Honest Wife Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Wen’s Adopted Son

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Amidst the disarray of lights and shadows, the atmosphere gradually returned to tranquility as the person departed.

In the spacious dining room, only one person remained. Zhao Lan’s face bore signs of well-maintained plumpness, a testament to a comfortable and satisfying life. However, at this moment, she leaned weakly against the back of the dining chair, needing something to rely on.

Zhao Lan thought, humans are inherently selfish, and she was not wrong.

What could be wrong with her?

She simply wanted to protect her son.

She had endured ten months of pregnancy, starting from the time when Wen Yi was still the size of a lentil. Her morning sickness had led to stomach bleeding, requiring multiple emergency trips to the hospital for IV fluids. She had nearly gone into shock and died. Even more terrifying was the labor—intense pain had tormented her for three days and nights, making her feel like she might jump out of a window. The sensation of losing her mind was terrifying beyond words. It could be said that all the suffering she had ever experienced in her life culminated in that birthing experience. She had wondered more than once why she, a shrewd and capable Alpha woman, had subjected her body to such pain, why she had treated herself this way. However, the moment she held the soft, little baby in her arms, all her grievances evaporated in an instant, as if they had never existed.

—This was her flesh and blood, and she poured all her tenderness and love into this flesh and blood.

Of course, Wen Congjie didn’t like Omegas, but Zhao Lan held enough authority in the Wen family. Wen Congjie loved her and feared her. Even though Wen Yi was headstrong, she wouldn’t allow him to be treated any differently. Although the Wen family was just an ordinary business family, in terms of Wen Yi’s upbringing, Zhao Lan’s attention was no less than that of an aristocratic family. Being an Omega born in this era, Wen Yi lived freely under Zhao Lan’s protection, like a handsome and proud prince in a castle.

So, at that banquet, the man who seemed to be high in the sky had set his sights on Wen Yi with just one glance.

But when the Huo family made contact with the Wen family, Zhao Lan was terrified.

Seeing the ecstatic Wen Congjie and the complacent Wen Yi, she sorrowfully realized that they were not equipped to handle this kind of luxury. This was merely a fleeting moment of opulence brought about by a powerful figure’s whim. Having come from a fallen noble family, Zhao Lan was well aware that the preferential treatment from the Huo family was filled with both splendor and danger—a mother knows her child best. Even though Wen Yi was arrogant, he couldn’t possibly gain anything favorable from this disparate interaction.

At that time, what she would have risked wasn’t just Wen Yi, but possibly the entire Wen family.

Growing up in a privileged environment, Wen Yi had never faced significant challenges. He lived a sheltered life, shielded from hardships. His upbringing as a young aristocrat made him stand out, and he consciously distanced himself from the Omega label – he was destined for greatness. He believed he deserved everything, just like how Commander Huo had chosen him among countless others. He felt entitled to a life where everyone looked up to him, a life where he would be extraordinary. Perhaps, he even dreamed of breaking the Huo family’s tradition of not marrying and becoming the unique Madam Huo.

Unable to persuade the zealous Wen Congjie or deter Wen Yi who was lost in his own dreams, Zhao Lan understood her role as a mother. She couldn’t bear to watch her flesh and blood, nurtured within her for ten months, suffer in a painful quagmire.

So, she made a risky decision. She sacrificed her principles and integrity, using another person, someone even more attractive, as a pawn to be placed on Commander Huo’s bed. 

It was a desperate move to protect her son from the clutches of the powerful figure.

That night was perhaps one of the longest for Zhao Lan. She and Wen Congjie exchanged glances, their eyes reflecting mutual fear as they waited for dawn. 

In the midst of their deepest despair, the Wen family received unexpected news – the Huo family had arranged to take in their adopted son for a short stay. Zhao Lan couldn’t believe that the outcome could be so perfect, and she nearly burst into tears on the spot. 

The identity of this sudden “adopted son” was clear to everyone involved. 

The Wen family wisely proclaimed to the outside world that they had taken in Wen Mo as their adopted son, and that their adopted son was about to be linked with the powerful and prestigious Huo family. 

Because of this, Wen Yi gritted his teeth and cried for several days. But so what? Commander Huo was still fascinated by the new foster child from the Wen family and had already forgotten about his existence. The Wen family continued to lead their previously uneventful and peaceful life. Thanks to this relationship with their foster child, their business also became easier to conduct.

Everything had turned out for the best. Zhao Lan closed her eyes and thought, 

What could be wrong with what she did?


Passing through the garden courtyard, Wen Mo unsurprisingly spotted Wen Yi. The seemingly inseparable Shang Xinjian, however, seemed to have vanished.

Wen Yi leaned against a pillar of the pergola covered in purple bell vines. He absentmindedly played with his phone, appearing casually at ease, if not for his continuous attention on this side.

As expected, Wen Mo heard his lazy voice, “Congratulations, ascending to a high branch, aren’t you just bringing glory to our Wen family.”

Wen Mo walked towards the doorway, seemingly ignoring the words. Then, his ears caught more, “… People, the more humble they are, the harder it is to restrain the vanity hidden deep within their bones. It’s quite laughable.”

Wen Mo continued walking out as if unaffected.

Wen Yi’s gaze surged with suppressed emotions. He pocketed his phone, stood up straight, and said, “Don’t think I don’t know about your recent days. You even got hospitalized during your heat, and luckily the news was suppressed by the Huo family quickly. Otherwise, how would you have the face to show off here?”

Wen Mo finally halted his steps, and a sense of satisfaction arose within Wen Yi. He spoke maliciously, “A thing worse than a dog raised in the Huo family, it’s quite hard for you to come back and seek balance, huh?”

Wen Mo turned around, a faint smile appeared on his lips. “Yes, it’s been so tough in the Huo family. How could I find balance without coming back?”

He raised an eyebrow, “So what? Isn’t that expected?”

How could Wen Yi have anticipated that the usually docile Wen Mo would turn so shameless now? Unable to control his shame and anger, he retorted, “You shameless bastard born of a bitch! Don’t forget, everything you have now, you stole them from me. Unfortunately, a counterfeit is still a counterfeit. Even if you latch onto a prestigious family, you’re still a worthless piece of garbage that no one will care about!”

Anger can distort a person’s appearance, even if they are exceptionally beautiful.

Wen Mo finally understood why Shang Xinjian wasn’t around anymore; how could he let others see him in such a state? However, he had no intention of getting angry at Wen Yi; that would be too exhausting.

“What does it matter?” he chuckled softly, lazily lifting his gaze to the other, “In the end, I entered the Huo family and gained all this wealth and status without good cause. Why should i demand so much?”

“You—” Wen Yi’s chest heaved dramatically, he had a multitude of venomous words waiting to be unleashed, but facing Wen Mo’s indifference, all his anger felt as if it was hitting cotton.

This nearly drove him to madness.

The wind rustled the purple wisteria vines, brushing against Wen Mo’s snow-white cheeks. His smile took on an unexpected touch of charm.


With those two words said, he smoothly left through the entrance.

Up to this day, no one believed that it was Zhao Lan who drugged him and sent him to Commander Huo’s bed, including Commander Huo himself. In the minds of everyone, he was just a despicable Omega who climbed into the bed by any means necessary.

But so what?

He doesn’t need to prove how innocent he is.

On that fateful night, when the man who had been deceived realized the truth, he flew into an uncontrollable rage and kicked Wen Mo hard in the chest. Wen Mo was sent flying from the bed and crashed into the wall, then rolled to the floor. As the man, with a grim face, prepared to leave, Wen Mo suddenly smiled. He clutched his chest, struggling to crawl over, his mouth bloody but his smile gentle. He said, “I am even more obedient than he is.”

“Sir,” he swallowed the blood and climbed his pant leg, his touch gentle as if he were caressing a beloved lover. “No one can be more obedient than me.”

A month later, after his broken ribs had healed, he changed out of his oversized hospital gown in the quiet room and donned his only semi-new white suit. Under the escort of guards, he descended the stairs. The distant hymns of a choir echoed from a nearby church, and a white dove fluttered its wings and landed on the fence. In this serene scenery, he calmly boarded the specialized car sent by the Huo family to pick him up.

As he stepped out of the gate, even though the sun was high in the sky, Wen Mo felt a chill. He zipped up his jacket and lit a cigarette.

Taking out his phone, he dialed a number.

Half an hour later, a sleek black car appeared silently to pick him up. Throughout the journey, neither of them spoke. The car drove far and far away, as if there were no end.

Finally, the black car stopped by an abandoned reservoir.

The reservoir was located at a high altitude, with the air pure and thin. It was the dry season, so the water level was low, revealing a vast expanse of mudflats. Layers of reeds gently swayed, as if telling tales of endless loneliness. In the distance, the sunlit water surface sparkled, breaking the sunlight into waves. Everything was desolate yet tranquil.

Wen Mo took off his cashmere scarf and tossed it onto the back seat. He lowered his snow-white neck and unfastened the pheromone isolator around his neck, all done gracefully and elegantly.

The grip of Zhang Qian’s hands on the steering wheel unconsciously tightened.

Wen Mo took out a syringe, removed the sterile cover, and skillfully injected it into his wrist. The colorless and transparent liquid gradually flowed into his body.

This was a substitute Omega pheromone, allowing two incompatible individuals to have a natural and strong compatibility.

Zhang Qian closed his eyes with a hint of pain. “We were both drunk last time…”

He couldn’t continue, as the Omega that seemed to be a venomous snake had already seated himself on Zhang Qian’s lap. Clinging to his neck, he pressed his lips to Zhang Qian’s.

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