He’s so Flirty Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Counsel

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  ”Oh no…”

  Li Xiang looked dumbfounded at the direction Wen Yufeng went, and it took a few seconds before he reacted and chased after him——

  ”Brother Yu, we are in our second year, we shouldn’t be going to the first year building!”

Wen Yufeng’s footsteps did not stop, and a lazy voice trailed behind him.

  ”I know.”

“Brother Yu, why do you still -“

  Before Li Xiang could finish speaking, Zhao Zirui, who had caught up, slapped him on the back of the head.

  ”Are you stupid?” Zhao Zirui squinted at Li Xiang, and there was deep sympathy for his mental weakness in his eyes, “Brother Yu is obviously going to the first year building of high school to find someone.” 


  Li Xiang blinked, and finally reacted. It was rare that he didn’t bother with Zhao Zirui’s poisonous tongue: “Who is he looking for?” 

  Zhao Zirui was in no hurry to answer. He raised his eyes to look at the boy walking in front.

  After a few seconds, he turned his head.

  ”I heard that Brother Yu asked you to check on a person in the high school yesterday?”


  Li Xiang frowned and thought, “This is indeed true. He asked me to inquire about the transfer student who had parachuted into first place in the third year ranking list. Brother Yu also said yesterday that he only knew how to pronounce the person’s name, but he didn’t know how the person’s name was written. He told me to figure it out”

  Zhao Zirui’s eyes flashed: “What is that person’s name?” 

  Li Xiang: “Qin Qing.” Qin of Qin and Han and Qing of a sunny day. ”

Zhao Zirui was silent for a few seconds.

  ”It’s really her.”

  ”Do you know her?”

  Li Xiang narrowed his eyes in surprise.

  Zhao Zirui glanced at Li Xiang: “Not only do I know her, you also know her.” 


  Li Xiang was really shocked this time and didn’t say anything.

  Zhao Zirui did not appease him either: “Do you remember meeting a girl in middle school, wearing a baseball cap outside the school gate some time ago, who was later led away by Sun Xing?” ”

  Li Xiang pondered for a few seconds, then patted his head.

  ”Of course I remember! A particularly cute little sister, her looks—” His voice suddenly stopped, “… Could it be that she is the Qin Qing that Brother Yu asked about?? ”

  Zhao Zirui nodded.

  Li Xiang frowned, looking puzzled.

  ”How do you know her name?”

  Zhao Zirui heard the question, but did not rush to answer. He first sneered and glanced at Li Xiang.

  ”Isn’t it thanks to you? That time you asked Brother Yu to go to the entertainment city for Ling Yu, and after Brother Yu left you angrily, I followed him. It was then that I saw the little girl not far away from the door and happened to see a middle school student confess to her and even call out her name.”

  Li Xiang vaguely guessed that there must be some big news coming up, and immediately his eyes lit up——

  ”And then? What then?”

  Zhao Zirui smiled slightly: “Guess.” After saying that, he walked away.

  “——! Zhao Zirui, you son of a b*tch! ”



Those who were promoted to the high school of the No 1 High school were originally almost all the original students of the middle school.

  Even if the past classes were broken and reorganized, it did not delay the new students from finding their past “revolutionary comrades” in their new classes. For a while, the wind of “recognizing relatives” in the classroom was prevalent, and they gathered together and talked to each other; while an outsider like Qin Qing was shelved.

Therefore, when Wen Yufeng arrived outside the classroom door of the fifteenth class of the first years, he saw his “little classmate” lying alone on a desk, looking like she was dazing off. 

  A little dazed… Also so cute.

Wen Yufeng’s lips curled slightly and he leaned lazily on the front door of the classroom.

Then, he raised his arm and bent his slender knuckles. He knocked on the classroom door.

“Tuk Tuk”, twice, not light or heavy.

In the classroom, however, someone had already seen this person at the door and was invariably quiet.

  After all, Wen Yufeng’s name was well known in No 1 High School, whether in middle school or high school.

  What’s more, the recognition of that handsome face was three points higher than the so-called school grass (most handsome person in school) in their grade.

“Senior Wen… Who are you looking for? ”

  A girl sitting by the door blushed boldly and asked the question everyone was curious about.

Wen Yufeng did not answer, but looked at the girl lying on the table in the middle of the classroom, who was unaware of his arrival.

  Following his line of sight, the crowd also looked towards that corner.

It’s just that there were also a lot of girls in that corner, who were either looking left and right at this time, or bowing their heads shyly.

There was only one that was different, with her eyes blank and clicking on the table.

Upon closer inspection, she looked like a little lamb that had its fur cleaned bald by the claws of a fierce wolf, as if there was nothing to live for.


  Wen Yufeng couldn’t help but laugh slowly. He didn’t wait for the girl to take the initiative to see him.

  He walked into the classroom.

  All the way, he was covered with the eyes of the classroom girls’ hidden admiration.

  Until he stood at the girl’s table.

Suddenly, a figure obscured the morning light and cast a shadow on Qin Qing’s body.

Qin Qing froze for a moment. Finally coming back to her senses, she looked up blankly.

  Against the light, she saw a familiar sight. Qin Qing let out an “ah” and instinctively stood up and took a step back.

  Then she looked towards the back door of the classroom in a panicked manner.

It was locked.

  Qin Qing turned back helplessly. Her black and white eyes were harmless and unprepared, as she looked at the boy in front of her with some hesitation.

Wen Yufeng’s eyes deepened.


He felt that he was probably crazy, otherwise, how could he explain how the girl standing in front of him, who was not as tall as his shoulder, could make his heart itch with just a glance. It was as if he needed to do something to save his body that has been slowly sinking.

She only let out a soft “ah” sound, and the emotions that surfaced instantly surged as if she wanted to drown him.

Even so, after he couldn’t suppress the emotions that he needed to vent, the girl in front of him took a step back making him want to explode.

She only took a step back——and he did not dare to do anything.

All the actions that he tried to think of in his mind to justify his greed after her step back, melted like the snow mountain.

“… You are really only fifteen, right?”

The boy’s eyes were deep and his voice was slightly hoarse.

Qin Qing looked at him in confusion and slightly tilted her head, her eyes filled with innocence.


Wen Yufeng raised his hand and blocked the girl’s eyes.


Qin Qing stared innocently at the clean and beautiful hand in front of her.

Then she heard Wen Yufeng’s low and hoarse voice——

“Don’t look at me like that.”

After some hesitation, Qin Qing nodded. “Oh.”

Her voice was soft and gentle.

Wen Yufeng’s black eyes darkened.” Don’t use such a voice to talk to me.”

Qin Qing: “…………”

The air was quiet for a few seconds before he clicked his tongue.

“Good military training.”

After saying that, he pulled back his hand and turned around and walked out.

Qin Qing’s face had a hint of anger and irritation as she stared at his back.

When that person disappeared from the classroom, Qin Qing sat down blankly and thought back to Wen Yufeng’s performance after he entered the room.

Then, she looked puzzled.


Manxue only said that this person smoked, fought, and skipped class, why didn’t she say that his brain wasn’t that good either??

At that moment, outside the classroom.

Zhao Zirui and Li Xiang, who had witnessed the entire process outside, quickly followed in the direction Wen Yufeng had went. As they walked, Li Xiang could not help but laugh.

“Did you see that? I thought Brother Yu was going to go in and carry her away. I didn’t expect him to be scared in front of a little girl.”

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