me get a cup?”


Qin Qing looked at him suspiciously, but after a while, she could only see a thin smile in the boy’s eyes.

She could only frown and earnestly warn, “Don’t bully your classmates.”

“……” Yu Wenfeng smirked.

After two seconds, he turned around. His voice was slightly hoarse,”……Okay.”

Before Qin Qing left, she was still worried and lightly tapped his right arm.

“No matter what the reason is, if the wound breaks again, I’ll move back to Fang Xiaojing’s side.”

“……Tsk.” The corners of Wen Yufeng’s lips curled up into a wide smile, but his eyes were soft. “You’ve learned to threaten me?”

This time, Qin Qing ignored him and glanced at him before turning around and running away.

After watching the girl leave, Wen Yufeng finally withdrew his gaze and slowly turned around.

At the same time, the smile on his face faded bit by bit. The mottled emotions in his starry eyes were chilling.

“We.” The boy smirked “……need to talk.”

Lin Wentao turned around and said, “You and I don’t seem to know each other. What’s there to talk about?”

“……” He heard Yu Wenfeng’s low laugh, but when he raised his eyes again, there was no trace of a smile.” Since you don’ t think there’s anything to talk about, then in the future, remember to stay away from her.”

As he said that, he turned around to leave.

Lin Wentao’s laughter rang out behind him.

“Me stay away from her? Haha, shouldn’t these words be more appropriate for you?”


Wen Yufeng’s body stopped and his face turned sideways. He glanced coldly at Lin Wentao.

“What? Am I wrong?”

Lin Wentao walked over and stood beside Wen Yufeng——

“I really don’t understand. Why would a girl with Qin Qing’s personality bother with someone like you? What could you give her? Other than dragging down her grades, are you going to take her to skip classes and fight? Or smoke a cigarette and go clubbing?”

Hearing the boy’s words, Wen Yufeng didn’t seem to be angry, but his eyes became colder and colder. “It’s not your turn to judge.”

“I’m not judging, I’m just advising.” Lin Wentao snorted. “Other than trouble and pressure from the teachers and parents, you can’t give her anything…It’s better to stay away from her before anything happens.”

“I said it already!”

The boy who had been staring coldly at him suddenly moved like lightning. He grabbed the collar of the person beside him with his left hand and slammed him onto the wall.

Amonst the low voices of the other students in the corridor, Wen Yufeng stared at Lin Wentao’s eyes. His hoarse and low voice had a bloodthirsty ferocity.

“You are not qualified!”


When Qin Qing arrived at the front door of the classroom, she saw a girl in a middle school uniform with the health committee blocking the door.

“I really can’t help you!”

The health committee member of Class Six looked like he was about to cry. “When he asks, I’ll die!”

The little girl from the middle school department looked anxious and begged the health committee member not to let go. “Senior, help me. Just help me put it on his table.”

Qin Qing walked towards them in confusion.

Although she was curious, she knew that it had nothing to do with her, so, she prepared to bypass the two of them and enter.

However, just as she was about to leave, the health committee member seemed to have seen a lifeline and pointed at Qin Qing—

“Ask her to give it to him! The only one in our class who can escape alive is her!”

Qin Qing: “……?”

Upon hearing this, the middle school girl looked at Qin Qing in confusion. When she realized that the “Senior Sister” who was standing opposite her did not look taller than her, and had a very good looking appearance, a trace of hostility flashed through her eyes.

When she looked at the letter in her hand, the middle school girl had no choice but to walk to Qin Qing with the pink envelope.

The health committee member who was saved quickly ran away.

Qin Qing looked blankly at the girl standing in front of her. “What’s the matter with you?”

The girl stuffed the pink envelope in her hand in front of Qin Qing and then bowed down with a 90 degree bow.

“Senior! Please help me pass this to Senior Wen Yufeng. Thank you!”

Before Qin Qing could react, the girl turned and ran down the stairs.


Qin Qing, who was standing where she was, stared dumbfoundedly at the pink envelope in her hand.

After struggling for two seconds, she sighed and walked into the classroom with the envelope.

Many people in the class seemed to be watching the situation at the door. At this moment, Qin Qing came in with the pink envelope and they could not help but whisper.

Qin Qing returned to the last table in confusion. Just as she was about to enter, she heard a sigh from the side.

“New classmate, you really have guts.”

Qin Qing turned around curiously.

Li Xiang looked at the pink envelope in her hand with a complicated expression.

“Ah, this…” Qin Qing awkwardly placed it on the table on Wen Yufeng’s side. “ A girl just gave it to me and ran away.”

Li Xiang said, “Then I’ll make a friendly suggestion, just throw it into the trash can.”


Qin Qing frowned. “This is someone else’s thing. I can’t deal with it without permission.”

Li Xiang sighed and didn’t say anything else. He turned around.

Qin Qing was still confused and wanted to ask again, but she looked up and saw the pointer of the clock. There were less than two minutes left before class.

Qin Qing hurriedly picked up the cup and ran out.

A minute later, Qin Qing returned to the classroom with a full cup of water.

Although there was no class, for some reason, the classroom was deathly silent. Everyone lowered their heads as if they were waiting for a storm.

At this moment, at the back of the classroom, a tall and slender boy walked to the last table.

When he saw the pink envelope on the desk his icy expression, was like a spark in a pile of explosives——

“Who the h*ll put this here?”

His voice was low and hoarse, and his dark eyes swept across the classroom.

“Can’t you tell a trash can from a desk?”

The classroom was silent for three seconds.

Three seconds later, a timid voice rang out.

The petite girl walked to the boy with a glass of water in her hand. Her eyes were as innocent as a deer.

“I put it there.”

Wen Yufeng:”…………”

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Brother Yu:…I didn’t say anything just now.

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