He’s so Flirty Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Found you

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Listening to that casual tone, it was as if he was close to her ear, and was using a magnetic, low and hoarse voice to call out her nickname. Qin Qing felt that hot flames were about to burn on both sides of her cheeks, and the air in the sealed compartment was suffocating.

The feeling of being closer and closer made Qin Qing almost unable to suppress her emotions.

The second before all the emotions were about to explode, the elevator door opened with a ding.

Fresh air suddenly rushed in. Qin Qing took a deep breath and her brain, which was almost oxygen-deficient, became clear.

“You stay away from me…!”

The girl’s cheeks were still flushed and her voice was soft. Without much confidence, she grabbed the three bags of trash in her hand and easily slipped out of the boy’s side.

Her movements were agile which he had never experienced before.

Wen Yufeng was obviously surprised. By the time he turned to chase after her, the girl’s back was already outside the building.

After a few seconds, the guy who was standing in the same spot chuckled and looked away.


This time, she was really obedient.


Wen Yufeng’s thin lips curled slightly, and his deep and greedy emotions flashed in his dark eyes.

He leaned back on the metal armrest of the compartment and watched as the door slowly closed in front of his eyes. The curvature of his lips became more and more obvious and unconcealed.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.


When Qin Qing returned to the apartment building, she was extremely nervous. She had been very careful along the way and did not encounter any “difficult and dangerous obstacles” even after entering the house. Her mood inexplicably became a little strange.

Tian Tian, hurry and change your shoes and come in for breakfast. What are you doing standing there?”


Grandma Qin glanced at Qin Qing as she passed by and asked with a puzzled smile.


Once again, Qin Qing was suddenly called her nickname. She was a bit wary for a while before she came back to her senses.

“Yeah, I’ll be right there.”

She bit her lower lip and shook her head as if she wanted to shake off those messy thoughts.

Qin Qing had just bowed to change her shoes when she smelled something familiar. Her eyes lit up after thinking about it.

“Grandma, did you steam crystal buns?”

Grandma Qin was setting up plates in the dining room. When she heard Qin Qing’s words, she smiled at her.

“You, your nose is like a greedy cat.”

“What filling?” Qin Qing changed her shoes and ran into the dining room. Her black and white eyes sparkled. “Is it bean paste or egg yolk?”

“Don’t worry, greedy kitten, there is both.”

Grandma Qin looked at Qin Qing lovingly. Then, she put down the porcelain plate in her hand and went into the kitchen to get milk and hot porridge.

In addition to the delicate crystal buns placed in the pure white bone porcelain dishes, there were also a few small dishes placed on the dining table. They looked sparkling and translucent. Just looking at them made one’s appetite increase greatly.

Qin Qing ran into the kitchen and helped Grandma Qin bring out the rest of the porridge and milk. Then, she sat down on the chair and placed her hands in front of her knees. She looked obedient, like she was waiting to be fed.

Grandma Qin was amused by her precious granddaughter’s appearance. She put down her chopsticks and lightly tapped Qin Qing’s forehead.

“Alright, little glutton. Don’t pretend to be obedient in front of me. Leave that for your mother.”


Qin Qing sweetly replied, her eyebrows slightly curved as she reached out to pick up her chopsticks.

But before her hand could reach out, Grandma Qin lightly slapped her.

“Wash your hands.”

Qin Qing blushed.” Grandma, the crystal bun you made is too tempting. I forgot about it.”

Even so, she still stood up and walked towards the sink in the kitchen.

Qin Qing walked to the wash basin and gently rubbed and washed with the tap water. She then asked as if unintentionally.

“Grandma, do you know the family opposite?”

Grandma Qin wasn’t surprised. She continued,” I know him. He hadn’t moved for a few years. He’s still in school. He’s also from your No. 1 high school.”

Qin Qing, who was standing in front of the sink, was startled. She turned around and asked, “Is he living alone?”


Grandma Qin nodded and sighed emotionally. “When he first moved here, he was still in middle school and alone. I was just thinking at the beginning—I wondered which parent was so heartless. He was only a teenager and he was living outside alone. He didn’t even see his parents or relatives for holidays all year.”



Qin Qing did not say anything. She lowered her eyelashes and turned around. However, the tip of her finger that had once again reached under the water was trembling..

For some reason, she suddenly remembered that the first time they met he was standing on the steps of the convenience store and looking at her with a lazy smile. The black hair was coated with a layer of gold powder by the sunlight but it still looked soft. Those jade-like eyes that were as warm as the color of jade were deep and calm.

—— He was clearly holding a cigarette, but he was as harmless as a big cat lying in the sun.

At that moment, she should have thought of touching the big cat’s head, right?

Qin Qing smiled unknowingly.

……But maybe it was just a lazy tiger cub?

Tian Tian, why did you suddenly ask of this?”

Qin Qing’s thoughts were interrupted by Grandma Qin.

She snapped back to her senses and realized that she had flown off somewhere.

Qin Qing quickly closed the valve and took out a disposable cotton cloth. She wiped her hands and returned to the dining room.

“Nothing…”When I was downstairs waiting for the elevator, I happened to meet our neighbor.”

“Oh, I’ve met him a few times in the morning. That kid has the habit of going out for a morning jog.” As Grandma Qin said this, she joked with Qin Qing, “Look at your daily routine and lifestyle. That kid is much better than you guys who love to sleep in bed.”

Qin Qing pouted. “I’m not sleeping either ……”

“Are you not sleeping?”

Grandma Qin smiled so hard that her eyes narrowed. “Who was it that slept and woke up so confused for a few minutes the they even used the quilt as a jacket and pulled it to find the cuffs?”


Qin Qing blushed and whispered, “It’s not me anyways, I don’t remember……”

Grandma Qin smiled and stopped teasing her thin-skinned granddaughter.

However, just as she turned around, Grandma Qin raised her head and instructed Qin Qing seriously.

Tian Tian, although the kid looks good, you can’t be stupid.”


Qin Qing was shocked. The crystal bun under the chopsticks wasn’t clamped properly and fell back onto the plate.

Her black and beautiful almond-shaped eyes were wide open, as if she was a deer that had just been caught.

It was a pity that Grandma Qin had already lowered her gaze and did not see Qin Qing’s reaction. She continued her next sentence.

“I saw a girl from your school not long ago. I don’t know why she came looking for him, but she waited in the corridor early in the morning. He ran into the child in the morning after his morning training, and she was crying and screaming outside ……”

As she spoke, Grandma Qin shook her head emotionally. “I don’t know whose child it is, but if her parents saw it, won’t they be upset? You’re not young anymore. In the future, don’t be like that little girl.”

After hearing the entire story, Qin Qing let out a sigh of relief.

Although she didn’t understand what she was worried about, she was finally able to peacefully carry the crystal bun onto the plate in front of her.

Grandma Qin concluded.

“Look at it this way. This kid seemed to be pretty good everywhere, so he must have provoked the little girl in school.”


Qin Qing thought about what she had experienced since she first met this person and she couldn’t help but puff out her cheeks. The chopsticks in her hands also poked at the crystal bun. 

“That’s right.” As she poked the crystal bun, her delicate face turned serious. “I’m sure he provoked the little girl.”


The next day was the very lively resumption of No. 1 High School. Although the summer vacation homework may not be completed and the holiday has ended, inevitably making the returning students sad in their hearts, the meeting with familiar classmates and friends and the arrival of the unknown new semester have added more brightness and optimism to these positive and fearless teenagers.

  However, Qin Qing was not in such a good mood.

According to the list of classes posted on campus, Qin Qing rushed to the classroom of the fifteenth class of high school. Sitting among the new students who were enthusiastically introducing each other, Qin Qing looked particularly pale.

  The reason is none other then –

Qin Qing originally knew that these new classmates around her would have nothing to do with her. She was ready to immediately enter the second year of high school; but what she did not expect was that according to the requirements of the school, she had to complete the collective military training of the first year of high school before she could take the cross-level test.

  Because they have not completed military training, they cannot really be counted as a member of No. 1 high school.

From the moment she received the phone call this morning, Qin Qing was like a frosted eggplant.


  Sports was definitely one of her least favorite classes from childhood to adulthood.

  And all the words linked to “physical strength” and “physical fitness” were her most undoubted shortcomings.

  …… The kind that’s so short that it’s almost invisible.

As for military training…

  Qin Qing only prayed that she would survive it alive.

“You were the first in the grade in the high school entrance test, right?”

  A voice suddenly emerged from the side, interrupting Qin Qing’s self-pity.

Qin Qing looked up in the direction of the voice, and the boy with glasses was smiling at her.

  And as the boy’s voice spread, many people around him also looked over.

  There was more or less exploration in the eyes, and occasionally there was a bit of a stunned look.


  Qin Qing’s eyebrows were slightly bent, and the corners of her lips held up a very shallow smile.

Meanwhile, the on-campus billboards.


There was a one-meter circle in front of the advertising bulletin board, which was always crowded.

Among the students who were scattered in all directions, there were quite a few who were secretly sizing up the three people standing in the open space.

“…… You treat us like monkeys. ”

  Facing the gaze of a bunch of middle school students, Zhao Zirui, whose hair was arrogantly dyed bright yellow, frowned. At this time, he seemed to be a little unable to hold back. 

He whispered to the person in front of him: “Brother Yu, what acquaintance are you looking for? This list is so long, should I ask the brothers to inquire about it? ”

“What are you anxious about?”

  Li Xiang joined the conversation from the other side, smiling and squinting at the volume of the voice and straightening his chest, “The girls are cute, isn’t it good to stay a little longer?” 

”… Zhao Zirui squinted at Li Xiang, You are not as tall as your f**king sister, what a fart. ”

  When Li Xiang heard this, he immediately pulled down his face: “Zhao Zirui, see if I will kill you today——”

“All right.”

  The boy who stood at the front and attracted the attention of everyone else for the longest time burst out.

  The focus of his searching gaze finally settled on a name in the “fifteenth class” on the red list.

After staring at it for a few seconds, the boy’s clear face, thin lips turned into a smiling arc.

  The deep pupils of his eyes seem to be dappled with starlight.

“…… Found you. ”

  He lowered his eyes with a low smile and turned to leave.

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