He’s so Flirty Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Mixed fighting

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The last month of Qin Qing’s middle school life passed quietly under the emotional and complex gaze of her new classmates and new teachers.

  After successfully passing a separate entrance exam set up by the No. 1 High School, Qin Qing unquestionably broke the laurel branch of the last big exam of middle school with an absolute advantage of twenty-one points higher than the person in second place.


  The fame of the first place ranking of the grade was getting more and more reputed in the entire middle school, and many students even in high school had heard more or less about the emergence of a “little genius girl” in the middle school department.

  However, Qin Qing’s summer life did not become easy at all because of her excellent grades and great fame.


  On the contrary, while most students were rejoicing over the temporary end of this period of study, Qin Qing had already started studying for her freshman course in advance under the arrangements of her mother, Li Jinghe.


  Qin Qing had done a comprehensive consolidation of the first-year courses in mathematics and physics in the last month of her junior year.


  The rest of the courses focused more or less on memory. Although the difficulty was not high, the amount of knowledge was extremely considerable; so, during summer vacation, two months after the high school entrance examination, Qin Qing took out a month and a half to complete all the coursework of the first year of high school.

  Seeing that there was only less than half a month left before school, Qin Qing’s fun summer vacation, which she originally thought was completely hopeless, finally showed a glimmer of light with the appearance of her cousin Qin Hao –


  ”Going out to play?”


  Li Jinghe’s meticulously traced willow brows knitted up. With a little thought she shook her head, “No, I don’t agree.”




  Qin Qing, who was standing behind Qin Hao, had sullen eyes.


  Qin Hao still smiled without changing his face: “Auntie, I know what you are worried about – You are worried that Xiao Qing, who had just finished the first year of high school and is going to be looking at the beginning of school cross-grade test, would have her mental state affected.”


  Li Jinghe glanced at him, “I know that you came to encourage your sister to go out. In case you can’t get her heart back (on track), then she would have wasted a month or so.”

  ”Auntie, you have too little confidence in my little sister Qing!”


  Qin Hao smilingly glanced at Qin Qing and gave her a “don’t worry” sign before turning back, “You still don’t know what level Xiao Qing’s IQ is? It’s just a basic course for the first year of high school, it’s been more than a month, how could there be any problems?”


  Li Jinghe was just about to open her mouth when Qin Hao added the next sentence with a smile.


  ”Besides, at this kind of time, the more we should let Xiao Qing go out for a break – believe me, although my grades are not as good as Xiao Qing’s, it’s still okay, right? How does the old saying go – the way of literature and martial arts is to relax one by one. Studying follows the same reason! From middle school to high school, just after the middle school review, she directly studied the senior course, then passed the test and had to continue the second year of high school. This has been a tense string with no opportunity to relax. How can it work?”


  Li Jinghe was silent for a while, then finally looked at Qin Hao helplessly, “You just had to take your sister out today, didn’t you?”

  Qin Hao smiled and answered, “It is also for the sake of Xiao Qing. Better rest to have better study!”


  ”Having such a mouth, no wonder your father is always uneasy about you.”


  Li Jinghe finally showed a smile on her face, and she waved her hand.


  ”Okay, then you can take Xiao Qing out for a walk, but remember – you can’t go to any dangerous places.”

  ”No problem!” Qin Hao patted his chest, “I’ll do my job, don’t worry, auntie.”


  This time, Qin Hao turned around and gave Qin Qing a wink.


  Qin Qing suppressed the leaping emotion in her heart and carefully glanced at Li Jinghe.


  ”Mom, then I ……”


  ”Well, go ahead. After you go out, follow your brother and don’t run around. If you need cash, get it directly from the drawer.”


 Before Qin Qing could answer, Li Jinghe had already gotten up and gone back to her room.

  Qin Hao whispered and laughed, “How about it, I told you, right? With me on the go, there would be no problem.”


  ”Thank you, second brother.”


  Qin Qing was in a relaxed mood by now, and her eyebrows curved down warmly and softly, and her black and white eyes were netted with stars and smiles.


  ”Okay, change clothes and pack your things, we are ready to go.”

After finally breaking away from her ‘regular’ life for more than a month, Qin Qing looked at the sun outside and felt exceptionally bright.

However, the siblings were not surprised to find themselves stuck on the two ultimate questions of’ where to play’ and ‘what to eat for lunch’.

“I know a good place.”

After a long time of hesitation, Qin Hao hesitantly opened his mouth.

“I just don’t know if it is suitable for you to go.”

 If the second half of the sentence was not added, Qin Qing would not think that the “good place” Qin Hao said would be a really good place. But once she heard the second half of the sentence, she felt like something had gently scratched her heart, and her numb curiosity leapt up. 

  ”What kind of place?”


  The girl gently blinked her butterfly wing-like eyelashes and asked with a bit of tentativeness.


  Qin Hao thought for a few seconds, then slapped his palm: “That might be the best place to reduce stress, I’ll take you in to see – if you think it’s not working we’ll just leave.”


Hearing this, Qin Qing felt even more curious and worried.

However, she still understood Qin Hao’s personality——although he always seemed to be joking and unorthodox, there was absolutely no problem in his nature.

Thinking of this, Qin Qing relaxed and obediently followed him to the’ good place’.

—— Mixed Martial arts arena.

Qin Qing’s little face froze almost the moment she saw the words on the second floor.

At the same time, a series of words such as “Black Fist”, “Gambling” and “Underground Trading” flashed through her mind. She instinctively took a step back and reached out to pull Qin Hao’s sleeve. Her voice was full of nervousness.

“Second Brother, this is illegal!”

Before Qin Hao could react, a person passing by laughed.

“Little girl, mixed martial arts is a legal competition. You can’t speak nonsense!”

Qin Qing turned around and the person who spoke had already walked into the hall with a smile. She blushed and turned to look at Qin Hao suspiciously.

“Second Brother…Is what he said true?”

Qin Hao did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Xiao Qing, do you think I will bring you to an illegal place?”


Qin Qing shivered.

Just before the ticket check-in, Qin Qing was still a little flustered. “Second Brother, why don’t we go play something else?”

Qin Hao smiled at her.” I’ve already bought the tickets. At least come in and take a look. Besides, don’t you like to write novels? As a qualified writer, daily collection of information should be the norm. You might be able to use it in your book someday.”

The last sentence successfully convinced Qin Qing. She only hesitated for a second before nodding her head and entering the venue with a beating heart.

As he entered, Qin Hao explained to Qin Qing.

“The format of this mixed martial arts arena was modeled after the largest world-class competition in the mixed martial arts world, the UFC, the ultimate fighting championship. UFC’s competition venue is set in an octagonal cage, so UFC is also called cage fighting.”

Qin Hao led Qin Qing all the way to the front row of the viewing platform. He took the tickets in his hand and confirmed the two seats before pulling Qin Qing to sit down.

“How is it? This place is very close to the competition stage and has a wide view, right?”

Qin Qing looked at the octagonal cage modeled after the UFC and said worriedly,” It’s really close ……”

Qin Hao didn’t hear Qin Qing’s subtext and said proudly, “The tickets for the front row of this comprehensive fighting match aren’t that easy to snatch. Fortunately, today’s match is a rookie match. The number of people paying attention to them isn’t as high as those who have become famous, that’s why we can buy the tickets for the front row. Also, this is the start of this year’s World MMA Championship. Most of the famous old people and fans have rushed to the host city.”

Qin Qing couldn’t care less about Qin Hao’s theories and finally turned around.

“Second Brother, no one will die during the competition, right?”


Qin Hao’s smile froze.

After a few seconds, he sighed helplessly. “Xiao Qing, this really isn’t some illegal competition. In fact, in the 80-year history of MMA competition, there has only been one death event. This is much lower than the death rate of wrestling, Sanda, football, and even tug of war.”

Only then did Qin Qing feel relieved. She turned her gaze back to the big cage and waited for the two contestants to enter together with the other spectators.

On the side, Qin Hao started to study the data of the contestants.

“The newcomer in today’s match was very interesting. He had just come of age, which meant that he is the same age as me. In the previous matches… He won all five battles. This result is actually of a rookie?”

Qin Qing’s gaze had just turned to Qin Hao when the lights around her dimmed.

She stared blankly for a moment.

“Don’t worry,” Qin Hao smiled when he saw Qin Qing’s reaction. “This is to usher in the contestants.”

Following Qin Hao’s words, Qin Qing saw two light paths lit up at the opposite ends of the octagonal cage. Blurry figures naked on their upper bodies were adjusting, inspecting, and entering the venue amidst the noisy whistles and shouts of the audience.

Qin Qing’s eyes finally adapted to the light after the two of them walked into the cage and the lights in the field were restored.

With the restored lights, she looked curiously into the cage.

Qin Qing’s eyes widened when she saw the contestant who was looking at her side.

“—— Ah!”

She stood up from her seat.

Qin Qing’s reaction was not small. In addition, it was time to prepare for the first round. The front row of the stage was very quiet and everyone including Qin Hao was shocked by her.

“What’s wrong?”

Qin Hao snapped back to his senses and asked hurriedly.

“Big brother ……”

Qin Qing shouted and covered her eyes. She pressed herself down and curled herself up.

A faint trembling voice came out——

“Help me watch the other side…In that competition, if anything happens to him, you have to tell me ……”

Qin Hao blinked in confusion.

Qin Qing did not say anything. Her slender back, which had been stretched taut from nervousness, trembled slightly.

Qin Hao looked up thoughtfully.

He looked at the contestant Qin Qing had mentioned through the net of the octagonal cage. However, Qin Hao’s gaze fell into that person’s dark and deep eyes.

Qin Hao instinctively followed the other party’s line of sight and turned to look at Qin Qing who was curled up.

Qin Hao was stunned.

That person…was he looking at Xiao Qing?

After being stunned for a few seconds, Qin Hao suddenly thought of something. His eyes changed and he met his gaze with hostility.

He knew—— Xiaoqing was beautiful and cute, so she would be targeted by some bad boys sooner or later.

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