Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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The egg was quickly brought over by Lin Zhuang. Lin Yu closed his eyes while Lin Amo took the egg to circle around his eyes.

“You must remember what I said. You have to respect your father and mother in law when you marry out. The village chief’s husband and wife are not unreasonable, I am not worried, but…” Lin Amo remembered Tang Feng, who he had only seen a few times, and was a little worried.

“If Tang Feng treats you…If he has any ideas of bullying you. You have to come home and tell us. Your father and your big brother are not a decoration! Alright? ”

Lin Amo had spoke for half a day already but without hearing Lin Yu utter even a single word. He used a bit of force to the movement on his hand to inquire. 

“It won’t happen so don’t worry.”

Lin Yu didn’t think Tang Feng would be a bully.

“How can I not worry. You are the most honest among your 3 brothers. You’re also down-to-earth when you’re working, and you have not lived a good day like the other Gers had…”

In the end, Lin Amo was somewhat choked up with emotions. Don’t be fooled by the fact that Lin Yu grew up this tall, usually doesn’t talk much, but his heart is particularly soft and honest. Itching to do every work inside the house, he’s simply better than several men. This marriage, he and his husband were originally unwilling, but they couldn’t bear Lin Yu’s own liking. 

This Ger had never wanted anything since he was a child. Usually when he received a little of something good, he would bring it back to give to his little Ger brother. How can Lin Amo not be worried with this kind of Lin Yu. 

It is said that Tang Feng was also a literate person. Because of that burdensome body, otherwise how could their family match the other party.

“In the end, do you remember it or not!?”

Lin Amo was a little anxious.

“I remember.”

Lin Yu nodded honestly, which dissipated the stress and anxiety in Lin Amo’s heart.

After a quarter of an hour, Lin Amo put the egg down and looked at Lin Yu’s face. He was still a little dissatisfied, but it could only be like this. It would delay the time if they continued any longer.

Knock knock knock…….

“Amo, the water is boiled!”

After Lin Wen shouted from outside, he went on to help the others.

“Go wash up, don’t wash too long, it’s too cold in the morning.” 

Lin Amo nagged again at Lin Yu, who draped a cloth on his soulder and went out. 

After Lin Yu took a bath, he came back to the room. Lin Amo wiped his wet hair with a dry towel and tied it up, pinning a newly bought silver hairpin, which was the wedding gift that Lin Zhuang himself had bought from the money he saved for Lin Yu.

Although Lin Yu grew up tall and big, his skin was very good, both smooth and delicate. Although it was not particularly white, it looked very healthy with that kind of wheat color.

Lin Yu put on his newly made under cloth, changed into his red wedding dress, held an oil-paper umbrella in his hand, sat on the bed, and quietly waited for the arrival of the groom’s procession*…

Note: this is when the groom’s family went to bride family with a sedan chair to fetch the bride to the groom house to complete the ceremony (it’s a procession cause not only groom’s family but also guests as well)

Tang Feng on this side got up a little late, he also didn’t sleep well last night. Thinking about how to treat the other party in the future so that the other party wouldn’t feel wronged, his head hurt.

After washing, he put on the wedding dress. As soon as the auspicious time arrived, Tang Feng followed the few big men from the village as part of the groom procession to fetch the bride, they slowly advance toward the east of the village.

Since Tang Feng’s body had not yet fully recovered, everyone also walked slowly. From time to time they looked at Tang Feng with a worried look.

Tang Feng felt that he should learn from those eight o’clock TV series to use a rooster instead of him to get married.

But this is reality, there are not so many moths. Although it is using happy occation to wash out the illness, the other party was willing to marry their family Ger to a person without knowing if he will have a future or not (live or die), which is worth him to personally go and escort the bride to the wedding ceremony. As long as he can stand up, even if he can’t walk, he can still carry him

Moreover, the Tang family was only a quarter of an hour away from the Lin family, so he wasn’t that tired.

“The groom procession is here ~ The new bride please open the door~”

Note: this is their custom.

“The groom procession is here~”

“The new bride please open the door~”

After Wu Zhu and the others arrived at the door of the Lin Family courtyard, there were a pair of firecrackers on the courtyard’s door. They lit it before proceeding to beat the drum and began to say the procession’s greetings.

When the firecrackers’ noises stopped, there was a response from the courtyard.


“The new groom enters the door to fetch the bride~” 

As soon as the words fell, the courtyard door opened. A tall and sturdy man with a square face and side beards came out. He looped Tang Feng who was at the forefront of the groom’s procession up and down. 

Tang Feng understood the wedding etiquette here, so he naturally knew the identity of the other party. He quickly and respectfully stepped forward, performed the etiquette of the younger generation, he addressed him formally: “Father-in-law, I have come to receive my wife to return home. I hereby vow that I will be the most loyal to him, and show him unconditional respect from here henceforth. I hope father-in-law would help me accomplish this.”

Lin Ba, seeing that Tang Feng did not have the slightest contempt, performing his etiqutte respectfully, he nodded appreciatively, took out a red cloth from his bosom and handed it to Tang Feng.

“May you remember the vow you have made today. Moreover, to be capable of remembering it in your heart. I now hand my family Ger over to you.” 

After Tang Feng received it, he made a salute gesture to Lin Ba. Only then did he enter the courtyard door. The groom’s procession behind him and the villagers who joined in the fun also followed in. For a while, the Lin family’s courtyard was crowded with people.

The Lin family’s house was only built when they moved in this year. There were three main rooms, a kitchen, and a side room. Although it was a foreigner’s family, once one saw the house, one would know that they want to settle down with peace of mind here.

“The new groom please knock on the door.”

Two eight- to nine-year-old children standing at the door of the room giggled and said to Tang Feng.

These were the groom’s procession’s boys. Tang Feng took out two small red pockets from his bosom and gave them to the two children before he stretched out his hand and knocked softly on the door.


Each of these sounds seemed to knock directly on the door of Lin Yu’s heart.


The door was gently opened.

Tang Feng raised his eyes and looked at the person at the door. His mind was blank, the only thing that could come to mind was.

Last night, I thought about it for so long………

Lin Ba’s whole family looked at the new groom who was just standing in the doorway like this. Looking at their Ger fixedly, he didn’t say a word. They inevitably felt a little flustered.

Could it be this little b*stard actually regret it?!

The villagers in the courtyard also began to bow their heads and whisper.

“What’s going on?”

“Yeah, how come there is no movement?”


A good deal of noises made the courtyard start to get noisy.

Lin Yu’s fingers that clenched the umbrella in his hand turned pale. The nervousness and bashfulness in his heart slowly went out, but he still stood at the door of the room, looking at Tang Feng, unsure what he was thinking.

Wu Zhu was a little anxious, just when he was about to go up and remind Tang Feng, Tang Feng moved.

A pair of knuckled hands took the tightly held umbrella in Lin Yu’s hands. He gently opened it, and extended out his hand to the owner of the umbrella.


Lin Yu listened to Tang Feng’s voice calling out wife in a daze and he put his hand over Tang Feng’s hand.

Tang Feng felt the warmth coming from his palm and smiled with satisfaction.

The crowd also began to cheer, and the groom’s procession also began to shout out together again. Although Tang Feng found it unpleasant to hear, he didn’t care at all now, because he had married a wife he had wanted to marry and is satisfied to marry the most in his heart.

Following the etiquette, the newlyweds bid farewell to the Lin family. He then held up the umbrella in his hand and walked towards the Tang family’s house direction.

There were many villagers watching along the way, especially those strong and powerful unmarried men.  

“Damn, these newlyweds are good!”

A chubby man looked at Tang Feng and Lin Yu’s figures as they walked over and said.

“What’s so good about it?”

Everyone was puzzled, what good is it to marry such a Ger.

“The Ger is even taller than the man. They don’t need the man to move at all at night!” The fat man whispered obscenely.

When the men who gathered around heard it, they understood it one after another and laughed out loud. 

When they were about to arrive at Tang’s house, Tang Feng and Lin Yu had already exchanged the umbrella to be held by Lin Yu, while Lin Yu was holding Tang Feng’s hand.

Tang Feng: ……………

He was careless and accidentally slipped once……… Then the husband slightly forced his wife to not hold the umbrella. The groom’s procession even had the face of approval to this. 


Tang Feng felt that the hand he was holding was getting hotter and hotter, even a little sweaty.

Lin Yu looked at the Tang family’s house not far away and nodded honestly.

Tang Feng smiled lightly, he used a bit more of force to tightly grasp the other party.

“That’s our home.”

Lin Yu’s heart was pounding with excitement at these words. The originally hot palms, which were burning hot, were getting hotter and hotter.

He felt that his husband did not dislike him because he was “ugly”.

The Tang family and the Guo family, as well as a group of villagers, were all waiting at the entrance of the courtyard.

It wasn’t until he saw Tang Feng and Lin Yu coming hand in hand that Tang’s husband and wife relaxed their hearts a bit.

“Congratulations to the newlyweds! May you live a long and happy life together! Give birth to children in the near future!”

Tang Feng and Lin Yu, who had just arrived at home, were surrounded by a group of dressed up children. Tang Feng and Lin Yu separately took out small red pockets and distributed them to the children.

It caused the villagers to cheer once again.

Tang Feng and Lin Yu came to the hall hand in hand. They began to do the ritual kneeling to heaven and earth to the Tang’s husband and wife sitting on the high hall.

“The first bow is to enjoy blessings and endure misfortune together while living together until white hairs of old age and stick togehter in hard times. First bow.

The second bow is for husband and wife’s affection. For the two to treat each other with respect, give birth to a noble son early, shining in through the doorway. Second bow.

The third bow is for being hardworking and thrifty in running the household. The husband and wife are of the same heart, like-minded, respect the old and love the young. Third bow. ”

For each bow, each time the top of their heads touched each other, it made the two clearly understand that they got married to the person they liked the most in their hearts. 

Tang Amo and Father Tang in the hall simply smiled until their eyes narrowed. Seeing that Tang Feng did not have the slightest resistance, the more they were fond of Lin Yu.

“Get along well, we are all one family now.”

Tang Amo said, and with Father Tang, they individually gave a big red pocket to Lin Yu, Lin Yu took it, and called out Amo, and father.

Hearing this, the husband and wife both nodded.

“The ceremony is completed! The newlyweds now enter the bridal room!”

Therefore, everyone led the newlyweds into the bridal room.

However, it didn’t take long for them to come out one after another. They didn’t forget that Tang Feng’s body couldn’t withstand too much tossing.

Because Tang Feng could not interact too much at the party, he went back to his room to rest after going through the formality. But there were still the Tang husband and wife to manage outside.

“Are you tired?”

Tang Feng sat on the bed and looked at Lin Yu.

Lin Yu shook his head. He took a closer look at Tang Feng’s body and saw that he was even thinner. He had to work extra hard in the future so Tang Feng could eat a bit better, Lin Yu secretly thought.

The noise outside the house slowly subsided. The banquet had begun to disperse, and on the way, Tang Amo deliberately brought the food he had left into the room so that Tang Feng and Lin Yu would not be hungry.

After washing, it was already about 7-9pm in the evening already. The slightly refreshed Tang Feng extinguished the red candles. He pulled open the red quilt and laid down next to Lin Yu.

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