Honest Wife Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Thoughts

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[What’s going on?]

[This doesn’t feel right…]


Sentence after sentence, like sharp steel knives, stabbed into Huo Yan’s mind, stirring his thoughts as if they were turning in his brain, causing him excruciating pain, making his vision redder as if it were bleeding. However, he forced himself to endure it, his face turning ashen, allowing the bone-piercing pain to surge through him. He stared rigidly at Wen Mo like a fighter, waiting for the intense pain to strike again. Suddenly, he erupted, pinning Wen Mo’s neck down on the bed.

The tightening claws felt like shackles, making it impossible to take a breath. However, Wen Mo didn’t struggle; instead, he looked pitifully at Huo Yan. His eyes were full of sorrow and compliance, as if he was indicating that even though he didn’t understand, he was willing to sacrifice his life for him, as long as he was willing to accept it.

But it wasn’t.

The intense pain continued to strike. [He’s really gone insane!]

Huo Yan’s face grew darker and more menacing. He realized an absurd thought, though it was too bizarre, too ridiculous, everything in front of him left him with no choice but to believe it.

——He heard the Omega’s thoughts.

——Thoughts that made him furious, manic, and almost insane.

The price he paid was the waves of intense pain.

He suddenly released Wen Mo, slowly closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then opened his eyes again, looking at the Omega who was inconsistent, full of deception.

The other party’s clothing was disheveled, and there was a red mark left on his snow-white neck. He seemed quite startled, panting heavily with parted lips. Yet, they still looked at him softly with his eyes filled with spring-like inquiry.

If it were the usual, Huo Yan would have already calmed his anger and taken control of the situation as he pleased, if not for hearing the voice of his heart again.

—[…..No matter what, let’s make this mad dog happy first.]

“Are you tired?” Omega softly leaned in and affectionately kissed the corner of his lips. “Shall I draw a bath for you?”

Huo Yan remained motionless, his eyes fixed on Wen Mo’s.

In just a short period of trial and error, Huo Yan figured out how to prevent the pain in his head. As long as he didn’t focus his mind on them, he wouldn’t have to listen to those infuriating thoughts, and of course, wouldn’t have to endure that bone-deep pain. Having mastered this technique, he finally began to calm down.

The bedroom finally fell silent, and Huo Yan’s breathing became steady.

He raised his hand, and with his fingers, he gently stroked Omega’s beautiful face. Just as usual, he saw the Omega’s expression slowly relaxing, and then—


An unexpected slap sent the Omega sideways, tumbling a few times under the bed.

This two-faced thing could no longer pretend to be gentle. He looked at him in astonishment, holding his face.

Huo Yan calmly stood up in the face of his incredulous gaze, buttoned up his clothes leisurely, and with a cold and haughty expression, he walked out of the room.

The guards didn’t know why Commander Huo had such a grim expression on his face as he emerged from the villa. According to their understanding, in a situation like this, Commander Huo would not easily leave the beautiful Omega’s side until the next day.

It was only when they heard an angry shout that the guards snapped back to attention and hastily opened the rear car door for him.

Huo Yan sat in the backseat, his half-face hidden in the darkness of the night. Even so, no one dared to gaze upon his face. The guards in the front seat dared not utter a word, and the commuter in the car was equally silent. The atmosphere inside the car was oppressive.

“Stop the car.”

The Jeep came to a halt amid the faint sound of raindrops. The guard tightened his grip on the steering wheel and cautiously asked, “Commander, do you have any orders?”

Huo Yan remained silent, his gaze fixed on the guard. Huo Yan had always possessed an imposing and unapproachable demeanor, but at this moment, he appeared especially cold and forbidding. The guard felt his whole body tremble under that intense stare, and cold sweat broke out on his back. He swallowed hard and his voice trembled, “Com… Commander?”

Huo Yan paid him no mind.

“And you,” Huo Yan’s gaze shifted to the commuter, “turn around.”

The commuter’s heart skipped a beat as he turned around nervously. He couldn’t meet Huo Yan’s eyes, so he focused on his chin instead. After a while, Huo Yan closed his eyes and said, “It’s fine, continue driving.”

“Yes!” The two survivors of the ordeal straightened up and dared not think about the unusual events that had just transpired. Throughout the journey, neither of them dared to make a sound.

Huo Yan noticed that, no matter how hard he concentrated, he couldn’t hear their thoughts anymore. It seemed like this ability was reserved exclusively for the Omega he had in mind. The thought of that Omega suddenly made his teeth clench, and his gaze turned ominously cold.

In nearly thirty years of his life, he had endured unimaginable deceit, violence, and bloodshed on his path to power, but he had never felt so disheveled. He had never imagined that the biggest joke in his life would be treating a beautiful creature who had played with him, a creature he had pampered and favored, as a precious treasure. It was a colossal joke!

His fist clenched so tightly that his knuckles turned white. Just moments ago, if he had not left, that Omega probably wouldn’t have survived for another minute—how could he kill him so easily?

How could it be so easy?

A bone-chilling smile crept onto Huo Yan’s lips.


Drip, drip, drip…

The rain intensified, tapping urgently and rapidly against the window, creating a fine and hurried sound.

Wen Mo lay on the carpet for a while, and finally, he staggered to his feet. His left cheek was hot and painful, and his ears were ringing incessantly. He worried that his eardrum might be damaged, so he tightly covered his right ear and listened carefully to the rain outside. Fortunately, amid the intense tinnitus, a faint sound of rain still managed to seep through the sharp noise. Wen Mo finally let go of his hand, wiped his lips, and noticed a small trace of fresh blood on the back of his hand. It turned out that his lip had been split.

Feeling a bit cold, he picked up his coat from the floor, put it on, and walked over to the mirror. There, he realized that half of his face was swollen and looked quite ugly. He gently touched it, staring expressionlessly at the reflection in the mirror for a while. Then, he went downstairs. Mrs. Song had already gone to bed, and the living room was dimly lit by a single lamp. He quietly went to the fridge, took out some ice cubes, wrapped them in a towel, and applied them to his face. He tiptoed back upstairs, lifted the covers, and lay down.

What happened? He wondered.

The time from returning home to being carried upstairs had all been normal, but everything changed from that moment of abnormality.

The ice melted, soaking the towel. Water droplets trickled down his cheeks and neck, making him shiver with cold.

What on earth happened?

Wen Mo felt an inexplicable fatigue washing over him, and he closed his eyes wearily.

He didn’t know when he fell asleep, but he spent the whole night in nightmares. There were no specific scenes, it was just endless running, struggling in mud, or slowly being engulfed by a dark and ominous current… Even his nightmares had never been this tormenting before.

When he woke up, the pillow was already damp, and the towel lay limp on the side. Wen Mo stared blankly at it, and there were a few knocks at the door, “Xiao Mo?”

It was the voice of Mrs. Song.

Mrs. Song came in, when she saw Wen Mo’s face, she was taken aback. She hurried over, about to reach out, but then she felt it was impolite and awkwardly withdrew her hand. She worriedly said, “You…”

Wen Mo shook his head softly and whispered, “I’m fine.”

He got up and said, “I have to go to the base.”

Mrs. Song hesitated for a moment and stammered, “Just now, Commander Huo’s secretary called and said you should rest at home, no need to go to work.”

Wen Mo’s hand, which had lifted the blanket, paused for a moment before he let it drop and lay back in bed.

Mrs. Song felt uneasy. She had seen Commander Huo storm out in anger last night, so she didn’t dare to ask and didn’t dare to come up to inquire about the situation. She only dared to come upstairs with the excuse of tidying up the next day, but she still didn’t know what had happened.

Now she saw the damp pillow, and with an exclamation, she quickly approached, pulled out the wet pillow, and replaced it with a dry one from the side. She opened the wardrobe and found a new set of pajamas for him.

“Please change into this. You’ve just recovered from the flu; be careful not to get sick again.”

Seeing his indifferent expression and lack of response, Mrs. Song couldn’t help but worry. She clenched her teeth and unbuttoned his clothes as if taking care of a child, removing the damp shirt. After struggling for a while, she finally managed to change it. She held the wet clothes in her hand and sighed, “You, child…”

As soon as she said it, she realized she had crossed a line and could only shake her head helplessly.

Wen Mo seemed to snap out of it, glancing at his new pajamas. He managed a faint smile and said, “Mrs. Song, thank you.”

Then, he slowly lay back down.

Mrs. Song glanced at the Omega hidden under the blanket as she threw the wet clothes into the laundry basket, sighed, and left the room.

Wen Mo slept heavily until noon. When he woke up, the ringing in his ears had disappeared, leaving only the numbness in his face. He pressed it, it didn’t seem to hurt as much as last night. At this moment, his phone rang, Wen Mo looked at the name on the screen for a long time before answering.

“Come to my office,” Zhang Qian’s voice on the other end was still indifferent.

Wen Mo remained silent for a moment and said, “I might not be able to go to the base these next few days.”

“But afterwards,” he reassured him, deliberately softening his tone, “I’ll find a way to make it up to you.”

There was a brief silence on the call, and then Zhang Qian hung up, leaving a busy signal in the receiver.

Wen Mo felt a headache coming on. He got up and went to the bathroom, taking out a cigarette and casually turning on the exhaust fan. In the swirling smoke, he saw a pale, ghostly face in the mirror. He looked at himself, truly unsure of what went wrong, but if Zhang Qian was calling at this moment, it probably meant that the problem wasn’t with him.

However, what did that Alpha really know?

Dealing with problems wasn’t scary, but the problem was, he had no idea what needed to be resolved.

Wen Mo leaned against the wall and squatted down, burying his face in his arms. He was truly exhausted.

That night, Huo Yan didn’t come back.

Wen Mo sent several messages trying to appease and please him, but there was no response. He clutched his phone and lay down, resting his forearm on his forehead, furrowing his brow deeply.

It wasn’t until the next evening that Wen Mo heard the sound of a car engine starting outside the courtyard. Just as he had done before, he quickly got up, opened the gate, and respectfully waited.

The tall Alpha walked in calmly, Wen Mo was about to kneel down to change his shoes, but the man had already stridden into the living room, sitting down on the sofa with a swift motion, crossing his legs casually.

Wen Mo looked at the dirty footprints on the polished floor and averted his gaze. He opened the side shoe cabinet and took out a pair of clean indoor slippers. He walked over with lowered eyes, ready to continue changing the man’s shoes, but the shiny leather shoes moved away from his hand and then tilted up his chin.

Huo Yan looked at him with a hint of a smile as he carefully examined him. There were still some traces of bruising around the Omega’s lips, but fortunately, it didn’t affect his handsome face. In fact, it added a touch of captivating vulnerability to his appearance. His gaze was gentle, soft, and affectionate, as if he were looking at his lover.

Of course, Huo Yan knew that this was just a facade.

He smiled and lightly tapped the tip of his shoe, saying, “Will you behave?”

Wen Mo nodded.


At that moment, his internal thoughts abruptly stopped, the pain lasting only a split second. Huo Yan smiled again, as if he had mastered the art of listening to his thoughts with ease. He certainly didn’t want his mind to ache from these disgusting thoughts. He chose to shift his focus, even though he couldn’t hear the thoughts anymore, he could fully anticipate the gritted teeth and frustration inside the other’s mind. With a mocking smile, he stood up and gallantly helped the person up from the ground.

His gaze lingered on the beautiful face and he said, “Put on your ‘best’ clothes, you have five minutes.”

Wen Mo obediently nodded, immediately heading upstairs. Soon, he came back down wearing a stylishly designed shirt with intricate patterns. Of course, the practicality of the clothing was not within the designer’s considerations.

Huo Yan nodded in satisfaction, pinched his face, and tossed him his coat. 

“Put this on.”

Wen Mo had a bad feeling in his heart, but he had no choice. He put on the coat as per Huo Yan’s request. Huo Yan took his hand, fingers intertwined, and they left the house together, looking like an affectionate couple.

Throughout the journey, Huo Yan wore a constant smile, occasionally caressing him with his fingers, and even leaning down to kiss his cheek from time to time, displaying a great deal of affection.

Wen Mo sat there obediently and meekly, like a beautiful porcelain doll.

The car stopped in front of a club in the outskirts, and Huo Yan, in a gentlemanly manner, held Wen Mo’s hand as they got out of the car.

Wen Mo looked at the name of the club and couldn’t help but shiver inwardly. He stood still, and Huo Yan smiled at him, “What’s wrong?”

Wen Mo shook his head and smiled gently, taking his hand as they entered.

Clearly, Huo Yan hadn’t greeted anyone on his arrival. Along the way, people hurriedly came to welcome him. The club’s manager, sweating profusely, approached with a fawning smile, “Commander Huo, your sudden visit caught us off guard. We… ah, we…”

Huo Yan laughed heartily, showing an unusual degree of consideration, “I’ve been hearing about this place from Old Mo for a while, so I decided to take a look today.”

The club manager was both surprised and anxious, never expecting that this esteemed gentleman would remember this place. After all, the activities here were far from being respectable, something Commander Huo had always looked down upon. He felt both delighted and apprehensive, not sure of Commander Huo’s intentions. However, one thing was clear; if they could keep this esteemed guest here, it would be a significant boost for their business. With these thoughts in mind, he squeezed out a respectful smile, “Commander Huo, you are well-traveled and knowledgeable. Our establishment is nothing special, just for a change of scenery. Unfortunately, Mr. Mo is not here tonight, but Eldest Young Master Mo is in the VIP room. Would you like to visit? I can take you there.”

“Let’s go,” Huo Yan said, putting his arm around Wen Mo’s shoulder.

The manager was delighted and led the way.

News of Commander Huo’s visit had reached the VIP room a moment earlier. Everyone inside quickly tidied up the debauchery and lined up at the door to welcome him.

When Huo Yan entered the smoky VIP room, it had already transformed into a more respectable atmosphere. Mo Shao, slightly intoxicated, was the first to approach. He greeted with a cheerful tone, “What wind blew you here today, Commander Huo?”

Mo Shao soon noticed Wen Mo standing behind Huo Yan. He blinked briefly but then regained his composure, smiling, “Looks like you’ve found a gem.”

Huo Yan walked past him and casually chose a seat. The others followed suit and took their seats. The accompanying Omega companions were all dressed and seated beside their respective VIPs.

Huo Yan glanced around, squinting slightly, and fixed his gaze on a rather attractive Omega. He looked him up and down and remarked with a smile, “Such a charming individual we have here.”

The man next to the Omega immediately understood the situation and pushed the Omega, saying, “Hurry over there.”

The Omega, startled by the sudden gesture of favor, promptly stood up. He hadn’t had the chance to observe his surroundings when he hurriedly dressed, but now he noticed Wen Mo, who stood behind Huo Yan with a lowered head and a respectful demeanor. He couldn’t help but steal a few glances and couldn’t believe he had never seen someone so pretty before. He thought to himself, “Wow, with someone so good-looking here, why would this distinguished guest be interested in me?”

Of course, he wasn’t the only one with this question in mind. Everyone in the room had their doubts, but after all, Huo Yan was a high-ranking official, so no one dared to ask. The Omega, on the other hand, was clever and didn’t show any signs of nervousness. He poured a glass of wine and walked over to Huo Yan with a bright smile, taking a seat beside him.

“Commander, have a drink.”

Huo Yan seemed satisfied with his obedience and took a sip of the wine offered to him.

He glanced at the person sitting across from him and said with a smile, “What a dilemma. I have taken your companion away.”

The man’s face froze, and he waved his hand nervously, saying, “Commander Huo is joking. It’s my good fortune that this little one can bring happiness to the Commander.”

“You’re being too modest. I can’t let you suffer in vain,” Huo Yan said, raising his eyebrow and turning his face slightly toward Wen Mo. “Why don’t you go over there?”

Wen Mo raised his head and saw the man smiling at him, but there was no warmth in his eyes. He lowered his gaze obediently and walked over to sit beside the man.

The man clearly felt uncomfortable. How could he not know that the beautiful person beside him was Commander Huo’s favorite? How could he bear to let him accompany himself?

Not knowing what to do is good. The scene in front of his eyes darkened, and a swaying figure walked over. It was Eldest Young Master Mo. His face was flushed, and he chuckled as he poured wine for Huo Yan and himself. Lifting his own cup, he swayed back, sitting heavily next to Wen Mo. He casually embraced Wen Mo, saying, “Commander, you really forsake something you treasure easily.”

Taking a sip of his drink, his gaze fell on the face of the person in his arms. Being so close, the delicate and radiant skin of the Omega, emitting a soft glow, and the faint fragrance became even more apparent.

A year ago, he had seen him, following that important figure, tall and slender, with black hair and fair skin, astonishingly beautiful. It was simply mouthwatering. He had scratched his heart and lungs for a year after returning. No one else seemed appealing, and now, he finally had the chance after the person fell out of favor.

What kind of place is this? Since Commander Huo brought him here, he must be nothing more than a fallen pretty plaything. Mo Shao, influenced by alcohol, couldn’t think of anything else. Leveraging the merits of his father, Old Admiral Mo, in the Huo family for many years, he considered himself the first to enjoy this novelty after following Commander Huo .

He held Wen Mo tightly, chuckling as he clasped his hand in his palm. He felt the smooth and tender skin in his hand, just like jade, it was difficult to let go. The Omega sat quietly, docile like a lamb.

Mo Shao’s throat was dry, but he managed to maintain some sanity. Complimenting Huo Yan, he said, “Commander Huo has such good taste. I wonder where you found him.”

Huo Yan looked at the hollow of his palm, squinting slightly with a hint of hostility. Soon, he smiled and turned his gaze to Wen Mo. “What are you still standing there for? Don’t you know that people around me should follow the rules?”

Wen Mo raised his head, catching the smile on Huo Yan’s face and the underlying threat. He obediently got up, picked up a bottle of wine, poured a glass for Mo Shao, and brought it to his lips.

Mo Shao’s luminous eyes never left him as he slowly drank the wine.

He licked his lips.

Huo Yan turned his gaze away, pulling the Omega beside him.

Unlike Mo Shao, who was filled with lust, the others took the opportunity to flatter General Huo. They each found a reason to come over, holding their wine glasses to greet and get acquainted.

Huo Yan, without his usual aloofness, was quite approachable. He drank with them, engaging in lively conversation.

The atmosphere in the private room finally became more lively, shedding its earlier restraint.

After finishing the last drop of wine in his glass, Huo Yan stood up, saying, “Alright, I’ve disturbed you enough.”

Holding the hand of the Omega beside him, he smiled and said, “You guys continue.”

The crowd insisted on him staying, exchanging pleasantries a few more times. With everyone’s company, Huo Yan led the Omega onto the car.

Soon, with a roar from the exhaust pipe, the sleek black car sped away.

Mo Shao’s heart had been burning with discomfort. He eagerly watched the car drive off, then hurriedly returned to the private room. He pulled Wen Mo up from the sofa, brought him to the room prepared for the VIPs, and threw him onto the bed, unable to wait any longer, pouncing on him.

Wen Mo looked at him expressionlessly, hands pressed against his chest, and coldly said, “Don’t touch me if you want to stay alive.”

Ignoring the threat, Mo Shao, driven by his desire, brushed aside Wen Mo’s resistance and pressed down on him. Wen Mo closed his eyes, showing no resistance to the man’s wandering hands. He seemed utterly indifferent to the body beneath him, calmly stating, “Our fates are entirely in your hands.”

Mo Shao gradually halted his actions, reeking of alcohol. Squinting at the disheveled and beautiful Omega beneath him, he had lost all the docility from before. Between his brows, there was an icy chill, as if hiding a rose with sharp thorns.

Mo Shao’s heart skipped a beat, and he sobered up a bit inexplicably.

He looked at Wen Mo with suspicion. Wen Mo pushed him away and sat up, buttoning his shirt that had been pulled open.

“I provoked him, and he’s punishing me.”

Finally finishing buttoning up his shirt, Wen Mo stood up, observing the increasingly dark expression on Mo Shao’s face. He said, “So you think that if you touch me, we will still have our lives?”

“Don’t fucking try to scare me.” Mo Shao chuckled, “You are but a little plaything. Is it worth Commander Huo running around causing a scene in the middle of the night?”

Wen Mo looked at him coldly, adopting a condescending and pitying attitude. After a while, he raised his hand, unbuttoning the button he had just fastened. Watching the visibly more anxious man, he approached step by step, reaching up to his shoulder, and began unbuttoning his shirt.

Before he could unbutton the second one, his hand was slapped away with a loud clap. Mo Shao took a couple of steps back, resembling a virtuous woman of integrity. Now he was completely awake, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Reflecting on what just happened, he felt that something was terribly wrong. Commander Huo might be known for his amorous affairs, but he would never stoop to visiting a place like this. Why would he abandon his cherished plaything among a bunch of Alphas?

Realizing this, Mo Shao’s face turned pale. He remembered his father’s description of the revered yet feared “demon,” and a shiver ran down his spine, overwhelmed by fear.

Wen Mo’s lips curled in a mocking smile. He finally buttoned up his shirt and paid no further attention to Mo Shao. Bending down to pick up his coat, he pushed the door open expressionlessly.

As he stepped out of the club’s gate, a cold wind greeted him. Wen Mo tightened his coat around him, gazing into the endless darkness outside. He let out a slow sigh.

Behind him, hurried footsteps approached. It was the manager of the club chasing after him. Fearful and unwilling to reveal any trace of it, he cleared his throat and asked, “Why are you standing here alone? Didn’t Commander Huo go back?”

Wen Mo ignored him, slipping his hands into the coat pockets and disappearing into the vast night.

Watching the figure gradually vanish at the intersection, the club manager was left bewildered. He had no idea what had unfolded tonight. Just as he was about to instruct someone to find out, the club’s door slammed shut. Mo Shao, pale-faced and in a hurry, was rushing towards the exit.

“Old Zhang! Take me to my old man’s place!” he shouted anxiously, heading briskly toward the parking lot. There was none of the usual demeanor of a pampered and dignified young master. The manager was about to follow attentively to assist with opening the door when a loud gunshot rang out. The person in front of him swayed, falling to the ground.

The club manager’s eyes widened in shock as he witnessed Mo Shao’s chest staining with spreading blood. He crawled backward in terror.

“Help—!” His face turned deathly pale as he looked around in horror.

A large number of security personnel rushed out, surrounding him.

On the ground, Mo Shao convulsed. Trembling lips, he stared at the deep darkness in the distance. After a moment, his head tilted to the side, and all movement ceased.

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