Honest Wife Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Special Period

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“Everything is under control in the Western region, please rest assured, Commander Huo,” the middle-aged man in front of him said confidently. He looked self-satisfied. “We have secured at least 70% of the legislators’ votes.”

“Good, if we can’t secure it, I’ll come to you,” Huo Yan smirked, turning to the man sitting on the sofa next to him. “You need to prepare for next year.”

The man, a frequent figure in political news, smiled. With strong support from the Huo family, it meant that the highest position in the federal government was within his reach. He poured a drink for Huo Yan with great respect. “Thank you, Mr. Huo, for your guidance and support.”

Huo Yan raised his glass and drained the last drop of liquid. 

This was the realm that ordinary citizens of the Federation could not touch. The territory of power had already been divided like a cake, and the democracy upheld by public opinion was nothing more than a farce in the hands of these politicians.

Things were going smoothly, and Huo Yan was in a good mood. He had rarely consumed so much alcohol so he felt a bit heated. He let out a sigh and leaned back heavily on the sofa. A beautiful young boy immediately approached him and carefully handed him a lit cigar.

The familiar gesture made Huo Yan slightly surprised, and he looked at the young boy. In the dim lighting, the boy’s features bore some resemblance to his own Omega. Huo Yan’s heart skipped a beat, and he couldn’t help but pinch the boy’s cheek playfully, lowering his head to kiss his cheek.

Admiral Mo, the head of the Western Military Region, chuckled at the sight. “I know you have a soft spot for Omegas. You see, I’ve given you my favorite child.”

He bit the cigar and smiled meaningfully. “I know you don’t like them to be promiscuous. I’ve specially kept this one for you. Just take it easy, don’t ruin them for me.”

The young Omega blushed deeply and buried his face in Huo Yan’s embrace, like a shy little creature. Huo Yan, cigar in his mouth, held the young Omega on his lap, squinting at him. The boy’s androgynous beauty bore some resemblance to Wen Mo, which was quite rare. Huo Yan chuckled and asked, “How old are you?”

The young Omega blushed even more and replied shyly, “Sir, I’ve just come of age.”

Huo Yan, with a drunken haze in his eyes, stared at the young Omega, who became even shier and sought refuge in his embrace. Huo Yan laughed heartily, hugged him close, and playfully pinched his waist. However, he noticed that the young Omega’s waist was slender but lacked much flesh. It didn’t feel as good as he had imagined. Unlike the Omega in his room, who looked delicate but had evenly distributed flesh that would overflow between his fingers when pinched, Huo Yan made a barely audible sound of disappointment.

The young Omega gently rested his head on Huo Yan’s shoulder, revealing the isolation device at the nape of his neck.

Huo Yan raised an eyebrow and with a flick of his fingertip, the young Omega squirmed as if on the verge of tears. He trembled as he spoke, “Sir…”

His voice quivered, and Huo Yan’s nostrils flared. As expected, the young Omega had been administered with synthetic Omega pheromones. The faint scent had subtly escaped through the gaps in the isolation device. 

The high compatibility of artificially created pheromones stirred something within Huo Yan. He removed the isolation device and gently pinched the slightly swollen gland, causing the young Omega to shiver, clearly feeling uneasy.

The politicians marveled and praised, “Commander Huo has always had such good luck, catching someone in their heat.”

The young Omega’s face turned crimson, and his voice almost sounded like he had been crying as he trembled and said, “Sir…”

Huo Yan’s gaze deepened, and he asked, “Are you uncomfortable?”

The young Omega nodded, curling up even tighter. Huo Yan chuckled, lowered his head, and kissed the eyes and eyebrows that resembled someone else.

The influential figures from the Western regions, supported by the Huo family, were naturally adept at reading the situation. They quickly found excuses to leave with their partners, leaving the previously lively meeting room empty except for Huo Yan and the young Omega.

Huo Yan’s drunkenness intensified, and he pinched the young Omega’s cheek. He then pushed him down, kissed his face that looked increasingly like someone else’s.

While Huo Yan indulged in the heat of an Omega’s heat, Wen Mo found himself in the midst of his own heat as well. However, this time, he didn’t suffer in silence.

Wen Mo’s heat was pressing and intense.

He felt like he was dehydrating, clinging to Zhang Qian’s neck, almost crying. He repeatedly called out for Zhang Qian, desperately seeking his help. Zhang Qian’s heart was in turmoil, and he felt a lingering pain, as if half of his soul had been torn away. Zhang Qian knew that Wen Mo was strong, but he had never seen him like this before. He couldn’t find the words to describe the intensity of Wen Mo’s allure. Yet, all of this was for Zhang Qian’s eyes only, and he was the only one who could provide solace to this Omega during his first, pacified heat.

Zhang Qian whispered soothing words, kissing him with tenderness and affection, emotions flowing freely. His once cold and distant demeanor had softened, and his eyes had turned as gentle as water. The person before him seemed so vulnerable, crying and trembling as if he believed Zhang Qian could save him from the entire world.

Zhang Qian thought that, no matter what, he had to accompany Wen Mo through this heat.

He didn’t want anyone to see him like this, not even a trace of it.

By the time Huo Yan returned from the Western region, Wen Mo had successfully passed through his heat, which had been unusually smooth. Due to Zhang Qian’s devoted companionship, he had gone through it with ease. The effects of a pacified heat on an Omega were evident. His skin radiated a soft glow, there was a hint of coyness in his eyes. Whenever the Alphas in the base saw him, they were left spellbound, their gazes filled with a dark and dangerous desire that went unspoken, but they dared not approach even an inch.

When Huo Yan returned to the base, he noticed the subtle changes in his Omega. Wen Mo seemed to have become slightly fuller, like a spring flower soaked in nectar, blooming delicately and enticingly. One bite, and it felt as if the mouth would be filled with sweet juice.

Wen Mo continued to serve him as he always did when Huo Yan returned home. He knelt down to help him remove his shoes, carefully changed them to indoor slippers, and then looked up with a gentle smile filled with affection. Unable to resist, Huo Yan embraced him, his fingers lightly pinching Wen Mo’s slender waist, it was soft and supple. His teeth began to itch again, and he thought that this body was the one that truly captured his heart.

That night, without the need for Huo Yan to say much, Wen Mo willingly served him with ease, making sure he was comfortable and content. Wen Mo took advantage of Huo Yan’s softened mood to persuade him to do a few things. Once these tasks were completed, Wen Mo received a significant amount of money. A few days later, these funds, which hadn’t passed through his account, underwent a series of transactions and evaded federal financial monitoring, finding their way into certain accounts.

A military officer with the rank of second lieutenant knocked on the door. From inside came a deep voice inviting him in.

He quickly pushed the door open and entered, his expression grave. “Lieutenant Commander, we’ve lost the lead again.”

Lately, they had been tracking the movements of a suspected worker at the “Euphoria’s Blessing” clinic. However, in less than half a day, the individual had disappeared without a trace, staying elusive.

Zhang Qian furrowed his brow. He clenched his fist tightly, feeling a sense of frustration. The ongoing case of the serial Alpha murders had remained unsolved, and it was becoming one of the biggest stains on his career.

His Special Operations Unit was considered the elite of the elite, handling any events that the military couldn’t publicly get involved in. They had never disappointed, successfully resolving every task assigned to them. However, despite over half a year of investigation, the ongoing serial murder case remained without a lead. Even when they did find some clues, they would quickly go cold, as if an invisible hand was preventing them from progressing.

Zhang Qian felt a headache coming on. After giving some instructions to his subordinate, he allowed them to leave. 

As he massaged his temples, Wen Mo, dressed in a crisp military uniform, entered the room.

He placed a folder on the table, resembling a diligent subordinate. With a gentle expression, he looked at Zhang Qian. “Lieutenant Commander, here are the documents you requested.”

Zhang Qian was most passionate about his work, but at this moment, he set aside his work. 

He reached for Wen Mo’s hand, pulling him closer, then wrapped his arms around Wen Mo’s waist, burying his face in Wen Mo’s slender chest.

Wen Mo lowered his gaze, and after a moment, he gently embraced Zhang Qian’s head, running his hand softly through his hair. He asked, “Are you tired?”

Zhang Qian didn’t answer, instead, he deeply inhaled the scent from Wen Mo’s body.

Wen Mo lowered his head to kiss the top of Zhang Qian’s head and softly said, “Around noon, I’ll come in and give you a massage, alright?”

Zhang Qian remained silent, but he pulled down Wen Mo’s neck to give him a deep kiss.

Around noon, Wen Mo called one of the guards working for Huo Yan to make sure he was still in the conference center, not planning to come back to find him. Seizing the opportunity when there was no one around, he grabbed another stack of documents and knocked on Zhang Qian’s office door again.

With each passing minute, the office became quiet. The door to the lounge area was tightly shut, and in the dimly lit room, clothes were strewn about haphazardly, unable to contain the simmering heat within.

This was a secretive and unspeakable passion, a filth hidden in the darkness, an outpouring of emotions that left Zhang Qian thoroughly relaxed. He was usually a vigorous person and didn’t have the habit of taking afternoon naps. However, this time, he embraced Wen Mo and sank into a deep slumber.

Once Zhang Qian’s breathing behind him became deep and steady, Wen Mo quietly got up. He grabbed a shirt and put it on, then gently got out of bed.

Like a cat, he tiptoed to Zhang Qian’s office desk. After searching around for a bit, he opened Zhang Qian’s computer desktop. Wen Mo had observed Zhang Qian’s typing motions for his lock screen password multiple times and had deduced the correct numbers. Once the lock screen was unlocked, he swiftly and calmly browsed through the information in each folder, taking some photos of several documents with a miniature camera.

Afterward, he returned everything to its original state and silently made his way back to the lounge.

With the man still sleeping deeply, Wen Mo stood by the bed and watched him silently for a while. He lowered his head and kissed his forehead.

“Zhang Qian…”

Zhang Qian, in a drowsy state, reached out to pull him closer, wanting to embrace him. Wen Mo gently resisted, whispering, “I have to go back.”

Zhang Qian pinched his hand in dissatisfaction and pressed a kiss to his cheek before finally releasing him.

Wen Mo quietly closed the door behind him and left.

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