Honest Wife Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Lie

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As the twilight descended, the sky above the sea’s horizon was dyed red by the setting sun. The afterglow soaked through the world, presenting an indescribable tenderness.

After a whole day of military high-level meetings, Huo Yan finally appeared in the residential area of the base.

As soon as the door opened, someone was there to greet him. They deftly took Huo Yan’s briefcase and placed it on the side cabinet. Then, they knelt down and carefully removed Huo Yan’s military boots. Huo Yan lifted his foot, a pair of well-fitting indoor slippers were slipped onto his feet.

The person attending to him seemed to have just taken a shower. Their cheeks were flushed, wearing a white bathrobe. Their hair was slightly damp at the roots, revealing a stretch of snow-white neck that looked as fresh as a peeled eggshell. The familiar fragrance of Huo Yan’s shower gel wafted into his nostrils, pleasant to smell. At the moment, they were opening the wall-mounted shoe cabinet, carefully arranging his boots. Their plump buttocks swayed before Huo Yan.

Huo Yan’s toe extended without any hesitation to nudge them, “Why are you taking a shower at this hour?”

Wen Mo allowed his playful teasing and continued organizing while smiling, “I just went to the gym downstairs a while ago, worked up a sweat.”

Huo Yan was well aware of Wen Mo’s fitness habits and didn’t pay much attention. He took off his shoes and absentmindedly tossed his tie over to Wen Mo.

Wen Mo carefully caught the tie and hung it on the hook. Then, he perched on the cabinet, due to the vigorous movement, the loose bathrobe clung to his body, revealing his smooth body contours.

A subtle darkening appeared in Huo Yan’s eyes.

In reality, when Huo Yan had just brought Wen Mo into the Huo family, he wasn’t entirely satisfied with him. After all, at that time, aside from his handsome face, Wen Mo was rather unremarkable. He was thin all over, lacking muscle mass—there wasn’t much substance to him. For a few days, Huo Yan found him interesting, but then his enthusiasm waned, and he left Wen Mo in one of his properties, almost forgetting about his existence over time.

But fortunately, Wen Mo was exceedingly obedient and attuned to Huo Yan’s preferences. Over the course of three years, he had collaborated on diet, diligently cared for his skin, and maintained a fitness regimen that perfectly suited Huo Yan’s preferences. Standing at just 175 centimeters, he wasn’t particularly tall compared to an Alpha, but his body proportions were exceptional, with a slim waist and long legs. His skin was smooth and fair, as if made of porcelain.

He was truly a convenient and beautiful possession, Huo Yan thought.

Looking down at him, Huo Yan’s gaze lingered on Wen Mo’s attractiveness without any attempt to hide it. He extended his hand, and Wen Mo obediently placed his hand in Huo Yan’s palm. Huo Yan narrowed his eyes slightly.

Wen Mo smiled gently, then took a step closer, on his tiptoes, he dropped a kiss on the corner of Huo Yan’s lips.

Huo Yan adored this sensation—Wen Mo’s obedience and offerings. It felt as though everything about Wen Mo’s existence revolved around him. If he were a vampire from the Middle Ages, undoubtedly, Wen Mo would fearfully and obediently expose his long, fair neck to him.

Such a pitiable yet endearing Omega.

In a soft voice, Wen Mo inquired, “The housekeeper brought lamb chops today. They look good, they’ve been marinating. Shall I grill some for you to taste later?”

Huo Yan accepted the water Wen Mo handed to him, took a sip, then returned the glass to him, saying, “No need to bother. Have the housekeeper arrange the meal.”

Huo Yan wasn’t a picky eater.

Wen Mo chuckled softly, burying half of his face in Huo Yan’s palm and speaking with a touch of plea, “I’d like to cook for you personally.”

The side of Wen Mo’s face against Huo Yan’s palm carried a soft warmth and a faint blush. A flicker of emotion stirred in Huo Yan’s heart, he rarely changed his mind, pinching Wen Mo’s cheek, “Alright, keep it simple.”

Wen Mo happily agreed and went to work. In about half an hour, he had prepared four dishes: grilled lamb chops, caviar pasta, white wine-braised abalone, and a fresh shrimp quinoa vegetable salad.

Under the warm yellow light, Wen Mo set the table with placemats and arranged the silverware one by one. Everything appeared lovely, resembling a normal and cozy scene from family life.

Huo Yan’s phone rang, and Wen Mo glanced at the screen from the corner of his eye. He recognized the familiar name of a celebrity who had recently gained popularity in the Federation. Many billboards advertising products endorsed by this celebrity could be seen along the way. Wen Mo averted his gaze and casually picked up a corkscrew to open a bottle of red wine.

Huo Yan answered the call, making no effort to hide his flirtatious conversation with the other person in front of Wen Mo.

The person on the other end of the line seemed to be complaining that Huo Yan hadn’t visited them for a while. Their voice was filled with a playful and slightly petulant tone. Huo Yan patiently reassured them for a while, trying to calm their complaints.

However, the complaining continued, and Huo Yan took a deep breath. His expression was gradually becoming impatient as he forced himself to say, “Alright, I’ve been busy lately. If you want something, go ahead and buy it. Consider it a gift to make up for my absence, okay?”

While the words sounded soft, his tone was growing colder. The other person naturally sensed something and agreed to the arrangement reluctantly before hanging up.

Wen Mo acted as if nothing had happened. He poured red wine into the empty glass in front of Huo Yan, then lifted the bottle to give it a quick turn, using the folded white cloth under the bottle’s neck to wipe away any excess wine.

Huo Yan tossed his phone aside, his gaze falling on Wen Mo. The Omega’s face was calm, engrossed in expertly disassembling the grilled lamb chop on his plate. The warm yellow light illuminated the side of Wen Mo’s face, revealing the fine fuzz on his cheek in delicate detail. Wen Mo’s eyes lowered, focused entirely on the task of dealing with the lamb chop. It was as if this was the most important thing to him at the moment.

Huo Yan’s heart stirred slightly. He reached out and grabbed Wen Mo’s arm, pulling him onto his lap.

Wen Mo’s breathing became slightly uneven as the crystal-clear irises in his eyes reflected Huo Yan’s stern face. He heard a soft and puzzled voice, “Sir?”

Huo Yan suddenly found the situation dull. Just five minutes ago, he was considering when to bring that young celebrity into the base. But now, his interest had faded within those five minutes. He even felt a hint of annoyance.

Huo Yan fixed his gaze on Wen Mo’s eyes and suddenly said, “How about giving me a child?”

The Omega’s eyes widened in disbelief. His body tensed up completely. Huo Yan had never seen him react so intensely. He couldn’t help but give a self-mocking smile. This decision was truly unprecedented, it wasn’t surprising that Wen Mo was so astonished. After all, it was a spur-of-the-moment idea, triggered by the desire to reward the obedient Omega.

“But…?” The Omega on his lap swallowed hard. He slowly lowered his gaze and then raised it again, looking pitiful. “But I’m afraid I’ll give birth to an Omega.”

Huo Yan burst into laughter. He decided not to change this impulsive decision. He pinched Wen Mo’s cheek and said, “That will completely shut up the O-rights activists. Besides—”

Huo Yan’s air of self-assuredness was palpable. “What should my child be afraid of anything at all?” 

Wen Mo didn’t say anything. He simply wrapped his arms around Huo Yan’s neck, burying his face in the crook of Huo Yan’s neck.

After the meal, Huo Yan decided to fulfill the reward he had given Wen Mo.

He even infused a bit of tenderness into his actions, but Wen Mo continued to tremble, perspiring heavily, with even his hairline damp—despite his usually docile nature. Huo Yan rarely wasn’t annoyed by this unusual behavior, he leaned down, using his muscular body to comfort Wen Mo with utmost patience.

“Sorry, Sir.” Wen Mo’s voice trembled as he teared up. He kissed the corner of Huo Yan’s lips affectionately and said, “I’m just too happy.”

Huo Yan once again experienced the potent effects of their highly compatible pheromones. This intoxicating side effect of attraction had a rare effect on Huo Yan, so he discarded his gentle approach. Amid Wen Mo’s intense shivering, Huo Yan’s canines sank deeply into the back of his neck.

At that place, the glands exuded a sweet, rich, and alluring scent.

At least for that moment, Huo Yan experienced a satisfaction like no other.

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