Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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Don’t be fooled by Lin Zhuang’s silliness, as he got some skill on handling the prey at hand.

The deer skin was peeled off almost completely. Tang Feng found a large wooden plank for Lin Zhuang, washed it with clean water, and placed it on the ground

Lin Zhuang put the deer back down on the ground, found its breastbone, and began to cut from the breastbone to the crotch. Seeing that Tang Feng had been watching from the side, he said: “At this time, you must be careful, otherwise you will cut the internal organs inside.”

Starting from the crotch, he took out the internal organs. At the same time, he cut the diaphragm connecting the internal organs and the spine, “Pay attention to the location of the cut. Don’t get too close to the spine, otherwise you may cut off the tender flesh of the deer’s waist, it is not cost-effective that way.”

Tang Feng listened very seriously, which made Lin Zhuang have an inexplicable sense of accomplishment.

Lin Zhuang’s hand, stained with deer blood, continued to take out the internal organs and cut the diaphragm. When it was cut open, a stream of fishy blood flowed out, staining the wooden plank red very quickly. The excess even flowed out to the courtyard.

Smelling the bloody smell in the air, Lin Zhuang looked at Tang Feng with some hindsight. This bloody smell is heavy, can Tang Feng’s body bear it?

Tang Feng looked at the deer on the plank expressionlessly, “What’s wrong?” Seeing Lin Zhuang stop and look at himself, Tang Feng asked incomprehensibly.

Lin Zhuang looked at Tang Feng’s unchanged expression, “You are so amazing, the first time I smelled such a heavy bloody smell, I vomited.” 

Tang Feng smiled, he was already a doctor. He had seen a lot of human blood that could be filled into a few pounds, this thing was simply a piece of cake.

“That’s because your techniques have completely attracted my attention, so this blood is not worth my attention now.” 

When Lin Zhuang heard this, he became so excited that his face turned red. His eyes lit up, looking at Tang Feng as if he had seen the Ger that he liked.

Lin Wen came out to help Lin Yu get something, what he saw was a bloody-red area in the courtyard. His tall and boorish big brother looked at his second brother’s pretty husband with an “infatuated” gaze. 

What are they doing?! This is simply the rhythm of committing an affair! Could it be that his second brother’s life is destined to experience a selection between family affection and romantic affection?!

“What are you doing?!” Lin Wen’s mind floated through ten thousand kinds of imaginations of his second brother and eldest brother fighting for Tang Feng so he hurriedly jumped out and shouted at the two people in the courtyard.

“Little brother, Tang Feng said my technique is good! This is the first time I have been praised like this!” The happy Lin Zhuang was eager to find someone to share this with.

“Technique?! What technique?”

Lin Wen looked straight at Lin Zhuang’s blood-stained hand, and then looked at Tang Feng suspiciously.

Tang Feng was uncomfortably swept by Lin Wen’s “adultery” gaze, “Well, I admire big brother’s technique in handling the prey.” 

Lin Wen’s face was full of disbelief when Lin Yu’s voice came from the kitchen. Therefore, Lin Wen who was very uneasy had no choice but to step back and enter the kitchen. 

Lin Zhuang was totally oblivious to what Lin Wen was thinking, he looked at Tang Feng with an excited face, “Come, let us continue.” 

Tang Feng pressed the inexplicable tingling in his heart, “Okay. ”

Lin Wen took what Lin Yu wanted and walked over to Lin Yu’s side.

Looking at his second brother who was as tall as a man, Lin Wen’s heart was full of heartache. Second brother still didn’t know about it. He would be in a lot of pain if he knew that his husband unexpectedly had an affair with his own big brother. It was not a matter of whom this matter rested on.

No wonder Tang Feng had grown up so delicately! Turns out he’s just a man with this kind of hobby! Pooh! (spit) Lin Wen’s face was full of dissatisfaction. 

Lin Zhuang and Tang Feng, who had just tidied up their prey in the courtyard, sneezed several times in a row.

“What’s wrong with you? Unhappy?” Lin Yu looked at Lin Wen, who was gritting his teeth.

Lin Wen hurriedly put away his vicious expression when thinking of how to separate the two “adulterous men”. He smiled at Lin Yu like a flower, “Nope. Elder brother, I want to eat braised venison.”

From here onward, he only has his second brother as his brother!


Lin Yu was awfully busy at this moment, so he didn’t pay attention to how Lin Wen addressed himself. Tang Amo and Lin Amo were not idle, they were washing vegetables, and rice. No one had time to pay more attention to others.

Note: Lin Wen called Lin Yu “Ge” which means elder brother when he was supposed to call Lin Yu “Er Ge” which means second brother or second elder brother. So, this means he only has one elder brother so no need to emphasize second or first or whatever.

When Uncle Li came to the Tang family with tobacco in his mouth, and his hands behind his back, the large table in the Tang family hall had already laid out the meals, sending out bursts of fragrance.  

“The food would definitely taste good with this kind of fragrance! You really have married a good wife.”

Uncle Li said to Tang Feng.

“Of course, I am really blessed to be able to marry this kind of good wife.” Tang Feng said this toward Lin Yu who was washing beside the well.

And Lin Wen, who was standing not far behind from Tang Feng, when he heard Tang Feng say this, he only saw him looking at Lin Zhuang, who was also washing his hands beside the well!

Hypocrite! Lin Wen was in a bad mood.

In short, except for Lin Wen, who often paid attention to Tang Feng and Lin Zhuang’s movements at the dinner table, everyone else was satisfied with the meal, uh, not all, at least Tang Feng was not.

Looking at the medicinal porridge in front of him, Tang Feng stuffed a spoonful into his mouth expressionlessly. He meaningfully glanced at the venison on the table from time to time. He couldn’t eat it, but it’s okay if he could look at it.

Humph! He looked at big brother again! Sure enough, he is brazen! Second brother is right next to him, but he dared to be so blatant! Lin Wen fiercely put a piece of braised venison in his mouth while Lin Zhuang sat opposite Tang Feng.

The venison was not finished. After eating and cleaning up the dishes, Tang Amo asked Lin Yu to give the remaining venison to the Lin family to pack it back. Who would have imagined that Father Lin’s words gave them no room to refuse.

“Our family never takes things that we haven’t finished eating back home!” His expression was almost cocky. He rubbed his full belly, before bringing his family members back home. 

They just came out of the Lin family courtyard, when Lin Zhuang was hit ruthlessly at the back by Lin Wen. Who told you to fight over a man with my second brother!!!!??

Lin Zhuang looked at Lin Wen, who had beaten him and ran away to the front, with an inexplicable look on his face.

“Maybe he ate too much venison that he became a little excited.” Father Lin explained.

Lin Zhuang nodded with a “so it’s like that” face.

“That person in your family is really amusing.” Tang Amo said to Lin Yu with a smile.

“He’s just like that. Amo, let’s give a bit of food for Uncle Li to bring back home. Also to thank him for taking care of my husband.” Lin Yu said.

“Alright, you’re really thoughtful,” Tang Amo smiled, unable to conceal his happiness. “Oh right, get another portion. I will send it to Wu house for them to have a taste, they also have helped us out a lot too.” 


Lin Yu sharply cut the venison, wrapped it in leaves, and put it into two bamboo baskets. Tang Amo took one and sent it to the Wu family holding his torch.

The remaining bamboo basket was sent by Lin Yu to Uncle Li’s house behind their house.

By the time Lin Yu returned, Tang Feng had already finished boiling the bath water.

“Go wash up, you’ve been busy working for so long today. Take a hot bath to relieve your fatigue.” Tang Feng tucked Lin Yu’s clean clothes into his arms and took the bamboo basket in his hand.

Lin Yu smiled, brought the clothes and went to take a bath.

Not long after Lin Yu finished washing, Tang Amo also returned. When Tang Amo and Father Tang finished bathing, they all went back to the room.

“What are you still busy with?”

When Tang Feng undressed and lay on the bed, he saw Lin Yu take out a needle and thread and was busy with something.

“Today, the clothes were torn, so I’m sewing them now. You go to sleep first, I will finish in a moment.” After Lin Yu finished speaking, he didn’t hear Tang Feng’s answer for a while, so he turned his head to look at Tang Feng.

As a result, as soon as he turned his head, he was hugged by Tang Feng, “Go to sleep.” 

Tang Feng’s voice was slightly gloomy, when Lin Yu’s ears heard this he felt that the other party was a little unhappy. So he put down his clothes and followed Tang Feng back to bed.

Tang Feng hugged Lin Yu’s warm body, letting out a smile in the dark night.

In the early morning, before dawn, Lin Yu woke up, thinking about today’s work. He couldn’t sleep anymore, when he just wanted to gently pull Tang Feng away, “Sleep for a while longer.” Tang Feng, who had his eyes closed, said.

Lin Yu paused his hand, remembering that Tang Feng seemed to be a little unhappy last night so he shrunk his body into the quilt and was hugged by Tang Feng.

“It’s cold, sleep more, as soon as you leave, my body turns so cold that I can’t sleep.” Tang Feng bit Lin Yu’s ear and said softly.

After listening to Tang Feng’s words, Lin Yu instantly felt that he had not done a good job of being a wife, “I will get up later from now on.”

Tang Feng smiled in satisfaction and kissed Lin Yu’s neck, “Sleep.”

So from then on, Lin Yu would sleep for an hour more every day, until he felt that he should make breakfast, then did he begin to get up. Of course, accompanied by Tang Feng.

After practicing a set of Tai Chi in the courtyard and eating breakfast, Tang Feng went to Uncle Li’s house.


Uncle Li was preparing to move the herbs to the courtyard to dry, so Tang Feng rolled up his sleeves and went in to lend a hand.

Conyza Blinii, dispels phlegm, Crystal violet can reduce heat, red swelling eyes; Long Pepper, relieves body’s discomfort, dispels cold, is a pain reliever, reduces swelling……

While Tang Feng was arranging the herbs, he also looked at the herbs and began to think of their respective aliases and efficacy in his mind.

Uncle Li looked at Tang Feng who was arranging the herbs seriously. If there were some scraps in it, he would pick them out and put them aside. His heart was very satisfied.

Medical students should have benevolence, perseverance, attentiveness, and so on.

After arranging the herbs, the sun also slowly rose. Uncle Li let Tang Feng sit in the hall and returned to the room by himself.

Not long after, Uncle Li took out a slightly tattered book and carefully handed it to Tang Feng.

Tang Feng got up, took it and gently opened it up; it was a hand-drawn meridian channel of the human body.

“This is what I painted when I was a young apprentice. Although it is a little shabby, this thing took me two years of effort. My aptitude is not high, but you are a smart child, and even literate. You take it back to take a good look, if there is anything you don’t understand, just ask me.”

“Thank you Master,” although Tang Feng was already familiar with the meridians of the human body to the extreme, he still respectfully thanked him. In such an environment, he could hand-draw the meridians of the human body, which is very remarkable for a foot doctor.

“Come, I will first familiarize you with the herbs in the courtyard and tell you about their medicinal properties…”.

Lin Yu and Tang Amo were making clothes from the fabric that Father Tang had bought back.

Both of them were fast-handed, saying a few words from time to time but the effort in their hands was not slow at all. Tang Amo looked at Lin Yu’s clothes corner. Not only was it dense but also very concealed, showing a very good look. He nodded his head with satisfaction.

 “Hey, are you busy?”

The door of the Tang family courtyard was open, the two people were busy doing things in the courtyard, so the people who got in the door would see what they were doing at a glance

“There’s no work in the field, so we’re making a few winter clothes. Come in and sit down.” Tang Amo greeted an Amo who was dressed in crimson in full body.

Lin Yu got up and put the stool aside for that Amo to sit on, and he went back to the house to take another one out. That Amo’s surname was Hu, and he lived in a separated road opposite the Tang family, which was considered as a relatively close neighbor.

Hu Amo looked at the tall Lin Yu sitting next to him, but the movements of his hands did not look bulky at all, so he smiled: “At first glance, I can tell your needle work skill is good.” 

Lin Yu smiled, Tang Amo was happy. It’s natural to be happy when his own family member is being praised. 

“How is the marriage of your family Qiang Zi? Is it settled yet?”

Hu Amo also had only one child, called Hu Qiang, growing up the same way as his name (strong). He was very strong, this year, he was twenty years old. The other day Hu Amo asked people to inquire about the Ger in the neighboring village, and also asked Tang Amo to help out a bit so Tang Amo raised this topic up. 

The author has something to say: One day Lin Zhuang got another prey, thinking of Tang Feng’s recognition of himself, he took the prey upside down and prepared to show Tang Feng again

“Where are you going?” Lin Wen suddenly appeared behind Lin Zhuang and asked with a sad face.

“To go find your second brother-in-law.” After dropping this sentence, Lin Zhuang ran away.

Left behind Lin Wen whose face was full of ‘there is nothing left to live for’, “Have both of them started to advance to the phase of sending meat now?”

Lin Zhuang, who was bent on showing Tang Feng his techniques, had no idea what his little brother was thinking……………

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