He’s so Flirty Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Don’t talk nonsense

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When Fu Zhengnan pushed open the office door, what he saw was Wen Yufeng sitting on a chair with a smile, while the little girl that Teacher Xiaolin had brought over was standing at the side with a face full of confusion and innocence.

Fu Zhengnan’s anger was suppressed and he walked over with a cold expression.

“You even bullied a little girl?”

Qin Qing was startled by the voice coming from behind her. She quickly turned around with her eyes wide open.

She thought about Fu Zhengnan’s words for a moment and knew that he had misunderstood Wen Yufeng. He thought he had forced her to make way. She quickly opened her mouth to explain,” Teacher Fu, no, it’s my own ——”

Before the word “move” could be heard, the person who had stood up from behind had already lazily walked to her side. Then, he casually took a step to the side and stood in front of Qin Qing.


Qin Qing heard the male voice in front of her reply lazily——

“I was tired of standing, I saw that my little classmate was also a little tired of sitting, so I asked her to give me a seat. Is Teacher Fu going to interfere?”


Fu Zhengnan was so angry that he glared at him. In the end, he didn’t get any reaction from Wen Yufeng. He could only wave his hand and walk to his seat.

“Director Sun is waiting for you outside. Go find him!”

Wen Yufeng was not surprised by these words. He raised his foot and prepared to leave. However, before he took his first step forward, he hesitated for a moment and leaned to the side.

The girl standing behind him was looking at him worriedly.

The black and white eyes were clear and spotless.

It was pure beauty. People couldn’t help but think greedily, if only their own figure is reflected in that purity, one would wonder what it would look like.. 

Wen Yufeng sighed silently in his heart. His dark eyes were filled with greed and unwillingness, but in the end, they were all suppressed.

His thin lips curled, and he bent down with a faint smile.


“Little classmate ……”

In a low hoarse voice and lazy smile with teasing words that followed—

“Remember, stay away from me.”

Before I know what your name is.


Qin Qing had never heard anyone say such words so bluntly. Her instincts were clear that he was dangerous, but it made her more curious and wanted to explore than any other invitation.

When she came back to her senses, the person who had spoken had already straightened up and left.

His back was handsome and his shoulders were straight.

The only thing left was a low and hoarse sound of his voice, as if it was still beside her ears.

Teasing and slightly drunk.

Qin Qing blushed.


After leaving the math office, Wen Yufeng looked up and saw Sun Xing standing outside.

Sun Xing heard the commotion and looked over.

He frowned helplessly when he saw Wen Yu Feng.

“I heard Teacher Fu say that you didn’t come to class yesterday?”

As Wen Yu Feng replied he seemed to be in a daze.

He raised his eyes, the corners of his lips slightly lifted, but there was no smile in his black eyes.

“Director Sun, I’m going to go back and ‘study hard’. Do you have anything else to do?”

Sun Xing had always been strict with his students. When he heard Wen Yu Feng’s reaction, there was no anger on his face. He even nodded and walked in front.

“Then let’s talk as we walk.”

Hearing Sun Xing’s reply, Wen Yufeng didn’t say anything else and followed him.

There wasn’t a long distance between them and Class 6. Sun Xing didn’t even have time to say more than a few words before the two of them arrived at the back door of Class 6.

It was the break for self-study classes. The ‘crazy’ students from Class 7 and Class 6 saw Sun Xing walking towards them from afar and stopped all activities. Not a single person was willing to enter the classroom. All of them were secretly looking over.

After all, Sun Xing was usually seen in the corridor of the seniors. However, the person following behind him was not.

On average, he would only show his face in Class 6 for one lesson a day, which was second only to the art teachers in each class. Even his classmates in Class 6 thought it was rare, so it was no wonder that the boys and girls in Class 7 stood by the doors and windows and looked around curiously.

On the other hand, there were two people who were bold enough to stand in the middle of the corridor behind the back door of Class Six.

One of them was even smiling.

“Greetings Director Sun ——”

The last sound was dragged out and coupled with a strange tone. The students couldn’t help but laugh.

Sun Xing didn’t even need to turn around to look. He knew that Li Xiang must be there again.

He glared and turned his face back. “Li Xiang! Why don’t you prepare for your next class? What are you doing outside?”

Li Xiang immediately posed as a bodybuilder. As he did so, he turned around and said, “I’m preparing for the next class!”

Before Sun Xing could say anything, Li Xiang adjusted his posture with a smile. “Brother Yu said that we’ll play basketball next period – gym class.”


Sun Xing looked at Wen Yufeng angrily and helplessly.

Wen Yufeng, who had stopped by the back door with his pants pockets outside, sensed Sun Xing’s gaze. He looked at Sun Xing and stopped for a few seconds.

His thin lips curved slightly.

“……Li Xiang.” Wen Yu leaned against the back door and raised his sharp jaw in the direction of the classroom. Then, he turned his eyes back with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.” Basketball class is canceled. Next lesson is self study.”

“—— Ah?!”

Li Xiang was struck by lightning.

Beside him, Zhao Zirui glared at Li Xiang.

“Show off ……”

He was the first to turn around and return to the classroom.

Li Xiang glanced at Wen Yu Feng and saw that although he was smiling, there was not the slightest hint of a joke in his eyes. He could only shrink his neck and return to the classroom with a sad face.

With these two gone, the others in the corridor didn’t dare to dawdle, and soon there were no figures left in the corridor.

Wen Yufeng turned 90 degrees and leaned back against the door. He put his pants pockets inside and looked at Sun Xing with a faint smile.

“Director Sun, I’ll give you face. I’ll change for the rest of the semester.”

Sun Xinggang frowned again. “This ——”


The smile on Wen Yu Feng’s face suddenly disappeared. His pair of pitch-black eyes carried the chill of winter snow as the scorching summer approached.

“For the next month, no matter who asks you to check up on me…I will have to bother the Director.”

When he finished speaking, the boy straightened up and turned around to return to the classroom.

Finally, a picture of his profile swept by. No matter if it was his eyebrows, eyes, nose, or lips curved, there was an expressionless cold look.

Sun Xing sighed and shook his head as he walked away.

He still had to go back and think about how to deal with the recent “check-up call”. He didn’t want to appear like he was slacking. 

After all, none of the Wen family members had a good temper.


Wen Yufeng knew that Sun Xing must have received someone else’s call, which was why he had come out today. Therefore, even when he was back in the classroom, his eyes were still cold.

He walked in from the back door with a cold expression, which was even more effective than old Fu’s. The noisy classroom went instantly silent.

As for the atmosphere of the whole class, Wen Yufeng’s reaction was indifferent. He didn’t raise his eyelids and walked directly to his seat——

In the corner, there was a double table in the back row. It was empty and there was only a light gray thick cushion.

As he came back, he pulled a chair and sat down on the cushion.

His dark eyes slowly closed.

The low pressure from the back of the classroom seemed to gradually dissipate, and many people secretly exhaled.

But before everyone could breathe a sigh of relief, they heard a loud voice running through the corridor and into the classroom——

“Big event! Old Fu’s office has a girl from the middle school department—I heard that she was ranked first in the third years of this year’s monthly exam. It only took half an hour to finish our last monthly math exam! A study god among absolute study gods ——”

The boy was elated. He suddenly realized that the atmosphere in the class was strange. “Why are all of you looking like this?”

Someone looked at him sympathetically and silently turned to the corner behind the classroom.

—— With the boy’s voice just now, he must have woken up from his deep sleep.

Moreover, that person hadn’t been asleep for more than three minutes.

Even Li Xiang, who was watching from the side, was shocked. He muttered to Zhao Zirui in a low voice, “This Brother Yu’s sleepiness. Does this grandson have to go out today?”


Zhao Zirui thought about how Yufeng had been walking behind Sun Xing with a smile and dark eyes when he had heard Li Xiang’s words outside the classroom.

However, this time, no one expected——

Wen Yu Feng, who had already stood up with his dark eyes, listened expressionlessly for a few seconds. His eyes flashed and he fell back down without saying a word.

The person in front of the classroom returned to his seat with a face full of surprise.

At the back of the classroom, Li Xiang’s eyes widened as he looked at Wen Yufeng and turned back to give Zhao Zirui a mouthed——

“Did you see a ghost?”


After confirming that Wen Yufeng did not intend to get angry because of the wake-up call, within a short while, the classroom was engulfed in whispers from the previous news.

For most of the students from No. 1 High School, their studies and achievements were clearly their first concern. Because of their achievements, the “outstanding students” who had gained many halos were inevitably the topic of discussion in their spare time.

Li Xiang was bored to death because of his failed “basketball class”. It was rare for him to gossip about his most disliked studies and students.

“What kind of educational environment does a middle school girl need to have to be able to take our final exam?”


Zhao Zirui couldn’t be bothered with him and rolled his eyes at him.

Instead, Li Xiang, who had been given a blank look continued energetically, “I can tell after thinking about it. She must be wearing glasses with a thick frame. She’s wearing the most rustic hairstyle and looks like a woman ——”


A cushion was placed on the back of Li Xiang’s head.

Li Xiang’s first reaction was to jump up in anger. However, before he could say the word “who did it”, he lowered his head and saw that the “weapon” attacking him was a certain someone’s special gray cushion.

Li Xiang’s neck shrank and he immediately looked behind him in fear.

The boy who was sitting there still kept his throwing hand up, and his deep and bright black eyes hid a cold smile like winter snow.

His thin lips parted——

“Try talking nonsense again.”

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