Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind Chapter 13

Chapter 13

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“Tsk, don’t mention it! I was infuriated by that Hu Qiang brat!”

As soon as he mentioned this, Hu Amo became terribly angry.

“That Ger is a good person, but Hu Qiang didn’t want him, forcing the matchmaker to retreat.” 

Tang Amo was surprised, “What’s going on?” Your family’s Qiang Zi has always been obedient.”

Hu Amo slapped his thigh, “That’s right! But he just doesn’t listen to me in this matter. In the end he still thinks about that person!”

Tang Amo sighed, “It’s no wonder, but don’t mention that person. His family’s requirements are already very high, this…”

“That’s right! Alas, I don’t want to delay the other family Ger so I visited to give some gifts as compensation. Fortunately this matter did not spread, otherwise I would have caused harm to him for a lifetime!”

Hu Amo said distressingly.

Lin Yu, who was making clothes on the side, did not interject, but he knew who the “person” that Tang Amo and Hu Amo mentioned was. 

Wen Qing, the best looking Ger of Xiao Qingshan Village. His brother, Wen Shu was the youngest Xiucai in the village. Neither of them had gotten married. He was a person with talent, all the Gers in this village wanted to marry Wen Shu, and all the men in the village wanted to marry Wen Qing. 

Listening to the meaning of Hu Amo’s words, this Hu Qiang was also one of the many pursuers of Wen Qing

“Still your family Tang Feng is good, he listens to all of your arrangements.” Hu Amo looked at Lin Yu, who was busy looking down, and said.

When Lin Yu heard this, the movement of his hands paused. Although he understood that his husband had only married him because he listened to his Amo, but when listening to these words from other people’s mouths, Lin Yu still felt some pain in his heart.

Tang Amo quickly shook his head, “What are you saying? I won’t hide it from you. This marriage was picked by my family’s Ah Feng himself!” 


Lin Yu and Hu Amo were surprised by these words, Hu Amo even cried out loud.

“That’s right, Ah Yu is such a good Ger. My family Ah Feng was afraid he would be too late so he urged me. That’s why we managed to handle this wedding in such a hurry.”

Tang Amo, whatever the case, was also the village chief’s wife, thus he had plenty of cleverness. As soon as Hu Amo’s words came out, Tang Amo was afraid of it leaving scars on Lin Yu’s heart, so he quickly remedied it. Not to mention that he was satisfied with Lin Yu, his Tang Feng also was fond of Lin Yu. He couldn’t let this young newlywed couple have small cracks in their heart.

He had no choice but to say that. Tang Amo was a thoughtful person, it’s no wonder that he managed to marry someone who was the village chief.

Lin Yu’s hands holding the cloth were trembling a little. His husband actually asked for this marriage himself? He initially also thought that the Tang family was looking for a strong wife to take care of Tang Feng so he went to the Lin family’s door to propose, after all, there was no other strong Ger in this village than himself.

Hu Amo carefully looked at Lin Yu, who looked like a very strong man. The shock in his heart was no less than Lin Yu, this Tang Family son’s heart is really incomprehensible. But when he thought of his own son that failed to live up to his expectation, Hu Amo couldn’t think about the Tang Family’s affairs anymore.

“You help me come up with an idea. I can’t let Hu Qiang wait like this. How can that person fall for him? He can’t even see his own shortcomings. That Wen family had already made it clear, their family Wen Qing won’t marry anyone besides a Xiucai. Their family Wen Shu won’t marry anyone besides someone from a literate family!”

Hu Amo and Tang Amo had been neighbors for many years and more or less had a friendship connection. He also knnew that this Tang Amo had always come up with ideas, he came to visit this time for Hu Qiang’s sake.

“How to handle this, I think, first thing first is to let this affection of Hu Qiang to die.”

Tang Amo pondered for a moment.

Hu Amo sighed, “I also know this, but, alas, in the end, it is also our husband and wife who can’t bear to see our own only son marry a wife that he doesn’t like to live his life. When we pass away, he still won’t like his wife so his life will not be anything good.” 

“Hu Amo, drink some water.”

Lin Yu poured a bowl of water for Hu Amo. Naturally, he did not forget to pour it for Tang Amo.

“Ai, many thanks.”

Hu Amo indeed felt that his mouth was dry, just as Lin Yu handed the sip of water over to ease up his saliva.

Tang Amo took a sip of water, dipping at what Hu Amo said, “I think why don’t you turn around a bit! Do you have many brothers in your parents’ family?”

“There are many, what’s wrong?”

Hu Amo looked at Tang Amo puzzled.

Tang Amo glanced at him, “Doesn’t that mean there are many Ger nephews? Don’t you know how to bring a few back home? Let me tell you, you just have to take a few Ger nephews back home, but no need to bring men nephews. Let your family Hu Qiang honestly stay at home for a while, let him know that in addition to the Wen family, there are many other good Gers!”

Hu Amo slapped his hands once he heard this, “This is indeed a good idea! I will go back to my parents’ home for a trip, thank you for this!”

After saying that, he gave the bowl in his hand to Lin Yu, got up and hurried away.

“Give it to me, I’ll wash it, you don’t have to go back and forth.”

Tang Amo took the bowl in Lin Yu’s hand and hummed a folk tone walking toward the kitchen. 

When Tang Feng returned to the Tang house with the book, Lin Yu had just finished making a piece of inner lining.

“Are you making it for me?”

Although he asked in a questioning tone, Tang Feng already picked it up and put it on his body to measure.

“Yes, you try it. I will adjust it if it doesn’t fit.” As soon as Lin Yu saw Tang Feng, he thought of what Tang Amo had said just now that Tang Feng had taken the initiative to propose this marriage.

Tang Feng took the clothes and saw Lin Yu’s bright red ears. He raised an eyebrow, he hadn’t said anything flirtatious yet though, but he liked Lin Yu’s shy appearance.

Lin Yu looked at the book that Tang Feng was holding given by Uncle Li, then remembered that Tang Feng had been studying at the Li house for the whole morning already.

“I will go cook, you try on the clothes first.”

Lin Yu tidied up all the fabrics in the yard, put them in the room, and began to light a fire preparing to cook.

When Tang Feng finished trying on his clothes and came out, Tang Amo had just picked some vegetables back, “Ah Feng, you’re back? How was your study? Are you tired?”

“I just walked around the courtyard. Not tired at all, my master had taught me seriously. Let me help pick out the vegetables.”

Tang Feng took the vegetables in Tang Amo’s hand before going to pick them out beside the well. Tang Amo wasn’t worried too much about Tang Feng’s health now so he let go of his hand and went into the kitchen to cook with Lin Yu. 

At lunch, because Father Tang went to town to help the villager who bought the land handle the official documents, there were only three people at the dining table. In front of Tang Feng was still the same bowl of medicinal porridge. There was a dish of stir fried green vegetables, and a vegetable soup with a small bowl of stir fry pak choi on the table.

Lin Yu and Tang Amo were eating silently, but Tang Feng felt upset. Don’t be fooled by the fact that Father Tang was the village chief, their savings were all spent on Tang Feng’s body. Originally there was still some money left, but there was very little left from Tang Feng and Lin Yu’s marriage so everyday’s meals were naturally very crude. All the vegetables came from the ones planted in their garden. 

The piglet in the family can only be slaughtered at New Years. In addition to the venison brought by the Lin family yesterday, the Tang family ate pork bought from the town every seven or eight days. Although it was better than the average family, Tang Feng still felt that he had treated his family badly.

In an instant, Tang Feng felt that the medicinal porridge that was usually difficult to swallow normally was even more difficult to eat. This is what his family’s every little bit of saving had obtained. 

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Yu noticed that Tang Feng hadn’t moved his hand after eating for a bit, so he asked. 

Tang Amo also stopped moving, and looked at Tang Feng worriedly, “Is your body uncomfortable?”

“No, I,” Tang Feng opened his mouth, looking at the medicinal porridge in front of him, “I was thinking of a side dish, I don’t know if it can be made.” 

“What side dish? You tell me, I will make it for you.” Lin Yu also felt that Tang Feng drank medicinal porridge every day and was afraid that he couldn’t drink it anymore, so he asked.

“Okay.” Tang Feng said softly.

Sichuan kimchi was also called pickled sauerkraut, a traditional specialized dish belonging to Sichuan cuisine. The taste was salty and sour, while the texture was crisp, and the color was bright with a fragrant aroma. It was quite appetizing without a greasy taste, suitable for both the young and the old. The side dish Tang Feng thought of was this dish.

There was no other trifling thing to do in the afternoon anyway, so Tang Amo agreed and went to look for the things Tang Feng requested for half a day. Only then did he find five large ceramic jars.

Lin Yu and Tang Feng went to the vegetable garden to get ingredients. Tang Amo cleaned the jars at home. The jars were put away for a long time, it was not good to use them without properly washing them. 

This was the first time Tang Feng had come to the Tang family’s vegetable garden. He swept over it a few times, and found that the vegetables here were not much different from the modern day’s.

There were several people working on the fields neighboring the Tang family’s fields. When they saw the rarely seen Tang Feng of the Tang family, they immediately called out to him from afar. 

“Tang Feng, long time no see!” A man who was not much different from Tang Feng’s age carried a hoe and greeted Tang Feng.

“Long time no see,” however, Tang Feng remembered that he had seen this person when he and Lin Yu got married, it had been a long time ago.

“It’s good to get out and move around more.” An uncle who also came to say hello looked at Tang Feng and Lin Yu and also said.

“Hello Uncle Hu.” Tang Feng and Lin Yu called out. This is Hu Qiang’s Father.

“Good, come to visit our home when you’re free. Hu Qiang has missed you for a while now.” 

Hu Qiang and the original body were relatively close. Tang Feng had seen him several times. He grew up big and strong, simple minded with a stubborn temper.

“Okay, when the time comes don’t say I trouble you.”

After Tang Feng and uncle Hu laughed and talked a few times, they went back with the seasonings they were looking for.

Back at home, Tang Amo had already washed the jars and put it upside down in the courtyard to dry for a while.

Lin Yu and Tang Amo removed the roots of the fresh and tender cabbage, removed the edge leaves, divided it into two parts, washed and put it aside.

Tang Feng put the fresh water into the jars, added the right amount of salt, wine, pepper and other spices in it, before he mixed it well. All the five jars were full of the same things. 

Then he put the cabbage that Lin Yu and Tang Amo washed and cleaned into it, covering the lids. Before he added fresh water to the cornice of each jar.

“We will come back to take a look after soaking it for two days. In addition, the water in this cornice will dry, once we see that it dried a bit, we will replace it with new water.” Tang Feng wiped a little sweat from his forehead and said,

“I’ll move it into the small storeroom.” Lin Yu took a jar in one hand and walked steadily to the small warehouse, which contained some things that could be stored for a longer time; usually no outsiders went in there.

Tang Amo also picked up a jar to follow up. Tang Feng squatted down and was about to pick one up but he felt a bit dizzy. This won’t do, today’s exercise already reached the limit.

Tang Feng gasped, stood up slowly, and took a deep breath before he felt a bit better. By the time he sobered up, the five altars had already been moved.

“Go change your clothes, your back is wet.” Lin Yu saw that Tang Feng’s back was dark, he knew that it was wet with sweat.

“Got it.”

Tang Feng didn’t want to show off. He slowly walked back to the room, changed his wet clothes before putting on dry clothes. He washed his face with the water Lin Yu boiled just now, his whole person was much better.

After sweating, he slowly sobered up with a burst of relaxation. Tang Feng slowly practiced a set of Tai Chi in the courtyard, extremely slowly, he was relieving the smoothness of his own blood veins.

“Eh? Is this also the dance that Uncle Li taught him? Why is it so slow, and why does it look like this?” Tang Amo carefully looked at Tang Feng’s movements, “It looks strange.”

Lin Yu poked his head out, “Not at all, I think it’s very good-looking.” Everything his husband did looked good.

“Really?” Tang Amo glanced at it again, still feeling full of weirdness. Whatever! As long as it is good for the body, it doesn’t matter what kind of dance it is!

Tang Feng helplessly practiced Tai Chi; what he was doing was Kung Fu, not a dance.

The author has something to say:

When Tang Feng felt that his body had no need to practice Tai Chi anymore, he stopped.

At breakfast, Lin Yu asked strangely:

Are you unwell?

Tang Feng looked at his husband doubtfully:

“No, I’m good.”

Lin Yu was still not assured:

“Then why didn’t you dance?”

Tang Feng: … That’s Tai Chi.

At lunchtime, Tang Amo, who had just returned home, looked at Tang Feng worriedly:

“You’re not feeling good?”

Tang Feng: “I’m good, what’s wrong?”

Tang Amo was still worried: “Then why don’t you dance?”

Tang Feng: ……… That’s really Tai Chi.

Lin Yu on the side also nodded worriedly.

At dinner, Father Tang, who had returned from town, looked at Tang Feng with a hesitant look: “You…

Tang Feng hurriedly waved his hand, “Don’t say it, I’ll go dance later,” D*mnit! That’s obviously Tai Chi!!!

So, the next day, when Lin Yu and Tang’s husband and wife saw Tang Feng dancing the “Strange dance” in the courtyard, they finally relaxed their hearts. He could dance now, which means he’s in good health!

Tang Feng who was practicing Tai Chi: ………I really can’t stop dancing!

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