Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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After breakfast, Tang Feng helped Lin Yu clean up along the way. During this period he directly inquired about Lin’s family’s preferences.

“What does father-in-law like to eat?” As the backbone of the family, it was a strategy to adapt to his taste. 

“The stew made by Amo.” Lin Yu returned the bowls and chopsticks into the cupboard.

Tang Feng: ……………, why is it different from what I thought. 

“What else does he like?” Tang Feng, unwilling to give up, continued to ask more. Lin Yu took the rag in his hand to wipe the water on the kitchen table.


The disheveled in the wind Tang Feng: …………………, He can’t accompany the other party to go hunting with this kind of body. He probably can’t even reach halfway up the mountain when climbing it. 

“Uh, what about mother-in-law? What does he like to eat? What does he like to do everyday? Tang Feng swept the loose fine black hair that was on Lin Yu’s face and asked.

Lin Yu looked up at Tang Feng, who had obviously spoken more than in the past.

“He likes to eat the stew he made. He likes to count how many preys father brings back everyday.” 

Tang Feng felt depressed, is it true that people who don’t belong together, don’t get to live together!? 

“What about your eldest brother and younger Ger brother?” Tang Feng’s tone of question simply did not hold any expectations, he was afraid that Lin Yu would answer that the two also liked to eat the stew made by Lin Amo, and also liked to count the number of prey.

A warm hand gently pulled him out of the kitchen, “You don’t need to care too much about this. You’re very good, they will definitely like you.” 

Tang Feng was stunned, looking at the tall wife in front of him, he felt that he had been silently pampered again, his body and mind warmed up.

After the two went back to the room to change their clothes, Lin Yu was ready to go visit his family.

“Wait, take that chicken with you.” Tang Feng walked to the chicken coop and rolled up his sleeves to prepare to lift the big rooster that Tang Amo had bought from the Wu family.

“Cuckoo! Cuckoo!”

The big rooster with a red head opened its strong wings to threaten Tang Feng who was approaching it.

Lin Yu hurriedly pulled Tang Feng away, he quickly and effortlessly lifted up the big rooster that had just flaunted its bluff against Tang Feng. He didn’t know how Lin Yu did it, but the big rooster simply couldn’t move even a single step.

Tang Feng, who was pulled away: ……………, does his wife think that he couldn’t even handle a chicken?

“Let’s go.”

Lin Yu called out to Tang Feng who felt complicated. He carried the big rooster that was cucking and screaming out of the door.

Along the way, the cries of the big rooster attracted the side glances and discussion of the villagers but Lin Yu’s complexion was still without change. He just walked away, and Tang Feng who was walking next to Lin Yu took a look at the surrounding environment from time to time.

Lin Yu’s mood at this moment was very good. His husband’s family actually bought a big rooster for when they went to visit his family after the wedding! Peasant families usually only bring two pieces of clothes or a bucket of rice when they go to visit the bride’s family after the wedding or it would be something else. Some people don’t even bring anything with them. 

Moreover, if a husband’s family lets the newlyweds bring the big rooster back when they go to visit the bride’s family, it clearly shows that the husband’s family is very satisfied with the wife who married in and wishes that the newlyweds will be happy, healthy, and have many children. Moreover, this big rooster will be slaughtered on the spot in the new wife’s family house to be eaten together. 

Tang Feng glanced at Lin Yu, who had a happy expression on his face. His heart was extremely satisfied, to have won his sweetheart’s smile, his effort was not in vain.

At the door of the Lin family courtyard stood a tall and strong young man. His appearance was boorish, but his eyes revealed a whiff of toughness. He was Lin Zhuang, the eldest son of the Lin family, and the eldest brother of Lin Yu.

“Big brother, have you seen Second brother and his husband yet?”

There was a beautiful little Ger standing in the courtyard door, whispering to Lin Zhuang who was “following the orders of his father and mother to keep watch for the return to the bride’s home by the newlyweds” outside the courtyard door. This is Lin Wen, the youngest Ger of the Lin family.

“Not yet, father is urging again?”

Lin Zhuang’s voice was loud, the buzzing made Lin Wen, who wanted to communicate in a low voice, exhausted. Sure enough, no one in this family had the same tacit understanding with him except his second brother.

“Not only father, but also Amo.”

The two husband and wife of the Lin family woke up at dawn today. They cleaned up the courtyard and swept the house clean, even the bench under the eaves were brightly cleaned by them. 

Lin Zhuang touched his head and continued to stare at the intersection, “Hey! They’re here! Quickly go tell father and mother!”     

Lin Zhuang hurriedly asked Lin Wen to inform the Lin husband and wife who were waiting in the hall. While he anxiously recalled the expression that his Amo told him to have, he sorted out his clothes, then stepped on the splayfoot to wait for the arrival of Lin Yu and Tang Feng.

“That’s big brother?” Tang Feng’s excellent eyesight was able to see that face and expression that was similar to “constipation” at the courtyard door, so he leaned to Lin Yu and asked. 

Lin Yu carried the big rooster that no longer screamed. He felt powerless when looking at that kind of Lin Zhuang but he still had to say yes. When he looked at Lin Zhuang’s “signboard expression”, he immediately knew that it was his Amo who made him do that. 

The story of the “signboard expression” was too long. To simply sum it up, that is, Lin Amo wanted to make others think that their Lao Lin family was a very “powerful” family so he had made the Lin family’s father and son practice putting on this expression. 

As for the significance of this expression, Lin Amo said that it was to show the might and majesty of their “hunter” family and let the other villagers have respect for them.

“Big brother.”

“Big brother.”

Lin Yu and Tang Feng arrived at the courtyard doorway. Facing a frowning face with pursed lips, they called out to Li Zhuang who was trying his best to maintain his expressionless face. 

As soon as he heard the call of his second Ger brother, Lin Zhuang’s expression immediately relaxed, revealing a silly smile: “You’re back.”

Lin Yu and Tang Feng, who witnessed all this: ………………..

Feeling very powerless, this was Lin Yu.

Feeling it very miraculous, this is Tang Feng.

They were even more powerless and more miraculous when Tang Feng and Lin Yu entered the courtyard door, arrived at the hall and saw the three: Father Lin, Lin Amo and Lin Wen who were unwilling but were forced and suppressed to make the “sighboard expression”.

Lin Yu: …………………

Tang Feng: ……………

Lin Zhuang: ……………, turned out this expression looks this silly? 

“Husband, this is my father, Amo and younger brother.” Lin Yu, somewhat powerlessly introduced his family “sighboard expression trio” to Tang Feng.

Tang Feng suppressed his laughter and called out the three people in order. After calling out, he saw Father Lin’s expression same as Lin Zhuang revealing a silly smile which made Tang Feng really can’t help but want to laugh. However, he shouldn’t laugh so he put his hand into a fist to his mouth and coughed a few times.

“Husband?! What’s wrong?”

As soon as he heard the coughing sound coming from Tang Feng next to him, Lin Yu anxiously supported Tang Feng and asked urgently.

Lin Amo and the others also hurriedly walked over, looking at Tang Feng anxiously. They’re afraid that Tang Feng would suddenly die during this time when he was visiting the bride’s family after the wedding.

“What’s wrong? Is the old disease relapsing?!” Lin Amo almost pulled open Tang Feng’s clothes to examine.

“Quick! Go get my brewed tiger whip wine to give him a drink!” Father Lin grabbed Lin Zhuang and roared.


After a chaotic situation, Tang Feng’s voice was almost hoarse from explaining, only then did everyone calm down and be convinced  that he was fine.

“Haha! See what I said! My family second Ger grew up so robustly, how could he marry a man who could drop dead at any time like this?!” Father Lin’s biggest shortcoming was that he had a blabbering mouth. He would say whatever he had in mind.

“Father!!” Lin Yu was very resentful.

Tang Feng: ………, he really didn’t know how to refute this.

Lin Yu was simply speechless, “Amo, father, there is a first bridal visit’s gift from my husband’s Amo in the courtyard.” 

As soon as the two husband and wife of the Lin family heard of the bridal visit’s gift, they were immediately shocked. The first thing that came to their mind was two pieces of cloth.

“Let’s go and take a look?”

Lin Amo turned his head and asked Father Lin.

Father Lin touched his head, “Lets go look? ”

Tang Feng simply felt that this Lin family was really amusing, especially when the husband and wife of the Lin family saw the big rooster in the yard, their faces were full of “I must have seen a fake chicken, it must be,” which made Tang Feng can’t help but hold Lin Yu’s shoulder and laugh.

Lin Yu helplessly patted Tang Feng’s back, afraid that he would laugh and choke on his breath.

In the end, Lin Zhuang killed the chicken and Father Lin also cleaned up the pheasant that he had caught last afternoon. Lin Amo and Lin Wen were busy in the kitchen, while Lin Yu took Tang Feng to rest in his old room that he used before he got married.

As soon as he entered the door, Tang Feng couldn’t help but laugh, “Father and mother-in-law are really funny.”

Lin Yu made the bed and let Tang Feng lie down, “They have always been like this, especially my father. He always speaks without consideration, you don’t have to mind him.”

Tang Feng immediately shook his head, “I don’t mind. They make me very relaxed. The tension I had when I came is now completely gone at this moment.”

“However, I still want to ask, why did he want me to drink the tiger whip wine just now?” Thinking of Father Lin’s loud voice just now, Tang Feng wanted to laugh again.

Lin Yu’s ears had gone red, and he rubbed it for half a day before he whispered, “My father  thinks that there is nothing that a bowl of tiger whip wine cannot solve.” 

Not good, he can’t help but laugh until his stomach hurt. Tang Feng wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and buried his head in the quilt.

At noon, in addition to the big rooster and pheasant, Lin Amo also made a few vegetable dishes with a boiled hot porridge. He was afraid that Tang Feng’s body could not digest many heavy dishes so he made something else. 

Tang Feng was grateful, but he still ate a piece of pheasant and rooster meat to give them face. Although the seasoning was not there, it still tasted fresh thus achieved yet another different flavor.

After lunch, Tang Feng and Father Lin chatted in the courtyard basking under the dim sun.

“You’re saying you’re preparing for the Xiucai exam?” Father Lin’s expression was very serious.

“Yes, no matter what the outcome, it’s always good to test it out.”

Tang Feng said.

“I see,” Father Lin’s expression became more and more serious, making Tang Feng quite unable to penetrate through what he’s thinking. If it was someone else Tang Feng could still guess a bit, but when it was Father Lin’s turn, Tang Feng did not dare to rashly make any assertion. After all, the other party doesn’t walk on the usual, common road (of thinking).

After half a day, Tang Feng heard Father Lin’s incomparably serious voice

“Then, should I call you lord Xiucai later or still son-in-law? Sigh, my head hurts.”

Tang Feng: ……… His head hurts even more, he hadn’t taken the exam yet, how could he start to be confused how to address him already?

Lin Amo, who was cleaning up the dishes in the kitchen, seized Lin Yu and asked, “Is he really good to you?”


Lin Yu poured out the dirty water and took another basin to clean the dishes.

“Is his illness serious?” Lin Amo thought about it and asked. 

“It’s not serious, he’s starting to recover.” Lin Yu said.

“How could it not be serious? If not why do I think he has poor eyesight, otherwise how can he be so good to you?”

Lin Yu:!! ……

The author has something to say: Tang Feng: Wife, I have been wronged!

Lin Yu: ??? What’s wrong? You haven’t eaten medicinal porridge to your fill? 

Tang Feng shook his head, “No. ”

Lin Yu was stunned, “What have you been wronged about then?”

Tang Feng stammered: Father-in-law actually wanted me to drink the tiger whip wine!!!

Lin Yu breathed a sigh of relief: What’s wrong with it, it’s fine if you don’t want to drink it.

Tang Feng shook his head violently and said in an even more aggrieved tone: He actually didn’t even think of giving me a jar!!!

Lin Yu: ………………… You wait, I’ll go grab it!”

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