Honest Wife Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Hunter

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The ancestral home of the Huo family was situated halfway up the Ming Yang Mountain, surrounded by hills, with water winding around its golden waist. It was a prime location. This land was purchased by grandfather Huo’s grandfather, who was still a young arms dealer back then, based on the advice of a feng shui master.

More than a hundred years later, the Huo family’s influence had grown immensely, making them one of the most prominent political families in the Federation.

While the ancestral home occupied a vast area, it did not exhibit the extravagance and noise one might expect for a family of such stature. Roadblocks were set up at the base of the mountain, aside from the security guards responsible for protection in the shadows, there were only normal servants there. To an outsider, it appeared to be a simple and unadorned old mansion.

Reporters who had rushed to the scene were already waiting at the entrance of the ancestral home. Several security guards were on alert, and a man who appeared to be a butler was all smiles as he briefed the reporters. With a commotion, the waiting reporters raised their cameras and microphones.

The courtyard gate opened as a black military car slowly entered the compound. A doorman was already waiting respectfully at the entrance. When the car came to a stop, the doorman promptly opened the car door. A tall man in a sharply tailored suit stepped out of the car. As soon as he stood still, he extended his hand inside the car door like a true gentleman. A delicate, pale hand lightly rested in his palm, and Wen Mo followed as he stepped out of the car.

Today, Wen Mo was dressed in a well-tailored, modernized Tang suit, emphasizing his tall and slender figure with its slim fit. The tightly buttoned collar featured an embroidered red rose, adding a touch of restrained yet unique charm. Huo Yan wrapped his arm around Wen Mo’s waist, leaning down to affectionately kiss his forehead. Of course, only Wen Mo could hear Huo Yan’s deep and suggestive whispers.

Wen Mo maintained a suitable smile on his lips, lowered his gaze with a hint of charm, and walked through the gate while holding onto Huo Yan’s arm.

A woman in her thirties was already waiting there; she was Huo Yan’s fourth sister, Huo Ying. When she saw Huo Yan coming in, she hurried to greet him with a respectful yet deliberately warm tone, “Grandfather has been eagerly awaiting you for a while. You’re the last to arrive.”

Among the more than twenty surviving siblings of the Huo family, they were more like loyal servants of the Huo clan than true brothers and sisters. This included the fourth sister, who had initially shown no interest in politics and focused on business. To maintain a high degree of centralized power, the Huo family did not tolerate internal conflicts. However, they allowed a certain degree of competition in choosing the heir. The losers were naturally exiled, leaving only the loyal servants of the Huo clan to remain.

Huo Yan chatted casually with her for a few moments before taking Wen Mo upstairs.

Grandfather Huo was eighty years old, but he was in good spirits, with a healthy complexion, showing no signs of old age. He had a dignified presence, his face radiated with a warmth that belied his age. Dozens of Huo family members surrounded him, chatting and laughing. Despite his imposing and dignified appearance, he displayed a touch of affection that was rare for an elderly person. When Huo Yan entered, grandfather Huo’s joy was evident, everyone else took the hint and found their own excuses to leave.

The once lively study now fell silent.

Wen Mo half-knelt by the desk, skillfully prepared a cigar by cutting off the tip, lit it carefully, and then presented it to grandfather Huo. The old man glanced at him, accepted the cigar, took a deep puff, and began to scold Huo Yan, “You, boy, really have no conscience. How come you didn’t come a few hours earlier for your old man’s birthday?”

Huo Yan’s gaze shifted from Wen Mo’s skilled hands as he handled the cigar. He gave a hearty laugh and said, “I brought your favorite cigars to make amends, it’s the oldest batch. Plus, there’s this…”

He pushed a luxurious box forward. Grandfather Huo, still holding the cigar, opened it to reveal a piece of finely crafted yellow Hetian stone. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a work by the renowned artist Zhu Lao. The old man couldn’t help but smile with delight.


In his later years, grandfather Huo had stepped back from the frontlines of family affairs and left most of the specific matters to Huo Yan. With Huo Yan’s deep cunning and sharp tactics, he was more than capable of handling things. The old man was naturally very pleased. His study was now filled with artworks by renowned artists, even though the great master Zhu Lao had passed away many years ago, Huo Yan managed to acquire a masterpiece by him.

As he looked around, his eyes showed a hint of approval. He then gazed at Huo Yan’s handsome face, which resembled his own youth. He expressed his affection, “Among this generation of the Huo family, you resemble me the most. I’m very reassured to entrust the Huo family to you.”

Grandfather Huo closed the embroidered box and then continued, “Now that the war is over, and you’re 28 years old, it’s time to consider the heirs issue.” 

The Huo family had its own methods for choosing an heir. The Federation’s Population Reproductive Center had a dedicated research team that served the Huo family, ensuring that the best Huo family offspring were selected at the genetic level.

Huo Yan and his brothers and sisters were products of this process. They were not only blood relatives but also competitors. Those who were willing to bow their heads remained, while many were exiled abroad, including Huo Yan’s biological father, who was a biologist. The complexities and rivalries involved in this process were far beyond what ordinary people could imagine.

Huo Yan was about to respond when he had a change of heart and said with a smile, “Yes, it’s something to consider. I’m thinking of having this thing produce one for me first.”

Wen Mo was brushing away the cigar ashes from the tabletop when he heard these words. His fingers involuntarily stiffened, as expected, the old man’s face immediately darkened. He scolded, “Nonsense!”

Huo Yan remained calm and smiled, “It’s not a big deal. The Huo family won’t be worse off with one of these.”

With a loud bang, the embroidered box in the old man’s hand slammed onto the table. His gaze turned icy. He looked at the obedient Omega on the side, and coldly saying, “You’re nothing but a lowly plaything, what kind of confusion have you filled his head with?”

He looked at that fox-like Omega, and just as the Omega was about to speak, Huo Yan coldly ordered, “Get out!”

Wen Mo immediately lowered his head, got up, and gave a slight bow before quickly leaving.

Once outside the corridor, Wen Mo stood at the top of the stairs. The angry scolding from grandfather Huo was no longer audible. He looked down at the bustling hall below, where Alphas socializing was in full swing. He felt like there was nowhere to go.

He stood still for a moment before going up to the attic.

Standing in front of a large door, Wen Mo hesitated for a while before finally pressing the door handle.

It was a room filled with murky shades, even though sunlight streamed in, it couldn’t change the stale atmosphere that had been entrenched for a long time.

By the window, an elderly man with white hair sat with his back to the door on an old wicker chair. His neck bore an information isolation collar identical to Wen Mo’s.

He was the other master of this mansion, or rather, the nominal master. He was grandpa Huo’s, Huo Huan’s former spouse. From a distant age when they had both experienced AO and had been absolutely loyal to each other.

Wen Mo stood in place for a moment and then approached, picking up the elderly Omega’s cup and adding some hot water into it.

The old man showed no reaction, not even casting a glance in Wen Mo’s direction. He seemed as if he had been sitting there, rigid and motionless for years, giving Wen Mo a sense of déjà vu as if he had never left this place. Day and night, through all the meals and seasons, he had sat there from his youth to his old age.

Wen Mo’s gaze darkened slightly, he slowly took a seat on another wicker chair, watching the unchanging scenery outside, just like the old man.

During this time, a servant came to deliver a meal. They were startled upon seeing Wen Mo but quickly regained their composure, placing the meal on the table and leaving as if nothing had happened. The servants of the Huo family were not ordinary people, after all.

Wen Mo spent most of the day in this decaying room. Downstairs was bustling with activity, and some faint and fragmented sounds drifted in, likely from the family banquet that had begun. No one came up to invite them, this place seemed like a forgotten island, untouched by the festivities in the distance.

Wen Mo eventually fell asleep on this isolated island. He dreamed of utter darkness, but this time, he didn’t struggle hopelessly. He simply stood still, watching the dense, cold darkness without despair.

When he woke up, there was an extra thin blanket on him. He glanced at the elderly man beside him, who had also fallen asleep. Wen Mo silently observed him for a moment, then felt his phone vibrating in his hand. He checked the time – it was 2 o’clock in the afternoon. He dismissed the alarm, got up quietly, and gently covered the old man with the blanket. He left the room quietly.

As he descended the stairs, he saw the Huo family’s grandfather and grandson surrounded by a crowd. Their expressions were uniform, as if the earlier conflict had never happened. The once arrogant man moved among the crowd effortlessly, chatting and laughing. It seemed like he had told a joke, as everyone burst into laughter.

Wen Mo’s gaze shifted away from the man and landed on another person. Zhang Qian was currently in conversation with a military officer dressed in uniform. Their eyes inadvertently met Wen Mo’s, and Wen Mo’s gaze quickly turned cold, just like the last time. He immediately looked away.

Wen Mo withdrew his gaze and beckoned a servant, ordering a cocktail. 

Leaning back in his chair with his legs casually crossed, he watched the festivities as if he were a bystander.

A few Alpha men and women not far from him were gathered together, discussing the recent string of Alpha murders. This was probably the hottest topic recently, and various bizarre speculations were like a stimulant for everyone’s excitement. They were clearly enjoying the conversation.

Wen Mo half-listened to their chatter, and soon, he had finished his drink. He glanced around and decided to stop a servant carrying a tray of drinks, taking all three cocktails from the tray. The cocktails had playful and attractive colors, and Wen Mo seemed to love them dearly as he lined them up neatly and downed them one after another.

At around three o’clock, grandfather Huo finally felt tired and instructed Huo Yan briefly before going to take a nap. There were still matters to attend to at the base, and Huo Yan was also preparing to leave. He called Zhang Qian, “Let’s go together.”

As they were about to leave, something crossed Huo Yan’s mind, he turned back to look inside the hall. Wen Mo was lounging on a corner sofa, supporting his forehead. His complexion had a slight blush, and his eyes were lazily drooping. Huo Yan furrowed his brows and walked over, asking, “Have you been drinking?”

Wen Mo raised his gaze to look at him and a hint of a coquettish smile appeared in his eyes. “Had a little.”

He stood up, his steps somewhat unsteady, but he managed to stand still. He approached Huo Yan gracefully, linking their arms affectionately.

Huo Yan watched him for a moment but didn’t say anything. He simply escorted him out of the room.

Zhang Qian sat in the passenger seat and calmly instructed the driver, “To the base.”

The driver nodded, and the car slowly started moving.

In the back seat, Wen Mo gently leaned against Huo Yan’s shoulder. Huo Yan furrowed his brow slightly and lifted Wen Mo’s chin, bringing his lips close to Wen Mo’s to sniff him. “How much did you drink?”

Wen Mo’s eyes were tender as he shook his head. He shifted his weight onto Huo Yan, almost as if he were intentionally teasing him. Wen Mo was usually poised and dignified in public, and Huo Yan had never seen him like this before. It felt fresh, but Huo Yan still wore a somewhat stern expression. “If you can’t handle it, then drink less.”

Wen Mo blinked his eyes and hugged Huo Yan, using his nose to nuzzle the green mark on Huo Yan’s chin. His voice was soft and slightly hoarse as he said, “I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?”

Huo Yan frowned as if he were feeling too hot, carelessly pulling at his collar and messing up the rose embroidery. He detected the white tea scent of Wen Mo’s pheromones, and when he looked closer, he noticed that the pheromone inhibitor on the back of Wen Mo’s neck had loosened slightly.

Huo Yan silently cursed and tightened Wen Mo’s inhibitor. He also pinched Wen Mo’s waist hard. Wen Mo let out a soft cry and looked at Huo Yan with a pitiful expression, his watery eyes seeming on the verge of tears. Huo Yan was about to scold him when a piece of candy was offered to his lips.

“Have some candies, okay?”

Huo Yan’s teeth clicked together as he bit down on the candy and used it as an opportunity to seal Wen Mo’s lips.

The movement in the backseat naturally didn’t escape the front. The young driver, who was relatively inexperienced, glanced awkwardly at Zhang Qian beside him. However, Zhang Qian was focused on the road ahead as if nothing had happened. The young driver felt embarrassed and scolded himself for overreacting. He immediately adjusted his expression and concentrated on the road ahead.

However, what he didn’t notice was that Zhang Qian’s hands, resting politely on his lap, slowly clenched into fists.

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