Honest Wife Chapter 22

Chapter 22: New Year

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Cheng Fan finally returned to work after the distressing experience of his heat that he hadn’t gone through in several years. After escaping those brief yet seemingly endless days, he felt like he had returned from hell. However, what made him more anxious was facing everything that awaited him back at the base. He didn’t know what consequences were in store for him. To his surprise, everything seemed to be as usual.

He was curious about how Wen Mo had managed to calm down Zhang Qian. After all, Zhang Qian, the stern and capable Lieutenant Commander Zhang, was not someone easily fooled. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have risen to the position of the head of the Special Operations Unit at such a young age.

Several times, Cheng Fan wanted to find an opportunity to ask about it, but he struggled to find the right moment. Wen Mo remained the same as always, showing no signs of any difference in his behavior. It was as if everything that had happened that day was just a dream Cheng Fan had experienced alone.

What troubled him even more was He Yinsheng. Since that day, He Yinsheng seemed to intentionally pick on him, using various reasons. Fortunately, Cheng Fan was used to keeping silent and not engaging in conflicts, so He Yinsheng’s actions were like punches thrown at cotton, having no real impact.

This, on the contrary, made Cheng Fan certain that the other party couldn’t be sure that the person from that day was him, and he breathed a sigh of relief—life returned to its original state, and he remained the silent Beta he had always been.

The city had gradually emerged from the shadows of war, though beneath the calm surface, there were still brewing currents lurking in the depths, growling menacingly. Yet, no one knew for sure. Nevertheless, one thing remained unchanged: time continued to move forward.

Soon, the New Year arrived.

Huo Yan brought Wen Mo back to the Huo family estate to celebrate the New Year.

For Wen Mo, it was his first New Year at the Huo family, he had hardly seen Huo Yan’s face a few times before, let alone been allowed to enter the Huo family estate to participate in the grand Huo family ceremony this year.

Of course, this was against the usual protocol, but no one dared to question it, including grandfather Huo. Even he didn’t dare to easily show any displeasure this time. Nowadays, Huo Yan’s power and ambition were growing day by day. He had consolidated his power to a high degree of centralization. When grandfather Huo was Huo Yan’s age, he was still in the midst of a power struggle with his brothers and uncles. However, Huo Yan had already firmly controlled all the circumstances, becoming the new Huo family head with immense power. He was still so young, but already with at least half a century of influence ahead.

After the ceremony, there was a family feast, and unsurprisingly, Wen Mo received exceptional attention and respect. After all, everyone could see that Huo Yan treated this Omega differently, Wen Mo was like a second master.

When the family feast ended, Huo Yan had no intention of staying overnight at the ancestral home. He embraced Wen Mo’s waist, his alcohol-scented breath brushed against Wen Mo’s slightly blushing face. “I know you feel uncomfortable staying here. I’ll escort you back to your villa.”

Wen Mo held onto Huo Yan’s arm and gratefully kissed the corner of his lips.

Mrs. Song had already prepared everything in advance when she heard that Mr. Huo will be staying with Xiao Mo at the villa for the past few days. However, when the sleek black car arrived, only Wen Mo got out.

Mrs. Song looked a bit puzzled. “And Mr.?”

Wen Mo buttoned up his coat collar. “He has some dinner parties to attend.”

Huo Yan had many social engagement gatherings, almost no free evenings. Mrs. Song sighed and felt a bit disappointed. She glanced at Wen Mo but didn’t see any signs of sadness on his face. She didn’t want to say anything and just handed him a pair of indoor slippers.

It had been a while since she last saw Wen Mo, and Mrs. Song was genuinely happy to have him back. She was already thinking about preparing some of his favorite dishes in the coming days before he returned to the base. She diligently prepared a bath for Wen Mo and pre-warmed the bed with an electric blanket. Her every action was considerate, not out of being calculative, but because Mrs. Song had always been a kind-hearted servant. She genuinely cared for this delicate, beautiful, and refined Omega.

Of course, she had no idea that Wen Mo was a master at creating facades to make the most of the benefits while avoiding adverse effects. 

Wen Mo came out of the shower, the electronic clock on the bedside table showed it was already 11:00 PM. He was about to lie down when his phone screen flashed with a message from Huo Yan, telling him not to wait and that he would be late.

Wen Mo knew that Huo Yan must have been delayed by someone again, but at least he had learned to inform him in advance. He chuckled at himself, feeling secure in his position. He put down his phone, closed his eyes, and moments later, his phone rang again.

This time, it was a call from Zhang Qian. Wen Mo frowned but answered the call.

Zhang Qian simply said, “I’m outside. Come out.”

Wen Mo got out of bed, barefoot, and pushed the window open. He peered out and saw a car parked at a distance on the road, partially obscured by greenery along the way. Wen Mo didn’t know why, but he felt uneasy. He considered calling back to decline but ultimately decided to put on a coat, then quietly went downstairs.

Mrs. Song was getting old, and she had gone to rest while Wen Mo was heading upstairs. The two security guards at the main entrance were quietly chatting by the wall, not paying attention to the side entrance. Wen Mo silently opened the back door and walked towards the intersection.

Although it looked close, in reality, it took seven or eight minutes to reach the intersection.

Zhang Qian stood alone by the car, dressed in a camel-colored windbreaker. The wind blew his coat tails, making him look like a silhouette from a movie. Wen Mo was used to seeing him in his military uniform and rarely saw him in casual attire, let alone something this relaxed. He had one hand in his pocket and the other holding a cigarette, pacing back and forth. There were several cigarette butts on the ground.

Wen Mo called out, “Zhang Qian.”

Zhang Qian turned around, flicked the cigarette butt to the ground, and extinguished it with the toe of his shoe. He then walked over to Wen Mo with large strides, gripping Wen Mo’s hand in his own. He opened the passenger door, pushed Wen Mo inside, and then circled around to the driver’s side, getting into the car.

During the ride, Zhang Qian had one hand on the steering wheel while tightly holding Wen Mo’s hand with the other, kneading it in his palm, which bore the traces of calluses. Neither of them spoke as the car radio continued to play New Year’s greetings, creating a festive atmosphere.

Before long, the car stopped in front of a commercial building that had been completed but not yet in use. The entire high-rise building was shrouded in darkness. Zhang Qian parked the car and led Wen Mo out. After navigating through various twists and turns, they found an elevator that took them to the rooftop of the over 200-story building.

When they pushed open the door at the end of the corridor, the city’s chilly wind rushed in all at once.

Zhang Qian climbed onto a raised platform and bent down, extending his hand. Wen Mo used it to hoist himself up. The platform was made of concrete, and once Wen Mo stood firmly, he felt an expansive view before him. The entire city center’s hustle and bustle seemed to lay at his feet. The wind had also picked up, so Wen Mo spread his arms and felt like he was flying.

Taking a deep breath, he filled his lungs with the wind.

This playful atmosphere made Wen Mo’s adventurous spirit surge, and he immediately climbed up the thick pole on the edge of the platform, standing up and swaying in the wind along the pole as if walking on a tightrope. Surprisingly, Zhang Qian followed suit, and the two of them moved in unison like children. Zhang Qian’s balance skills were clearly much better than Wen Mo’s. Before making a full circle, Wen Mo stumbled and almost fell off the platform. A hand behind him firmly caught him and prevented him from falling. He was lifted from his waist and lowered down to the railing.

The strong wind blew, blurring everything in its path.

It was quite cold at this height, and when Wen Mo had come out, he hadn’t worn too much. He had only added a coat over his thin flannel pajamas. The wind on the rooftop was much colder than at the villa.

Wen Mo tugged at Zhang Qian’s clothes without hesitation. “Hey, take off your clothes and give them to me.”

Zhang Qian actually smiled. He was typically reserved and rarely seen smiling, but at this moment, there was a hint of amusement in his eyes and on his lips. He opened his windbreaker and wrapped Wen Mo inside, holding him close to his chest.

Wen Mo obediently settled down and buried his face, which had been chilled by the wind, into Zhang Qian’s warm neck.

A moment later, a sharp sound pierced the air, and the sky burst into a dazzling fireworks display not far away. It seemed like a heralding call, and soon, the entire city’s sky was filled with fireworks, beautiful yet fleeting.

The New Year had arrived.

Amidst the continuous sounds of fireworks and the rustling of the wind, Wen Mo heard Zhang Qian’s deep voice coming through his thick chest.

“I will find a way.”

This abrupt statement pulled Wen Mo out of his daze caused by the mesmerizing fireworks. He abruptly lifted his face, looking at Zhang Qian in astonishment. Zhang Qian continued to gaze at him, and in the darkness of the night, his pupils were deep and dark.

Wen Mo’s grip tightened, and his lips curled slightly. Zhang Qian cradled his face, lowered his head, and kissed Wen Mo’s lips.

He said, “Don’t be afraid; I’m here.”

Wen Mo shivered almost imperceptibly.

Zhang Qian’s kiss was gentle and warm, like an irresistible haven of warmth. However, Wen Mo’s gaze was gradually turning cold. He broke free from Zhang Qian’s embrace.

He said, “Take me back now.”

Zhang Qian stood in place, unmoving. Without another word, Wen Mo jumped down from the platform. The impact was significant, causing him to kneel briefly before quickly getting back on his feet. He walked straight toward the dark corridor entrance.

Before they reached the elevator, a gust of wind from behind rushed over them. Wen Mo was pressed against the wall, and his lips were forcefully sealed in a passionate kiss. The kiss came like a storm, and Wen Mo closed his eyes, allowing himself to be kissed as if he were a puppet at someone’s mercy.

Finally, Zhang Qian slowly released him, panting, and rested his forehead against Wen Mo’s.

Wen Mo said, “Take me back.”

This time, his tone was completely cold.

After a while, Zhang Qian finally straightened up. He sighed softly, then gently wrapped his arm around Wen Mo’s shoulder and led him towards the elevator.

The night grew darker, and the two men in the car hadn’t spoken a word since their encounter on the rooftop. When they saw a corner of the villa in the distance, Wen Mo finally spoke up, “Just leave me here.”

The car door opened, and Wen Mo stepped out. He walked towards the villa, with the car remaining parked at the same spot. Wen Mo didn’t hear the engine start, but he knew that the person inside the car was still watching him. However, he didn’t turn around to look back even once until his figure disappeared from the view as he entered the driveway.

Wen Mo finally arrived back at the villa, and he stood there for a long time.

He finally made a move and was about to push open the door when suddenly the front gate swung open. Two security guards rushed out, and when they saw Wen Mo, they both let out a sigh of relief. One of them said, “You’re finally back!”

Wen Mo felt a sense of unease in his heart.

Wen Mo immediately pulled out his phone. He noticed that it had been put on silent mode, there were seven or eight missed calls all came from Huo Yan.

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Wen Mo walked into the living room. The room was brightly lit, and Mrs. Song was the first to greet him. She was wearing slippers and had a forced smile on her face as she approached Wen Mo. She said, “Xiao Mo, you’ve taken a walk, haven’t you?”

On the sofa behind her sat a pale-faced Huo Yan, his sharp eyes narrowing slightly.

“Where did you go so late at night?” he asked sharply.

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