Honest Wife Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Assume a Post

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Going against the opinions of many, and promoting Wen Mo to the position of Deputy Chief of the Military Security Center, Huo Yan naturally had his own considerations.

Since those annoying troublemakers were constantly clamoring about the Huo family trampling on the O rights, he decided to take a decisive step to shut their mouths completely. Secondly, the head of the Military Security Center, Qiao Weimin, was an extremely prudent and steady person. Huo Yan trusted that having Wen Mo by his side wouldn’t pose any substantial threat to the military, even if his Omega was a mere figurehead. And thirdly…

Power is, of course, the best aphrodisiac for a man. The person Huo Yan adored, he can place in any position, even on cloud nine. Of course, ultimately, it’s just him doting on an endearing Omega.

When Wen Mo received this news, he was still in the kitchen stewing his fish maw. He glanced at the message on his phone, then quickly set it aside. He didn’t even show the slightest change in his expression.


At seven o’clock in the morning, just as the sun was rising in the east, a large group of reporters had already gathered at the grand main entrance of the military base. This was because today was an important military appointment announcement.

The main character of the announcement was currently standing in front of a mirror.

Wen Mo looked at the reflection in the mirror. He was dressed in a crisp navy blue military uniform, the leather military boots made his legs look even more straight and slender. His slim waist was tightly cinched with a brown leather belt, creating a tantalizing curve. This standardized military uniform was somehow transformed by him into something unique. He raised his hand and gently adjusted his tie, then touched the military insignia on his right chest. Four large gilded letters were on it: Wen Mo, Second Lieutenant. The insignia gleamed with the cold metallic luster, he gazed at it for a moment, a gentle smile playing on his lips.

The man who had been sitting on the couch, casually crossing his legs, had admired from afar long enough. He stood up, his tall and robust figure exuding an undeniable aura of dominance. He approached Wen Mo and slid his arms around his waist from behind, holding him close in an embrace.

Huo Yan held Wen Mo’s lips against the snowy skin of his neck, while his sharp eyes remained fixed on the reflection in the mirror.

What a beautiful Omega, he thought.

Just last night, Wen Mo had been trembling, clutching his arm, and shedding tears. Today, he had transformed into this dignified, restrained, and otherworldly appearance. The contrast was so great that it made Huo Yan’s teeth itch again.

Huo Yan’s palm forcefully lifted Wen Mo’s chin, forcing the man in the mirror to meet his gaze. His eyes were intense, as if he wanted to consume Wen Mo entirely. He asked, “Whose are you?”

The person in the mirror, so submissive and alluring, looked at Huo Yan with tenderness and replied, “Yours.”

Huo Yan smiled in satisfaction, burying his nose deeply into Wen Mo’s neck and inhaling the scent of his glands with vigor.

Amidst that rich and intoxicating fragrance that made his mind reel, he thought, yes, this was an Omega that entirely belonged to him.


The heavy doors slowly swung open from both sides, and the cameras in the venue immediately swarmed towards the person entering, flashing with blinding brightness.

This was an Omega’s appointment announcement conference, unprecedented in history.

The protagonist of the conference stood tall, dressed in a perfectly tailored, crisp military uniform, taking each step with elegance as he ascended the podium.

The secretary’s office had already prepared his speech. He maintained a constant smile on his face. With confidence and humility, he delivered his introductory speech to the major mainstream media outlets. Finally, he put down the script and made a solemn oath amid a sea of flashlights.

“I will lead by example and make every effort for Omega’s rights.”

As he finished speaking, he cast his gaze towards Huo Yan, as if seeking approval like a child. Huo Yan’s lips curled into a smile, he put down his hands, and led the applause.

The entire venue erupted in thunderous applause.

That day, the news of an Omega taking office as the Deputy Chief of the Military Security Center made headlines in major media outlets. An Omega from a civilian family, through his own efforts, had managed to break through seemingly insurmountable barriers and become the first Omega to enter a top military department.

This was a fairytale-like inspirational story. Although it was controversial, there was no doubt that something without universal representation would not trigger panic among certain classes. In the absence of touching fundamental interests, mainstream public opinion welcomed news filled with a sense of “positivity.”

So, public opinion easily shifted in another direction, making the voices of the O Rights Organization seem insignificant and pale in comparison.


On his first day at work, Wen Mo began familiarizing himself with the various systems and personnel of the Military Security Center. Besides the head, Qiao Weimin, the center’s leadership consisted of two other deputy chiefs at the same level as Wen Mo. Each of them was responsible for different affairs, and relatively speaking, Wen Mo’s responsibilities were somewhat less significant.

Colonel Qiao Weimin, aged 43, appeared to be a kind-hearted individual, but his title “smiling tiger” hinted at his less conspicuous methods. After all, the Military Security Center reported directly to Commander Huo Yan and was considered a trusted department with no room for mediocrity. However, Wen Mo was evidently an exception. Of course, no one would believe that Commander Huo promoted him to the position of Deputy Chief solely based on his competence.

However, Qiao Weimin was a smooth operator, always smiling and courteous, treating Wen Mo as if he were the Commander himself.

In a world full of scheming individuals, there were still those of integrity. One such person was Deputy Chief, He Yinsheng. His disdain for an Omega and the condescension toward someone who had risen through connections were evident in his gaze and his sarcastic remarks. Wen Mo simply acted as if he didn’t notice and went about his business as usual.

After becoming familiar with the Military Security Center under Qiao Weimin’s guidance, Wen Mo returned to his office.

Wen Mo was in the midst of moving a stack of thick files onto his desk when his phone rang, displaying an unregistered number.

His eyes grew cold as he stared at the phone for a moment before finally answering. A hoarse voice spoke, “Hello there, Xiao Mo.”

Wen Mo exhaled slowly and replied, “I’m busy right now. I’ll contact you in the afternoon.”

Without waiting for a response, he hung up the phone. 

At that moment, there were two soft knocks on the door. His secretary entered. He was a male Beta named Cheng Fan, personally chosen by Huo Yan. Cheng Fan was silent in demeanor but incredibly efficient in his work.

He nodded respectfully and said, “Second Lieutenant Wen, Commander Huo is here.”

Wen Mo put down his phone and immediately got up to greet Huo Yan at the door. However, before he could reach the entrance, Huo Yan had already strode in. Wen Mo smiled and continued to serve him as if they were in private. He helped Huo Yan remove his coat and handed it to his secretary. Just as he was about to straighten up, Huo Yan lifted him by the hips and effortlessly placed him on the large office desk.

The secretary tactfully retreated and closed the door.

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