Honest Wife Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Betrayal

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On a chilly early spring night, as he walked halfway, a drizzle began to fall steadily.

Wen Mo was soaked through, his ankles already rubbed raw, the stinging sensation hitting him intermittently. Nevertheless, he continued forward seemingly oblivious, much like a determined pilgrim on a quest.

Approaching the early hours of the morning, he finally caught sight of the villa.

He paused for a moment, gathering himself, then proceeded towards the gate.

Before he could step inside, Mrs. Song, her face filled with anxiety, rushed out with an umbrella and pulled Wen Mo under its shelter. With a hint of reproach in her teary voice, she said, “You finally came back. I was so worried.”

She had no idea what had happened, but she understood that there must have been some issue between Mr. Huo and this omega.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Mr. Huo returned alone. Mrs. Song anxiously welcomed him home, though he showed no expression. However, she couldn’t ignore the ominous atmosphere. She dared not ask anything and just escorted him upstairs. Then, unable to contain her worry, she immediately tried calling Wen Mo. She dialed his number dozens of times throughout the night, but there was no answer.

As a servant of the Huo family, Mrs. Song had her own set of rules to abide by. Naturally, she couldn’t go out herself to search for someone. Instead, she secretly called her husband, urging him to find a solution.

Seeing Wen Mo drenched from head to toe, she felt both anxious and sympathetic. She quickly went to the drying room and fetched a dry bathrobe for Wen Mo to change into.

Wen Mo sat quietly on the sofa, sinking into the soft cushions. Wrapped in a blanket, he resembled a well-behaved pet. Before long, Mrs. Song brought a bowl of ginger soup, and Wen Mo obediently sipped it, blowing on it to cool it down. Some color returned to his pale face. “Mrs. Song, you should go rest.”

The antique clock on the wall showed it was already one in the morning. For someone like Mrs. Song, who usually slept early, staying up until this hour was naturally a burden on her body. However, she didn’t move. Setting aside the bowl, she sat beside Wen Mo. Tonight, she showed no trace of her usual servant’s demeanor. Her expression was filled with pity. “Good child, go to the guest room and rest. Apologize properly to Mr. Huo in the morning. No matter what happened, he cares about you deeply. He won’t hold it against you. Understand?”

How could Mrs. Song ever think that this obedient Omega could anger Mr. Huo? But here, other than humbling oneself, Mrs. Song couldn’t think of any other way.

Wen Mo’s gaze fell on her face. After a moment, he smiled softly, his features gentle. “Yes, I understand.”

He added, “Mrs. Song, thank you.”

Mrs. Song sighed, got up, took a few steps back, then turned around again. She wanted to say something but, after looking at Wen Mo’s calm profile, she ultimately returned to her room.

Wen Mo stretched his legs and leaned back, lying directly on the sofa. The warm yellow light cast shadows on his pale face, and his long eyelashes cast some shadows on his cheeks. With each flicker of his eyes, the shadows shifted. He watched the pendulum of the clock swing back and forth, slowly closing his eyes.

The night passed once again.

In the servant’s quarters, a faint light seeped in from outside, casting a gentle glow on Mrs. Song’s weary face. Startled awake, she realized she had overslept and hastily threw on a coat before leaving the room.

It wasn’t too late for her to wake up, as the sky hadn’t fully brightened yet, with only a hint of dawn breaking in the east. But for a diligent servant, rising and bustling about when it’s still dark outside was quite normal.

Mrs. Song felt anxious, fearing she might be running late for preparing breakfast. Hurriedly putting on her clothes, she made her way to the kitchen. As she approached the door, she heard a faint sound of movement. Intrigued, she tiptoed closer. In the semi-darkness of the kitchen, she saw Wen Mo, dressed in a bathrobe, standing at the steaming stove, earnestly stirring something in a pot. The aroma had already wafted out.

The dawn cast a serene and tranquil light on his face.

Mrs. Song’s smile held a mix of relief and bitterness as she quietly withdrew.

She thought to herself, with an Omega so obedient and sensible, and born so well, how could Mr. Huo bear to be angry with him?

Mrs. Song sighed deeply.

Wen Mo covered the pot, turned down the heat, then went to the basement bathroom to take a shower, changing out of the bathrobe that carried a hint of smoke.

He went to the laundry room and fetched a set of alpha military uniform, then calmly went upstairs.

He knew that by this time, the man would be awake. His biological clock was always precise.

Gently pushing the door open, as expected, the man was already sitting at the bedside, smoking.

Wen Mo’s footsteps paused briefly, then continued as usual. He placed the freshly ironed military uniform he had brought on the bedside table, then half-knelt beside the bed, looking up at him. In a warm tone, he said, “I made abalone porridge. Would you like to try some?”

Huo Yan’s lips curled into a cold smile as he flicked away the cigarette from his lips, releasing a puff of smoke lightly. He pinched Wen Mo’s chin, looking at him teasingly.

Wen Mo raised his gaze and continued, “Last night, I didn’t let anyone touch me.”

Huo Yan chuckled softly, his voice tinged with mocking amusement. “Is that so?”

Wen Mo nodded earnestly, his expression gentle.

Huo Yan extinguished the cigarette, his sarcasm deepening. “Well then, I’ll have to thoroughly check.”

He grabbed Wen Mo’s arm as if he were picking up a chick, then flung him onto the bed.

This was far from an act of tenderness; it could even be considered cruel.

Wen Mo was drenched in cold sweat, his face pale as he smiled to appease. At that moment, he was the most docile lamb, the morning dew unable to withstand the scorching sun. He appeared so soft and harmless, yet so weak and helpless. He offered no resistance whatsoever, seeming both afraid and incapable, merely trembling obediently under the man’s cruel treatment.

Of course, Wen Mo could tolerate pain very well. This is a skill he has had since he was a child, which orphanage child can’t learn to endure it, but the feeling of tearing still makes Wen Mo inevitably remind him of the memory of the long-buried time when he was seven years old, he desperately suppressed the desire to scream in horror, only trembling and hugging his neck, kissing the corners of his lips gently, as if treating his most beloved lover.

Huo Yan finally let him go. He calmly fastened his collar, showing mercy by lowering his head to kiss his forehead before leisurely walking downstairs.

As he descended, Mrs. Song approached, peering at his expression.

“Sir, would you like to have breakfast at home?” She accompanied him with a smiling face, her voice even more deferential. “Xiao Mo made abalone porridge early this morning, and it’s just the right temperature now.”

Huo Yan sat down readily. “Alright, bring it over.”

Mrs. Song was delighted and immediately went to the kitchen to prepare. She had already known what had happened in the room when Wen Mo hadn’t come downstairs for a while. Scooping up the steaming porridge, she felt a strange warmth of joy, thinking that the storm had finally passed.

Mr. Huo seemed to be in a very good mood. He ate two large bowls of porridge, then wiped his mouth with a tissue and briskly walked out.

Mrs. Song watched the car leave the yard with joyous anticipation. When she heard no more sound, she immediately went upstairs, knocked on the master bedroom door, and was about to push it open when she found that it was locked from the inside.

Mrs. Song frowned. “Xiao Mo?”

Without any response, Mrs. Song knocked on the door again.

After a while, a soft voice came from inside, “Mrs. Song, I’m taking a shower, please don’t come in for now.”

Mrs. Song breathed a sigh of relief, feeling even more joyful. She let go of the door handle, humming a tune as she went downstairs to prepare breakfast for him.

Wen Mo sat quietly on the toilet, holding his stomach. His face was very pale, but he appeared calm. His eyelashes drooped as he stared at a spot on the floor.

After a brief moment of calming down, he stood up and reached into a medicine box inside the cabinet, grabbing a birth control pill and expertly swallowing it without water. As he tiptoed back, he noticed a few drops of bright red blood on the floor.

He grabbed some tissues to wipe away the blood, but with his movements, a few more drops appeared. He decided to enter the bathroom.

Steam filled the air as Wen Mo leaned his head back, facing the showerhead. The hot water cascaded down his body, diluting the continuous stream of blood into a pale pink, mixing with the water as it flowed down the drain. Wen Mo washed himself meticulously, even humming a tune that Mrs. Song often hummed. After finishing, he retrieved the first aid kit, kneeling in front of the mirror, carefully applying medication to himself and inserting a piece of gauze to stop the bleeding, then changed into fresh clothes.

He briskly grabbed a damp cloth and diligently cleaned up the bloody mess on the floor.

Finally, he removed the disheveled, blood-stained bedsheet, rolled it up, and tossed it into the laundry basket. The room returned to its original state.

Carrying the laundry basket, he descended the stairs.

Mrs. Song was busy in the kitchen. Wen Mo glanced at her from a distance, then walked to the laundry room and tossed the bedsheets into the washing machine. He added some detergent and pressed the start button.

As he came out, he happened to run into Mrs. Song carrying a plate. She had already heard the noise from the laundry room and looked at Wen Mo with a puzzled expression. Wen Mo smiled and said, “Mrs. Song, I’d like to eat your homemade pork and vegetable dumplings. It’s been a long time since I’ve had them.”

“Oh,” Mrs. Song looked at his gentle smile and immediately dispelled her doubts, feeling much more relieved. She set down the plate and wiped her hands on her apron. “Have some appetizers first, and I’ll make them right away.”

When Mrs. Song brought a steaming bowl of pork and vegetable dumplings, Wen Mo had already eaten most of the abalone porridge he had cooked himself. He seemed to have a good appetite. When he saw the bowl of dumplings in Mrs. Song’s hands, his eyes lit up, and he eagerly accepted them.

Floating in the pristine bone china bowl were several translucent pink dumplings, garnished with fresh green onions, truly tempting to the appetite.

He lowered his head to take a whiff and praised, “It smells wonderful.”

Mrs. Song felt a bit proud. “This is an old recipe from the Song family. Back then, my mother brought us siblings into the city with this bowl of dumplings.”

Realizing she might be saying too much, she chuckled sheepishly. “In the future, just let me know if you want to eat anything. I’ll make it for you anytime.”

Wen Mo smiled, his eyes sparkling, quite charming.

Mrs. Song looked at him with relief. He seemed to be in a much better mood, though his complexion wasn’t great. His once rosy lips now appeared pale. It was understandable; he must not have slept well last night, and getting up early this morning to deal with everything would take its toll on anyone, let alone a fragile omega. He looked a bit more fragile than usual. Mrs. Song felt a slight pang in her heart, thinking, “Thank goodness Mr. Huo’s side is finally settled.”

However, she couldn’t help but wonder, how long would this peace last?

Just as she sighed inwardly, she heard her name. Startled, she snapped back to attention and saw Wen Mo pulling out a card and handing it to her. He said, “I heard you recently had a grandson, and I haven’t had a chance to meet him. Consider this money my gift for him. The PIN is the landline number at home.”

Mrs. Song was greatly surprised and quickly pushed the card back, saying, “Oh, he’s just a little kid. What money could he possibly need?”

Wen Mo insisted, “Please take it. There’s not much money in there, just a little for toys.”

He smirked, “I also wanted to persuade his grandma to make a few more bowls of dumplings.”

Mrs. Song couldn’t help but chuckle at his teasing. She knew that refusing again would make her seem petty, so she decisively accepted the card. “Then, thank Little Uncle Mo for the kid.”

The term “Little Uncle Mo” made Wen Mo smile, softening his features.

She securely tucked the card into her pocket. Little did she know at that moment, the amount of money on the card was far from insignificant. It was enough to grant her financial freedom for life. Furthermore, she had no idea that the Omega standing before her had already realized his dire situation and was quietly bidding her farewell.

She simply looked at him tenderly, thinking with a hint of sadness that she would treat this Omega even better in the future and make him many delicious meals.

After Wen Mo finished eating and went upstairs, Mrs. Song began cleaning up the dishes and tidying the kitchen. She went out to water the flowers and plants in the yard but noticed an increase in security personnel around the villa. They were patrolling, their gaze fixed firmly on the villa.

Mrs. Song shook the watering can, feeling a bit puzzled. She wondered if there had been some trouble recently, causing Mr. Huo to be concerned about the security here? She didn’t consider any other possibilities, nor did she know that this was an alpha’s surveillance over an omega who had yet to receive adequate punishment. She simply set aside the watering can and quickly shifted her focus to preparing the dinner menu.

Though she knew Mr. Huo might not necessarily return, Mrs. Song still meticulously prepared a table full of dishes. She thought that since the two had just reconciled, sharing a candlelit dinner together would surely strengthen their bond.

However, Wen Mo would never taste the carefully crafted dishes on this table again.

The doorbell rang, and two security guards dressed in black suits entered.

One of them respectfully nodded and said, “Commander Huo asked us to escort Mr. Wen over.”

Mrs. Song recognized him as one of the guards who often accompanied Mr. Huo. She didn’t doubt him and felt happy for Wen Mo. However, she couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed after spending the afternoon preparing the dishes. Sighing inwardly, she politely acknowledged them and was about to go upstairs to call Wen Mo. However, Wen Mo had already come down from upstairs.

He was dressed exquisitely, his handsome appearance captivating everyone’s attention.

Mrs. Song smiled, immediately fetching a pair of outdoor shoes from the shoe cabinet for him. After Wen Mo put them on, he followed the security guards out the door. After a while, he turned back.

He asked, “Mrs. Song, is next week your birthday?”

Mrs. Song instantly felt warm inside and smiled, “Yes, it’s next Wednesday.”

She thought to herself that if Mr. Huo wasn’t home, she would prepare some dishes and shamelessly invite the Omega to celebrate with her.

Wen Mo’s eyes twinkled with a smile as he said, “Then I wish you a happy birthday in advance.”

“Thank you, Xiao Mo,” Mrs. Song replied promptly.

At that moment, Mrs. Song didn’t think anything strange about those words. She simply felt comforted as she watched him board the sleek black car. As the window rolled down, Wen Mo waved goodbye to her, and Mrs. Song waved back enthusiastically.

Under the sunlight, the Omega smiled, radiating such beauty that it was hard to look away.

Mrs. Song had no idea that it was a final farewell from the Omega to her.

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