Honest Wife Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Trapped Beast

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The sleek black car came to a steady stop in the underground parking lot.

The driver of the vehicle hopped out of the driver’s seat, went around to the back door, and opened it. He took a few steps back and waited respectfully.

After a moment, a tall commander emerged. He was holding someone in his arms. The person was wrapped in his suit jacket. With a steady stride, he headed towards the private elevator.

Meanwhile, Zhang Qian remained in the passenger seat, his expression still as emotionless as before, sitting perfectly upright, resembling a loyal guardian.

In the final moments as his superior entered the elevator, Zhang Qian glanced outside.

Beneath the oversized black suit, a slender, snow-white foot dangled, swaying slightly with the man’s steps.

Zhang Qian took out a cigarette, and lit it with a snap.


Huo Yan placed the person on the bed.

He didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he leaned over the bed with his arms on either side of the person’s head, coldly assessing the situation as if a lion observing its prey.

Slowly, Wen Mo opened his eyes and glanced at Huo Yan before lazily closing them again.

Huo Yan stared at Wen Mo’s delicate eyelids and suddenly asked, “Why did you intentionally provoke me just now?”

Wen Mo remained silent.

“Speak,” Huo Yan commanded, his expression turning even more unpleasant.

Wen Mo’s thin eyelids trembled, and he opened his eyes. His moist red lips slightly parted, as if he wanted to say something. Two large teardrops had already slipped from the corners of his eyes and into the strands of hair near his ears. He silently held onto Huo Yan’s neck and buried his face deeply into it.

In that moment, Huo Yan felt a slight annoyance, but it was so fleeting that it almost didn’t register. He decided to be merciful and let it go. His voice softened slightly, “No one can influence my decision.”

These words were spoken to grandfather Huo several hours ago. When he said them, his pupils were extremely indifferent. He had his legs crossed and casually shook the ash from his cigar onto the hardwood floor.

In a way, this was an unspoken ritual of power transition, and it happened in just a fleeting moment.

Gandfather Huo’s clouded eyes slowly closed, appearing both pained and relieved. He sighed deeply, “Now your wings have grown stronger.”

Huo Yan, intoxicated by the heady scent of pheromones, added, “You can just focus on giving birth to my child.”

After a while, the person buried in his neck nodded ever so slightly.

Huo Yan pulled him up and the other person turned his face away, seemingly unwilling to let him see. Huo Yan forcefully turned his face back, and the person finally raised his eyes. His eyes were even more filled with emotion, as if they were holding the essence of three or four months of a southern river. He carefully tilted his chin and pressed his lips against Huo Yan’s, briefly parting before tenderly kissing him again.

Huo Yan finally closed his eyes in satisfaction, and his nose was filled with the soft, faint fragrance from between the other’s lips.

He had always known that this beautiful Omega was quite scheming, starting from three years ago when the Omega had managed to climb into his bed by any means necessary. But what of it? He was just an Omega who wanted to earn his affection. At least at this moment, Huo Yan was willing to generously pardon his scheming ways.

His gaze involuntarily softened, his rough palm touched the Omega’s soft, flat abdomen. He thought that this place would soon bear him a child with his bloodline, which was the greatest gift he could give to his beloved Omega.

His teeth began to itch again, but this time, he didn’t let the scheming Omega take the initiative. Instead, he used his knuckles to grasp the back of the Omega’s head firmly, kissed him passionately before releasing him.

“You need to make me happy right away,” he ordered, loosening his tie while looking down at the Omega.


Zhang Qian looked like a trapped beast, his eyes growing increasingly fierce.

Since that day, he could no longer see that elusive smile, those soft gasps and shudders that roamed in his dreams like an erotic dream, a stage performance he acted out alone.

He stopped answering his calls and no longer smelled that barely perceptible scent of white tea. Their few meetings were all in public places, and he always wore high collars, tightly concealing his fair skin, scent, and allure, forbidding him from coveting them.

He was no longer the tempting snake that ensnared him, and he no longer stirred his emotions. He politely addressed him as Captain Zhang, maintaining an appropriate distance between them, as if there was nothing between them.

On this day, Zhang Qian stood there once again.

He had lost count of how many times he had intentionally waited like this. He waited for a long time, then the door opened. Someone walked out from inside, and they quickly spotted him. He nodded slightly to them, and then without glancing his way, they walked past him and headed outside, carrying themselves like an immaculate high-mountain flower.

Zhang Qian’s shadowed gaze followed them until their tall figure disappeared at the end of the corridor. They didn’t even spare a glance in his direction, not even a momentary hesitation in their steps.

Zhang Qian’s throat moved, and he closed his eyes.

The trapped beast within him grew increasingly restless.


In the blink of an eye, Wen Mo had been at the base for half a month.


On this particular day, after his usual trip to the gym, Wen Mo returned, took a shower, and received news that Huo Yan would be heading to S Zone for a meeting. As a result, Wen Mo had two days of freedom. He decided to reward himself as he sat cross-legged on the carpet, his wet hair dripping. On the carpet lay a stack of invitations.

He ran his fingertips over the stack until he finally chose one—an invitation to attend a highly popular opera performance in town.

He made a call to the logistics center to express his request. Although it wasn’t entirely in line with the regulations, Huo Yan’s favoritism toward him was widely known among the personnel, so the commanding officer was more than accommodating. He promptly arranged a driver and security detail for Wen Mo’s outing.

Being followed by someone wasn’t a pleasant experience, but Wen Mo wasn’t one to reject kind gestures. He dressed himself beautifully and went to the opera with pleasure.

When the theater manager heard that the beloved Omega of Commander Huo was visiting, he was anything but complacent. He rushed over from his home to greet him and arranged the best seats available. He even considered personally serving tea.

But the security personnel stopped him in time.

The opera was a medieval tale of heartbreaking farewells, with the main characters singing their hearts out in sorrow. While sipping tea and enjoying pastries, Wen Mo watched the performance with great delight.

The opera ended with a chorus of tears, and Wen Mo checked his watch; it was just past 1 PM. He made a spur-of-the-moment decision to visit a shopping mall.


Wen Mo hadn’t been to a mall in a while. After the end of the war, the central city had seen the opening of several new businesses, radiating an extravagant atmosphere. He arrived at “Cloud Nine,” a mall known for its luxurious ambiance. To avoid excessive attention, as experienced with the theater manager, he had made special arrangements. Consequently, he smoothly entered the mall like an ordinary customer.

There were very few customers in this upscale mall, and normal clothed security guards followed him from a distance to ensure Wen Mo didn’t leave their sight while granting him relative freedom.

One of the guards noticed Wen Mo entering a perfume store. He leaned casually against a nearby wall, appearing like a relaxed customer taking a break, but his gaze never strayed far from Wen Mo.

After a while, his communication device rang. The security guard, upon seeing the call, immediately stood up straight and answered it.

“Hello, Captain Zhang.”

As the security guard listened carefully, he couldn’t help but furrow his brow in confusion. He had been assigned by the center to provide security, so why was he now receiving another task simultaneously?

After a moment of hesitation, the security guard briefly explained his situation.

The voice on the other end of the communication device responded with a thoughtful “Hmm.” “This situation arose suddenly, it’s essential for you to handle it. You don’t need to worry about your current post; someone else has taken over. They’ve already arrived there.”

The security guard breathed a sigh of relief. He looked around, noticing a blurry figure in the distance, who gestured with a military-standard hand signal to indicate a retreat.

The security guard completely relaxed and, once again, glanced at the Omega who was trying perfumes in the perfume shop. He left quietly.

Ten minutes later, Wen Mo walked out of the perfume shop, carrying an exquisitely wrapped bag. He glanced around but didn’t spot the security guard. He stood there for a moment, a faint smile playing on his lips, humming a tune, and decided to go for afternoon tea on another day instead of today.

However, before he could locate the dessert shop he had been yearning for, a dark figure rushed out from around a corner, grabbing him forcefully and quickly disappearing into a corner.

Wen Mo was led into a secluded corridor, stumbling along the way. His body was pinned heavily against the wall by the man who had taken hold of him. The man’s breathing was heavy, and he urgently sought Wen Mo’s lips. Wen Mo tried to evade, when the man was momentarily distracted, he pushed him away and attempted to escape. However, he was swiftly caught around the waist, tightly pressed against the wall once more. This time, his wrists were controlled and pressed above his head, while the man’s other hand gripped his chin, forcefully sealing his lips.

A long time passed, and Zhang Qian finally gasped and released him. His eyes were red, and he gritted his teeth as if filled with resentment.

“You did it on purpose!” He teethed, making a grinding sound. “You did it on purpose!”

The corners of Wen Mo’s cheeks had a pinkish hue from the lack of oxygen, and his moist lips were even redder from being tormented. He looked at the trapped beast before him and finally smiled. He leaned in towards the man, his hands gently lowering the man’s neck, giving him an incredibly gentle kiss.

Then, he moved to the man’s ear and whispered lightly.

“Yes, I did it on purpose.”

The author has something to say:

Considering the possible questions that may arise, I’d like to make a statement. In the context of power struggles within certain groups, the actions of the “shou” character in this story (such as using their sex appeal to achieve their goal) should not be seen as an endorsed or common practice. Additionally, the emotional entanglements and chaotic personal lives depicted, including those of both the gong and shou characters, are not to be encouraged under any circumstances. This story is set in an extreme fictional social environment created solely for the purpose of describing intense conflicts. It is entirely detached from reality, so please do not apply any real-world judgment to it. Once again, as the author, I strongly disapprove of these negative behaviors. Finally, remember that fiction is fiction, and reality is reality. Please distinguish between the two when considering these matters.

With humble respect,

The author.

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