Honest Wife Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Tear up

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As the red sun sank in the west, the base was engulfed in a sea of lingering twilight, casting everything in a thin layer of dazzling golden hue.

In the spacious office, Huo Yan leaned back in his leather chair, resting his eyes.

There were two soft knocks at the door. “Come in.”

A guard entered, bowing respectfully. “Commander, Admiral Mo from the Western Military District has arrived.”

A faint smirk appeared at the corner of Huo Yan’s lips as he slowly opened his eyes. “Let him in.”

“Yes, sir.”

Not long after, General Mo Ligu, with his head full of gray hair, hurried in with a guilty expression on his face. His usual vigor and vitality were replaced by a sense of defeat, adding a touch of desolation typical of an elderly person in his twilight years. He bowed deeply to Huo Yan and earnestly said, “Commander, I’m here to apologize to you. My family’s upbringing has failed, and I am truly sorry for not living up to the expectations of the Huo family.”

Huo Yan smiled, twiddling his thumbs lightly as he replied, “Old Mo, you’re being too hard on yourself. You’re a veteran of the Huo family. Such words of self-blame are unnecessary. If you say that in front of the old master, he might question my upbringing instead.”

Upon hearing Huo Yan’s response, Mo Ligu’s heart sank even further. He had lost all his former dignity, only bowing low with tears streaming down his face. “It’s too late for anything now,” he lamented. “No matter what I say, I can’t escape blame. That bastard is still clinging to life in the hospital, presumably because the commander showed mercy and didn’t let my family be completely destroyed.”

With tears in his eyes, he continued, “I have no face to show. If there were any other children in my family, I would have been the first to punish him last night. But…” His voice choked with emotion as he bowed even lower. “For all these years, I’ve only had this useless child under my roof. No matter what, I can’t just sit idly by. I beg the commander to spare a thought for my family. Even if I die, I can rest in peace knowing that there’s someone to carry on the family name.”

Mo Ligu, once a legendary figure, was severely injured in a surprise attack at the beginning of the rebellion war, leaving him unable to conceive any offspring. He had only one son, Mo Dashao, whom he cherished dearly. Facing a man several years younger than him, Mo Ligu had lost all the confidence and dignity of his elder status. He humbled himself greatly, knowing that only by doing so could his disobedient son have a chance at survival.

Huo Yan looked coldly at this old fox. How could he not see through his intentions of exposing his own weaknesses? With a disdainful snort, he lowered his head to light a cigarette, then succinctly said, “After the New Year, vacate your position. Old Mo, you’re getting old; it’s time to go home and enjoy your grandchildren.”

Mo Ligu sighed inwardly. The inevitable had finally come.

Before coming, he had already prepared to step down from his position. After all, he was the only one left in the Huo patriarch’s direct line. Commander Huo was ruthless and highly centralized in power, intolerant of any hint of power slipping away. Mo Ligu had known since the beginning of Huo’s tenure that his power would eventually be stripped away. Though reluctant, Mo Ligu understood that this was the best outcome he could imagine. He could only put on a look of ecstatic joy and say, “Of course, I understand.”

“Furthermore,” Huo Yan expelled a puff of smoke, looking up at Mo Ligu with a cold gaze, “Make sure he leaves the central city. I never want to see him in front of me again.”

“Understood!” Mo Ligu thanked repeatedly. “Thank you, thank you, Commander.”

Mo Ligu bowed respectfully, his eyes brimming with gratitude, and left with tears in his eyes.

As the room settled back into quietness, the sun had completely disappeared from the horizon, leaving everything dim and subdued. Huo Yan extinguished his cigarette, tugged at his tie, and stood up, preparing to meet someone.

That Omega was more capable than he had imagined.

A tingling sensation crept back into Huo Yan’s teeth. It had been a long time since he felt this fiery impulse. Under the extreme pressure of the Huo family’s intense grooming for heirs, Huo Yan had indeed developed a shrewd and seasoned soul beyond his years. However, now, this Omega had slightly diverted him from his path. For him at the moment, what could truly ignite his passion was nothing more than seeing how far this Omega could go in deceiving him.

He would bend him, humiliate him, crush him, and reduce him to dust.

But he just wanted to see how long he could keep up the act.

——He was really looking forward to it.

As Huo Yan walked into the club again, the club manager was already more obsequious than ever before, his face stiff as he struggled to maintain a humble and respectful demeanor. If he could, he wished this Buddha had never set foot here. He no longer dared to hope to climb the ladder with the Huo family.

For all their absolute power, authoritarian figures could easily elevate someone with a mere flick of their hand, but it also meant that destruction could be just as effortlessly dispensed.

——Even the influential Mo family’s scion was nothing but an ant in the eyes of the Huo family, reduced to ashes with a mere wave of the man’s hand.

The club manager couldn’t help but tremble all over.

Huo Yan remained smiling as he leisurely entered the club.

When he walked into the private room, Wen Mo was already waiting inside.

Today, he was dressed exquisitely, like a beautiful doll. When he saw Huo Yan enter, he obediently stood up and approached to help him remove his coat, as he always did. Carefully, he hung it on a nearby coat rack and smoothed out any wrinkles.

Huo Yan’s lips curled up as he reached out from behind and embraced him, his thin lips lightly brushing against his earlobe as he praised, “You’re so obedient.”

Wen Mo gave him a soft smile in response.

Huo Yan released him and took his hand as they exited the room. Guided by the attendant, they walked through a long corridor and arrived at the entrance of a grand hall.

This was a circular hall spanning over a thousand square meters. In the center was a sunken square resembling an ancient Roman arena. Standing in the middle of the square was a massive, drooling, aggressive dog that seemed to be under the influence of drugs, pacing anxiously and swinging its aroused, oversized member. Surrounding the square was a circle of spectators, all eagerly anticipating the upcoming spectacle. The entire space was imbued with a strong and unsettling sense of curiosity.

This scene was a contradiction to human morality and law, a grotesque spectacle. But who among the audience in the square would willingly subject themselves to judgment? Those who could stand here and watch had long possessed the ability to absolve themselves. They were merely here to witness an exciting performance.

Wen Mo closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again.

Their position provided an excellent vantage point, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows offering an unobstructed view. However, the glass was one-way, meaning those outside couldn’t see what was happening inside the viewing area.

Huo Yan sat leisurely on the sofa, crossing his legs and giving Wen Mo a glance, his lips curling into a smile. “Go ahead, everyone’s waiting.”

Wen Mo slowly approached Huo Yan and half knelt down, placing his hand gently on Huo Yan’s leg. He spoke softly, like an extremely obedient child, “Sir, I’m scared, please…”

Wen Mo looked pitifully at Huo Yan, his voice growing softer. “If I’m caught on camera, I’ll be a burden to you.”

The issue of Omega rights within the Huo family had always been delicate. It could be a minor or major problem, and Huo Yan wouldn’t easily give ammunition to his political enemies.

Huo Yan smiled. “You always think things through.”

He gestured to the waiter behind him, and soon, a mask was brought over. Huo Yan calmly took it and helped Wen Mo put it on.

The mask depicted Lucifer, a fallen angel punished by the invincible god.

The golden mask fit Wen Mo’s face perfectly, as if it were custom-made for him. The color shimmered, radiating a brilliant golden glow, exuding an indescribable sense of beauty.

Huo Yan lifted Wen Mo’s chin, examining him with satisfaction. “See, now no one would recognize you as Lieutenant Wen, right?”

Wen Mo sighed almost inaudibly, gazing up at him as if beholding his own temple.

After a long pause, he trembled and asked, “Sir, don’t you like me anymore?”

Tears welled up in his beautiful eyes, streaming down his cheeks and dampening Huo Yan’s pants. He weakly hugged Huo Yan’s waist, pressing his body against him. “Do you really not like me anymore?”

Truly pitiful every time.

Whenever Huo Yan was displeased, he always resorted to this—displaying weakness in various ways, trying to please, in order to gain his forgiveness.

But his master would never be fooled by him again.

A sneer crept onto Huo Yan’s lips, about to speak, when suddenly a sharp pain struck his lower left abdomen. His eyes widened, almost reflexively kicking out, but the other party swiftly dodged, collapsing to the ground. For the first time, Huo Yan saw the extremely cold gaze of this omega. He squinted, tears still clinging to his eyes, as the omega aimed the Browning at its owner.

At that moment, Huo Yan didn’t even think to dodge. His eyes widened, filled with cold hostility, staring intensely at him.

The security guards reacted swiftly, rushing forward like lightning to tackle Wen Mo to the ground. With a bang, the bullet missed its mark, and the crystal chandelier from the ceiling crashed to the floor, shattering into pieces with a deafening noise.

The guards swiftly disarmed Wen Mo and pinned him to the ground, the mask falling off to reveal the face behind, tear-streaked yet coldly smiling.

With a loud crash, the door burst open, and a dozen security guards stormed in, surrounding Huo Yan in a tight circle.

Huo Yan’s bloodshot eyes shifted from the empty holster at his waist to his lower left abdomen, where a knife was lodged, its blade fully immersed in his abdomen, leaving only the jewel-encrusted handle visible.

He recognized the knife. Back at the villa, the Omega would always use it to slice fruit while cuddling up to him, then tenderly feed him a piece.

He never imagined it would end up plunged into him.

He was just a beautiful Omega he thought crushing to death was too easy.

Huo Yan’s eyes were menacing, with a terrifying look. He knew that this Omega, with his two-faced demeanor, had completely torn away his hypocritical facade.

Unaware of the blood gushing from his abdomen, he grabbed the Omega’s neck, his smile sinister. “You’ve truly disgusted me.”

Wen Mo smirked, panting. “Is there anything more disgusting than being raped by a mad dog for three years?”

He licked his lips, nervously fixating on the man’s blood-soaked lower abdomen, his eyes shining brightly. It was as if he wished the blood would flow even faster. In reality, Wen Mo truly harbored such thoughts.

[God bless, let me die with this mad dog!]

Huo Yan shook his body, his gaze growing colder. He didn’t know why, even at such a moment, he couldn’t help but probe into the Omega’s heart. Of course, he received the expected result, along with a sharp and intense pain that tore through him.

The world in front of him was constantly swaying. He struggled to control his body, gritting his teeth. “Believe me, death will be your best outcome.”

Wen Mo’s eyes showed mockery. He spoke slowly, emphasizing each word. “I’ll be waiting to see it.”

With that said, his smile grew even more intense, his enchanting face as beautiful and mesmerizing as a fairy.

Wen Mo felt no fear. He knew that seeking freedom on the narrow edge of a knife would eventually lead to this day. He had long been prepared for it.

He had eaten the bread of the Wen family and now had to pay with his blood. If he wanted to control his own life, he had to sacrifice his dignity and body. His life had never been one of unearned rewards; he had never enjoyed success without effort. He was used to it.

Now, facing death, what did it matter? He wasn’t afraid at all.

In his short nineteen years of life, he had never experienced a day of what he truly desired. The only thing he sought was for God to have mercy on him once, to exchange his foreseeable and torturous death for the death of this alpha.

Huo Yan stood up, swaying, with thick drops of blood dripping to the ground. The nearby guards quickly stepped forward to support him, but he pushed them away and pulled out his gun, swiftly loading it and aiming it at Wen Mo’s forehead.

Wen Mo’s smile faded, his eyes softened, tears still wet on his cheeks. He looked at Huo Yan with incredible tenderness, but upon closer inspection, it was actually a kind of arrogance belonging to the dominant, looking down on the man before him from a superior position.

Everyone held their breath, not a sound to be heard.

Huo Yan collapsed heavily to the ground. In his final moments of consciousness, he removed the gun and held onto him tightly.

The news of Huo Yan’s injury was kept under wraps.

He was secretly transported to the highest-level military hospital in the region. That night, three top surgeons from the Federation were swiftly transported from their homes to the hospital for consultation, all under high security.

Commander Huo’s wound was deep, and the most perilous aspect was that the blade was less than half a centimeter away from a major artery in his abdomen. Even so, though fortunate, the situation was far from optimistic. He had lost a significant amount of blood, and his abdominal cavity was filled with fluid. It was only due to his robust physique and indomitable will that he managed to hold on until now.

After a three-hour surgery, this man was finally rescued. He was immediately transferred to a high-security ward and tightly guarded. Not even grandfather Huo was allowed near. In the Huo family’s protocol, no one was deemed trustworthy.

Since the beginning of his tenure, Commander Huo had prepared for any situation. Even in a brief period of being out of contact, he could maintain stability through mutual checks and balances. No one dared to make any rash moves. He was the most feared beast in the Federation, standing at the peak, enjoying the ultimate loneliness of reverence.

The monitoring equipment emitted a steady drip-drip-drip sound, casting a faint blue light onto the man’s stern face. His eyelids twitched vigorously, and the monitoring device indicated that his heart rate was increasing.

His body was enveloped by consciousness into a pitch-black abyss. He descended heavily, sinking down onto a wooden floor permeated with the scent of the sea.

Drenched in blood, he struggled like a wild beast, the intense pain tearing at his heart. Then, a tender hand gently touched his forehead, bringing peace and warmth, carrying the gentle breath of the wind. It was entirely different from the cruel and bloody world of slaughter he knew. At just a dozen years old, he tried to crawl forward, seeking solace in this tenderness as if drawing from the wellspring of life.

“Does it hurt?” sighed a soft voice.

Huo Yan reached out to grab his wrist, but as his fingertips touched, everything rippled away like a mirage, abruptly halting in utter darkness.

Huo Yan suddenly opened his eyes.

The blue halo of the machine continued to blink serenely. Huo Yan’s expression was indifferent as he sat up, swiftly removing the instrument clipped to his finger. Then, he grabbed a cup from the bedside and smashed it forcefully onto the floor. Almost instantly, a trusted guard rushed in. Upon seeing Huo Yan, he holstered his gun and respectfully said, “Commander Huo, you’re awake.”

Huo Yan stared intensely at the guard.

“Where is he?” he demanded.

The guard pursed his lips, lowering his head even further.

Huo Yan narrowed his eyes dangerously, speaking each word deliberately, “Answer me immediately.”

The guard trembled, finally admitting, “Lieutenant Wen is missing.”

He dared not meet Huo Yan’s gaze, continuing, “Major Zhang Qian broke into the detention room that night and took him away.”

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