Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 11

Chapter 11

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“Amo! My second brother is so good! If second brother-in-law is not good to him, I will not be happy!” Lin Wen put the rag in his hand on the stove and stared at Lin Amo.

“This child, why did you take a joke so seriously?”

Lin Amo extended his hand and gave Lin Wen a flick on his head.

Lin Wen gasped and covered his head that had been flicked,”I still don’t believe it even if it’s a joke! My second brother is the best! ”

Lin Yu freed his hand and patted Lin Wen’s head, “He’s very good to me.”

Lin Amo’s heart also relaxed, “Well, that’s good. I can put my previous worry away now. Looking at the bridal family visit’s gift, it could be said that the village chief husband and wife are also satisfied with you. You should show them more filial respect in the future, but you must not treat yourself badly. Understood?” 

“Understood, second brother?” Lin Wen questioned Lin Yu closely.

Lin Yu smiled, “Understood.”

When Lin Yu and Tang Feng came out of the Lin family, their hands were not empty. There was a hare in Lin Yu’s hand which had been brought back from Lin Zhuang’s trap he had dug in the mountains after lunch.

When they returned to the Tang family, Father Tang had just finished eating lunch.

“You’re back? Hey! Is this the hare given by our in-law?”

Tang Amo didn’t have to think about it to know who gave it.

Tang Feng nodded, “They said to have me eat a bit more to nourish my body.” However, when I thought of Lin Zhuang’s sentence “because I am afraid that you will have low self-esteem from not being as tall as my second brother, so you have to eat more meat”, Tang Feng inexplicably felt a toothache.

“That’s really too courteous. Are you tired, Ah Yu? Come here, I let your Father bring some clothes materials back but I don’t know what color you like. Come with me to take a look.” 

After Tang Amo and Lin Yu placed the rabbit in the kitchen, he asked him to follow him to see the cloth.

Father Tang brought out a bamboo basket containing some pastries, suitable for children and the elderly.

“Ah Feng, let us go visit Uncle Li.”

Uncle Li has only one Ger. Since his wife died, he has not remarried. His only Ger also married out to the neighboring village. So, he’s just living alone now.

The Li family’s courtyard was not big, but before he entered the courtyard door, Tang Feng smelled the smell of herbs, presumably Uncle Li took advantage of the sunlight today to dry herbs in the courtyard.

Knock knock knock….knock knock knock……

“Uncle Li! I am Tang Zheng! I have come looking for you for something.” Father Tang was knocking on the door while calling out.

“Coming, coming.” A slightly older voice came out.

“Woosh! woosh!”

“Don’t bark, go back and lie down,” After burst of faint noises, the courtyard door opened. What appeared in Tang Feng’s eyes was an old man with a somewhat hunched back and a skinny and shriveled old man dry, but his eyes were very gentle.

“Come in.”

Uncle Li called out to Father Tang and Tang Feng softly.

Entering the courtyard door, Father Tang handed the basket in his hand to Uncle Li, “Uncle Li, this is a little bit of me and Ah Feng’s regard, please accept it.” 

Uncle Li did not take it, but looked at Tang Feng, who was looking at the herbs in the courtyard, before nodding his head and taking it.

“Sit down.”

After Father Tang and Tang Feng sat on the stool in the hall, Uncle Li looked at Tang Feng and said, “The smell of herbs in my yard is heavy, is your body okay?”

“Thank you Uncle Li, for your concern, my body has improved a lot. Moreover, most of the herbs in your courtyard are mild in medicinal properties so it’s not a big deal to my body.” Tang Feng said. 

“Oh? How do you know that these medicinal properties are mild?” Tang Feng’s words made Uncle Li a little curious, even Father Tang was surprised.

Tang Feng smiled bitterly.

“I think the proverb of a long illness makes the patient into a doctor really suits my mood at this moment.”


Uncle Li and Father Tang couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay.

Uncle Li looked at Tang Feng’s complexion, “Come, I’ll take a look at your pulse.”

Tang Feng nodded, pulled up his sleeves, and exposed the white wrist that could almost make the cyan vein visible. 

Uncle Li put his hand on it, and Father Tang on the side looked nervously at Uncle Li who was feeling Tang Feng’s pulse, “How is it? Is he really getting better? ”

After a moment, Uncle Li withdrew his hand and looked at Tang Feng, who was smiling while looking at the nervous Father Tang, “His pulse is stronger and more vigorous than before, but my mediocre medical skills are not as good as Doctor Wang in town. You should take some time to visit him again.”     

“That’s great! Great!” Father Tang couldn’t help but get excited.

“What is Uncle Li saying? I am ready to devote myself to Uncle Li to learn these medical skills that I admire from you.” Tang Feng stood up and respectfully saluted Uncle Li.

Father Tang then remembered their real purpose in coming here, hurriedly said, “This child has repeatedly mentioned to me that he wants to study medicine from you. In the past I was worried about his body dragging him down, so I refused. But now that he mentioned it again saying that his body has improved, I cheekily took him to visit to seek you to be his master.” 

Uncle Li touched his beard and nodded, “I have always liked this child. I also don’t have any apprentices under me, but my medical skills are limited. Are you really willing to learn?”

Tang Feng directly performed a master-apprentice salute once he heard this, clearly indicating his intentions.

“Master, please accept this disciple, Tang Feng’s salute.”

“Good! I accept you as my disciple now, hahaha!”

Uncle Li leaned in and lifted Tang Feng up, clapping his hands and laughing .

Father Tang was also happy, “Then I will have to trouble Uncle Li to come to our house for a meal. So everyone will be lively and happy.” 

“That’s right, master, you have not yet tasted my wife’s craftsmanship, I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.” Tang Feng took the opportunity to reveal his wife’s existence.

“Okay! At that time, Tang Zheng, us two will also drink two cups of wine to add to the fun!” Uncle Li likes to drink a little bit of wine everyday. 

“Good good good, then we will return first to prepare.”

Father Tang looked at the sky and said.

“Alright. By the way, Tang Feng you just have to come here in the morning in the future.” Uncle Li also did not forget to mention this sentence.

“Got it.”

Tang Feng responded.

Tang Feng and Father Tang came out of the Li family’s courtyard and Father Tang got excited that his face has turned red.

“Good son! You have to learn well! ”

“Of course, Father, let’s cook the hare that Father-in-law had given for the alcohol snacks for tonight’s dinner.” Tang Feng said. 


Father Tang almost walked on air at this moment. His son’s health improved, had the ambition to improve himself, married a good wife, what else could he be worried about now?

When he returned home, Lin Yu was cleaning up that hare. When Father Tang told him about Uncle Li’s agreement, Lin Yu and Tang Amo were also very happy.

“That’s good,” Lin Yu said more energetically.

“God bless! God bless!” Tang Amo did not forget the heavens, he put up his palms together to pray and said. Tang Feng made an eye signal with him, before glancing at Lin Yu, who was peeling rabbit skin on the side.

Tang Amo quivered, “Right, right, right and my good daughter-in-law, if it weren’t for our Ah Feng marrying such a good wife as you, there would be no such good thing! ”

Lin Yu, who was peeling the hare, looked at the crowd with a dumbfounded face. Father Tang also nodded in agreement, “Indeed, Xiao Yu*’s credit is the biggest one here!”

Xiao Yu: putting ‘xiao’ before a name is a term of endearment in chinese context.

Tang Feng helped Lin Yu take down the knife and looked at his confused wife with a gentle look, “They are saying that I am blessed to have married such a good wife.” 

After a moment, Tang Feng looked at his wife who began to chop the rabbit with his two crimson red ears with satisfaction.

“By the way, Ah Feng formally become an apprentice to his master is also a happy occasion. We might as well call our in-laws to have a lively meal together.”  Tang Amo said.

“I also agree. Anyway, we’re in the same village so it’s not far. I will go call them over!”  Father Tang volunteered himself before going out.

Lin Yu pulled Tang Feng and asked in a low voice, “Is this reasonable? We have just came back from visiting my family after the wedding.”

Note: remember when i often use slightly different word to call this etiquette? it’s the same actually, it’s when after the wedding, the bride and groom go to visit the bride’s family house, it’s kind of a tradition matter. The author have used same single word every time but it’s hard to express it clearly in english so i often just describe it out with different words.

“There is nothing unreasonable. It’s lively for the whole family to have a meal together. Moreover, we peasant family, don’t have to care much about it.” Tang Feng appeased him.

When Lin husband and wife were invited, Father Lin also directly asked in front of Father Tang, “Is this okay? They just came to visit after the wedding today.” 

Father Tang laughed heartily, “What is not okay with this? We’re all family, what is there to be courteous about?” 

Father Lin listened and slapped his thigh, “Zhuang Zi, let’s take advantage of the clear in the sky, us Father and son should go up the mountain to wander around a few times. Lets have your second brother cook to satisfy our craving!”

“Okay!” Lin Zhuang hurried to get the tools.

Father Lin turned to Father Tang and explained, “My wife likes to make stewed meat, my mouth is about to become stewed, so I have to let Ah Yu help change the taste for me.” 

Father Tang’s eyebrows trembled, he didn’t tell Father Lin that his wife’s Lin Amo, was standing behind him with an ominous expression on his face. 

In the evening, the Lin family carried the wild deer to the Tang family with the envious and jealous eyes of the villagers along their whole journey.

“Woah, this is good stuff! In-laws you guys are really amazing!”

Tang Amo looked at the prey that was like a baby deer and praised Father Lin.

“What’s great about this?! I alone can hit up to five of this kind of deer!” Father Lin looked up and boasted with some pride.

Lin Wen, deeply humiliated, ran to Lin Yu’s side and followed him.

“Lao Lin, quickly come and sit down. Let us chitchat.” Father Tang beckoned Father Lin into the hall.

Lin Zhuang was tidying up the deer in the courtyard with Tang Feng, the hired thug, on the side. Lin Amo and Tang Amo went to the kitchen to prepare.

“This thing is not commonly seen in the past two days. Maybe it had come out to find food, and accidentally fell into the trap we set.”

Lin Zhuang earnestly told Tang Feng about how they obtained the prey. His face was also a little red, which was the shame from Father Lin’s sentence “I alone can hit up to five of this kind of deer!”

Tang Feng chuckled lightly, “That’s also very amazing. If the trap wasn’t good, it wouldn’t have fallen in.” He said while looking at the prey, “Is the price of this thing good in town?”

Lin Zhuang shook his head, “Generally speaking, we won’t sell this kind of prey.”

“Eh?” Tang Feng was quite puzzled, this stuff can be sold to subsidize the family expenses, why don’t they sell it?

“Father said that this thing supplements the body. Others spend money to buy and eat it, so we might as well keep it to supplement our family’s health.” Lin Zhuang thought deeply and said,

Tang Feng: …………… Oh, that makes sense.

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