Honest Wife Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Uninvited Guest

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Huo Yan traced his fingers lightly over Wen Mo’s body as if handling a beautiful doll. “How are you? Has anyone been bothering you?”

Wen Mo smiled and replied, “No, everything’s fine.”

Huo Yan couldn’t help but notice Wen Mo’s temperament, and his expression became slightly displeased. “Being my person, so what if you have a little temper? If you want to throw a little tantrum, then throw it. I don’t want to see you being mistreated.”

Indeed, anyone who benefited from his favor had their heads held high, far from the meekness Wen Mo displayed. While Huo Yan appreciated Wen Mo’s submissive nature, it didn’t mean he wanted everyone to enjoy that level of submission.

Wen Mo’s smile remained, and he hugged Huo Yan’s waist, burying his face gently in Huo Yan’s shoulder. “No, I’m really happy.”

He continued, “Thank you, sir.”

“Thank me for what?”

As Wen Mo looked up at him, it was as though he beheld his own deity. He said, “Everything you’ve given me feels like a dream.”

Saying these words, Wen Mo’s eyes sparkled like a spring pool filled with clear water, reflecting nothing but Huo Yan’s image.

A subtle shift occurred in Huo Yan’s heart. He thought that this Omega would never become arrogant or presumptuous, no matter how much affection was showered upon him.

His eyes softened unconsciously, and he lowered his head to capture Wen Mo’s lips, to which Wen Mo responded obediently with a kiss.

Wen Mo obediently initiated a kiss with him.

This time, Wen Mo seemed very passionate. He held onto his neck, being proactive and affectionate, which greatly pleased Huo Yan. He appreciatively touched Wen Mo’s snowy white earlobes.

“Sir,” Wen Mo sighed, leaning on Huo Yan’s shoulder like a child. He reached out to touch the holster at Huo Yan’s waist, his eyes showing a hint of expectation. “I heard they’re going to issue me one too.”

“Of course.”

Once a man is comforted, his mood improves greatly. So, Huo Yan took out the silver Browning that he had used for over a decade, played with it for a moment, and then handed it over to Wen Mo. The handgun had some weight to it, and Wen Mo took it cautiously, both curious and somewhat fearful as he gently caressed it.

Seeing Wen Mo’s somewhat pitiful and strange expression, Huo Yan lifted him up, placing him on his lap. He quickly disengaged the safety and placed the gun in Wen Mo’s hand. His large palm enveloped Wen Mo’s hand, and he whispered, “Place your index finger on the trigger.”

Wen Mo’s index finger gently rested on the trigger. As he raised his hand, aiming the gun at the corridor light near the door, he squinted his eyes slightly and suddenly said, “Fire!”

Wen Mo pulled the trigger, and with a loud bang and a powerful recoil, the lampshade was instantly shattered into pieces.

Almost simultaneously, the door was kicked open. It was their Beta secretary, armed and cautious, rushing into the room. However, when he saw the scene inside, he was momentarily stunned.

Huo Yan kissed Wen Mo’s earlobe, paying no attention to the Beta. He instructed, “Get someone to fix it.”

The secretary, looking somewhat embarrassed, promptly put away his gun and bowed, saying, “Yes!”

He quickly left the room.

Wen Mo gently freed himself from Huo Yan’s hold and, holding the gun alone, squinted one eye and fired another shot in the direction of the previous target. Surprisingly, he managed to hit the already damaged lampshade.

Wen Mo looked at Huo Yan with delight, Huo Yan smiled, pinching his cheek.

Wen Mo lovingly caressed the gun, and after a while, he looked up at Huo Yan with a glimmer of hope in his eyes. He said, “Teach me, please.”

Huo Yan burst into laughter, “If you really want to learn, you shouldn’t have asked me.”

He was busy with his responsibilities, where would he find the time for this? Moreover, when he came to see Wen Mo, it was for relaxation. He wouldn’t waste his time on other things.

Wen Mo’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, an unusual display of displeasure. He said, “But no one is better than you.”

Huo Yan chuckled at Wen Mo’s playfulness and pinched his waist, saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll find you someone skilled.”

“Zhang Qian, then,” Huo Yan said after a brief pause, easily identifying a suitable candidate, “He was a sharpshooter back at the Federal Military Academy. He almost broke my records there. Besides, he has several shooting ranges of his own. Let him teach you; you couldn’t ask for a better instructor.”

“Ah?” Wen Mo showed a hint of disappointment, leaning against Huo Yan, “But I’m a bit afraid of him; he never smiles.”

Huo Yan chuckled and said, “He’s just like that. If you really want to learn, don’t be afraid of his stern demeanor.”

Wen Mo finally nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll follow your arrangement.”

Huo Yan gave him a gentle pat.

Wen Mo kissed Huo Yan’s thin lips and nestled back into his embrace. Half of his face was concealed in Huo Yan’s shadow, revealing a smoothly contoured snowy white jawline. Suddenly, a slight curve appeared at the corner of his mouth.


After spending some time together, Huo Yan eventually left, leaving Wen Mo in his office to continue reviewing documents. When lunchtime arrived, instead of returning to the residential area, Wen Mo had his secretary bring him a simple meal. He savored each bite before having the tray taken away.

He called the secretary again, “I’m tired. I’ll rest here for lunch. Make sure no one disturbs me.”

Once the secretary left the room, Wen Mo immediately stood up and went to the restroom next to the lounge. He quietly locked the door.

He took out a SIM card from his shirt pocket and inserted it into the phone’s slot. Then he dialed the number he had called earlier in the morning.

The phone was quickly answered, the voice on the other end sounded even colder and more sinister. His tone was chilling, extending through the microphone.

“You finally took the initiative to contact me. I thought my Xiao Mo had already gotten over me,” he chuckled. “If you really don’t want this wealth and glory, you should have told me earlier. I wouldn’t mind helping you out. After all, this wretched life of mine is worth sacrificing if it means taking down the rising famed Commander with me. At the very least, it would be worth it.”

Wen Mo calmly interrupted him,“Have you spent the three million?”

The other person started laughing, and it even triggered a violent cough. After clearing his throat, he praised, “I’ve been telling others right from the start that among those kids, you were the smartest one. You see, my judgment has never been wrong.”

Wen Mo leaned against the wall lightly. His gaze gradually turned cold, but he maintained his calm tone, “This time, how much do you want?”

“Ten million, converted into Western currency, in cash.”

The other person replied readily, paused, and then chuckled, “You better not try to haggle with me, I don’t have that patience, after all… If it’s known that Officer Wen is connected to those 21 Alpha serial murders, it wouldn’t be good.”

“Tell me, what’s the punishment for this crime under our federal law? Execution? Tsk tsk, I can’t bear to see our lovely Xiao Mo suffer like that.”

Wen Mo closed his eyes and soon said, “Alright.”

He continued, “Give me ten days to prepare; obtaining ten million in cash isn’t a simple task.”

“Three days,” the other person said ominously, “I can’t wait that long. Don’t worry, once I have the money, I’ll disappear far away, never to return to this cursed place. You can enjoy being Officer Wen for the rest of your life.”

Wen Mo remained silent for a moment. “Okay, I’ll deliver the money on time. And one more thing, don’t call my phone these days. Unless you want both of us to get caught.”

“Of course, no problem,” the other person agreed cheerfully.

Wen Mo took a deep breath. “Three days from now, at 12 noon, I’ll contact you again using this number. You can choose the delivery location.”

The other person chuckled. After a long pause, he lowered his voice, insinuating, “Xiao Mo, you don’t need to think about how to expose me. The organization is in chaos right now, they can’t touch me. As for you—”

He paused and said, “You mustn’t make any mistakes, not even a single step. Don’t let our insignificant little deal tarnish your reputation or jeopardize your life.”

Wen Mo hung up the phone without responding.

He stood in place for a moment, then reached out to turn on the exhaust fan. He opened a drawer and took out a cigarette, letting the white smoke slowly escape from his red lips and dissipate into the air. In the midst of the smoke, he squinted his eyes slightly as he looked at his reflection in the mirror, appearing both sinister and icy.

Five minutes later, Wen Mo went to the bathroom, took a shower, brushed his teeth, sprayed some fresh mist into his mouth, and then walked out of the bathroom.

Once again, he transformed into the gentle and tender Omega with soft and tender expression.

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